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You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Office Records 1927 to 1993
Last Name First Name Bur. Date Spouse
Schrader Earl C. 10/30/1954  
Schrader Ruth Williams 2/2/1977 Earl
Schreibner John C. 7/17/1928  
Schrier Jennie C. 7/13/1937 J. W.
Schrock Elizabeth Bassett 5/14/1974 Henry H.
Schrock Henry H. 11/5/1958 Elizabeth
Schrock Vernon M. 6/28/1967 Ella K.
Schroder Lewis A. 11/16/1934  
Schroeder Charles 5/4/1929  
Schroth Ella M. 11/1/1976  
Schroth Lillian E. 7/28/1948  
Schroth William F. 7/10/1964 Ella
Schryber August 1/17/1942  
Schryber Emil A. 1/7/1975 Lulu Espey
Schryber Lulu E. 11/6/1981 Emil A.
Schryber Marie M. 2/25/1981  
Schubmehl Clara 12/6/1989  
Schuck George 10/25/1938  
Schug Claudia Mae 5/26/1979  
Schug Paul G. 4/1/1961 Claudia Hill
Schuld Helen E. 6/10/1936  
Schuld Henry C. 12/26/1950  
Schuld Louise 2/13/1937  
Schultz Addie K. 11/10/1932 Albert
Schultz Albert E. 8/19/1933  
Schultz Effie Howard 10/27/1972  
Schultz Eric Jon 11/25/1964  
Schultz Ruth Pealor 2/17/1988  
Schulyer Adelbert V. 11/25/1936  
Schulze Kenneth W. 3/16/1959 Pearl
Schummers Flora S. 3/9/1937  
Schusler Amelia 1/17/1929 George
Schusler George A. 10/16/1942  
Schusler John C. 1/3/1966  
Schusler Joseph A. 11/5/1980  
Schusler Madalyn Benjamin 9/22/1972 Raymond G.
Schusler Minnie A. 9/28/1956  
Schusler Phebe 1/27/1932  
Schusler Raymond G. 6/23/1988 Gertrude
Schusler, Jr. George 5/2/1942  
Schuster Lena Lauster 6/22/1964  
Schutt Loretta E. Quail 8/16/1975 Allison L.
Schuyler Clara S. 2/9/1940  
Schuyler Georgia A. 12/15/1943  
Schwab Alfred 8/1/1946  
Schwab Arvilla K. 4/25/1990 Syral
Schwab Catherine 11/21/1939  
Schwab Diana 4/3/1946  
Schwab Fanny L. 2/20/1992  
Schwab John Anthony 6/18/1962 Fanny Lowman
Schwartz Bethy 12/30/1930  
Schwartz Celia 10/9/1935  
Schwartz Infant 9/16/1961  
Schwartz Louise 2/4/1970  
Schwarzwold Bessie G. 9/18/1934  
Schweizer Emma 10/9/1957  
Schweizer Paul 7/8/1957  
Schwem Infant 5/14/1952  
Schwenke Blanche Weed 10/9/1987 William D.
Schwenke Elsa K. 7/2/1992 Frederick H.
Schwenke Frederick Harrison 11/5/1962 Elsa Kaeppel
Schwenke Nettie S. 1/9/1948  
Schwenke William D. 9/7/1953 Blanche Weed
Schwenkler Stephen 5/2/1977  
Schweppe Frederick Harrison 7/19/1978  
Schweppe Harriet Augusta 8/20/1966  
Schweppe Henry A. 5/12/1958 Florence Baker
Schweppe Henry C. 1/10/1938  
Schweppe John S. 11/30/1931  
Schweppe Lois R. 1/5/1981 Frederick
Schweppe Marjorie 1/9/1928 F.J.
Sciore Ettore 11/3/1962  
Sciore Virginia 9/9/1980 Ettore, Sr.
Sciotti Anthony (Tony) 12/16/1964  
Sciotti Lillian 9/13/1952  
Scobey Jesse C. 12/22/1941  
Scobey Lola Wilfley 7/20/1953  
Scofield Edith L. 8/17/1959  
Scofield Franchon T. 3/10/1944  
Scofield George S. 10/13/1954  
Scofield Myrtle 7/2/1959  
Scogland Amelia B. 12/27/1979 Andrew
Scogland Andrew (Andy) 1/8/1968 Amelia Bystrom
Scogland Anna 5/5/1980  
Scogsburg Edward J. 3/6/1970  
Scopes Bert N. 12/19/1945  
Scopes Charles N. 6/23/1930  
Scopes Edgar B. (Ed) 9/10/1991 Myrtle (Peg)
Scopes Henry L. 10/3/1986  
Scopes Louis Henry 11/8/1952  
Scopes Myrtle Eames 11/21/1985 Edgar
Scopes Robert 9/21/1971  
Scopes William F. 5/8/1948  
Scott Beatrix 8/2/1973 Benjamine D.
Scott Benjamin I. 6/18/1971  
Scott Carl R. 1/11/1977  
Scott Catherine Jacobus 4/14/1972 Claude L.
Scott Cecil V. 10/31/1949  
Scott Claude L. 7/22/1972  
Scott Doris Blanchard 8/18/1941  
Scott Edward Hill 10/31/1983  
Scott Emily B. Jones 12/23/1970 Edward H.
Scott Fannie Hightower 12/14/1974  
Scott Flora D. 1/26/1934  
Scott Fred 1/10/1944  
Scott Frederick A. 12/29/1982  
Scott George H. 4/9/1948  
Scott Grace L. 5/23/1955  
Scott Helen 5/19/1988  
Scott Joseph 2/8/1952  
Scott Katherine Kinsman 2/27/1987  
Scott Lena 5/12/1936  
Scott Lenora Johnson 1/9/1951  
Scott Lerena 9/26/1988  
Scott Nadge 8/5/1931 Walter
Scott Madison S. 4/23/1953  
Scott Marie G. 12/2/1963 Wynn W.
Scott Philip 11/11/1927  
Scott Randy 10/28/1976  
Scott Robert S. 8/9/1958  
Scott Ross 2/1/1952  
Scott Sarah H. 10/10/1938  
Scott Viola E. 4/4/1932  
Scott Virginia 1/18/1983  
Scott Walter A. 4/3/1943  
Scott William H. 3/26/1936  
Scott, Sr. Milton H. (Scottie) 7/9/1975 Emma Andrus
Scout George L. 7/12/1945  
Scranton Helena F. 10/23/1956  
Scranton Joseph S. 11/20/1929  
Scrimshaw Janet 7/18/1949  
Scrimshaw Wayne G. 6/16/1969 Ruby
Scrimshaw, Jr. Wilson W. 5/29/1952  
Scriver Arthur J. 5/20/1957 Ida B.
Scriver Ida 12/14/1963  
Scudder Aaron M. 3/12/1937  
Scudder Charlotte E. (Lottie) 4/5/1993 Henry S.
Scudder Elizabeth M. 9/15/1953  
Scudder Georgia R. 10/31/1930  
Scudder Henry S. 8/20/1954  
Scudder James 4/15/1927  
Scudder Maria Rita Lord 7/19/1950  
Scudder Marie L. 1/24/1940  
Scudder Sarah Libbie 7/19/1950  
Seafuse Charles 10/17/1979  
Seafuse Cora 5/29/1936 S.M.
Seafuse Frank S. 4/24/1945  
Seafuse Harriet E. 1/31/1964  
Seafuse Mary 1/4/1949  

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By Joyce M. Tice