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Office Records 1927 to 1993
Last Name First Name Bur. Date Spouse
Skeels Geraldine J. Wells 4/18/1989 Irving T.
Skeels Irving T. 9/15/1954 Geraldine J. Wells
Skeels Madaline L. 1/20/1971  
Skeels Marian S. 4/22/1969  
Skelley Hattye Birkholz 4/30/1990  
Skelley Lawrence J. 3/18/1955  
Skelly George A. 8/19/1971 Nila C.
Skelly Nila C. 2/4/1985  
Skelton George A. 5/29/1948  
Skidmore Daisy 3/23/1971  
Skidmore Hobert D. 4/7/1969  
Skidmore Hubert 2/6/1946  
Skidmore John H. 9/17/1929  
Skidmore Neil P. 9/27/1967 Daisy M.
Skidmore Richard H. 3/5/1937  
Skidmore William 1/8/1973  
Skidmore William M. 10/19/1933  
Skinkle Ernest A. 6/6/1983 Wanda
Skinkle Wanda Vaughn 9/11/1984 Bates
Skinner Margaret 4/19/1935  
Skinner Mattie M. 12/26/1952  
Skinner Nathan 1/20/1931  
Skinner Virginia Burlingame 6/11/1970 Robert L.
Sklarsky Margaret L. 7/6/1981 Richard
Skog Georgia Rossi 11/3/1975  
Skog Harold G. 8/29/1941  
Skog Jane C. 5/10/1951  
Skog John A. 12/23/1955  
Skog Lena L. DEWandler 1/12/1973  
Skyner Carolyn 9/6/1989 McCann & Skyner
Slack Heneln E. Marburger 1/15/1982 C. Merle, Jr.
Slade Julia Jackson 3/3/1981 George
Slater Arthur Raymond 1/16/1946  
Slater Austin 8/18/1930  
Slater David G. 1/21/1933  
Slater Ellen 7/22/1932  
Slater Francis N. Ludwig 2/7/1981 Brion & Frank M.
Slater Frank M. 6/24/1974 Frances
Slater Harold J. 1/21/1933  
Slater Minnie Farnsworth 1/30/1970 Frank M.
Slater Thomas M. 6/25/1943  
Slattary Susan Alice 8/25/1951  
Slattery May J. 5/9/1949  
Slattery Thomas F. 2/17/1968  
Slauer Martha W. 4/3/1971 Arthur E.
Slausen claude H. 10/30/1931  
Slausen George W. 5/2/1928  
Slauson Laura 9/7/1963  
Saluson Mary Louise 12/28/1948  
Slayter Millson P. 6/17/1929 D.G.
Slear Clara E. Johnson 6/1/1945  
Slingerland Carl 11/10/1936  
Slingerland Harold G. 5/7/1964  
Slingerland Jasper Charles 12/9/1929  
Slingerland Katherine A. 11/2/1942  
Slingerland Margaret Dann 10/28/1969 Carl
Slingsby Albert Victor 2/17/1954  
Slingsby Anna 1/13/1958  
Slingsby Ethel H. 8/20/1980  
Slingsby Joseph 3/4/1943  
Sliter Alonzo W. 5/18/1928  
Sliter Anna M. Lyon 11/20/1934 J.R.
Sliter Arthur B. 7/15/1950  
Sliter Jefferson B. 4/5/1933  
Sliter Nellie M. 10/27/1942  
Sliter Rose Saunders 7/19/1969 Arthur B.
Sloan Charlotte M. 10/24/1974  
Sloan Michele Ann 9/16/1965  
Sloan William Henry 7/20/1965  
Sloat George H. 5/31/1979  
Sloat Lena L. DEWandler 3/16/1974 George
Slocum Alice 11/1/1954  
Slocum Almira Spencer 3/2/1984 James
Slocum Carrie Eve 12/3/1952  
Slocum Earl E. 5/1/1956  
Slocum Guy B. 10/16/1928  
Slocum Hannah B. 4/12/1934 G.
Slocum Lida 5/4/1954  
Slocum Lida M. 4/2/1935  
Slocum Mildred 12/10/1937  
Slocume Alice Boyd 5/29/1959 Leon
Slosson Augusta C. 3/28/1935  
Slout Nettie L. 4/7/1927 G.W.
Slusser Andrew Todd 6/11/1973  
Slusser Dean N. 8/29/1986  
Slusser Ryan Nathaniel 7/6/1978  
Sluyte Sarah M. 2/5/1927  
Sluyter Albert L. 1/9/1960  
Sly H. Belden 3/17/1951  
Sly Ida 10/10/1960  
Sly Katherine 9/25/1968  
Slyter Viola E. 10/17/1966  
Small Charles W. 5/29/1973 Zella Washburn
Small Emma L. 11/20/1934 Thomas
Small Thomas H. 8/31/1961  
Small Zella Washburn 2/20/1973 Charles W.
Smallwood Harvey 3/25/1954  
Smedes Leonard 3/31/1988  
Smedes Worden L. 2/24/1933  
Smerz James 6/25/1970  
Smerz Marie 9/19/1956  
Smiley Henry 7/7/1969 Laura
Smiley Laura A. 4/25/1974  
Smith Ada 2/26/1979  
Smith Ada M. 4/21/1938  
Smith Addie Mae Hooks 9/8/1950  
Smith Addie Jones 7/13/1951  
Smith Albert F. 6/30/1943  
Smith Albert M. 7/12/1929  
Smith Aletha Springstead 12/13/1975 Charles E.
Smith Alice 3/8/1934 E.
Smith Alice Pomeroy 4/10/1942  
Smith Alice W. 6/22/1934  
Smith Alivn N. 5/27/1955  
Smith Anna 6/30/1949  
Smith Anna C. 12/19/1932  
Smith Anna F. Kenyon 1/4/1965  
Smith Anna J. 2/25/1928  
Smith Anna L. 3/22/1974 Henderson, Sr.
Smith Arthur G. 9/19/1955  
Smith Augusta R. 7/27/1935  
Smith Ballantine 3/27/1935  
Smith Belle 12/17/1928  
Smith Belle H. 11/1/1977  
Smith Benjamin A. 10/24/1983  
Smith Benjamin N. 10/4/1928  
Smith Bertha E. 12/21/1966 Fred T.
Smith Bessie S. 1/27/1969  
Smith Blanche J. 4/23/1955  
Smith Burt G. 7/12/1928  
Smith Byron D. 7/14/1972 Olive E.
Smith Calvin D. 1/30/1963 Jennie Perry
Smith Camilla L. 6/19/1950  
Smith Caroline Locke 12/12/1990 Herrick A., Sr.
Smith Carrie Viera 10/30/1967  
Smith Catherine E. Kirk 1/25/1964 Chester A.
Smith Charles B. 10/25/1972  
Smith Charles E. 11/30/1942  
Smith Charles E. 1/14/1982 Aletha
Smith Charles H. 4/14/1942  
Smith Charles I. 10/14/1950  
Smith Charles L. 12/28/1934  
Smith Charlotte K. 5/18/1938 A. Lee
Smith Chester A. 6/9/1971  
Smith Claire E. Gougon 3/28/1966 James O.
Smith Clara 9/3/1932  
Smith Clara Bell 2/14/1944  
Smith Clara L. 7/30/1982  
Smith Clarence W. 5/27/1936 Fanny
Smith Clayton L. 11/18/1963 Clara L.

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By Joyce M. Tice