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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
1. Choose Cemeteries - Chemung
2. Enter part of the cemetery name [ie Comfort or Carr] AND a surname.
3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pages with that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Office Records 1927 to 1993
Last Name First Name Middle Bur. Date Spouse
Carl Paul L. 2/1/1991 Irene
Carl Sharon M. 6/13/1946  
Carl William A. 10/20/1939  
Carl Z. Lewis 5/17/1958 Julia R.
Carlisle Robert   8/19/1955  
Carlson Albert   9/30/1953  
Carlson Annie C. 5/9/1929  
Carlson August   2/27/1963  
Carlson Carl A. 7/15/1933  
Carlson Carl A. 7/13/1972 Gertrude
Carlson Carl J. 4/8/1957 Lotta
Carlson Charles G. 4/23/1934  
Carlson Edward S. 12/13/1975 Aleda W.
Carlson Elna   10/8/1955  
Carlson Esther Beecher 1/10/1983 Thomas E.
Carlson Gertrude   5/3/1983  
Carlson James Edward 9/23/1964  
Carlson Johanna   12/31/1930  
Carlson L. Gunnar 9/7/1990  
Carlson Lars J. 3/27/1962  
Carlson Lottie   12/8/1958  
Carlson M. Richard 5/24/1972 Mildred Haskell
Carlson Marion S. 8/4/1989 L. Gunnar
Carlson Mathilda   4/26/1950  
Carlson Thomas E. 9/17/1975 Esther B.
Carman Alice H. 3/12/1956  
Carman Eva Mae 9/25/1962 Francis
Carman Francis   6/27/1942  
Carman Andrew J. 1/3/1928  
Carman Elsie A. 2/11/1967 Archie H.
Carman Henry K. 12/4/1933  
Carmer Donald T. 3/15/1950  
Carmer Emma   5/15/1942  
Carmer Florence Hager 8/8/1985  
Carmer Harry   12/22/1969  
Carmer Hattie Rutan 8/9/1958  
Carmer Walter S. 12/29/1942  
Carmitchell Charles   5/16/1991 Madeline Nebal
Carmon Archie H. 12/30/1972  
Carmon B. Dorothy Palmer 10/18/1985 Lester G.
Carmon Blanche   7/16/1981  
Carmon Emma   1/10/1980 Frederick
Carmon Frederick  R.  11/24/1971 Emma Crawford
Carmon George E. 1/31/1935  
Carmon Hattie M. 7/20/1950  
Carmon Oliver C. 3/30/1936  
Carnegie Marc R. 12/24/1969  
Carnegie Paul L. 4/13/1968 Elizabeth Derwish
Carnell Catherine P. 1/21/1930  
Carner Aubrey   7/3/1970  
Carner Ella Mary 3/18/1940  
Carner Ethel M. 10/22/1942  
Carner John Ben 12/21/1950  
Carner Josephine   4/5/1944  
Carner Mantie   3/24/1983  
Carner William   9/23/1950  
Carney George F. 2/4/1942  
Carney Ralph   1/3/1984 Margaret Jane
Carpenter Aimee G 1/30/1956  
Carpenter Alice   10/8/1964  
Carpenter Ambrose S. 10/2/1952  
Carpenter Anne C. 12/28/1959  
Carpenter Annie V. 7/20/1950  
Carpenter Benjamin F. 5/5/1936  
Carpenter Beulah E. 12/27/1991 Glenn F.
Carpenter Carolyn F. 11/25/1953  
Carpenter Carrie M. 4/1/1929  
Carpenter Charles   8/14/1931  
Carpenter Charles E. 1/2/1954  
Carpenter Charles E. 3/5/1960 Mary Ann (Mamie)
Carpenter Charles R. 5/30/1931  
Carpenter Claude M. 10/26/1944  
Carpenter Cyrus S. 5/12/1948  
Carpenter Daisy E. 3/23/1981  
Carpenter Dan Vernon 5/23/1962  
Carpenter David B. L. 5/31/1973 Helen T.
Carpenter Diane Wallace 7/21/1986 John George
Carpenter Earl F. 12/15/1966  
Carpenter Edward L. 3/13/1991 Mary 
Carpenter Eugene D (Gene) 8/19/1991 Edna Mae Ten Eyck
Carpenter Eva   9/15/1958 Herman
Carpenter Evelyn R. 9/19/1951  
Carpenter Fannie H. 9/21/1955  
Carpenter Florence L. 8/29/1936 G. H.
Carpenter Frank   11/26/1930  
Carpenter Fred    1/30/1937  
Carpenter Frederick  D. 12/24/1931  
Carpenter George H. 9/17/1990 Ina Stage
Carpenter George H. (Mooney) 6/9/1970  
Carpenter Gertrude   1/19/1945  
Carpenter Glenn F. 6/15/1968 Beulah
Carpenter Hallet M. 5/1/1931  
Carpenter Harold F. 3/19/1969  
Carpenter Harold L. 10/22/1958 Isabelle
Carpenter Harriet   5/14/1927 William
Carpenter Harry L. 6/15/1959 Margaret 
Carpenter Hazel   11/15/1971  
Carpenter Helen T. 3/3/1986 David B. L.
Carpenter Herman  F. 2/2/1951  
Carpenter Ina E. Stage 11/3/1975 George H.
Carpenter Infant   7/29/1946  
Carpenter Irene   1/28/1931  
Carpenter Jennie   1/7/1944  
Carpenter Jerome M. 7/27/1977 Myrtle K.
Carpenter John B.  11/26/1986 Catherine K.
Carpenter John L. 12/20/1955  
Carpenter Josephine   9/14/1960 Earl
Carpenter Joyce M. O'Connor 6/4/1984 Lester 
Carpenter Kathyrn Jones 2/2/1993 Bryan L.
Carpenter Leon   5/5/1970  
Carpenter Lester R. 3/20/1978 Joyce O'Brien
Carpenter Lois Brion 10/2/1989 Rodney W.
Carpenter Marshall E. 1/24/1941  
Carpenter Mary A. Miller 7/8/1969  
Carpenter Mary Ann Jones 2/10/1968 Charles E.
Carpenter Milton L. 12/11/1990  
Carpenter Morris Eugene 9/23/1958  
Carpenter Nancy E. 5/24/1940  
Carpenter Nellie E. 2/10/1950  
Carpenter Nellie May 3/6/1981  
Carpenter Nelson E. 2/8/1929  
Carpenter Nina Louise 4/11/1951  
Carpenter Phebe J. 12/28/1932  
Carpenter Richard Ambrose 11/10/1992 Mary Rose Young
Carpenter Rodney W. 3/28/1989 Lois
Carpenter Rose M. 5/7/1943  
Carpenter Silas P. 9/27/1944  
Carpenter Smith J. 8/9/1950  
Carpenter Thomas K. 9/14/1931  
Carpenter Vera L. 5/13/1983  
Carpenter Walter L. 6/6/1985  
Carpenter William P. 7/7/1933  
Carpenter, Sr. George H. 11/12/1956  
Carpentier Annette Grazier 3/10/1980  
Carpentier Thomas D. 12/27/1968 Annette
Carr Albert E. 3/25/1960 Lucia Drake
Carr Barbara J. Lowe 12/18/1973 James Laverne
Carr Betty E. Shaff 12/4/1989 Kenneth
Carr Brion W. 12/13/1937  
Carr Carrie   2/7/1974  
Carr Catherine S. 5/1/1931 William
Carr Clifford M. 11/5/1984 Mildred
Carr Donald E. 7/18/1944  
Carr Edith M. 11/26/1953  
Carr Edward R. 10/2/1969  
Carr Emmons   2/3/1930  
Carr George L. 1/18/1984  
Carr Helen F. 11/1/1938  
Carr Isaac W. 2/15/1929  
Carr James LaVerne 7/29/1978  
Carr Kenneth W. 1/9/1989 Betty
Carr Legrand   12/27/1934  
Carr Lillian M. 4/3/1950  
Carr Lucia Drake 2/24/1961 Albert E.
Carr Marian E. 9/29/1982  
Carr Mary A. Zimdahl 6/16/1967  
Carr Robert D. 1/2/1973  
Carr Robert M. 4/19/1950  
Carr Stella N. 1/27/1950  
Carr Viola M. 3/27/1985 Arthur Sr.
Carr William S. 6/4/1990 Eloise H.
Carr, Jr. Clifford M. 2/23/1929  
Carr, Sr. Arthur R. 10/13/1973 Viola May
Carr, Sr. George V. 9/20/1967  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/18/2003
By Joyce M. Tice