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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
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You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Office Records 1927 to 1993
Last Name First Name Middle Bur. Date Spouse
Dounce Fred A. 6/23/1928  
Dounce Helen S. 1/7/1929  
Dove Clayton F. 3/2/1937  
Dove Florence   2/13/1937  
Dove Frederick C. 2/27/1939  
Dove Gloria J. Fife 9/26/1990 William B. Sr.
Dove Harry   2/8/1951  
Dove Helen   8/20/1956  
Dove James   8/20/1956  
Dove Louise E. 12/7/1940  
Dove, Sr. William B. 1/4/1993 Gloria
Dovey Hannah Duff 11/17/1962  
Dow Baird G. 9/15/1931  
Dow Margery   9/23/1965  
Dow Vieva D. 7/26/1947  
Dowd Blanch Belle 10/1/1941  
Dowdle Elizabeth Braid 8/26/1967  
Dowdy Jane B. Stevenson 6/26/1978 Norman
Dowell Richard T. 1/29/1974 Elsie A.
Dowling Patricia A. 5/8/1990  
Dowling Thelma R. Shaffer 3/10/1987 Joseph Sr.
Dowling, Sr. Joseph A. 5/18/1977 Thelma A. Shaffer
Down Ida B. 4/6/1943  
Downey Helen M. 6/12/1991  
Downing Clarence A. 10/23/1943  
Downing Harriet J. Ennis 9/17/1970  
Downs Angie W. 12/27/1939  
Downs Fannie E. 7/22/1930 J. O.
Downs Jay   2/21/1929  
Downs Jay C. 4/17/1929  
Downs William   4/13/1939  
Doxey Jennie O. 7/22/1960  
Doxey Mandana E. 12/9/1947  
Doxey Nicholas D. 10/3/1927  
Doyle Hazel Eva 6/1/1965 John L.
Doyle Isidora Frasier 4/18/1988  
Doyle John L. 6/24/1965  
Doyle Robert H. 1/22/1977 Isidora F.
Drable Tina Marie 3/19/1958  
Draht Carl   4/4/1927  
Draht Elizabeth   12/4/1929 C. F.
Draht F. Albert 11/30/1935  
Draht Gustave J. 10/7/1943  
Draht Louise Storch 10/22/1966 Hoffman & Draht
Drake Alida   5/29/1946  
Drake Alta Williams 9/19/1958 Avery
Drake Andrew J. 2/17/1937  
Drake Anna Bauman 2/2/1988 Ford
Drake Anna L. 11/18/1936  
Drake Anson T. 5/15/1963 Magdalen
Drake Avery J. 1/9/1971  
Drake Claude E. 3/22/1938  
Drake Cora   5/16/1986  
Drake Craig   7/20/1946  
Drake Elizabeth Holley 10/30/1972  
Drake Florence E. 7/23/1956  
Drake Ford   12/27/1948  
Drake Frank E. 2/19/1952  
Drake G. Manning 5/28/1991 Virginia J.
Drake Glen S. 8/14/1987 Lucile Rittenhouse
Drake Hovey H. 1/25/1947  
Drake Infant   10/26/1967  
Drake Isabel S. 11/7/1929 George
Drake Isabelle G. 7/10/1962 Carlyle Sr.
Drake Jennie L. 10/13/1936 J. H.
Drake John H. 3/25/1948  
Drake Leon H. 1/9/1934  
Drake M. Louise   12/24/1952  
Drake Magdalen S. 6/3/1969  
Drake Margaret   11/24/1973 Wendell
Drake Mary Jennie 8/5/1942  
Drake Ralph C. 1/28/1980 Theresa L.
Drake Ralph J. 7/16/1959  
Drake Richard E. 8/16/1939  
Drake Sarah   12/27/1934  
Drake Sheldon   4/10/1986  
Drake Theresa L. 3/11/1931  
Drake Victor Williams 6/13/1951  
Drake Viola E. 11/3/1966  
Drake William E. 2/15/1950  
Drake Winfield   10/9/1940  
Drake, Sr. Carlyle J. 11/10/1976  
Drake, Sr. William C. 6/2/1961 Waneta Quail
Draper Etta D. 1/13/1930 J. H.
Draper Herbert Lee 2/19/1962  
Draper Horatio Seymore 1/17/1942  
Draper James H. 12/18/1942  
Draper Jane   12/15/1927  
Draper May Y. 6/28/1941  
Drath Elizabeth A. 12/31/1973  
Drath Ronald A. 9/2/1948  
Drath Wilhelmina   4/22/1935  
Draucker Claude C. 8/31/1929  
Draxler Carl F. 2/3/1982 Donna Carpenter
Dressler Elsie M. 12/15/1987 Albert
Dressler, Jr. Albert   12/1/1975 Elsie M.
Drew Anna M. 3/27/1987 George
Drew Chloe I. Whipple 4/29/1968 Earl L.
Drew Earl L. 8/24/1948  
Drew George H. 12/24/1975 Ann M.
Drew Howard L. 6/12/1947  
Drew James A. 9/16/1986  
Drewelt Leona   7/3/1936  
Drewitt William V. 9/22/1969  
Driscoll Arthur F. 5/25/1984 Christel
Driscoll Candace L. 2/3/1986  
Driscoll Christel E. 6/24/1992 Arthur F.
Driscoll Florence Avery 3/11/1970  
Driscoll Gertrude C. 6/26/1992  
Driscoll Harold 2/3/1967 Verna Watkins
Driscoll James H. 2/7/1948  
Driscoll Louise   9/8/1967 Garrison
Driscoll Mary Ellen 3/6/1986  
Driscoll Peter E. 10/8/1968  
Driscoll Thomas   1/7/1975  
Driscoll Verna L. Watkins 11/27/1976  
Drives Lena Mae Wolf 1/9/1986  
Droelle Sue Bartlett 2/2/1952  
Drum Henrietta   5/31/1935  
Drum Isaac E. 12/13/1941  
Drumm Charles E. 12/1/1955  
Drumm Dorothy A. 9/18/1933  
DuBois Broaded   4/30/1941 Edith
DuBois Edith   4/30/1941 Broaded
DuBois Fay G. 11/15/1947  
DuBois Helen M. 3/27/1992 Fay G. Jr.
DuBois Infant   1/14/1949  
DuBois Infant   1/14/1949  
DuBois Robert E. 5/15/1941  
DuFlour Elizabeth   7/14/1976  
DuVall Infant 7/29/1950  
DuVall Robert A. 11/18/1958  
Duane Margaret Ella 5/24/1950  
Duay , Jr. Theodore M. 10/13/1947  
Dubenhoefer Carrie   6/20/1928  
Dubert Bessie   9/19/1947  
Dublin John   4/10/1990  
Dubois Cornelius 12/26/1936  
Dubois Delia   5/18/1973  
Dubois Therin B. 1/18/1963  
Dubois Winefred E. 5/8/1951  
Dubois, Jr. Fay G. 7/20/1987 Helen M. DeWolfe
Duboise Louis   11/18/1930  
Ducher Benjamin   7/4/1928  
Duchine Carrie   11/5/1962  
Duchine Ray E. 9/13/1938  
Dudgeon Erma E. 8/27/1946  
Dudgeon William   2/25/1980 Margaret Hall
Dudick Stephen 10/3/1942  
Dudley Anne J. 9/26/1963  
Dudley Clay   12/4/1968  
Dudley Florence Robinson 2/16/1973  
Dudley Franc E. 2/27/1940  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 5/16/2003
By Joyce M. Tice