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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
1. Choose Cemeteries - Chemung
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You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Office Records 1927 to 1993
Surname First & Middle Burial Date Spouse
Buckbee Alanson   03/04/1935  
Buckbee Charles M. 08/18/1941  
Buckbee Irene F. Vaughn 10/17/1963  
Buckbee Martha H. 05/17/1977  
Buckbee Robert A. 08/19/1983 Mary Brydges
Buckholtz Ida   08/28/1930  
Buckholtz Raymond R. 02/26/1931  
Buckholtz William   12/07/1933  
Buckholz Charles   11/24/1936  
Buckley Albert A. 11/19/1960 Nellie Tennant
Buckley Albert L. 04/25/1931  
Buckley Belle B. 11/06/1934  
Buckley Dorothy Evans 01/06/1988  
Buckley Frank   12/27/1932  
Buckley Harry   10/12/1948  
Buckley Leon I. 04/14/1969 Josephine Neal
Buckley Margaret L. 08/07/1931  
Buckley Mary E. 01/22/1934  
Buckley Mary E. 12/11/1965  
Buckley Nellie T. 11/19/1960 Albert A.
Buckman George W. 10/07/1955  
Buckpitt Claude   10/30/1965 Helena
Buckpitt Helena W. 05/28/1974  
Bucy Ellen Kilgore 04/18/1961 William
Bucy Ethel N. 11/05/1973 John R.
Bucy Helen E. Donahue 03/04/1993 William, Jr.
Bucy John R. 08/12/1963 Ethel B.
Bucy, Sr. William   04/28/1976  
Budd Charles   02/18/1928  
Budd Howard M. 07/13/1992 Sarah Roland
Budd Jesse L. 02/12/1955  
Budd Mary R. 02/20/1936  
Budd, Sr. Stuart H. 10/13/1972 Theresa Sensel
Buddington John M. 02/13/1931  
Buddington Rilla E. 05/26/1932 J. M.
Budnick Frank   03/14/1927  
Budnick Frank W. 10/02/1933  
Buell Infant   04/08/1959  
Buell Paul M. 11/29/1984 Elizabeth (Betty)
Buell Viola Geer 01/11/1960 Paul M. Sr.
Buelow Alice Bierwiler 12/15/1956  
Buelow Alvin C. 04/13/1988 Lucille Loop
Buelow Emil   05/25/1940  
Bueter William 07/09/1928    
Buffalin Arthur J. 06/30/1984 Linda Burley
Buffalin James A. 05/31/1968 Calista Kimball
Buford Wiley K. 01/14/1977 Velma
Buic Frank   06/25/1948  
Bulkley Myrtle   01/29/1943  
Bull Mary Woods 10/22/1946  
Bulla Donald C. 08/05/1969  
Bullard Alice B. 02/27/1946  
Bullard Bertha   07/01/1958  
Bullard Charles F. 06/17/1936  
Bullard Elizabeth C. 04/16/1963 Charles F.
Bullard William J. 05/12/1927  
Bullis Gretchen F. 10/17/1951  
Bullock Agnes Leonard 01/22/1972 George F.
Bullock Barbara   11/07/1945  
Bullock Carrie Edna 12/07/1967  
Bullock Verne H. 09/29/1942  
Bullock Winifred E. 09/30/1968 Verne
Bulow A. Henry 05/11/1974 Constance L.
Bulow Anne C. 05/13/1933  
Bulow Mary Jane 04/02/1962 Frank G.
Bumbalo Joseph S. 08/06/1984 Margaret
Bump Florence   01/20/1939 John
Bump John W. 02/07/1958  
Bump Lucinda   11/09/1936 L. H.
Bump Stephen E. 02/23/1938  
Bundy Albert H. 08/09/1938  
Bundy Alice H. 10/15/1938  
Bundy Belle Causer 07/31/1964 Albert A.
Bundy Fannie J. 10/09/1957  
Bundy Frank E. 01/07/1935  
Bundy Glendour H. 06/22/1961 Florence M.
Bundy Ross H. 09/17/1959  
Bundy Thomas Freeborn 06/02/1969 Mary R.
Bundy, Sr. John E. 01/29/1971  
Buniski Amelia Kowalsky 04/10/1969  
Bunke Carl   09/13/1966  
Bunke Carla   12/24/1940  
Bunn Albert   01/15/1958  
Bunn Mary E. 04/15/1933  
Bunnell Clayton Giles 08/16/1958  
Bunnell Cora   04/04/1944  
Bunnell Edward C. 03/28/1939  
Bunnell Maud Ward 04/20/1961  
Bunsell Emily M. 01/09/1934  
Bunting Mary Louise 10/18/1960  
Bunting Nelson W. 04/16/1930  
Bunto Charles B. 05/21/1934  
Bunto Grace   01/28/1958  
Bunts Harrison W. 01/14/1932  
Bunyan Bessie   07/17/1971  
Bunyan Daniel I. 09/11/1940  
Bunzey Clarinda   02/10/1954  
Burbaga Mary E. 04/25/1927  
Burbaga C. Edward 05/21/1954  
Burbaga Cathy Lee 10/22/1960  
Burbaga Effie May 02/16/1966  
Burbaga Eva   07/28/1983  
Burbaga Harry H. 04/22/1963 Eva
Burbaga Joseph William 12/16/1963  
Burbaga K. Doris 08/04/1965  
Burbaga Leo F. 02/19/1968 Myra
Burbaga Myra Bundy 01/09/1971  
Burbaga Walter L. 07/03/1963 Doris
Burbank Arthur L. 03/27/1963 Ethel
Burbank Ethel M. Quinn 09/25/1963  
Burbank Raymond J. 08/04/1959 Leonora
Burbank Thomas James 07/26/1983  
Burch Albert   10/20/1959  
Burch Clara M. 04/26/1967 Frank G.
Burch F. Irene Ingersoll 11/15/1984  
Burch Frank G. 08/16/1932  
Burch Hattie L. 10/27/1928 Lee
Burch Myrtle   04/01/1950  
Burchard Alfred H. 12/30/1980  
Burchard Della D. 05/29/1990 Alfred H.
Burchard Sr. Stanley D. 04/28/1971  
Burdick Bertha E. 09/20/1937  
Burdick David E. 03/12/1993  
Burdick Effa Eddora 04/18/1953  
Burdick Frank A. 09/17/1946  
Burdick John E. 01/24/1968 Margaret K.
Burdick Luella M. 03/19/1984  
Burdick Robert B. 01/31/1939  
Burdick, Sr. Richard L. 04/26/1980 Margaret
Burdwin Emma Viola 05/20/1978  
Bure Frederick   05/22/1944  
Burger Gerald J. 11/15/1982 Margaret
Burgess B. Frank 08/25/1976  
Burgess Charles H. 03/26/1938  
Burgess Charlotte Ealch 06/30/1970 B. Frank
Burgess Eva M. 10/25/1941  
Burgess Fred S. 12/12/1932  
Burgess Harry R. 07/19/1962 Mary W.
Burgess Henry A. 07/02/1953  
Burgess Henry T. 01/09/1963 Helen
Burgess John Arthur 12/01/1976  
Burgess Julia G. 08/22/1962  
Burgess Leonard P. Decker 01/08/1974 Arthur J.
Burgess Margaret K. 07/25/1939  
Burgess Mary W. 12/17/1974 Harry R.
Burgess Maybelle   01/16/1967  
Burgess Rebecca   03/13/1944  
Burgess Ruth E. 11/28/1930  
Burgess Sheron Kay 10/31/1951  

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By Joyce M. Tice