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You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Office Records 1888 to 1926
Last Name First Name Died Age Place Died - Comments
PALMER Hellen L.   9/18/1899 78 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Henry Harris   9/20/1899 82 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Orson Walter   6/6/1900 73 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Francis E.   10/16/1901 50y 6m 7d In Rochester, NY
PALMER LUELLA   2/25/1902 37 y In Rochester, NY
PALMER Adelbert (M)   4/19/1902 52 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Elizabeth M.   6/10/1904 30 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Susan M.   1/2/1905 65 y Elmira, NY
PALMER George N.   3/10/1883 58 y In Green, Chenango, NY Buried at Woodlawn 4/29/1925
PALMER Ray   2/1/1907 22 y Elmira, NY
PALMER John R.   1/16/1908 2 m Elmira, NY
PALMER ___ June   6/16/1910 90 y Elmira, NY
PALMER George A (ashes) 4/19/1912 54 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Bertha A.   9/27/1914 64 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Stephen E.   2/9/1917 69 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Charles Hy.   3/10/1918 72y 8m In St. Louis, MO
PALMER Adelia Leight   8/12/1918 1 y In Elmira in accidental fall on crockery, cutting skull
PALMER Lena N.   10/7/1918 39 y In Yonkers, NY
PALMER Leroy   10/27/1918 28 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Ruth E.   1/19/1920 27 y In Elmira Heights, NY
PALMER William A.   4/30/1920 44 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Charles W.   12/18/1921 63 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Anna   5/18/1922 36 y In Elmira, NY of surgical shock
PALMER Sylvia A.   5/31/1912 69 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Catherine A.   11/9/1922 73 y In New York City
PALMER Sarah   3/22/1923 71 y In Veteran, Chemung City, NY
PALMER Fannie Biggs   6/21/1924 81 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Carrie J.   3/12/1925 67 y In Elmira Heights, NY
PALMER Wilehmina   6/29/1925 73 y Elmira, NY
PALMER Infant   7/6/1925   Stillborn in Elmira, NY
PALMER Mary Dexter   4/6/1926 53 y In Briarcliff Manor, NY
PALMETER Charles A.   12/8/1926 69 y Elmira, NY
PANKAER (?) Lawrence J. F.   6/21/1926 19 y In Elmira of multiple fracture of skull
PAQUE Benjamin Wells   2/10/1922 48 y In Newark, NJ
PARCELL Frank J   6/14/1909 53 y Elmira, NY
PARDOE Eliza   2/5/1917 81 y Elmira, NY
PARDOE Thomas   7/29/1922 86 y 9m 12 d Elmira, NY
PARK Isabella E.   5/14/1896 no age In Big Flats, NY
PARK Edwina   8/5/1898 11 y Elmira, NY
PARK Sanford   9/29/1902 77 y In Wellsboro, PA
PARK Josephine   12/19/1911 60 y Elmira, NY
PARK Infant   11/17/1913   Stillborn in Elmira, NY
PARK Carl Donald   2/17/1914 4 d Elmira, NY
PARK Caroline R.   10/22/1920 68 y Elmira, NY
PARK Charles G., Jr.   2/13/1924 1 m Elmira, NY
PARK Etta   12/2/1925 55 y Elmira, NY
PARK Joseph   5/22/1926 7 m Elmira, NY
PARKE Floyd B.   10/9/1914 58 y Elmira, NY
PARKE Allen F.   3/30/1923 1y 8m Elmira, NY
PARKE Infant (M)   11/3/1925 2 d Elmira, NY
PARKS John   1/7/1915   Stillborn in Elmira, NY
PARKS Gertrude Ethel   1/31/1917 6 d Elmira, NY
PARKS B. Frank   5/25/1918 58 y Elmira, NY
PARKS Martha E.   12/28/1919 59 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Edith Maud Ella   10/17/1888 7 m Elmira, NY
PARKER Richard Thomas   9/13/1895 63 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Helen Maria   9/2/1900 5 m Elmira, NY
PARKER Eliza M.   7/4/1902 58y 3m In Syracuse, NY
PARKER John   7/20/1902 70 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Robert W.   4/17/1907 1m 15d Elmira, NY
PARKER LuLu Bundy   5/22/1908 38 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Stephen H.   8/2/1910 53 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Delora M   8/11/1913 83 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Charlotte J.   3/20/1917 81 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Mary Jane   10/27/1920 60 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Claude E.   10/27/1920 19 y Elmira, NY
PARKER Arthur   2/10/1922 12 d Elmira, NY
PARKER Edwin Van Doren   11/22/1922 89 y Elmira, NY
PARKINSON Fannie E.   2/7/1897 81 y In Hornesville, NY
PARKINSON John   12/8/1901 38 y In Syracuse, NY
PARKINSON Thomas   12/13/1904 65 y Elmira, NY
PARKINSON Ruth Rhoda   7/11/1907 9 y Elmira, NY
PARKINSON Hoda Jane   9/27/1917 70 y Elmira, NY
PARMENTER James E.   3/13/1903 7 m Elmira, NY
PARMENTER Adelna M.   7/5/1914 58 y Elmira, NY
PARMENTER Infant (M)   5/14/1918   Stillborn in Elmira, NY
PARMENTER Robert M.   9/4/1919 75 y Elmira, NY
PARMENTER Russell J. Pvt.   9/13/1918 no age Killed in Action in France on 9/13/1918 Buried Woodlawn 4/13/1921
PARMER Ruth M.   7/6/1918 51 y Elmira, NY
PARROTTE Leonard F.   2/25/1920 16 y In West Branch, PA
PARROTTE P.O.   1/15/1905 52 y In West Branch, PA
PARRY Jane   1/8/1890 37 y Elmira, NY
PARSON Elizabeth H.   11/__/1895 no age In Shelly, MI Buried Woodlawn 11/15/1895
PARSONS J. Louise   3/18/1894 22 y Elmira, NY
PARSONS Henry G.   1/20/1906 57y 2m 6d In Village of Norwich, Chenango Cty, NY
PARSONS Joseph A.   8/17/1907 62 y Elmira, NY
PARSONS Sarah P.   4/5/1908 72y 1m In Montour Falls, NY
PARSONS Catherine S.   3/9/1915 46 y In Central West, NY
PARSONS Infant (M)   1/10/1917   Stillborn in Milwaukee
PARSONS Jennie F.   3/8/1917 52 y Elmira, NY
PARSONS William Henry   7/22/1917 80 y In Veteran, Chemung City, NY
PARSONS Marcus M.   7/21/1919 74y 5m 9d In Rochester, NY
PARSONS Jeanette   3/8/1920 75 y Elmira, NY
PARSONS Frederick K.   2/16/1922 74 y Elmira, NY
PARSONS Murray   7/12/1925 40y 19d In Sierra Madre, Calif.
PARSONS Infant   9/23/1894   Stillborn in Elmira, NY
PARTRIDGE Henry M.   12/18/1893 73 y Elmira, NY
PARTRIDGE Mary Parmalee   1/17/1912 86 y Elmira, NY
PARTRIDGE Emily   12/22/1916 87 y Elmira, NY
PARTRIDGE Gertrude   10/15/1920 39 y Elmira, NY
PASSMORE George A.   12/25/1891 7 y Elmira, NY
PATELANAS (?) William Henry   4/6/1926 1m 23 d In Elmira Heights, NY
PATTERSON Obediah   6/2/1892 48 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Arthur   9/27/1896 31 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Francis   4/30/1897 60 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Delia   2/12/1903 48 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Hellen M   9/3/1904 68 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Charles Emmett   9/2/1904 42 y In Steelton, Dauphin County, PA
PATTERSON Sophia Adalaide   9/14/1906 65 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON John Henry   4/29/1908 10 m Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Doris Helen   5/2/1910 20 d Elmira, NY
PATTERSON James L.   11/27/1910 77 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Althea D.   2/11/1911 46 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON John H.   3/16/1911 70 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Ethel   7/31/1911 27 y In Towanda, PA Suicide by Drowning
PATTERSON William E.   9/15/1913 79 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Maria Howland   1/15/1914 70 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Francis W.   2/22/1914 3m 2d Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Gerald Henry   12/3/1916 23 d Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Helen   1/10/1918 63 y In Elmira, NY but not buried at Woodlawn Taken out of the city
PATTERSON Elizabeth   6/21/1919 65 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Sarah L.   1/7/1921 87y 3m 1d In New York City
PATTERSON Florence   8/4/1921 53 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Maud M.   12/14/1921 33 y In Corning, NY
PATTERSON Infant (F)   12/14/1921   Stillborn in Corning, NY
PATTERSON Abe   1/27/1922 65 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Abram H.   1/8/1923 34 y In Elmira Heights, NY
PATTERSON Isaac   2/9/1923 69 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Arthur M.   4/6/1923 11 m Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Arlo D.   8/1/1924 34 y In Deerfield, PA. Accidental
PATTERSON Helen Ethel   8/1/1924 36 y In Deerfield, PA. Accidental
PATTERSON Marjorie Nora   8/1/1924 7 y In Deerfield, PA. Accidental
PATTERSON Robert   10/21/1924 4 d In Elmira, NY of Suffication
PATTERSON Florence   11/2/1924 27 y Elmira, NY
PATTERSON Marinda   12/10/1924 82 y Elmira, NY
PATTINGILL Mattie S.   1/7/1919 76y 8m 29d In Middletown, NY
PATTINGILL Atticus Allison (F)   1/25/1919 no age At Mountainside Hospital, Glen Ridge,NJ
PATTINGILL Evan S.   8/16/1920 57 y Elmira, NY
PATTINSON Emma   10/2/1895 7 y Elmira, NY
PAUL Sarah Hibbard   1/13/1909 66 y In Buffalo, NY
PAUL Calrence L.   2/9/1914 4 hours Elmira, NY
PAUL Alfred   6/1/1917   Born & Died in Elmira, NY
PAUL Joseph N.   10/4/1917 77 y In Erie, PA Death place may be Erin
PAUL William   8/9/1918 80 y In Buffalo, NY
PAUL Alvin   8/26/1919 1 y Elmira, NY
PAUL Henry C.   3/2/1920 92 Elmira, NY
PAUL Martha M.   1/30/1924 87 y Elmira, NY
PAULMAN Infant (M)   2/12/1905   Born & Died in Elmira, NY
PAULMAN Mary   2/25/1911 45 y In Albany, NY
PAUTZ Welihemina Marie   9/27/1898 3 m In town of Southport, NY
PAUTZ Augustus   10/5/1901 61 y Elmira, NY
PAUTZ Albert O.   12/19/1920 44 y Elmira, NY
PAUTZ Amelia   5/30/1923 79 y Elmira, NY

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 3/25/2003
By Joyce M. Tice