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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
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Office Records 1888 to 1926
Surname GivenName Birth Date of Death Age Place Died Comments
Young Oscar D.   01/30/1921 66 yrs Southport, NY  
Young Ottis J.   03/21/1921 72 yrs Horseheads, NY  
Young Samuel   01/25/1923 52 yrs Elmira  
Young Charles W.   06/30/1923 74 yrs Elmira  
Young Minnie E.   03/07/1924 51 yrs Elmira  
Young Mary A.   03/11/1926 60 yrs Southport, NY  
Youngerman Mary Adele   08/06/1908 18 yrs Elmira  
Youngerman Charles   04/05/1918 52 yrs Elmira  
Yunee (?) Sarah   03/28/1920 60 yrs Elmira  
Zarps Charles   03/12/1912 81 yrs Emporium, PA  
Zarps Mary   08/25/1912 68 yrs Emporium, PA  
Zeigler John   1/31/1897 3 mos Elmira  
Zeigler Albert   07/12/1905 11 yrs Southport, NY at Seeley Creek
Zeigler Henriette   12/28/1910 45 yrs Elmira  
Zeigler Samuel E.   01/09/1917 54 yrs Elmira  
Zeigler Henry   08/01/1920 no age Elmira Accidental burning
Zepp Charlotte May   02/24/1910 2 mos Elmira  
Zepp George J.   08/15/1916 39 yrs Gaines, PA In an accident
Zepp Mary Louise   08/04/1917 61 yrs Providence, RI  
Zeppe Evelyn   08/27/1906 6 mos Elmira  
Zimdahl Franklin W.   05/16/1900 8 yrs Elmira  
Zimdahl Henry   11/08/1902 69 yrs Elmira  
Zimdahl Edward   05/04/1903 14 days Elmira  
Zimdahl Frank   01/10/1907 41 yrs Binghamton, NY at State Hospital
Zimdahl Louise M.   06/25/1908 76 yrs Elmira  
Zimdahl Alvina (F)   11/04/1912 48 yrs Elmira  
Zimdale Franz   5/1/1898 6 yrs Elmira  
Zimdall Henry Herman, Jr.   08/17/1915 45 minutes Elmira  
Zimdall Alice P.   02/18/1919 24 yrs Elmira  
Zimdall Henry H.   06/18/1919 24 yrs Elmira  
Zimmer Infant (F)   02/04/1903 no age Elmira  
Zimmer Jacob   12/28/1906 66 yrs Elmira  
Zimmer Mathew A.   07/15/1910 24 yrs 7 mos 12 days Binghamton, NY Drown Accidently
Zimmer Ross Eugene   03/24/1911 12 days Elmira  
Zimmer Anna   06/19/1912 27 yrs 9 mos 22 day Rochester, NY  
Zimmer Charles   11/02/1918 30 yrs 2 mos 13 days Rochester, NY  
Zimmer Peter   09/07/1924 71 yrs Elmira  
Zimmerman Infant (F)   08/05/1916 Stillborn Elmira  
Zittenger Carolina   03/20/1901 64 yrs Elmira  
Zittenger Louis   03/10/1912 76 yrs Elmira  
Zoebish Charles Albert   03/23/1913 36 yrs Elmira Of alcoholism
Zonolike(?) Andrew   04/28/1902 62 yrs Elmira  
Roy M. Illegitmate   8/24/1889 12 days Elmira FG
Unknown Infant     4/24/1892   Elmira FG
Unknown Italian     6/26/1892 35 yrs Elmira Fractured Skull
Unknown Infant     11/12/1892   Elmira FG
Unknown Infant Male   6/1/1894   Elmira Of neglect
Thomas Colored Male Infant   5/5/1895 no age Elmira FG
Infant Female     8/12/1895 1 day Elmira P-404
Unknown adult Male   4/24/1897 no age Elmira Suicide by Gunshut on Broadway
          Elmira Broadway later renamed "Bloomer" Ave.
Unknown Male     3/21/1898 35 yrs Elmira Crushed by Railroad Cars
Unknown Male Infant   7/27/1898   Elmira Found in Chemung River (FG)
Unknown Female Infant   Unknown   Elmira Found in Chemung County (FG)
Unknown Male Infant   6/1 & 4/__?__   Elmira Found near mouth of Chemung River & Newton Creek (FG)
Unknown Male Infant   06/04/1900   Elmira (FG)
Unknown Female Infant   03/03/1901   Elmira (FG)
Unknown Infant     06/03/1904   Elmira (FG)
Unknown Male     07/26/1904 25 to 30 yrs old Horseheads, NY Struck by train (FG)
Unknown Female Infant   no date Stillborn Elmira Buried 9/6/1904 in Free Ground
Unnamed Infant     05/05/1905 Stillborn Elmira Arnot-Ogden Hospital (FG)
Doe John   05/19/1905 about 40 yrs Buffalo, NY Suicide by Shooting Buried in P-1038
Unknown Male Infant   no date   Elmira Buired 7/11/1906 (FG)
Unknown Female Infant   04/26/1907   Elmira (FG)
Unknown Female Infant   12/01/1908   Elmira (FG)
Unknown Male       about 30 yrs Elmira Found handing in the woods in Elmira Buried 6/6/1910
Unknown Infant no sex   5/__?__/1911   Elmira (FG)
Unknown Infant     no known   Elmira Buried 9/1/1911 in Free Ground
Unknown Infant Male   Unknown   Elmira (FG)
Unknown Infant Male   08/03/1915 Stillborn Montour Falls, NY Buired in EE-135
Unknown Infant Male   03/21/1916 Stillborn Southport In receving vault but no record of burial
Unknown Infant Male   9/7 and 9/10/1916   Elmira Found dead in Newtown Creek (FG)
Unknown Infant Male   10/03/1916   Elmira of Asphyxiation (FG)
Unknown Infant Female   06/29/1919 Stillborn Elmira (FG)
Unknown Infant Female   12/10/1922 Stillborn Elmira (FG)
Unknown Infant Female   03/02/1926 Stillborn Elmira (FG)
Unknown Infant Male   7/2 & 7/6/1926 Stillborn Elmira (FG)

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/05/2003
By Joyce M. Tice