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October 2005
Cemetery:  Academy Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Linda CORNELL Reese
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   September. 2005
Location:  Pearl Street, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa., Next to the Old Academy Building
All stones in this Cemetery are lying on the ground. Many are broken. 
See Also History of this cemetery on the 1969 listing
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Greenleaf Israel   Jun.1.1847 82 yr A Revolutionary Soldier
Greenleaf Sarah   May.8.1840 72 yr w/o Israel
Bodine Charles W.   Dec.29.1838 10m8d s/o Frederick & Eliza J.
Brown Thomas L.   Jun.14.1844 6y7m10d s/o Alpheaus & Adeline
Seely George T.   Mar.29.1843 2 yr s/o Benjamin & Tanner
Coolidge Mary L.   Aug.12.1845 12y1m10d d/o Amos & Pamilla
Wilcox Prudy   Mar.21.1835 43y7m4d w/o Gates Wilcox "In memory of"
Spencer Elias   1842    
Wakeman Hannah   Nov.23.1842 41y7m w/o Eri
Booth Olive   Sep.6.1847 5y2m14d d/o J.D. & Samatha - Stone broken in 1/2
Webster Mily   Apr.8.1848 48y8m11d w/o Jonathon (2005 Unreadable after Mily)
Webster Johathon   Aug.15.1843 48y8m11d Botanic Physician
Ogden Elvira   May.16.1840 21y8m6d w/o Jacob L. (Totally unreadable in 2005)
Butler Isabel   May.5.1842 64y5m7d w/o Rufus (Upper corner broken 2005)
Butler Rufus   Sep.6.1849 74y11m  
Burley Mary   Jun.16.1843 40y18d w/o Robert
Burley Mary   Jun.16.1843   Stone in bad shape-Stone gone after date
Burley Robert   Sep.11.1854 58y1m16d  
Coolidge Amos   May.16.1851 69y7m12d  
Coolidge Pamela   Mar.13.1843 50y3m21d w/o Amos
McCarter Polly   Oct.2.1849 58y2m w/o Thomas B.
Field Col. Isaac B.   Aug.9.1828 47 yr "In 47th yr of his life" Col. Came from Surry England--Stone broken at date
Field Thomas B.   Aug.5.1845 20y3m8d  
Smith Rebecca Jane   Apr.10.1855 23y2m13d w/o Warren
Seely Lewis   Nov.2.1842 3y4m9d s/o Benjamin & Tanner
Cole Catherine   Apr.11.1845 11y11m d/o Jonathon & Rebecca
Bailey Alice   Feb.12.1853 4m10d d/o W.D. & Eliza Baker
Cleaveland Lorena       w/o Lemuel 
Kilborn John M. Aug.18.1825 32 yr   2005-Slate stone-gone after 32 yr
Kimball Lucretia   Jan.18.1839 51 w/o James Kimball "In 51st yr of her life"
Sligh Charles M.   Jul.3.1840 1y21d s/o David & Susannah
Sofield Ellen Amelia   Feb.7.1848 20y3m8d d/o John & Julia
Kimball Wesley W.   Jan.26.1843 1y4m23d s/o Alanson & Emily 
Thompson Joseph   Nov.23.1842 85y10m18d Rev. War "Revolution Patriot"
Miller Xaueri   May.21.1848 68y Half of stone gone
Derbyshire William T.   Jan.9.1839 3y1m15d s/o William T. & Mary
Dockstader Irvin   Jan.31.1844 2y s/o Frederick H. & Catharin -Broken at ages
Black Henry J.   May.6.1846 1y4m14d s/o Edward & Lucinda
Fisher Mary   Mar.25.1852 6m7d d/o Daniel & Catherine
Webster Eliza   Sep.3.1824 4y8m15d d/o Jonathon & Mily W. (stone getting bad)
Young Hiram F. Esq.   Sep.22.1842 29y7m14d  
Landis Ada Alena   Sep.12.1854 1y11m22d d/o Simon H. & Philana
Brown Emily R.   Aug.21.1844 4y5m25d d/o Alpheus & Adeline
Broughton Mary   Mar.12.1847 22 yr w/o Urial "In the 22 yr of her life"
Stickle Margaret   Jan.25.1841 56y11m26d w/o Henry
Wetherbee Rebecca    Feb.18.1839 46 yr w/o Francis Wetherbee -Stone 1/2 gone
Austin George Dwight   Aug.2.1843 3m10d s/o Nelson & Lydia
Morseman Derius   Aug.30.1847 44y7m14d  
Field Barbara   Apr.17.1849 31y9m w/o Prescott P. - Stone in real bad condition
Henry James   Sep.30.1849 60y2d Stone not found - entry taken from olde rlisting.
I (Joyce) have an endless fascination with the diversity and beauty of the many styles of carved willows on tombstones. Academy Hill has quite a variety and I have included several here.
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/19/2005
By Joyce M. Tice
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