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Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson Township,  Tioga County, PA

Photo by Joyce M. Tice October 1997
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Name of Cemetery:    Alder Run Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice, Susan Criss & Joshua Criss
Date Read:   June 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Alder Run Road, Jackson Township, Millerton, PA - Tioga County
Other comments: This listing is not alphabetized by request of Joyce M. Tice. Much information can be gained by the proximity of burial plots that is lost when lists are alphabetized. To search for a particular name you can either use the Search Engine on the Front Page of the site or you can use your Edit/Find in Page command in your browser.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Section 2          
Wilcox George W. Apr.21.1834 Jan.10.1907    
Wilcox Cynthia Dec.17.1834 Jan.30.1905   Sleep forever
DeWitt Eleanor Hurlburt 1829 1906    
DeWitt John B. 1855 1915    
Graham Marsha A. 1864 1908    
Graham Charles L. 1844 1924    
Sheldon James R. 1845 1917    
Sheldon Helen M. 1850 19??   (Leah Andrews father & Mother)
Burrows James  1924 1925   s/o James & Bertha Burrows
Burrows Bert R. 1924 1976   VET
Eisenhart Francis 1924 1965  
Metal Stand          
Woodhouse Carl T. Sep.3.1922 Jun.10.1924   s/o Wm. & Lillian-Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven
Woodhouse Baby Charles       No dates
Woodhouse Baby Doris       No dates
DuBois Eloise 1918 1984    
DuBois James 1948 1949   s/o Wm. & Eloise DuBois
DuBois George Edward 1954 1955    
Paris Harry       No dates
Paris Hazel E. 1898 Mar.8.1995    
Paris Edward       Hazel's father
Long Ralph 1933 1979    
Long Barbara A. 1937     Praying hands/w/o Ralph
Long Katherine M. 1955 Mar.8.1980 24 yr d/o Ralph
Griffin Susan C. 1827 1910    
Griffin G.H.       No dates/Flag Co. K 50 N.Y. Inf.
Griffin Orlando S. Apr.23.1852 Jun.17.1885    
Griffin Henry       Removed to Woodlawn cemetery May 1950
Smith Morris H. Jul.17.1875 Mar.6.1877    
Andrews Leah M. 1893 1972   w/o Austin
Andrews Austin A. 1893 1983    
Andrews Willie Aug.19.1888 Jan.19.1892   s/o W.H. & Louise
Bryant John A. Nov.14.1836 Mar.19.1881    
Russell Frank J. 1882 1908   Flag 1st Reg. Inf. Unassigned
Russell George J. May 30.1901 Aug.2.1903   s/o John & Jennie Cain
Russell F.       No dates/Flag-Co. E 96 NY Inf.-Franklin Russell
Keyes Wm. Jul.8.1914 Mar.31.1990   Married Dec. 31, 1977
Keyes Kathleen May 17.1920 Oct.31.1998    
Higgins  S. S. Aug.4.1819 Jun.14.1901    
Higgins  Sarah 1821 1908    
Higgins  Elizabeth M.   Dec.19.1874 17 yr Asleep in Jesus
Friends Velma Impson 1903 1984    
Friends Stanley Edward 1899 Feb.7.1979   Buried 3/29/79 in same gravesite
Friends Samuel R. 1867 1926    
Friends Julia H. 1863 1947   w/o Samuel
Higgins  Eliza H. 1859 1946    
Boyce LeRoy F. 1918 1974   Daddy Bear - GAR flag (Wrong grave?)
Boyce Ileen I. 1921     Mother Bear
Andrews Orah Smith 1896 1980   Sister of Laura
Andrews Laura Smith 1902 1989   w/o Chester
Andrews Chester A. 1900 1992    
Hazen Mary E.   Jul.18.1880 5-11-4 d/o W.J. & E.G. Hazen
Hurd Erma B. 1887 1918    
Hurd George S. 1866 1925    
Hurd Mary Catherine   1945 6 mo. d/o Arthur Lamb on stone
Hurd Arthur G. 1913 1965    
Hurd Donald 1937 1998  
Hurd Richard A. 1942 1996   ashes-brothers in George Hurd plot
Smith Myer M. 1906 1970   brother of Orah & Laura
Woodhouse Allie       Caretakers note-"field stone marker
Stafford Esther 1850 1934    
Holton Ethel 1892 1915   w/o Lewis Stafford
Stafford Emmit 1848 1931    
Stafford John Apr.13.1816 Dec.12.1870    
Stafford Matilda   1875 57 yr w/o John
Berkley Mattie S.   1890   d/o S. & Adah
Berkley Stephen   Mar.9.1889    
Berkley Adah B. Ellis       w/o Stephen
Marker "Mattie"       Nothing else
Shurbert Monument        
Mitchell Virginia 1927 Jan.1.1991   stone in behind Amasa Mitchell's stone
Mitchell Gladys C. 1889 1968   w/o Amasa
Mitchell Amasa U. 1880 1962    
Mitchell Minnie B. 1870      
Mitchell Thomas A. 1867 1935    
Graham Cora A. 1871 1928    
Stewart Elizabeth R. 1883 1916   w/o Jesse-"Killed by train on Somers Lane Rd.
Mitchell Ernest 1883 1916    
Mitchell Sarah A. Dec.17.1844 Sep.6.1899    
Mitchell Austin  Feb.1.1841 Jan.14.1896    
Collum George A. 1848 1913    
Collum Ellen 1852 1915   w/o George A.
Collum Charles  Dec.4.1885 Sep.1887   s/o Geo. & Ellen
Mitchell Infant   1868   d/o Geo. W. & Anna R.
Mitchell Josie 1888 1889   d/o G.W. & Anna R.
Mitchell Hosea 1883 1889   s/o G.W. & Anna R.
Mitchell Anna May 25.1844 Jan.6.1921   MOTHER
Mitchell George W. Sep.7.1839 Dec.14.1899   FATHER
Jewell Lizzie B. Oct.5.1877 Dec.1.1897    
Deming William E. Sep.7.1844 1921   Flag Sgt. Co E. 58 Regt. PA
Deming Helen Jeannette Feb.19.1846 Feb.3.1900    
Sheive Bertha B. 1908 1932    
Deming Belle C. 1874 1953   w/o Albert
Deming Albert U. 1870 1960    
Deming Doris 1902 1907    
Deming Lucian 1856 1910   FATHER
Lamphier Ursula Deming 1858 1927   MOTHER
Deming     Jan.2.1890 4-6-6 d/o L.B. & J. Deming-Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven
Deming Electa       w/o Samuel
Deming Samuel W.   Feb.23.1881 83 yr  
Deming Alva M.   Dec.6.1848 6-5-9 s/o S. W. & E.
Deming Charles W.   Apr.4.1864 24-1-25 s/o S. W. & E.
Mitchell Albert  Aug.20.1829 Mar.9.1901    
Mitchell Mary A. Aug.6.1835 Mar.30.1899   w/o Albert
Mitchell Johnnie S. Aug.10.1860 Dec.12.1876   s/o Albert & Mary
Mitchell Clark R. Sep.24.1853 Mar.13.1876   s/o Albert & Mary
Mitchell Bertha E. Aug.27.1872 Feb.24.1881   d/o Albert & Mary
Graham Mintie S.   Oct.10.1886 18y 6m  
Graham Joseph H. Dec.12.1860 Aug.12.1911    
Mitchell Mathew K. 1866 1929    
Mitchell Mary A. 1865 1939    
Mitchell Thaddaus I. 1835 1923    
Mitchell Ella 1841 1925   w/o Thaddaus I.
Mitchell J. H. Dec.16.1833 Feb. 21.1885    
Mitchell Elizabeth   Apr.6.1885 74-4-17 w/o John
Mitchell John   Mar.18.1870 69-3-16  
Smith Alexander 1848 1925    
Smith Mary A. 1849 1903   w/o Alex
Smith Clide 1888 1892    
Smith Leigh 1884 1892    
Smith Frank  1873 1885    
Smith Claude 1882 1884    
Smith Mary Mar.1881 Sep.1881    
Moyer Rexford A. 1919 1999    
Langbell Elizabeth 1919 1975    
Langbell Eva M. 1880 1962   Caretaker note: Norma Paris sister
INFANT     Aug.1.1883   Infant son of L & H
Hadley Hattie Oct.12.1842 Jul.9.1897   w/o Lyman Bement
Stowell Charles V.   Jul.14.1877 43y10m  
Stowell Lola Mar.13.1836 Jan.6.1909   w/o Charles
Myfelt John P. 1855 1908    
Myfelt Frances Burton 1851 1933   w/o John
Myfelt C. Burton 1882 1955    
Myfelt Gladys M. 1892 1974   w/o Burton
Bement Mary Jane   Jan.20.1864 22 y  
Myfelt Richard I. 1894 1958    
Myfelt Mattie E. 1893 Dec.27.1976   w/o Richard
Myfelt Norton 1921 1969    
Myfelt Thelma P. 1915 1997   sister of Norton & Ivan Myfelt
Bement Leyr   Sep.23.1893 12-9-14 s/o G.T. & A. Bement
Bement George T. 1836 1909    
Bement Abigail 1842 1920    
Bement Bostwick   1889 87 yr Caretaker note - no stone
Bement Philania   Jan.5.1890 82 yr w/o Bostwick
Bement Punny       s/o Bostwick & Philania - 8" slim stone
Friends Esther J. 1851 1875   w/o Charles
Friends Charles H. 1851 1918    
Friends Louise J. 1853 1919   w/o Charles
Friends Jane E. Jan.16.1827 Dec.14.1902   MOTHER
Friends Daniel May 14.1822 Oct.20.1894    
Bement Borton E.   1893 1 1/2 yr s/o Fred & Martha
Criss Roy P. 1899 1988    
Criss Myrtle E. 1903 1979   w/o Roy
Criss Infant   1937 3 days s/o Roy & Myrtle
White Ella G. 1875 1941   w/o John
White John 1868 1932    
Simpson Burton G. Oct.20.1852 May 23.1913    
Simpson Fannie R. 1857 1941    
Graham William H. 1854 1923    
Graham Helen  1855 1921   w/o William
Dailey Edwin E. 1872 1954    
Dailey Luna M. 1880 1948   w/o Edwin
Dailey Harry R. Sep.1903 1984   s/o Luna & Edwin - Mason symbol on stone
Dailey Louise W. 1904 1989   w/o Harry
Dailey Carleton E. Mar.30.1925 May 31.1925   s/o Harry & Louise
Mann John H. Mar.5.1836 1917    
Mann Clara L. Jan.10.1848 Sep.10.1901   w/o John
Mann Infant   1888   Infant daughter of John & Clara
Mann Edna C.   Nov.1878 10 days d/o John & Clara - broken Angel stone
McKibbon Thomas Mar.31.1822 Sep.23.1891    
McKibbon Elvira M. Aug.2.1818 Apr.13.1896    
Seeley Winifred R. 1925 1948   baby buried in same casket
Seeley Infant   1948   s/o James & Winifred
Friends Ruea T. 1863 1910   w/o Jay
Friends Jay L. 1862 1933    
Garrison Boyd Manley   Mar.25.1834   s/o Manley & Leda
Burley Loie L. 1869 1959    
Burley Sadie B. 1869 1942   w/o Loie
Garrison Leda Burley 1900 1974   w/o Manley
Garrison Manley J. 1898 1980    
DeWitt Susan White Jul.13.1851 Dec.17.1903   w/o John B. DeWitt-gone but not forgotten
White Samantha A. 1852 1927   w/o Mahlon
White Mahlon T. 1846 1932    
White Arvilla E. 1889 1980    
White Irvin T. 1891 1965    
White Infant   1932   s/o Irvin & Ida
White Ida M. 1902 1985   w/o Irvin

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By Joyce M. Tice
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