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Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson Township,  Tioga County, PA

Photo by Joyce M. Tice October 1997
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Name of Cemetery:    Alder Run Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice, Susan Criss & Joshua Criss
Date Read:   June 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Alder Run Road, Jackson Township, Millerton, PA - Tioga County
Other comments: This listing is not alphabetized by request of Joyce M. Tice. Much information can be gained by the proximity of burial plots that is lost when lists are alphabetized. To search for a particular name you can either use the Search Engine on the Front Page of the site or you can use your Edit/Find in Page command in your browser.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Everett Leora 1907 1983    
Everett Norman 1903 Aug.4.1979   "Whither thou goest I will go"
Leonard Ernest 1922 1989    
Leonard Constance 1923 Sep.2.1978   Irvins daughter
Robinson Orvilla N. 1823 1897    
Mitchell Althea   Dec.12.1924   d/o L.R. & Edna
Mitchell Lester R. Nov.28.1903 Dec.4.1990 87 yr  
Mitchell Edna I. Jan.12.1906 Oct.29.1994   Mar: Oct.10.1923--Praying Hands & 2 crosses in each corner of headstone
Mitchell Edward R. 1866 1944   FATHER
Mitchell Mary E. 1869 1929   MOTHER
Mitchell Elmer L.   Oct.23.1898 1 yr s/o Edward & Mary
Smith Ford C. 1877 1954    
Smith Cassie Updyke 1878 1954   w/o Ford
Smith Lloyd  1879 1955    
Smith Myrna M. 1879 1950   w/o Lloyd
Smith Albert A. 1895 1916   s/o Clark & Flora
Smith Roselea 1894     w/o Albert A.
Smith Clark B. 1870 1962    
Smith Flora 1872 1924   w/o Clark
Smith Infant Jan.23 Apr.9.1894    
Beeman Elisha Feb.16.1822 Dec.7.1898    
Beeman Emeline May 9.1831 Oct.15.1912   w/o Elisha
Smith Richard M. 1903 1978    
Smith Velma I. 1905     w/o Richard M.
Smith Daniel T. Jul.29.1960 Jul.8.1988 27 yr Beautiful monument with Deer scene
Curren Stephen 1827 1898   Flag GAR - Co. D. 16th PA Cav.
Curren Julian 1888 1916   w/o Stephen
Curren Levi       Infant-Caretakers note: Grandson of Stephen-no stone
O'Donnell (?) Beverly J. 1933      
O'Donnell  John E. 1927 1981   Bible "Together Forever"
Woodard Joyce Mae   1944 11 da Infant
Woodard Grace 1902 1971   Married 43 years
Woodard Vernon E. 1904 1981    
Wrench  Anthony Arthur 1898 1951    
Wrench  Frances Friends 1899 1965   w/o Anthony
Vincent Elsie Mary Friends 1919 1986 67 yr d/o Frances & Anthony "Beloved Mother"
Friends Frances L. 1928 1929   Infant
Smith Lottie Apr.27.1883 Feb.6.1958    
Smith Charles Oct.19.1880 Sep.20.1964    
Hurd Sherman   May 1912   Flag Co. G lst N.Y. Inf.
Payne George W. 1847 1927   Flag GAR Co. B 188 Rgt. PA. Vol.
Payne Rachel 1846 1903   w/o George
Payne Charles 1875 1919   s/o George & Rachel
Hoyt Dale E. 1942 1964   Caretakers note: s/o Wayne Hoyt
Hoyt Wayne C. 1917 1998   Mason sign on stone flag
Hoyt Evelyn A. 1919     Both names on large Hoyt Stone
Woodford Lee A. 1873 1947   FATHER
Woodford Louise E. Friends 1879 1947   MOTHER
Satterlee Sheldon 1908 1915   s/o C.E. & Grace
Satterlee Infant   Jan.13.1991 15 da d/o C.E. & Grace
Wilcox George W. Apr.21.1834 Jan.10.1907    
Wilcox Cynthia Dec.17.1834 Jan.30.1905   Sleep Forever
DeWitt Eleanor Hurlburt 1828 1906   DeWitt Monument
DeWitt John B. 1855 1915    
Graham Marsha A. 1864 1908    
Graham Charles L. 1844 1924    
Sheldon James R. 1845 1917   Caretakers note-Leah Andrews father
Sheldon Helen M. 1850 19--    
Burrows James R. 1924 1925   s/o James & Bertha Burrows
Burrows Bert R. 1924 1976    
Eisenhart Francis 1924 1965    
Metal Stand          
Woodhouse Carl T. Sep.3.1922 Jun.10.1924   s/o Wm & Lillian-Buded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven
?Woodhouse Baby Charles       No dates
?Woodhouse Baby Doris       No dates
DuBois Eloise 1918 1984    
DuBois James R. 1948 1949   Beyond the gate a loved one finds rest and there is a comfort in the thoughts of a loving God
DuBois George Edward 1954 1955    
Paris Harry        Nothing else
Paris Hazel 1898 1995    
Willisus (SP?) Edward        Caretakers note-no stone-father of Hazel Paris
Long Ralph 1933 1979   Flag Korea US 1950-1955
Long Barbara 1937     w/o Ralph
Long Kathy M. 1955 1980   Caretakers note-Katherine d/o Ralph
Bement Pricilla R. 1942 1977   Always in Our Hearts
Brown Ira       FATHER
Brown Nancy       MOTHER no dates-broken stone
White Phoebe 1904 1978    
White Ernest J. 1899 1989    
Draper Baby Girl   1957   Caretakers note-Ruth E. Draper
Cole Wellington 1882 1948    
Seely Flossie 1898 1975    
Seely Tylee W. 1896 1961    
Austin Timothy 'Tim' B.   Sep.16.1956    
Austin Alma "Beth" E. Feb.18.1965 Feb.27.1992   Caretakers note - Married Mar. 31, 1988
Austin Lola Friends 1893 1990    
Austin Dalores L. 1929      
Austin Burton J. 1927 1991   WW-2 U.S. Army
Austin Philip James   1964   Baby - s/o Burton
Martin Leonard E. 1890 1971    
Ramsey Harriett Martin Sep.23.1924 Jul.5.1990   MOTHER
Martin Jack 1943     Caretakers note-s/o Harriett
Martin Beatrice 1947     Caretakers note-w/o Jack
Martin Pam 1970     Caretakers note-d/o Jack & Beatrice
Gary Delwood        
Gary Lena        
Miller Deroy 1928 Sep.19.1976    
Martin Gordon C. 1928      
Martin C. Pauline 1932      
Smith Robert C. 1936      
Smith Carol J. 1941      
Winterstein Charles H. 1926      
Winterstein Irene D. 1924      
Smith Richard N. 1930      
Smith Beverly A. 1931      
Hackett Ted Thomas 1956      
Hackett Ellen P. Friends 1935      
Hackett Richard Frederick 1938      
Friends Louise W. 1902 1992    
Friends Nathaniel 1882 1954    
Berry Mary A. 1894 1960   w/o Fred
Berry Fred L. Sr. 1908 1989    
Berry Florence M. 1903 1964   2nd w/o Fred
McCann Eloise A. 1914 1967   Caretakers note- sister of Fred
Andrus Bonnie Lou Dec.25.1953 Jul.18.1974   Caretakers note - d/o Glen & Alice
Andrus Glen   1971   Caretakers note - no stone
Orlowske Lulu M. 1890 1962    
Orlowske William   1973   Caretakers note - field stone
Bird Gary Dean   Jan.25.1962   s/o Dean & Christine
Rutzke John Leonard   Jul.5.1958   Infant son
White Baby   Aug.17.1953   Baby of John & Lois White
Knight Irene Friends 1910 1997    
Knight Lewis 1913      
White Lola M. 1914      
White Harold C. 1910     Praying Hands
Friends Marion C. oct.20.1906 Jul.21.1991    
Friends Emma B. 1883 1959    
Friends Jesse C. 1882 1961    
Henry Emma R. Aug.21.1869 Jun.8.1924    
Graham Mary A. 1834 1919   w/o Henry
Graham henry Jan.20.1820 Mar.24.1884    
Wheeler Lafayette   1933   Caretakers note--no stone Brother of John
Stephens Mahaile Jul. 1844 Sep.1926   Caretakers note-sister of Hulda
Wheeler BABY   1890   d/o Lula Wheeler
Wheeler Hulda 1845 1933   w/o John
Wheeler John E. 1845 1926    
Andrus Ella 1863 Nov.23.1883   w/o W. H. Andrus
Kinner Mary Ann 1811 1891   w/o Lewis
Kinner Lewis Oct.5.1809 Jun.19.1878   Flag
Rundell Shana Nichole Mar.12.1982 Feb.3.1996   d/o Robert
Burrows James M.   Jul.20.1880   child of W.B. & B. Burrows
Burrows Alvinia E.   Jul.16.1880   child of W.B. & B. Burrows
Burrows Isaac E.   Jul.18.1880   child of W.B. & B. Burrows
Burrows Infant       s/o Marshey Burrows
Burrows William 1828 1913    
Burrows Betsy 1835 1922    
Bearsley Roxana A. 1836 1888    
Poxy Carrie L. 1820 Jan.6.1882    
Westlake Jennie   Jul.8.1880 6y5m d/o G.A. & J.
Westlake   1867 Feb.23   d/o G.A. & J.
Westlake Winfield Aug.25.1867 Aug.4.1887   s/o George & Jane
Westlake MONUMENT        
Westlake George  Nov.25.1839 Mar.20.1913   FATHER
Westlake Jane A. Jun.3.1842 Feb.4.1924   MOTHER his wife
Westlake Lewis 1866 1937    
Westlake Kate 1869 1952    
Westlake Reginald W. 1889 1985    
Westlake Viola E. 1888 1972    
Westlake Gretchen E. 1928 1988   his wife
Westlake Reginald L. 1925      
Hudson W. Harold 1908 1997    
Hudson Gladys M. 1913      
Hudson George H. 1884 1911    
Hudson Mary J. 1868 1878   d/o W.H. & H.A.
Hudson Hester A. 1851 Jun.14.1887 36-8-2 1st w/o W. H.
Hudson William H. 1846 1935   Flag-Co. E 86th N.Y. Vols. 1862-1865
Hudson Frances L.Satterlee 1849 1927   2nd w/o W. H.
Satterlee Edwin R. Jr. Mar.23.1844 Apr.27.1880    
Satterlee Mary A. Jul.14.1818 Jan.18.1890    
Satterlee Edwin  Jan.7.1804 Sep.18.1877    
Satterlee Horace W. Jul.22.1840 Aug.30.1862    
Satterlee Charles L. Oct.8.1838 Jan.27.1864    
Ames Hannah   1888 81 yr d/o Orrin Ames
Friends Thomas S.       s/o J.K. & Martha Friends
Everett Ettie B. 1879 1972    
Everett Ernest L. 1876 1938    
Friends Jennie Hudson Jan.11.1848 Jan.21.1934   2nd w/o J. K.
Friends James K. Mar.23.1848 Jul.2.1914    
Friends Martha J. Nov.5.1852 Mar.1.1885   1st w/o J.K.
Ames Permelia 1862 Jul.19.1878   s/o Elisha & Sally
Ames Orrin T. 1855 Mar.4.1872   s/o Elisha & Sally
Ames Sally A. 1824 1914   w/o Elisha
Ames Elisha 1827 Apr.22.1900 73 yr  
Montgomery Caroline 1838 1917   his wife
Montgomery Addison 1835 1905   flag Co. C. Reg. T. N.Y. Vet. CA
Friends Emerson 1911 1919    
Friends Estella 1858 1946   w/o Henry
Friends henry 1853 1933    
Friends John S. 1853 1933    

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By Joyce M. Tice
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