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Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson Township,  Tioga County, PA

Photo by Joyce M. Tice October 1997
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Name of Cemetery:    Alder Run Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice, Susan Criss & Joshua Criss
Date Read:   June 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Alder Run Road, Jackson Township, Millerton, PA - Tioga County
Other comments: This listing is not alphabetized by request of Joyce M. Tice. Much information can be gained by the proximity of burial plots that is lost when lists are alphabetized. To search for a particular name you can either use the Search Engine on the Front Page of the site or you can use your Edit/Find in Page command in your browser.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Hazen Rachel R. ?-12-1837 1888   w/o Alfred B.
Hazen A.B.       Flag-Co. G. 5 N.Y. Cav.
Mattice James G. 1890      
Impson Adelle L.   May 18.1993   Beloved Mother
Impson Ivan Ellis 1906 1984   Father
Impson Mildred 1911 1945   w/o Ivan
Impson Velma 1903      
Impson Blanche 1883 1954   Mother
Bement George T. 1910      
Bement Ellene A. 1915 1960    
Higgins G. M. 1846 1922    
Higgins Hannah A. 1833 1881    
Smith Ray J. Jul.6.1897 1918   Vet. PTE. E. Co. CR Canada Cpl. Co.
Smith Arleata A. Payne May 25.1905 Mar.14.1969    
Smith Vilettie White 1863 1899   his wife
Smith Henry 1859 1940    
Forbes Bertha B. 1891 1977    
Forbes George W. 1885 1968    
Magaw William E. 1877 1970    
Cleveland Gladys M. 1859 1971   w/o Milo
Cleveland Milo G. 1859 1950    
Stafford Lewis 'Louie' 1883 1960    
Stafford Cheryl A. Sep.19.1956 Dec.21.1957   d/o Leonard
Stafford John L. Jul.15.1955 Dec.17.1956   Caretaker note-Son of Leonard
Woodhouse Irene    1926    
Stafford Addie Friends 1907 1940   w/o Lewis
Stafford Lula       Caretakers note-no stone
Pearson James 1886 1965   Flag Vet WW 1
Housman Robert 1896 1975   Flag Vet. WW 1 - Pvt. U.S.Army
Housman Frank A. Jul.20.1900 Jul.5.1976   Flag Vet. M.Sgt. Army Air Force
Housman Mary E. Jul.12.1903 Feb.27.1984    
Andrews 2 Babies       Marble Marker-Caretaker note-2 Babies of Helen & Elmer
Andrus Elmer L. 1905 1978   Mason
Andrus Luther 1867 1946   FATHER
Andrus Mary E. 1882 1957    
McCarroll Mabel C. 1904 1979    
McCarroll Francis C. 1887 1962    
Wheeler Gordie M. 1885 1965   Caretakers note-2nd w/o Lewis Wheeler
Wheeler Lewis W. 1872 1961    
Wheeler Carrie Mann 1873 1915   Caretakers note-1st w/o Lewis Wheeler
Kennison Patricia A. 1941 1963    
Forbes Ella M. Jun.16.1861 Sep.4.1923    
Friends Marie 1897 1986    
Pettitt Ruth Ann 1947 1959    
Pettitt Lura L.   1993 74 yr  
Friends Doris A. 1916      
Friends Leonard L. 1894 1976    
Friends Bessie H. 1894 1985    
Friends Ruth  1917 1924   d/o L.L. & Bessie
Friends Albert May 29.1920 Jun.15.1988   Flag-Vet. Sgt. US Army WW 2
Wales Marie H. 1925 1987   Married 41 Years
Wales Maxwell H. 1918      
Miller Laura Wales Sep.6.1930     d/o Wm. & Mina
Miller Laura  May Jun.26.1956   d/o Laura & Charles Miller
Wales William Byron Jr. Dec.21.1916 Apr.28.1994    
Wales Isabelle        
Wales Joseph Milford 1907 1976    
Wales Lester Byron 1962 1971   OUR SON The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want
Wales Mina F. 1890 1962    
Wales William Byron  1882 1970    
Wales Alice 1913 1924   Sisters
Wales Gertrude 1908 1924   Sisters
Friends Edna M. Aug.10.1936      
Friends Robert F. Mar.19.1928 Oct.29.1994   Precious Memories
Young Crystal        
Young Blair        
Harrison Marjorie Dec.11.1922 Oct.9.1995    
Harrison Wayne W. Jul.3.1910 Sep.1.1990    
Barnes Katrina A. Apr.29.1976 Sep.14.1999   Firemens Flag-RN. Forever in our hearts 1Cor. 13
Comfort Roxie Bell Oct.16.1907 Feb.8.1985   Married Jul.23, 1947-The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want
Comfort William H. Oct.20.1911 Jan.22.1989    
Barber Richard Charles Jr. Jun.8.1983 Jul.12.1986 3 yrs Beloved Son "RJ"
Andrus Alice 1923 Jul.7.1978   Caretakers note--no stone
Peters Hazel M. May 28.1926 Sep.7.1994    
Peters Robert G. Sr. Sep.11.1915 Dec.31.1972   Whither thou goest I will go
Barber Nyal A. Sr. Apr.18.1922 Dec.10.1980   WW 2 - Vet Pvt. U.S. Army
Barber Naomi R. 1924 1999    
Barber Nyal Allen, Jr."BUD" Jul.4.1949 Aug.15.1990   Flag-Viet Nam Vet 1964-1973 TRUST ME
Yoost Alma        
Yoost William Jr. Feb.23.1927 Apr.18.1996    
Button Denise        
Button Duane        
Conrad Etta E. Feb.26.1931      
Conrad Gene B. Sep.14.1926 Jan.3.1991    
Decker Sandra jean Feb.2.1947 Aug.17.1980    
Decker BABY 1922 1922   Caretakers note--John C. Decker baby
Decker Francis M. Jan.2.1945 1992    
Forbes William H. Oct.22.1858 Jun.1932    
Sheldon Emma 1865 1948   MOTHER
Wilcox Frank  1884 1958    
Saunders Elpha Davies 1912 1986    
Collum Clifford Nov.15.1912 1986   Flag - Vet "Buried in England"
Collum Anna M. 1881 1951    
Collum Lt. Clifford W. 1918 1944 Flag-Vet. Buried in Cambridge England  
Collum Allan H. 1876 1955    
Balmer Donald G. 1923 1944   Flag Vet. Cpl. Buried in France Co. A 147th Eng.Com Bn.
Holmes Ruth Collum 1904 1951    
Loomis Emma Collum 1916 1947    
Hoyt Edna R. 1888 1952    
Hoyt Morgan 1878 1936    
Dahm Marjorie Jan.11.1909 Feb.2.1999    
Eichorn Beatrice J. 1908 1981    
Eichorn Bruce A.   Aug.27.1992   Cremation-buried on Fathers grave
Eichorn Esther I 1914 1996    
Wheeler Rexford D. 1929     Mason
Wheeler Jane E. 1934      
Wheeler Baby boy   May 24.1955   Safe in the arms of Jesus
Gilbert Pauline M. 1918 1994    
Gilbert Aubrey E. 1917 1986   s/o Aubrey
Gilbert Mildred C. 1921 1979    
Gilbert Milo J. 1919 1978    
Gilbert Lee N. 1889 1979    
Gilbert Nina B. 1888 1960    
Stewart E. Edgar Jr. 1944      
Stewart Nancy L. 1948 1979    
White Irene N. 1922      
White Albert L. 1917 1983   Together Forever
White Gerald 1940     3 weeks old
White Stephen 1942 1944    

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