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Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson Township,  Tioga County, PA

Photo by Joyce M. Tice October 1997
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Name of Cemetery:    Alder Run Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice, Susan Criss & Joshua Criss
Date Read:   June 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Alder Run Road, Jackson Township, Millerton, PA - Tioga County
Other comments: This listing is not alphabetized by request of Joyce M. Tice. Much information can be gained by the proximity of burial plots that is lost when lists are alphabetized. To search for a particular name you can either use the Search Engine on the Front Page of the site or you can use your Edit/Find in Page command in your browser.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Shelman Baby 1963     s/o Cecil & Ada
Wilson Leslie       Baby of Faith Wilson
Wilson Jay W. 1863 1925    
Wilson Lillie M. 1866 1932    
Lines Gladys M. Mar.25.1929 Dec.21.1972    
White BABY GIRL       d/o Gladys & Don White
Holton Sarah H. 1873 1940    
Holton Eugene 1865 1929    
Wheeler Vera G. 1894 1988    
Wheeler Cecil B. 1894 1982    
Wheeler Elaine E.   Aug.28.1924   BABY At Rest
Friends Edward J. 1917 1944   Epinal--Buried in France
Friends Everitt P. 1897 1962   Flag VET
Paddock Louis J. Feb.13.1934 Aug.28.1994   An honest independent businessman-Large flat stone
Stafford Howard   Feb.15.2000   Flag 1941-1945
Vinsek Janis A. Dec.16.1930      
Vinsek Donald E. Sep.6.1931 Dec.4.1987    
Stafford Leonard L. 1928 1977   Flag AF
Wallace Rita STAFFORD   Nov.3.1993   Flag 1941-1945-no stone caretaker's note
Tillinghast George Jan.8.1920 Jun.2.1994    
Tillinghast Hazel  Jul.31.1925      
Friends Elsie L. 1913      
Friends Almond M. 1910 1972    
Hall Luella M. Aug.24.1924 Dec.30.1991    
Hall Arthur C. May 5.1923 Jun.12.1980   Flag - Vet
Weir Charles H. Jan.10.1938 Feb.12.1994   Flag Vet U.S. Air Force
Smith Vicky H. Jun.23.1943 May 14.1994   Lions International Wells/Jackson Lions Club
Smith Wilfred E. Jan.4.1932      
Updyke Harriett E. Feb.11.1910 May 27.1997   Eastern Star
Wheeler Helen Jean 1928      
Wheeler Albert L. 1901 1976    
Wheeler Harriett F. 1902 1994    
Wheeler Earl P. 1899 1976    
Wheeler Freda C. 1906 1992    
Cowburn Arthur Leslie Jul.24.1927 Nov.27.1995   Husband of Marilyn Seeley
Cowburn Marilyn M. SEELEY May 26.1924     Eternally
Hough Larry Wayne 1946 1973    
Seeley Richard J. 1900 1972    
Seeley Mildred S. 1898 1977    
Walton  Iva B.   May 20.1994    
Rumsey Freda C.        
Harris Michael George 1962     No stone caretaker note-s/o Gladys & Charles
Sheive Annabelle       Caretaker note-lot for cremation d/o Gladys Harris
Harris Gladys M. 1932     Caretaker note-w/o Charles no stone
Harris Charles F. 1902 1991    
Mitchell Hugh W. 1928 1995    
Mitchell Annette M. 1959 1967    
Mitchell Betty Jean 1947 1966    
Mitchell Clifford 1921     Father
White Beverly H. 1930      
White Wayne 1930      
Button Virginia W. 1928      
Button Oliver L. 1930      
Button Amber Jean   1983   Infant dau. of Byron Button
Deming John Eugene 1915 1973   Flag
Deming Caroline D. 1916 1990   w/o Eugene - Married 38 years
Eck Fred  1918 1981   Flag WW 2 VET - At rest with God
Eck Louise RIVELL Sep.7.1917     w/o Fred
Thall Robert B. 1918      
Thall Beatrice E. 1923 1984    
Swartley Mavis F. May 14.1934 Oct.18.1988   Married May 9, 1953
Swartley Richard N. Feb.7.1933 Apr.24.1987    
Comfort John E. 1915 1979    
Comfort Helen R. 1917      
Hunt Terry L. 1957 1975   Flag SR Co. U.S. Navy Viet Nam
Ferger Marilyn I. May 3.1934 Nov.13.1997    
Ferger Edwin "But" Jul.21.1929 Apr.19.1997    
Raymond Vera Jean 1943 Mar.17.2000    
Raymond Donald 1936     Married
Lepley Wanda M. BOLLEN Dec.18.1923 Mar.3.1997    
Bollen Richard Dec.4.1942 Feb.9.1993    
Bement Irene I. 1916 Nov.26.1994   wife
Bement Maurice M. 1910 1987   Flag Vet U.S. Army
DeHaas Wilda J. Sep.15.1938      
DeHaas Harold H. Mar.26.1929     Married Nov.3, 1984 "Whither thou goest I will go
Miller Rena A. 1916      
Miller LeRoy W. 1910 1987    
Everett William N. Sr. Apr.18.1936     Married Jul, 23, 1944
Everett Vanetta A. Mar.23.1937 Oct.17.1997    
Everett John Oliver Jul.22.1968 Jan.8.1991   Flag Sgt. U.S. Air Force
Troutman Arian L. 1928 1974   Flag WW 2 Vet Seaman U.S. Navy
Pettitt Clara B. 1939 1966    
Pettitt Lillian A. SMITH 1906 1967    
Benson Myra M. GRIFFIN 1915 1992    
Benson Otis J. 1901 1977    
Benson Colin Wayne Nov.2.1993 Mar.27.1996   "Weasel"
Cleveland Donald John Aug.26.1915 Nov.17.1983   Married
Cleveland Jane E. Nov.4.1916      
Cleveland William H. 1884 1965    
Cleveland Agnes A. 1885 1974    
Andrews Geneieve B. 1925 1988   Love with a Smile
Andrews James B. 1919     Married 46 yrs. I Love You
Loverso Nicholas  Sep.16.1941 Oct.8.1988   Every Day Was Special Because We Had You
Paris Ray N. 1894 1983    
Paris Rose L. 1894 1980   Married 62 years
Smith MONUMENT        
Smith Phyllis J. Mar.27.1936      
Smith Bert J.   Feb.1993   Married Aug.24, 1953--Precious Memories
Congdon Renee Lynn Jul.28.1971 Sep.26.1971    
Hart Hope Magee Sep.26.1984 Dec.16.1984    
Gilbert Claude H. 1925 1996   Fire fighter Flag--WW 2 Flag 1941-1945
Gilbert Evelyn I. 1930      
Wheeler Lorraine 1946      
Wheeler Duane 1954      
Wheeler Bonnie 1947      
Wheeler Alan 1952      
Wheeler Doris L. 1927      
Wheeler Dean C. 1926 1966   Fire Fighter Flag
White Leona  1891 1974    
Miller Jacob 1892      
Wheeler Shirley W. 1933      
Wheeler Murna M. 1905 1998    
Wheeler John G. Sr. 1898 1977    
Miller Virginia Mae 1923 1947    
Miller Hazle I. 1903 1991    
Miller Dale R. May 12.1938 Apr.3.1994   Flag Sp. 4 U.S. Army
Miller Jack E. 1896 1974   Husband
Miller Jack C. Oct.20.1927 Jun.16.1997    
Stebbins Lawrence 1919 1989    
Stebbins Oliver L. 1922 1993    
Collum Wilton F. Feb.26.1915 1997    
Collum Mary L. TOTTEN May 1929      
Townsend Dudley L. 1910 Feb.26.1988   Married Jan. 2, 1930
Townsend Gertrude E. 1913 1996    

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By Joyce M. Tice
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