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Photo by Joyce M. Tice Feb. 1998
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Name of Cemetery: Ansonia Cemetery
Read By: Carol & Bob Lackey
Date Read: 2002
Typed By: Carol & Bob Lackey, Pat SMITH Raymond
Location: Shippen Twp., Tioga County, PA
Other comments:
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bradley Raymond E. 1886 1911   At Rest
Bradley Elijah B. 1835 1920   GAR Marker & flag
Bradley Susan L. 1853 1914   His wife
Vail Merton F. Feb.25.1923 Apr.2.1993   Symbol of Locomotive 40/8
Vail Kenneth E. 1893 1936   314 Inf. 79th Div. Wagoner WWI--Flag & Emblem
Vail Willis       GRANDFATHER
Homer         Plain stone no writing
Losinger Russell M. Mar.20.1918 Jan.7.1972   PVT U.S. Army WWII - Flag & Emblem
Losinger Mavis E. Feb.14.1917 Dec.20.1991   Beloved wife and Mother
Smith Minnie   Mar.7.1896 26 yr d/o John C. & Elizabeth
Smith Henry   Aug.13.1897 20y21da s/o John C. & Elizabeth
Smith John C. 1851 1927    
Smith Elizabeth 1850 1943    
Wilson Ruth K. 1897 1988    
Kohler Lena E. 1873 1957    
Kohler L. Robert 1871 1948    
Heatwole Russell E. 1895 1951    
Heatwole Gertrude M. 1897 1972    
Wolf Jane 1838 1906   w/o Jacob
Wolf Jacob 1832 1907    
Fries Gertrude M. 1883 1907 w/o O. B. Fries  
Kelly D. W.   1920 27 da  
Kelly Lydia H. 1882 1961    
Kelly F. Ray 1882 1965    
Butler Charles Nov.29.1839 Nov.25.1901   Co E 5th Reg. U.S. Art. GAR Emblem
Scranton Homer L. 1883 1920   GAR Emblem
Scranton Luella E. 1861 1946   His wife
Scranton Orley E. 1894 1971    
Scranton Lyman H. 1893 1942    
Gibson Sarah E. 1842 1896    
Douglas Daniel J. 1865 1938    
Douglas Florence B. 1875 1968   At sleep in Jesus
Parsons Phyllis M. 1924 1942    
Pearson Margaret Douglas Sep.17.1894 Mar.2.1937    
Bradley Angeline 1844 1890    
Bradley Bessie  1884 1899    
Bradley Peter W. 1834 1917   Co. G 97th Regt. N.Y. Infantry GAR Symbol.
Swope Melvin 1854 1922   GAR Symbol
Swope Nellie 1864 1934   His Wife
Hawk Arthur E. 1860 1920    
Hawk Edith D. 1858 1934   His wife
Cleveland Rudolph 1850 1915    
Cleveland Flora 1859 1927   His wife
Norris   1899 1920   No other markings
Schoonover Chester L. 1861 1938    
Schoonover Elizabeth A. 1858 1930   His wife
Butler Orpha S. 1852 1903   Wife of Daniel
Butler Daniel J. 1841 1917   Co A 149th Regt. PA Vol. Inf. GAR Symbol and flag
Mason William 1852      
Mason Jane 1836 1919   His wife
Bradley Lyle Apr.25.1894 Feb.21.1895   s/o C. B. S. lna Bradley-Bud of Promise fades away but the perfume remains
Bradley Clarence B. 1870 1954    
Bradley Ina M. 1872 1950    
Warriner Asa 1842 1912   Co. H 6th Regt. PA Vol.-GAR symbol & flag
Warriner Josephine 1848 1913    
Hoadley Ellis 1857 1941    
Hoadley Ida 1859 1926   His wife
Warriner Eleanor M. 1825 1905   w/o Lumbert Warriner
Warriner Charles C. 1846 1862   s/o J. & Eleanor Warriner - GAR symbol
Thompson Lena W. Apr.20.1869 Jan.1.1913   Asleep in Jesus
Thompson Alonzo D.   Sep.27.1898 37 yr Asaph Tent No. 183
Lossinger Myrtlee   Feb.26.1893 1y9m23d d/o A. & Anna Losinger - Asleep in Jesus
Losinger Arthur S. 1869 1932    
Losinger Anna M. Walker 1868 1950    
Walker Sarah L.   Nov.8.1963   Daughter
Walker Frank F. 1872 1963   Father
Walker David M. Feb.14.1837 Feb.29.1918   Pvt. 27th N.Y. GAR symbol
Walker James B. Aug.14.1876 Jun.20.1955    
Walker Hattie B. Feb.9.1880 Jul.21.1958    
Walker Jeffry L. 1966 1999   Marker no stone
Beckwith Albert & Edith Oct.4.1901 Oct.23.   No other info
Beckwith Harold W.       On stone w/Albert & Edith
Thorne Julia Beckwith 1848 1924   Stone in ground almost covered.
Beckwith Bert 1872 1939   Stone in ground almost covered.
Beckwith James  1844 1909   GAR symbol
Beckwith Melvina 1848 1914   His wife
Butler Clifford 1903 1923   s/o C. W. & Stella Butler
Butler Clayton W. May.10.1871 Jun.7.1906    
Butler   May.21.1901 Jun.12.1902    
Cook Benjamin F. 1866 1943    
Cook Hattie M. 1869 1936    
Mason Andrew 1897 1917   Soldier WWI symbol
Simmonds Fred 1872 1929    
Simmonds Dora 1882     His Wife
Simmonds Woodrow 1913 1918   s/o Fred & Dora--Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven
Hart Almon 1824 1904    
Hart Betsy Stratton 1826 1906   His wife
Dean Cora & John       At rest - No dates
Fluhr Agnes T. 1901 1975   Peaceful rest
Fluhr Gustav F. 1904 1978   In Loving Memory
Brock     Sep.17.1884 6y7d d/o J. V. & Christian
Smith Perry Jul.7.1823 Oct.7.1893    
Smith Louisa Sep.9.1833 Jan.27.1899   w/o Perry S.
Smith Susanna Oct.21.1793 Apr.10.1879   w/o John Smith
Smith Charlie   Oct.12.1881 1y1m18d s/o P.E. & Eva Smith
Smith Freddie Feb.3.1887 Dec.18.1890   s/o P. E. & Eva Smith
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Published on Tri-Counties 24 DEC 2002
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