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Brookfield Township Cemetery, Brookfield Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2009
Photos by Joyce M. Tice
October 2009
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Name of Cemetery: Brookfield Cemetery
Deeded As Brookfield Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 2010
Location: Brookfield Twp., Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates: 41.99393-77.59003
Other Comments: Located at corner of North Road and Simmons Road
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  738
Copyright 2010 Linda C Reese and Joyce M. Tice
NOTE: IN spite of the large number of burials in this cemetery, the obituary page is very small. If you have obits for people buried in this cemetery, be sure to submit them. Don't wait for someone else to do it. Just type them plain and simple in your email. We file by surname at birth.

For History  of this cemetery see older 1970s listing

Section 1          
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Simmons  Darrow 11/1/1942      
Simmons  Jeannie 6/6/1943     On marker w/Darrow
Snyder Ralph E. 11/27/1931 6/19/2006    
Snyder Beulah G. 4/16/1934     On marker w/Ralph E.
Tubbs Warren Gordon 9/30/1917 8/19/2005   CWO 3 Coast Guard WW 2
Tubbs Margaret E. Craven 5/11/1923     On marker w/Warren Gordon
Parker Janet L. 1932 1977    
Madison Donald E. 5/2/1932 8/10/1990   s/o Robert K. & Sarah Crippen
Madison Jocelyn A. 4/4/1936     d/o Perry C. & Mary German
Parker Edwin M. 1918 2008    
Parker Ruth M. 1920 1962   On marker w/Edwin M.
Parker Ilene M. 1920 1999   On marker w/Edwin M.
Treat Louise P. 1947 2003   On marker w/Gary R.
Treat Gary R. 10/2/1946 12/22/2003   HM3 Navy Vietnam - Purple Heart
Weeks Earl S. 1889 1979  
Weeks Louise R. 1883 1966   On marker w/Earl S.
Weeks Clarice M. 1917 1997   On marker w/Earl S. - Daughter
Parker Ruth N. 1906 1971    
Parker Lawrence L. 1906 1976   On marker w/Ruth N.
Parker Harry L. 1939 1973    
Parker F. M.       Nothing else readable
Metcalf Robert L. 1925 2001    
Metcalf Charlotte D. 1929     On marker w/Robert L.
Hammond Margaret  1913 1999    
Hammond Ephraim F. 1907 1979   On marker w/Margaret
Dannheim Mary L. 1911 1976    
Dannheim Otto E. 1910 1972   On marker w/Mary L.
Lewis Margaret M. 1897 1964    
Lewis James N. 1900 1962   On marker w/Margaret M.
Lewis Donald  1921 1944    
Lewis Lester L. 7/27/1933 9/3/2000    
Lewis Harold W. 1923 2005    
Lewis Luella L. 1931 1976   On marker w/Harold W.
Price Neva Leona 1911 1987    
Parker A. Lee 1881 1941    
Old White Marker         Nothing readable-May be child-flowers
Miller Joseph E. 1906 1978    
Miller Clarinda M. 1912 1971   On marker w/Joseph E.
Lewis Darold B. 11/18/1921 2/1/1988   Pvt. Army WW 2
Lewis Amelia L. 1931 1990   On marker w/Donald B.
Parker Erma L. 1906 1991    
Parker Ray E. 1892 1981   On marker w/Erma L.
Wood Nora G. 1919 2008    
Wood Donald K. 1917 1968   On marker w/Nora G.
Anthony David M. 2/14/1939 4/15/1995    
Anthony Martha A. 1901 1994   On marker w/David M.
Anthony Alfred W. 1902 1943   On marker w/David M.
LaPiana Maxine Francis White 11/27/1939 8/1/1997    
White Jenny Mae   7/30/1929   Child
White George E. 1893 1960    
White Dolly C. 1898 1973   On marker w/George E.
Boyd Hugh H. 9/4/1913 6/8/2000   PV Army Air Force WW 2
Boyd Margaret Emma White 4/20/1932     On marker w/Hugh H.
McFall George W. 1869 19?6   Funeral Home Marker
McFall Lula B. 1903 1988    
McFall Leaman I. 1901 1956   On marker w/Lula B.
McFall Clifford K. 10/21/1920 4/4/1987   Tec. 4 Army WW 2
Just a Base          
McFall Roy J., Sr. 4/14/1931 8/23/1984   TSGT Air Force Vietnam
McFall Leon H. 8/17/1895 1/1/1963   Pa. Pvt. Co B School Troops
Died 02 FEB 1945 - maqy have been relocated from Eurpoe to Brookfield ca 1963?
McFall Mary L. 1902 1937    
Spicer Harold L. 1938 1959    
Spicer Harold E. 1911 1996    
Spicer Helen P. 1898 1980   On marker w/Harold E.
Tombs Kenneth D. 1926 1995    
Tombs Bernice M. 1932 1989   On marker w/Kenneth D.
Getting Genevieve McChan 1908 1995    
MaChan John Jr. 1/20/1909 3/21/1973   Sgt. Army WW 2 - Korea
Hurler Charlie A. 1907 1967    
Hurler Mildred M. 1912 1990   On marker w/Charlie A.
McLean Howard E. 1883 1919    
McLean Ione R. 1886 1974   On marker w/Howard E.
Gardner Mae 1881 1920    
Gardner Alexander 1867 1936   On marker w/Mae
Gardner Bessie 1900 1916   Sister
Gardner Baby   1910    
Miller Floyd E. 1897 1914   s/o U.C. & Jennie
Miller Gilbert E. 1895 1920    
Miller Phillip C. 1892 1944    
Buckle Tecla G. 1908 1989    
Miller Jennie 1869 1952  
Miller Uriah C. 1864 1951   On marker w/Jennie
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