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Brookside Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1969

by Joyce M. Tice 2008

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Name of Cemetery:    Brookside or Furmantown Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Read By:  Lola WETHERBEE  Franke, Wellsboro, PA
Date Read:   1968
Typed By:   Linda ZAPF Cracraft
Location:  Located at Rexford Crossing, also known as Furmantown Cemetery
Other comments: Six or seven painted white crosses and many flat field stones throughout the cemetery
Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription, Relationship, Comments
Honsberger J----- July 12, 1883 11-28-1892 s/o R.A. and L.B.
Furman Aaron K. May 8, 1818 May 14, 1902
Furman Julia A. Mar. 5, 1825 Jan. 23, 1899 his wife
Henry Florence R. 1849 1915
Griffin Simantha Nov. 17, 1865 age 73 yr. 9m w/o William Griffin
Rexford David 1820 1899
Rexford Catherine 1822 1903 his wife
Rexford Ida Mary Sept. 11, 1866 aged 2y. 11m. 12d. d/o David and Catherine
Rexford Henrietta Sept. 23, 1868 aged 19y,11m, 1d. d/o David and Catherine
Rexford Satie B. May 28, 1875 ae 3 yr. d/o D. D. and Emma S.
Rexford William L. 1851 1930
Rexford Marion E. ---- ----
Rexford Jesse 1856 1905
Rexford Mary A. 1871 1939 his wife; Mother
Rexford Infant
Rexford Harry 1892 1918
Rexford Walter 1896 1918 Co. I, Repl. Co. Med. Dept.
Dewey Sarah A. April 3, 1870 aged 26yr. 6mo. 22d. w/o Chas. A. Dewey d. at Ackley, Iowa
Ogden Amos H. Dec. 28, 1818 Oct. 31, 1891
Ogden Hannah Oct. 29, 1812 Nov. 28, 1899
Dewey Avery H. 1870 1908
Furman Aaron Feb. 19, 1851 aged 74yrs. 9mo. 24d.
Furman Hannah Mar. 17, 1868 age 89 yrs. 2 mo. w/o Aaron
Furman Daniel J. 1844 aged 18yrs. 28d.
Furman William  Apr. 1, 1862
Furman Mary Mar. 21, 1864 note by Rhoda Ladd, "Mary was a WALDORFF"
Blue Charlotte May 2, 1875 aged 54yrs. 2mo. 12 d. wife of John Blue
Furman Martin W. Feb. 22, 1899 age 70 yr. 5mo. 22d.
Furman Eunice J. Jan. 26, 1878 aged 51yr.9mo.29d. w/o Martin W.; nee DARTT
Blue John O. Feb. 24, 1872 aged 2m. 1d. s/o Albert and Eliza A.
Furman Amos D. Mar. 16, 1859 aged 12 yr.
Babcock Stephen Apr. 10, 1872 aged 80 years
Furman Evalina E. Mar. 11, 1880 ae 31y. 15d. w/o Daniel
Furman Maud Mar. 29, 1880 ae 18e. d/o Daniel and Evalina
Noble Libbe E. Jan. 28, 1884 ae 26y. 5m. 4d. w/o ----Noble
Furman Orvilla C. McCoy Jan. 8, 1863 Dec. 1, 1914 dau of Martin and Eunice Furman
Eggler Fred 1866 1954
Eggler Mike 1859 1943
Kreisler William A. Apr.1, 1850 Oct. 29, 1903
Kreisler Elsie Nov. 1, 1854 Mar. 11, 1923 w/o William
Perkins Louis B. 1897 1949
Perkins Florence A. 1895 1963
Carr George W. 1864 1932
Dewey Charles A. 1840 1920 Father
Nelson D. R. Feb. 22, 1885 aged 42 yr. 10m. 16d.
Nelson Alvin L. Apr. 21, 1883 aged 19 yr. 5mo. s/o D.R. and M.E.
Nelson Irving F. June 10, 1883 ae 5m, 19d. s/o D.R. and S.E.
Chaffe A. W. Co. E. ist. Minn. H.A. 
Howland Dr. Harry W. Jan.29, 1879 Aug. 2., 1945 What we keep in our memory, is ours, unchanged, forever.
Howland Helen GADDIS Aug. 4, 1885 Feb. 19, 1964
Howland Charles Gaddis Sept. 1908
Howland Ila GRIFFIN Sept. 6, 1904 Dec. 9, 1955
Howland Elizabeth Stevens Leary Nov. 2, 1912 ----
Kjelgaard Beatrix L. 1887 1951
Furman Alonzo A. 1860 1943
Lewis Julia D. 1854 1947 Mother
Lewis Erwin M. 1860 1931 Father
Ogden George F. 1849 1933 Husband
Ogden Gertrude E. 1864 1939 Wife
Lewis Leon F. 1890 19--
Lewis Sadie M. 1890 1938
Blass John 1856 1948
Blass Sadie 1868 1950
Blass Charlotte M. 1895 ---- Dau.
Tripp John R. Sept. 3, 1898 Sept. 7, 1961 Pvt. U.S. Army
James John S. 1885 1953
James Florence L. 1893 1956
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