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Brookside Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2008
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 2008
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Name of Cemetery: Brookside or Furman Town Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese, Joyce M. Tice, Alice Strouse Ellingsberg
Date Read: August  / October.2008
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 06 November 2008
Location: Rexford Crossing Gaines Township, Tioga County, PA
Other Comments: This cemetery is kept very neat, but like many others, it is missing many markers
Page One Two Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Rexford Clare W. 1902 1970    
Rexford A. Loretta 1906 1975   On marker w/Clare W.
Rexford John J. 9/18/1929 4/20/2003   LTC US Army Korea/Vietnam Bronze Star Medal and 20LC
Rexford Delos D. 1844 1909    
Rexford Emma 1848 1932   On marker w/Delos D.
Rexford Satie B.   5/28/1875 3y1m12d d/o D.D. & Emma S.
Rexford David  1820 1899    
Rexford Cathrin 1822 1903   On marker w/David
Rexford William L. 1851 1930    
Rexford Charles R. 6/23/1927 11/16/2005   FM US Merchant Marines WW 2
Rexford Charles L. 1866 1940    
Rexford Nellie M. 1880 1974   w/o Charles L. (On same marker)
Rexford Marion E. 1906 1918   Their daughter (On above marker)
Rexford Infant        
Rexford Jesse F. 1856 1905    
Rexford Mary A. 1871 1939   w/o Jesse
Rexford Harry N. 1892 1913    
Rexford Walter C. 1896 1918   REPL Gr. Med Dept.
Rexford Harold G.   1920    
McCoy Orilla C. 1/8/1863 12/1/1914   d/o Martin & Eunice Furman
1 White Cross          
Eggler Fred 1866 1954    
Eggler Mike 1859 1943   On marker w/Fred
Griffin Samantha   11/17/1865 73y9m w/o Wm.
Rexford Ida May   9/11/1866 2y11m13d d/o David & Catherin
Rexford Henrietta   9/23/1868 9y5m1d d/o Wm. B. & Catharine
Henry Florence R. 1849 1915    
Furman Aaron K. 5/8/1818 5/14/1902   New plaque on back says: Born PA - K. means Kribbs
Furman Julia A. 3/6/1825 1/23/1899   w/o Aaron-Same marker - On Back: Born NY - A means Amsbry
Honsberger Unreadable 7/12/1892 11/28/1892   s/o R. A. & L. B.
Dewey Avery 1870 1908    
Ogden Hannah 10/29/1812 11/28/1899    
Ogden Amos H. 12/28/1818 10/31/1891    
Dewey Sarah A.   4/3/1870 26y6m22d w/o Chas. A. - Died at Ackley, Iowa
Ogden Eulalia O.   9/2/1848 2y9m  
Furman Lillie V. 1858 1876    
Furman Aaron K. 6/27/1776 2/19/1851 74y9m24d  
Furman Hannah Howe   3/17/1868 82y2m25d On marker w/Aaron K.
C. F. (or S)     3/10/1843 42 yr  
Furman Lillie V. 8/1/1876 17y1m d/o Aaron & Julia
          Many graves here marked by field stone, and graves with no markers
Furman Daniel J.   1844 18y28d  
Furman William 4/1/1862     Death date covered with cement
Furman Mary 3/21/1864     Death date covered with cement--on marker w/William -Note: 1860 census has William 80 and Mary 65
Blue Charlotte R.   5/2/1875 54y2m12d w/o John
Noble Libbie E.   1/28/1884 26y5m4d w/o ??-Repair cement over name
Furman Maud   3/29/1880 21 da d/o Daniel & Evalina E.
Furman Evalina E.   3/11/1880 31y15d w/o Daniel
Furman Martin W.   2/22/1899 70y5m22d  
Furman Eunice J.   1/26/1878 51y9m29d w/o Martin - Same marker
Furman Amos D.   3/16/1859 12 yr  
Blue John O.   2/24/1872 1y2m1d s/o Albert O. & Eliza J.
Babcock Stephen   4/10/1872 Abt. 89 yr  
Chaffe A. W.       Co E 1st Minn. H. A.
Gage Donald D. 1915 1974    
Gage Margaret S. 1917 1991   On marker w/Donald D.
Howland Elizabeth Stevens Leary 11/2/1912 7/29/1983    
Howland Charles Gaddis 9/7/1908 10/22/1985    
Howland Ida Griffin 9/6/1904 12/9/1955    
Howland Eddy Gaddis 12/9/1938 12/22/1994    
Howland Helen Gaddis 8/4/1885 2/19/1964    
Howland Harry S. Dr. 1/29/1879 8/2/1945    
Schmidt Richard T. 3/13/1918 4/22/1997   1st Lt. US Army WW 2
Schmidt Lucille D. 11/5/1915 9/4/2003   US Army WW 2 - On marker w/Richard
Kjelgaard Beatrix L. 1887 1951    
Kjelgaard LeRoy 1924 1993   US Army WW 2 -On marker w/Beatrix
Furman Alonzo A. 1860 1943    
Lewis Erwin M. 1860 1931    
Lewis Julia D. 1854 1947   w/o Erwin - On same marker
Ogden George F. 1849 1933    
Ogden Gertrude E. 1964 1939   On marker w/George F.
Lewis Leon F. 1890 1971    
Lewis Sadie M. 1890 1938   On marker w/Leon F.
Nelson D. R.   2/22/1885 42y10m16d  
Nelson Alvin L.   4/21/1883 19y5m s/o D. R. & M. E. -On marker w/D. R.
Nelson Irving F.   6/10/1883 5m19d s/o D. R. & S. E. -On marker w/D.R.
Kreisler William A. 4/1/1850 10/29/1903    
Kreisler Elsie 11/1/1854 3/11/1923   w/o William A. - Same marker
Perkins Florence A. 1895 1963    
Perkins Louis B. 1897 1949    
Carr Daisy B. 1867 1954    
Carr George W. 1864 1932    
Dewey Charles A. 1840 1920    
Perkins Janice Y. 1930 2003    
Edwards Robert W. 2/18/1918 11/29/1992   U. S. Army WW 2
Baker Arthur William 10/31/1922 10/25/1993    
Blass Charlotte M. 1895 1972    
Blass John 1856 1948    
Blass Sadie M. 1868 1950   On marker w/John
Kjelgaard Alfred E. 1955 2000    
Kjelgaard Alfred E. 1923      
Kjelgaard Anna Mae 1926 2003   On marker w/Alfred E.
3 White Crosses          
1 Funeral Home Marker          
Boyd C. Edward 1918 1977    
McInroy Carolyn Rebecca Frain 1/10/1950 11/23/1977    
Tripp John R. 9/3/1898 9/7/1961   Pa Pvt. US Army WW 2
James John S. 1885 1953    
James Florence L. 1893 1956    
More graves - No marker - Some field stone markers - another Funeral Home marker - Nothing on it, also a base
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12 November 2008
By Joyce M. Tice
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