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October 2005
Cemetery List Dated 2005


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A. K. A. St. Peter's Cemetery


Section 1A 1B 2 3A 3B 4 & 5 1974 Listing Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Parella Anthony 1850      
Parella Mary 1855 1911   w/o Anthony - on same marker
Cooney Mildred 1897 1937    
Cooney Francis E. Oct.11.1896 Jun.24.1957    
Cooney Francis J. Oct.10.1918 Apr.17.1986    
Fenicchia James M. 1885 1965    
Fenicchia Mary P. 1890 1954   On marker w/James M.
Fenicchia ? Adelina M. Nov.11.1926 Dec.27.1990    
Fenicchia ? Angelina M. Jun.2.1916 Aug.19.1998    
Fenicchia ? William J. Apr.11.1923 Sep.20.1988    
Sayles Hiram E. 1852 1909    
Hurley Mary Dec.28.1868 Jan.20.1904   d/o David & Ellen
Hurley David 1839 1909    
Hurley Ellen 1840 1929    
Hurley Daniel 1870 1930   s/o David & Ellen
McCarthy Samuel T. 1903 1980    
McCarthy Leonard 1900 1936   CPL C.A.P. 2nd F.A.
McCarthy Daniel F. Sep.2.1898 Jan.3.1975   MUS. U.S. Army
          2 graves found-Marker w/nothing on it
Frawley Anne Kiro 1891 1985   w/o John
Frawley John J. 1885 1966    
Frawley John J. Jr. Nov.2.1918 Apr.17.1998   T.Sgt. US Army Air Corp. WW 2 - P.O.W.
Frawley Mary K. 1921 1931   d/o John J. & Ann
Frawley Maurice 1857 1921    
Frawley Mary  1855 1923   w/o Maurice - On marker w/Maurice
Frawley James 1888 1926    
Kalbaugh Robert W. 1921      
Kalbaugh Margaret A. 1923     On marker w/Robert W.
Topf William 1867 1934    
Topf Anna 1871 1940   On marker w/William
Reed Susan 1886 1947    
Reed Joseph 1856 1933   On marker w/Susan
Simons Mary E. 1917 1917    
Simons Roman F. Feb.15.1889 Jan.19.1937    
Simons Elizabeth Kelly Jul.1.1888 Jan.13.1954    
Kelly Patrick 1856 1921    
Kelly Katherine 1858 1925   w/o Patrick - On same marker
Keating Michael 1854 1917    
Keating James B.   Jun.19.1957    
Keating Johanna C.   Apr.11.1958    
Keating Sinai P.   Nov.17.1963    
Keating Anna M.       No Dates
          2 Markers "Mother" "Father"
Turrell Harry M. Feb.26.1888 Feb.11.1967    
Turrell Mary S. Oct.13.1888 Apr.2.1969   On marker w/Harry M.
Turrell Eleanor S. Mar.10.1917 Aug.17.1936   d/o Harry & Mary
Turrell H. Davis Jun.19.1921 Mar.31.1965   s/o Harry & Mary-Arlington Cem. Section 43-Grave 3132
Tipple Beatrice H. 1884 1937    
Tunney James Leo 1887 1961    
Tunney Luke 1846 1902    
Tunney Annie 1854 1915   w/o Luke - On same marker
Tunney Martin     16y4m  
Tunney James J.   Feb.20.1886 44 y On marker w/Martin
Tunney Mamie Aug.4.1885 Jul.2.1891   d/o L. & A.
Tunney Luck M.   Jul.6.1896 8m1d  
Collins Mabel Tunney 1890 1920    
Whalen Rosie Jun.3.1889 Oct.18.1894   d/o John & Rosena
Whalen Joseph Jun.25.1882 Dec.30.1894   s/o John & Rosena
Butler Edward J.   Oct.4.1893 2y3m s/o Patrick & Nora
Sullivan Mary H. 1916 1934    
Sullivan Mary A. 1884 1951    
Sullivan Francis D. 1909 1957    
Mills Anton  1850 1917    
Mills Rosina 1851 1930   w/o Anton - On same marker
Mills Anthony B. Feb.15.1902 Aug.20.1902   s/o L. & Fannie
Mills Lewis 1875 1939    
Mills Fannie 1873 1958   On marker w/Lewis
Delaney Thomas J. 1879 1948    
Delaney Patrick 1829 1903    
Delaney Bridget 1840 1920   w/o Patrick - On same marker
Curtin Baby John   1909   s/o John & Mary
Curtin John A. 1833 1903    
Curtin Catheran 1840 1905   w/o John A.
Curtin Mary A. Gordon 1867 1909   w/o John 
Donlon Patrick   Sep.26.1899 76 yr  
Sullivan Infant       s/o D. E. & E. W.
Sullivan Ellen W. 1887 1914    
Keating Michael Mar.25.1892 75y4m25d  
Keating Johanna  1823 1900   w/o Michael - On same marker
Sanzo Vincent A. Oct.2.1937 Apr.14.1938    
Sanzo Frank P. 1932 1975   CPL Ord. C USA Korean War
Marvin Michael 1843 1905    
Marvin Nora 1842 1919   w/o Michael - On same marker
Marvin Daniel P.       No dates
Marvin William M.       No dates
Marvin Nellie T.       No dates
Marvin Lillian 1885 1938    
Marvin Anna 1873 1926    
O'Connell Timothy 1845 1925    
O'Connell Catherine 1852 1918   w/o Timothy-On same marker
O'Connell John Leo 1888 1905    
O'Connell Elizabeth  1881 1883    
O'Connell Ellen A. 1879 1883    
Smith Thomas  1850 1897    
Smith Elizabeth       w/o Thomas - On same marker-No dates
Hogan Dennis 1856 1920    
Hogan         Lg. Stone - Nothing readable
Buckley Michael 1872 1895    
Buckley W. M.       Co. A 27th Vol. Inf.
Kelley John Mar.26.1879 Mar.7.1889   c/o Thomas & Elizabeth
Kelley Michael Mar.2.1885 Feb.23.1889   c/o Thomas & Elizabeth
Kelley Thomas Feb.2.1881 Mar.16.1889   c/o Thomas & Elizabeth
Kelley Charles Apr.14.1887 Mar.10.1889   c/o Thomas & Elizabeth
Kane Alice E. 1836 1904   w/o John
Kane John 1826 1890    
Kane Lawrence 1883 1891   "Son"
Moran Dennis J. 1877 1894   s/o James & Margaret
Tarszowicz Stanley 1865 1927    
Tarszowicz Frank  1842 1918    
Tarszowicz Cecilia 1846 1926   w/o Frank - On same marker
Bloise Angelo 1898 1955    
Bloise Mildred 1904 1996   On marker w/Angelo
Bloise Mary E. 1878 1919    
Bloise Ralph 1857 1927   On marker w/Mary E.
Lynough William 1889 1922    
Lynough William 1850 1932    
Lynough Mary 1851 1902   On marker w/William
Habersky Tom       No dates - stone broken
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By Joyce M. Tice
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