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October 2005
Cemetery List Dated 2005


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A. K. A. St. Peter's Cemetery


Section 1A 1B 2 3A 3B 4 & 5 1974 Listing Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Wilcox Roena B. Jun.5.1927      
Wilcox Frederick M. Jan.15.1925 Jun.22.2002   On marker w/Roena--U.S. Army WW 2
Bradley         "Father" - Foot stone P. B.
Cowley Bernard A. Sep.7.1867 Mar.19.1886    
Cowley Joseph P. Feb.18.1874 Aug.15.1886    
Hart James W.   Aug.26.1893 80 yr b. in Slico Co., Ireland d. In Wellsboro
Curran John 1854 1894    
Cullinan John       No dates
Cullinan Elizabeth       w/o John - No dates
Cullinan Thomas       No dates
Cullinan Mary       No dates - Last 4 names on one stone
Halloran John       US Navy
Yessa Ethel M. May.30.1900 Dec.31.1983    
Yessa Stephen J. 1878 1961    
Yessa Rose Adel 1880 1964   on marker w/Stephen J.
Yessa Louis 1883 1902   s/o S. & Margaret
Yessa Lawrence 1886 1888   s/o S. & Margaret
Yessa Stephen J. 1821 1931    
Yessa Margaret 1838 1931   on marker w/Stephen J.
Marty Fred A. Jan.26.1867 Dec.1.1950    
Marty Margaret W. Jan.8.1872 Jun.20.1931   On marker w/Fred A.
Fischler John L. 1899 1969    
Fischler Nina M. 1902 1989    
Sullivan Danile F. 1849 1900    
Sullivan Mary A. 1850 1915   w/o Danile - On same marker
Baker Magdelena 1854 1899    
Baker Joseph Sr. 1844 1921    
Baker Charles 1893 1909    
Baker Catherine 1899 1913    
Baker Mary L. 1881 1918    
Hurley William 1889 1901    
Hurley Daniel P. 1875 1899    
Hurley John 1886 1897    
Hurley Leo M. 1888 1893    
Hurley Thomas F. 1880 1903    
Hurley Father 1849 1908    
Hurley Mother 1856 1924    
Kelly Lawrence John Jr.        
Kelly Kathryn A. 1862 1925    
Kelly John C. 1859 1933    
Kelly Thomas 1825 1891    
Rosettie Agnes M. 1890 1960    
Rodgers Sylvester 1847 1935    
Rodgers Catherine 1842 1915   w/o Sylvester - On same marker
Rodgers Francis 1887 1894    
Carr Charles H. 1903 1910    
Carr Mildred C.     1y3m d/o C.H. & M.T.
LaBash Stevie Jun.23.1951 Jun.24.1951    
LaBash Mary Ellen   Aug.9.1952    
Collins Anna K. 1911 1991    
Collins Gerald W. 1905 1987   On marker w/Anna K.
Collins Mary Ellen 1872 1946    
Collins Daniel T. 1856 1915   On marker w/Mary Ellen
Collins Dan 1898 1931    
Collins Baby May.17.1895 May.25.1895   s/o Daniel & May
Stotts William A. 1854 1906    
Stotts Anna R. 1858 1942   On marker w/William
Stotts Frank H. Feb.20.1898 Dec.31.1898   s/o W. A. & Anna
Stotts Willie L. May.16.1883 Dec.12.1889   s/o W. A. & Anna
Stotts Johnnie        
Fischler John May.30.1832 May.17.1903    
Fischler Wilhemina Aug.24.1835 Jun.19.1897   On marker w/John
Fischler Otto J. 1902 1957    
Fischler Samuel P. 1874 1955   On marker w/Otto
Fischler Mary A. 1879 1949   On marker w/Otto
Fischler Agnes Irene Jan.12.1905 Aug.6.1968    
Smith Edward   1900   s/o L.B. & Lena
Smith Robert 1902 1920   s/o L.B. & Lena
Smith Lewis B. Jan.27.1851 Feb.18.1920    
Smith Lewis B. 1851 1920    
Smith John E. 1879 1915    
Smith Michael J. 1896 1962   WW 1 U.S. Army
Caden Henry G. Mar.8.1856 Jul.27.1903    
Eyer Cecilia G. 1900 1977    
Eyer Ralph H. 1900 1978    
Glasz Mary B. 1894 1921    
Glasz Joseph G. 1859 1940    
Glasz Louise F. 1864 1944   On marker w/Joseph G.
Brew William 1824 1902    
Brew Bridget 1834 1922   On marker w/William
Fischler J.. Leo 1894 1902   s/o J. E. & Mary
Fischler Joseph E. 1862 1942    
Fischler Mary M. 1860 1944   On marker w/ Joseph
Orsley John Oct.23.1832 May.19.1900    
Orsley Elizabeth Nov.22.1863 Apr.11.1878   d/o John & Mary - On marker w/John
Orsley John 1865 1904    
Nash James 1838 1915    
Nash Margaret 1839 1884   w/o James - On same marker
Sullivan Patrick 1843 1923    
Sullivan Mary 1846 1908   s/o Patrick - On same marker
Sullivan E. J. Jun.12.1870 Sep.30.1896    
Sullivan W. B. 1859 1909    
Sullivan Nora 1860 1926   w/o W. B. - On same marker
Sullivan Thomas 1812 1884   On marker w/W.B. & Nora
Sullivan Margaret 1808 1893   w/o Thomas - On marker w/W.B. & Nora
Sullivan John   Feb.4.1892    
Conway Thomas 1835 1899   b. Co. Kerry, Ireland--Co H 6 Reg. Pa. Reserves
Nugent J. James 1868 1945    
Nugent Sara G. 1878 1925   On marker w/J. James
Nugent Erma H. 1909 1980    
Nugent Paul G. 1914 1985   On marker w/Erma H.
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