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 English Center Cemetery, Pike Township, Lycoming County, PA

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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice  



 Located off the main road, by bridge, on Route 287, along Pine Creek, on a hillside.

Copied by Rhoda ENGLISH and A. William LADD, of Wellsboro, PA 16901, Sept 1968

This listing originally appeared in Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions. Vol. 3, It is reprinted by permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd a


Last Name

First, Middle



ENGLISH Jeremiah d. May 11, 1876 "aged 63 yr, 6 mo, 17 da."
ENGLISH Jeremiah 1812-1876  
ENGLISH Elizabeth 1817-1869 his wife
ENGLISH William d. June 13, 1878 "in the 78th year of age."
ENGLISH Margaret d. Jan 22, 1873 "wife of William"

"aged 73 yr, 5 mo., 12 da."

ENGLISH William b. Aug 6, 1825

d. Aug 28, 1880

A field stone with Odd Fellows emblem.
UPDEGRAFF Jessie English 1892-1960  
ENGLISH Reymand 1886-1911 "son of John D. and Carrie English"
JOHNSON Carrie D. 1869-1949  
MILLER Charles d. Nov 1936 "aged 74 yr."
MILLER Martha 1842-1917  
MILLER James 1838-1914  
ENGLISH Lester T. d. Sep 28, 1896 "aged 5 yr, 7 mo. 1 da."
ENGLISH Herbert d. Aug 18, 1886 "aged 2 mo., 28 da."
A field stone here.      
HARDENBURG (no name) d. Aug 7, 1898 "Infant son of A. and A.D."
KIRK John M. b. Jan 8, 1875

d. Feb 13, 1884

"son of M. and M. Kirk"
KIRK Michael d. Mar 2, 1890 "aged 46 years"

"Co C. 16th U.S. Inf."

DOWLING Norman E. 1902-1957  
DOWLING C. Alice 1901- no death date
DOWLING Norman J. 1924-1931 "son"
DOWLING Lee A. 1940-1941 "son"
HAMILTON Eddie b. Apr 9, 1892

d. Aug 26, 1896

"son of Charles and Carrie Hamilton"
HILBERT John d. Dec 11, 1896 "aged 28 yr."

"White Pine Castle No. 306 K. G. E."

ENGLISH Samuel "Sacred to the memory of Samuel English, 1st Sgt, Co. G, 12th Reg. P.V. C., killed Apr 28, 1863 near Strasburg, VA, while bravely defending his county, aged 25 yr, 11 mo, 23 da."
ENGLISH George W. b. Spr 12, 1826

d. Nov. 16, 1888

ENGLISH Joanna b. Apr7, 1824 no death date
ENGLISH Eli B. d. Jan 13, 1913 "Co C, 8th Reg, Pa. Cav"

"Civil War Vet."

ENGLISH Foster 1868-1950  
ENGLISH Thomas b. Apr 28, 1888

d. Oct 19, 1888

"son of C. D. and M. English"
ENGLISH Eddie b. June 18, 1880

d. Feb 17, 18..

"son of C. D. and M. English"

(part of year missing on print-out)



Last Name

First Name, MI



JUNO Gordon b. Mar 30, 1901

d. June 22, 1903

"son of G. L. and Nettie Juno"
MEYERS Catherine d. July 21, 1901 "Wife of John R. Meyers, Mother"

"aged" (looks like 67 on stone)

LUNGER Clara A. b. Oct 12, 1869

d. July 22, 1906

One large stone in 12 by 15 iron fence. Evidence of one more grave.
ENGLISH Boyd 1921-1926  
MARSHALL Diana 1937-1942 "Our Darling"
Iron pipes, marking plot with one rusted name plate. More graves but no markers.
FAIRCHILD Albert M. b. Nov 24, 1864

d. May 11. 1909

NEWTON J. Newton b. Aug 9, 1900

d. Aug 12, 1900

"son of D. L. and Carrie Meyers."
DAY John W. d. Apr 7, 1870 "aged 37 yr. 8 mo. 18 da."
YAGGY (YIGGY) Alberta A. b. July 14, 1895

d. Aug 27, 1895

"sons of Henry and Bertha Yaggy" (sp? Could be Yiggy.)
YAGGI (YIGGY) Edward F. b. Aug 5, 1897

d. Oct 12, 1897

"sons of Henry and Bertha Yaggy"

(sp? Could be Yiggy.)

DAY Flory d. Jan 19, 1865 "dau of Millor and Caroline Day"

"aged 4 yr. 3 mo. -- da."

LARRISON James P. b. May 11, 1835

d. Feb 10, 1900

THOMAS Willie L. b. Nov 11, 1890

d. Sep 4, 1891

"son of Harry and K.M. Thomas"
DECKER Etta d. Mar 9, 1900 "dau of Geo. A. and I.E. Decker"

"aged 17 yr. 4 mo. 22 da."

DECKER George A. B. Sep 2, 1851

d. Jan 26, 1905

DECKER Ianthe E. B. 1858-1929 "Mother"
DECKER Jeheil W. 1879-1908 "son of Geo. A. & I. E."
ARROWSMITH Mary b. 1837

d. 1912


"wife of Capt. Chas. Arrowsmith"

ENGLISH John d. Jan 4, 1869 "aged 82 years, 9 mo. 24 da."
  (Brother, James English m. Priscilla Campbell.)
ENGLISH Elizabeth d. Aug 19, 1872 "aged 83 yr. 10 mo." "wife of John"

(she was Elizabeth Miller)

ENGLISH John M. b. Apr 1, 1819

d. Apr 3, 1904

ENGLISH Sarah J. b. May 10, 1830

d. Oct 22, 1902

"wife of John M."
ENGLISH Amanda b. Oct 27, 1851

d. Feb 27, 1909

"dau of John M. and Sarah J. English"
ENGLISH Lawrence E. 1850-1920  
ENGLISH Oscar 1861-1936  
ENGLISH Robert 1854-1920  
ENGLISH Emeline 1857-1915  
ENGLISH Alonzo no dates Baby, Kelchner Service
ENGLISH Olive no dates Baby, Kelchner Service



Last Name

First Name, MI



RUSSELL Benjamin no dates Kandt Funeral Home
RUSSELL Francis no dates Kandt Funeral Home
RUSSELL George no dates Kandt Funeral Home
RUSSELL William no dates Kandt Funeral Home
ANDEREGG Rosa b. Apr 25, 1871

d. Jan 25, 1896

"wife of John Anderegg"
ANDEREGG Albert S. b. Apr 28, 1891

d. Sep 4, 1894

"son of John and Rosa Anderegg"
ANDEREGG Katie b. Jan 7, 1896

d. Apr 26, 1896

"dau of John and Rosa Anderegg"
DOWLING James W. 1912-1965  
"The Lee Greens" This is on a wooden sign on a tree. There are four corner stones, see below.
GREEN Lee A. b. Apr 3, 1896

d. Dec 10, 1949

HAINES Francis A. 1878-1967  
HAINES George V. 1872-1952  
HAINES no name d. 1905 "Infant Dau."
VONARX Hiram d. Apr 11, 1902 "Co. F. 43 N.Y. Inf. Civil War 1861-1865" "aged 71 yr."
DOWLING Raymond L. 1910-1960 "Father"
DOWLING Alice L. 1932-1960 "Dau."
DOWLING Edna C. 1915-19-- "Mother"
DOWLING Baby 1951 "Baby"
DOWLING Rae E. 1939-1942  
*Note: Along back of the CEMETERY, there are unmarked graves at the edge of the woods.

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