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Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga Township,  Tioga County, PA
Name of Cemetery: Evergreen Cemetery
Deeded As Tioga Evergreen Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: April.2011
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice April 2012
Copyright 2012 - Joyce M. Tice and Linda C. Reese
Location: Tioga Township, Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates - N 41degrees 54.297'  W077degrees 08.842
Other Comments:
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  2510
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Obituaries 1970s partial listing These are the section identifications the cemetery uses. We did not create them.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
          NEW SECTION
LaVancher John A. 1943      
LaVancher Carol A. 1948     On marker w/John A.
Patterson Donald C. 5/28/1941      
Patterson Louise M. 8/19/1937     On marker w/Donald C.
Gee Mark E. 7/16/1960      
Gee Sherry L. 1/7/1962 7/22/2008   On marker w/Mark E.
Wheeler Leamon Duane 10/19/1941 9/21/2009    
Wheeler Gloria May 3/30/1943     On marker w/Leamon Duane
Mahosky Linda Kay 11/10/1964 7/9/2006    
Huntington Damion Michael 3/5/2005 10/7/2008    
Rathbun Ralph B. 12/26/1923 2/10/2009   Pvt. Army WW 2 - Purple Heart
Rathbun Darleen E. 1/17/1928     On marker w/Ralph B.
Knapp Laverne Ed 4/13/1905 7/1/1905    
King George 1870 1938    
King William M. 1869 1948    
King Julia J. 1876 1968   On marker w/William M.
3 Field Stone Markers          
Collony Henry C.       Co H 45 Pa. Inf.
Quackenbush Lowell 1881 1912    
Quackenbush Robert 4/19/1905 4/6/1907   His Son - On same marker
          Lot with 4 Corner Stones (M)
Johnson Shawn E. 7/20/1972 12/23/1972    
Johnson Fred G. 1887 1946    
Johnson Blanche 1897 1981   On marker w/Fred G.
Johnson Dean 11/5/1912 8/17/1913   s/o F.E. & Blanche
Bergh Arthur H. 1886 1918    
Bergh Mary 1888 1916   w/o Arthur
Bergh Arthur F. 9/28/1915 2/3/1916   s/o Arthur & Mary
Bergh Walter C. 1906 1964    
Bergh Esther 1905 1995   On marker w/Walter C.
Bergh Francis F. 10/4/1907 12/22/1927    
Shutter Donald H. 1929 1948   PFC 984 Eng. Maintenance Co.
Wheeler George W. 1861 1939    
Wheeler Ada C. 1872 1954   On marker w/George W.
Allen Elijah        
Allen Harriet        
Allen Clarence        
Shellman Judson W. 1874 1936    
Dell Katheryn 1885 1932    
Reynolds Guy M. 1879 1923    
Reynolds Ella A. 1879 1922    
      3/23/1902 7 mo d/o Guy & Ella - No name on marker
Quackenbush Roy Mosher 4/12/1875 12/13/1944    
Button George H. 1880 1949    
Button Maggie 1883 1955   On marker w/George H.
Button Randy ??        
Farr John L. 1/26/1867 12/15/1906    
Footstone         J. L. F. & J. M. F.
Cummings Fred 1876 1949    
Cummings Minnie 1874 1947   On marker w/Fred
Rightmire Charles P. 1877 1908    
Rightmire C. H. 11/12/1840 9/20/1894   Co A 65th Ohio Inf.
Cummings Lyman        
Cummings Carrie        
Mosher Archie        
Mosher Mary Livina Wilcoy        
Quackenbush Wife of Leroy        
Quackenbush William        
Quackenbush Polly Gordon        
Quackenbush Mary        
Quackenbush William Charles        
Quackenbush Charles Lowell, Jr.        
Shellman Earl        
Shellman Mrs. Earl        
Shellman Charles J.        
Hyde Father        
Hyde Mother        
Hyde Sister        
King George        
King Horace C.        
Deats 3 graves-No stones        
Button Francis        
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