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Cemetery:  Holliday Cemetery a.k.a. Fairview Cemetery
Read By Linda CORNELL Reese
Typed By: Pat SMITH Raymond
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice
Date Read:   September .2005
Location:  Middlebury Twp, Tioga County
Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E Section F Old Section H Section I Holiday Cemetery Obituaries
Section A
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Pease Frank E. 1863 1943    
Pease Kitty W. 1866 1920   On marker w/Frank E.
West Burt D. 1864 1927    
West Rose E. 1873 1953    
West   Jul.2.1899 Jan.24.1902   s/o B.D. & Rose Russell
West Infant   Mar.16.1913   s/o R.B. & Neva
West Rufus B. 1883 1946    
West Neva Hammon 1887 1922   On marker w/Rufus B.
West Adebert Oct.17.1838 Oct.24.1926    
West Marion L. Mar.7.1848 Jun.27.1916   On marker w/Adebert
West Nina Decker 1889 1979   w/o Rufus B.
West Clara Hammond 1895 1923   w/o Rufus B.
Wilbur Loretta A. 1875 1955    
Wilbur Robert J. 1865 1948   On marker w/Loretta A.
Wilbur Infant   Oct.27.1900   s/o R.J. & Loretta
West Luther A. 1829 1902   Co F. 11 Pa Cav.
West Rosaltha Keeney 1836 1902   On marker w/Luther
Whitney Ira Oct.13.1855 May.5.1910    
Whitney Lenna Dec.15.1856 May.8.1921   w/o Ira
Goodwin George H. 1836 1909    
Goodwin Beatrice Keeney 1846 1918   w/o George H. On same marker
Deats Neva Whitney 1883 1915   w/o Stephen
  Donald 1907      
  Elldoran 1908     On marker w/Donald
Deats Stephen 1879 1946    
Whitney Luther W. 1889 1931   151 Co. Trans. Corps
Pierce Nida M. 1885 1961    
Pierce George F. 1885 1948    
Root Sarah Shaw 1883 1944    
Blanchard Addie F. 1856 1937    
White Frank E. 1843 1927   Civil War Veteran
White Margaret C. 1847 1944   On marker w/Frank E.
White Larry Albert Jan.3.1948 Mar.6.1995   U.S. Army Vietnam
Jelliff Cynthia Lee Jul.23.1958 Mar.4.1960   d/o Robert & Gloria
Jelliff Robert E. Jul.14.1935 Dec.20.2001    
Jelliff Elaine White Apr.5.1937     On marker w/Robert E.
White Waldo W. 1841 1923   GAR Marker
White Juliette Neal 1851 1939    
Root Raymond 1892 1972    
Root Bernice W. 1905 1966   On marker w/Raymond
Cloos Erma L.   Apr.19.1915    
Cloos Jamie Scott 1968 1972   Mother Linda, Grandmother Erma Cloos
Bowers James Jr. 1924 1978    
Bowers Veda E. 1933 1978    
          Following were moved from Middlebury #3 or the Hammond Cemetery
Westbrook Jacob H. 1832 1919    
Westbrook Angie D. 1841 1935   On marker w/Jacob H.
Westbrook John 1826 1907    
Westbrook Solomon 1795 1863    
Westbrook Betsy E. 1803 1883   On marker w/Solomon
Westbrook John Feb.19.1826 Sep.2.1907    
Westbrook Soloman Mar.1.1795 Aug.1.1863   On marker w/John
Westbrook Betsey E. Mar.3.1803 Mar.3.1883   On marker w/John
Westbrook Abram L. 1836 1927   On marker w/John
Westbrook Mary A. May.23.1855 Apr.22.1877   On marker w/John w/o Abram L.
Westbrook Abram L. 1836 1927    
Westbrook Mary        No dates
Westbrook Jacob H. Oct.1.1832 Jan.22.1919    
Westbrook Angie M. 1841 1935   w/o Jacob H. - On same marker
Dutton Dean Sep.13.1800 Apr.27.1871   On marker w/Jacob H. & Angie M.
Dutton Sally G. Jan.23.1804 Nov.14.1883   On marker w/Jacob H. & Angie M.
Dutton William H.   Mar.8.1896 63y On marker w/Jacob H. & Angie M.-s/o Dean & Sally
Brown Mollie     2 yr d/o M.J. & W.
Helm Bessie       Gov.marker from when she was moved-no dates
Boyce Ruby 1891      
Boyce Elliott 1887     On marker w/Ruby
Boyce Charles E. 1886 1928    
Boyce Marguerite Apr.24.1908 Apr.18.1910   d/o C. E. & Ruby E.
Boyce Donald E.   1911    
Hemingway William E. 1861 1943    
Hemingway Betsy M. 1868     On marker w/William E.
Wolf Isaac 1888 1960    
Wolf Jennie 1900 1974   On marker w/Isaac
          SECTION E
Dean Howard A. 1911      
Dean Rachael M. 1914 1966   On marker w/Howard A.
          New Base
Dean Harry J. Jul.20.1906 Feb.6.1981    
Dean Leona M. May.9.1907 Mar.25.1971   On marker w/Harry J.
Kosty Louise M. 1920      
Strong Hattie E. 1900 1985    
Estes Richard E. 1905 1992    
Estes Helen I. 1909 2004   On marker w/Richard E.
Davey Samuel Thomas 1919 1995    
Davey Grace Miller 1918     On marker w/Samuel
Wagner Charles D. 1911 1981    
Wagner J. Elizabeth 1915 2003   On marker w/Charles D.
Bertche Eugene W. Apr.19.1917 Jan.1.1964   WW2 Pa Co. B 28th Infantry
Bertche Kathryn M. 1919     On marker w/Eugene W.
Barackman Floyd H. 1898 1965    
Barackman Velda M. 1901 1990   On marker w/Floyd H.
Dean Elijah Donald 1937 1976   MSI US Navy Korea-Vietnam
Reese Rev. Robert J. 1911      
Reese Marjorie A. 1917     On marker w/Rev. Robert J.
Hamblin Bert D. Mar.5.1932      
Hamblin Yvonne "Bonnie" Oct.17.1935     On marker w/Bert D.
Hamblin Margaret E. Sep.28.1900 May.13.1977    
Hamblin Paul D. Sep.24.1890 Dec.21.1978   On marker w/Margaret E.
Hamblin Owen G. 1920 1986    
Hamblin Arlene J. 1925     On marker w/Owen G.
Niles Neil A. Oct.13.1893 Apr.29.1966   WW 1 - Pa Sn. Det 23 Engrs.
Wilbur Annettie J. 1899 1975    
Wilbur Lawrence R. Sr. 1899 1986   On marker w/Annettie
Wilson Jeanne L. 1901 1975    
Wilbur Aaron R. May.22.1932      
Wilbur Phyllis J. Feb.3.1932     On marker w/Aaron R.
Wagner Ardyth C. Feb.27.1931      
Wagner Lyle R. Jun.28.1931     On marker w/Ardyth
Brown Russell R. 1913 2001   WW 2
Brown Lydia E. 1916 2001   On marker w/Russell R.
Brown Mark Elliott Dec.26.1972 Aug.3.1976    
          New Base - No marker
Phelps Beatrice E. 1925 1980    
Locke Beverly J. 1947 1984    
Phelps Woodrow W. 1916 1988    
Burke Wanita Hamblin Sep.19.1923      
Burke Daniel Woodrow Jun.23.1918 Jul.4.1990   On marker w/Wanita
Burke Bellis Caroline   Dec.22.1961   "A Child of God"
Brown Wilbur F. 1913 1983    
Brown Clara I. 1914 1985   On marker w/Wilbur F.
          New Base
Smith Arthur E. 1919      
Smith Reva L. 1925     On marker w/Arthur E.
          SECTION F
Borden Joseph May.17.1927 Aug.28.2001   WW 2 - U.S. Army
Borden Betty 1931     On marker w/Joseph
White Alan Kingsland Aug.21.1934 Dec.30.2002    
White Caroline Dane Jan.3.1939     On marker w/Alan
Dilly Roy G. Sr. 1934      
Dilly Marian M. 1937     On marker w/Rog G. Sr.
Dilly Bonnie L. 1945      
Dilly Robert L. 1943 1991   On marker w/Bonnie L.
Dean Richard F. Aug.8.1930 Mar.28.1994   Korea Sgt. U.S. Army
Dean Mary Ellen Nov.17.1936     On marker w/Richard F.
Carpenter Mary H. 1925      
Carpenter Lloyd C. 1924     On marker w/Mary H.
Broceous Robert H. Mar.3.1954      
Broceous Susan M. Jul.20.1954 Jan.16.1990   On marker w/Robert H.
Richardson Kyle Charles Jun.21.1982 Aug.10.2000    
Taft Tyson C. Nov.29.1987 Jan.6.1989    
Alexander Barry L. Jan.13.1964 Aug.2.2000    
Sawyer Richard E. Nov.26.1937      
Sawyer Beryl A. Apr.12.1934     On marker w/Richard E.
Sawyer Douglas E. Jan.4.1962 Jan.4.1993    
Wilhem Roger H. Sr. Oct.26.1917 Jul.26.1987   WW 2 0 U.S. Navy
Wagner Donald Lyle Oct.26.1934 Apr.20.2000   U.S. Navy
Wilson Edward L. Mar.17.1935      
Wilson Patricia K. Feb.24.1937 Mar.31.2002   On marker w/Edward L.
        New Base 
Heck Terry L. Jul.6.1957 Oct.24.2002    
Heck Sylvia A. Jun.3.1960     On marker w/Terry

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 1/2/2006
By Joyce M. Tice