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Cemetery:  Holliday Cemetery a.k.a. Fairview Cemetery
Read By Linda CORNELL Reese
Typed By: Pat SMITH Raymond
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice
Date Read:   September .2005
Location:  Middlebury Twp, Tioga County
Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E Section F Old Section H Section I Holiday Cemetery Obituaries
Section A
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
          SECTION H - Old Holliday Cemetery
Rozell George F. Jan.25.1865 Oct.24.1885    
Rozell James P. Jul.6.1862 Jun.6.1892   On marker w/George F.
Rozell Ollie   Jan.1.1888 24y On marker w/George F.
Rozell Infant son   Jan.16.1888 2 wk On marker w/George F.
Rozell Sarah Paul   March.1893 90 yr On marker w/George F.
Colville Ellnor 1847 1928    
Colville Charles A. 1827 1985    
Colville Robert A. 1874 1881    
Fletcher William 1843 1923   GAR Marker
Fletcher Mary E. 1864 1921   w/o William - On same marker
Root Freddie E.   Apr.15.1877   s/o Chas.R & Nancy A.
Webster Annie   Apr.21.1883 1y8m5d d/o Jerome & Elvira
Holiday Delos 1835 1928   GAR Marker
Frank H. Jerome 1857 1940    
Frank Clara I. 1864 1919   On marker w/H. Jerome
Frank Len A. 1884 1895   s/o H.J. & Clara I.
Holiday Gelette E. 1886 1887   s/o George & Matie
Holiday Lynn 1894 1904   s/o George & Matie
Holiday George  1867 1933    
Holiday Matie 1871 1925   w/o George
Goodwin C.A. 1848 1918    
Goodwin Marion A. 1847 1923   w/o C.A. - On same marker
Goodwin Calvin 1799 1882   On marker w/C.A. & Marion A.
Goodwin Anna 1809 1897   w/o Calvin - On same marker
Goodwin Albert 1875 1880   s/o C.A. & Marion
Goodwin Susan 1884 1884   d/o C.A. & Marion
Cady Calvin Mar.28.1815 Oct.27.1890    
Cady Lovina Oct.11.1817 Nov.11.1891   w/o Calvin - On marker w/Calvin
Holiday Porter 1844 1929    
Holiday Elle 1846 1937   w/o Porter
Maxwell Sam'l S. 1854 1926    
Maxwell Addie O. 1856 1915   w/o Sam'l S. - On same marker
Keeney Viola 1847 1873  
Keeney Kittie 1873 1875   On marker w/Viola
Wilcox Linus E. 1853 1938    
Wilcox Sarah A. 1857 1935   On marker w/Linus E.
Cramer George Aug.19.1829 Jan.24.1910    
Cramer Lovina May.30.1828 Jan.14.1910   w/o George
Smith Ella R. Cramer Mar.11.1858 Jun.9.1881   w/o Gerald Smith
Peters Ray L. 1880 1907    
Peters James C. Jr. 1872 1916    
Hymes Clara Peters 1849 1919   w/o Horace
Strasburg Dora 1869 1941    
Holiday Ephraim 1839 1925    
Holiday Mary  1844 1924   On marker w/Ephraim
White Flora B.   Sep.11.1881 5y9m16d d/o Albert & Agnes
Holiday Daniel 1810 1904    
Holiday Ruth A. 1827 1908   w/o Daniel - On same marker
Holiday Elvira   Oct.2.181?   w/o Daniel 
Holiday M. D.   Mar.15.1861    
Holiday Esther   Apr.18.1857   On marker w/M. D.
Holiday V.B. Sep.12.1832 Mar.6.1924    
Holiday Elmira C. Jan.19.1840 Feb.23.1877   w/o V.B. - On marker w/V.B. & M.D.
Holiday Henrietta Jan.1.1850     w/o V.B. - On marker w/V.B. & M.D.
Holiday Daniel Gee Mar.12.1888 Jan.20.1889   Their son - On marker w/V.B. & M.D.
  Esther       Assume they went with a big stone at one time.
  Dick       Assume they went with a big stone at one time.
Blanchard Porter H. Oct.13.1838 Sep.9.1892   1st Lieut-Co. C 207 Pa Vol.
Blanchard Helen E. May.17.1843 Jan.26.1822   w/o Porter H. - On same marker
Blanchard Anna E. Apr.28.1865 Dec.2.1931   d/o Helen & Porter - On same marker
Dickinson Nathaniel   Jul.7.1869 50y9m20d  
Cady Rufus   Feb.22.1850 28y2m12d  
Keeney Bert        
Mahon Henry     8 mo. s/o M. & J. Mahon
Hayes Boy        
Hayes S. A. Sep.18.1838 Jan.22.1902    
Hayes B. D. Dec.10.1837 Sep.2.1899??   w/o S. A. - On same marker
Hayes Lenora Jan.22.1859 Aug.23.1881   c/o S.A & B.D. - On same marker
Hayes Clara Jan.11.1868 Nov.23.1882   c/o S.A & B.D. - On same marker
Mahon Margaret Dec.25.1862 Apr.1.1884   w/o John - On same marker
Mahon Henry       s/o John & Margaret - On same marker
Hays Henry   Jan.20.1871 2 mo c/o S.A. & Deborah D. (twins)
Hays Lewey   May.13.1871 6 mo c/o S.A. & Deborah D. (twins)
Blanchard Guy W.       Co. C 111 L.L.A.
Copley Jerome B. 1843 1879    
Blanchard Lt. Guy W. 1838 1912   On marker w/Jerome B. Copley
Blanchard Addie W. Copley 1856 1937   "In memory of"-On marker w/above Blanchard & Copley
White Kate M. 1842 1874    
White Walter B. 1864 1865   On marker w/Kate M.(By Hellie Mitchell)
White Nettie E. Jan.15.1868 Jan.3.1898   d/o W. W. & Kate M.
West Thomas   Feb.20.1882 77  
West Emaly   May.20.1881 72 w/o Thomas - On same marker
West Daniel E.   Sep.13.1863 27y2m1d s/o Thomas & Emily
West Dan'l H.       Co. H 93 ILL Inf.
Peters J. C.       Co. G 12th Pa Res.
Peters Fred H. 1879 1899    
Peters Ella P. 1878 1880    
Keeney Elijah 1805 1855    
Keeney Lucy J. 1809 1877   Their children: Elisha, Parshall, Elijan,Cordelia,Infant
          Stone for children with just names
Archer William   Oct.3.1872 47  
Archer Eliza   Feb.23.1872 40y3m19d w/o William - On same marker
Archer Estella   Feb.18.1872 14y9m26d c/o William & Eliza - On same marker
Archer Eddy   Feb.19.1872 9y9m9d c/o William & Eliza - On same marker
Blanchard Wm   Mar.27.1860 55y2m5d  
Jay Mary   Nov.14.1843   w/o David - Marker flat, broken and rest is missing
Ives Gilford   Apr.27.1849 2y/m?19d s/o Jesse & Almira
Ives Jesse   Jun.5.1849 36y8m20d  
Losey Jesse   Mar.22.1841 85y5m7d Rev. War Vet
Hymes Jacob   Dec.20.1849 1y3m1d s/o A.W. & Mary
          Gov. marker all information missing from it.
Hymes Fidelia O.   Dec.18.1841 15y1m6d d/o Jacob & Nabby
Hymes Mary M.   Dec.20.1849 20 yr d/o Jacob & Nabby
Ives Rhoda   Sep.30.1850   w/o Amos
Holliday Timothy   Feb.28.1840   Stone gone after this reading
          Gov. marker unreadable
          Gov. marker unreadable
Niles Sophia   Dec.15.1850 18y1m6d w/o Wallous
          Foot Stone E. H.
      ?y7m24d   Slate stone pealed off
Ives Lewis   Sep.28.1852 20y1m5d s/o Roswell & Phoebe
Cady Mary Edny   Aug.22.1855 11m11d d/o H.H.J.
Cady William H.   Apr.21.1853 5y3m2d s/o Rufus & Almira
Cady Mary E.   Jul.2.1850 15y9m8d w/o Henry
Cady Lewis   Mar.8.1847 11m13d s/o Rufus & Almira
White Easter   Oct.12.1842 42year of her life Consort of Elisha
          Gov. marker
          Gov. marker
          Gov. marker
          Gov. marker
          Gov. marker
          Gov. marker
Roe Preston D. 1904 1989    
Roe Mary Arlene Nov.28.1904 Oct.24.1974    
          Many government markers that are no longer in place

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 1/2/2006
By Joyce M. Tice