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Cemetery:  Holliday Cemetery a.k.a. Fairview Cemetery
Read By Linda CORNELL Reese
Typed By: Pat SMITH Raymond
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice
Date Read:   September .2005
Location:  Middlebury Twp, Tioga County
Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E Section F Old Section H Section I Holiday Cemetery Obituaries
Section A
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
          SECTION I
Cavanaugh Ann Brown 1939 1965    
Brown Ellsworth C. 1916 1965    
Brown Helen G. 1918 1999   On marker w/Ellsworth
Andrews Fern E. 1916 1996    
Webster Robert E. 1921 1984    
Webster Mary A. 1925     On marker w/Robert E.
Moore Richard K. 1949      
Moore Joyce A. 1957     On marker w/Richard K.
Rooman Richard K. 1924      
Rooman Doris C. 1925     w/o Richard K. (On same marker)
Rooman Emily M. 1901 1988   "Mother" - On marker w/Richard K.
Hansen Hilda D. Jul.12.1907 Mar.12.1991   (Emily's sister) On marker w/Richard K
Ruppert Jacob Jul.12.1909 Mar.17.1999   WW 2 - Bronze Star U.S. Army
  Elfried E. Dec.25.1920      
Merrick Richard I. Sr. Jun.12.1925 Oct.25.1993   WW 2, U.S. Army Air Corps
Merrick Betty J. Apr.19.1926 Oct.24.1996   Member of Middlebury Twp. V.F.D. (On marker w/Richard)
Hemingway Elizabeth 1897 1985    
Hemingway Fred 1903 1991   On marker w/Elizabeth
Sechrist Charles Edward 1902 1981    
Sechrist Olive E. Blair 1906 1995   On marker w/Charles Edward
Wiggins Dean K. Jan.8.1912 Oct.19.1983   WW 2 U.S. Army
Wiggins Irene G. Jul.13.1914 Nov.7.1997   On marker w/Dean K.
Phillips Merle E. 1908 1989    
Phillips Averell C. 1910     On marker w/Merle E.
Hughes Oliver B. 1892 1962    
Hughes Marjorie W. 1902 1971   On marker w/Oliver B.
Webster Merle B. 1905 1974    
Webster Neva M. 1905 2002   On marker w/Merle B.
Carpenter Ronald B. Feb.1.1929 Jun.28.1998   Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Carpenter Margaret B. 1931     On marker w/Ronald B.
Foster Jane W. Apr.19.1922 Jun.28.1997    
Foster Paster Charles F. May.17.1925     On marker w/Jane W.
Martino Joseph F. Jun.19.1940 Feb.27.1999    
Martino John E. 1897 1983    
Martino Mildred L. 1919      
Wilbur Lawrence R. Jr. 1927 1985   WW 2 - U.S. Navy
          SECTION C
Mitchell Edsell Jan.27.1793 Jan.15.1870    
Mitchell Cora B.   Oct.1.1865 3y d/o W.A. & Helen (Rest unreadable)
Mitchell W.A. 1837 1917    
Mitchell Helen R. Feb.3.1886 39y10m22d w/o W. A. - On same marker
Mitchell Anna 1851 1918   w/o W. A. 
Mitchell Infant   1906   s/o W.A. & Nellie 
White Harry H.   Sep.21.1882 10y1d s/o M.G. & Alice
White Milford G. 1845 1907    
White Alice A. 1847 1927   w/o Milford G. - On same marker
Beers J. L. (M.D.) 1859 1900    
White Cora  1866 1952   On marker w/J.L. Beers
Lewis Fannie J.       Mother of V.W. Lewis
Archer Thomas M. 1856 1922    
Archer Mary G. Hymes 1857 1953   w/o Thomas (On same marker)
Redington John Mar.5.1858 88y11m25d  
Redington John Mar.11.1769 Mar.5.1858    
Redington Celia May.11.1783 Feb.5.1875    
White Lorency   Aug.20.1902 89y4m29d  
Reddington Amlia May.4.1807 Feb.11.1875    
Reddington Festus Jun.29.1812 May.10.1876   On marker w/Amlia
          Tall Stone Flat-Amlia & Festus on ground side
Hymes Elizabeth   Sep.12.1873 30y8m11d w/o B. C.
Hymes Leonora   Sep.21.1873 2y1m2d d/o B.C. Hymes - On marker w/Elizabeth
Hymes         Small stone with B.H. & E.H. nothing else there
Hymes Mary   Oct.19.1863 15y9m11d w/o ???
Hymes Benj. C. 1841 1904   Co II - 45 Pa Vol
      1865   Unreadable
Hymes Jacob   Dec.14.1868 76y2m4d  
Hymes Nabby   Mar.14.1876 81y15d On marker w/Jacob
Hymes G. W.   Feb.10.1879 64y1m On marker w/Jacob
Hymes Mary   Feb.25.1910 86y6m15d On marker w/Jacob - w/o G. W.
Hymes Jacob   Dec.14.1868 76y2m4d  

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 1/2/2006
By Joyce M. Tice