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Lawrence Corners Cemetery, Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Photo of Lawrence CornersCemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice
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Name of Cemetery: Lawrence Corners Cemetery
Deeded As Lawrence Corners Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 2010
Location: Rutland Twp, Tioga Co. PA  Lawrence Corners where Bailey Creek Road meets Rte. 549
GPS Coordinates 41.86259  -77.0083
Other Comments:
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  297
Page One Two Three Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Davis Lizzie   3/12/1872 28y3m2d d/o Ephraim & Hannah M.
Davis James   4/29/??   On marker w/Lizzie-Marker broken and thrown over bank
Makeley Reuben   2/23/1904 71y6m  
Ramsdell Lizzie   8/9/18?? 28y1m15d Broken & partly missing-Info is from 1982 Listing
Andrus Clarrinda   2/21/1849 23y1m21d w/o Joseph
Haynes Emily A.   6/12/1856 32y22d w/o D. P.
Base Only         More unmarked graves
Davis Almerin   12/25/1845 5y5m5d s/o Ephraim & Hannah
Gile Isaac T.   3/17/1843 17y5m3d s/o Leonard & Polly
Woodard Mary I.   9/28/1866 3m d/o J.B. & Mary A.
Woodward John B. 1824 1902    
Squire Louisa M.   4/13/1877 3 yr d/o S.S. & Alice
Base Only          
Sowers Wayne N. 1898 1975    
Sowers Audrey V. 1902 1991   On marker w/Wayne N.
Lawrence William 1829 1901    
Lawrence Hannah 1831 1924   On marker w/William
  Josephine & James       No surname
Longwell Samuel K. 9/16/1816 7/1/1895    
Longwell Asenath L. 1/15/1826 1/29/1890   w/o S. K.
Lawrence Asenath L. 4/13/1790 11/28/1870    
Lawrence Benjamin 4/14/1786 8/25/1855   On marker w/Asenath L.
Lawrence Benjamin   8/25/1855 60y4m11d Marker broken
Lawrence J. N. 7/11/1822 10/4/1903    
Lawrence Belvia E. 4/24/1823 10/5/1898   w/o J. N. - On same marker
Lawrence John M.   9/9/1851 3y2m1d s/o John N. & Belvia
Lawrence Frank M. 1855 1904    
Lawrence Frances 1856     On marker w/Frank M.
Dubois Infants   4/2/1872 11 da. s/o Brooded & Edith L.
Swan Josephine & James   10/10/1849 2y1m5d d/o M. F. & Isabella
Unmarked graves          
Robison Richard   2/20/1849 19y9m4d s/o Jacob & Ann
Layton Julia A.   1/29/1892 27y6m19d w/o C. C.
Lewis Infants   4/10/1850 5 wk s/o S. T. & Polly
Lewis George F.   3/11/1854 2y10m6d s/o S. T. & P. S.
Lewis Sidney   4/25/1890 68y10m  
Lewis Polly S.   10/1/1918 79y11m On marker w/Sidney
Makeley John 7/4/1804 6/19/1875    
Makeley Harriett 7/20/1806 9/20/1876   On marker w/John
Makeley Hiram 8/5/1832 2/4/1875   On marker w/John
Unmarked graves          
Sixbee Anna S.   10/4/1856 7y7m12d d/o Reynolds & Hannah
Brace Timothy   11/28/1870 83y8m  
Brace Temperance   12/22/18?? 74y5m21d Marker has been repaired
Kingsley George W.   7/25/1872 28y1m7d s/o D. C. & Henrietta
Kingsley Dennis C. 10/3/1818 4/4/1895    
Kingsley Henrietta 1825 1910   w/o Dennis C. - On same marker
Kingsley Mary E.   1/17/1893 30y4m16d w/o Clarke-Marker almost unreadable
Smith William Jerry 5/15/1936      
Smith Charlotte A. Kennedy 6/13/1941     On marker w/William Jerry
Smith Clara E. 1880 1930    
Smith Mary J. 1903 1985   On marker w/Clara E.
Smith Bert J. 1880 1951   On marker w/Clara E.
Griffin Mary & Marion   1927    
Smith Sarah 1848      
Smith Horace H. 1849 1911    
Smith Freddie J.   1/5/1879 2y3m2d s/o Horace J. & Sarah
Walters John   2/12/1869 72y8m6d  
Horton J. H.   9/24/1866 64y6m4d  
Horton Irena   10/22/1881 72y8m24d w/o J. H. - On same marker
Lewis Sarah A.   3/6/1891 65y6m  
Lewis Martin W. 12/27/1834 12/17/1903   On marker w/Sarah A.
Lewis Jane   11/19/1866 70y7m w/o Peter
Lewis Peter   11/19/1859 71y10m19d  
Smith Dennis T. 4/26/1823 9/19/1873    
Smith Marilla M. 12/5/1830 10/5/1885   On marker w/Dennis
Smith Josie J.   11/1/1877 7y5m26d d/o D.T. & M.M.
Smith John T.   2/17/1871 22y1m17d s/o Dennis T. & Melissa J.
Smith Mary O.   9/13/1864 4y2m d/o D. T. & M. M.
Smith Melissa J.   1/9/1849 30y1m10d w/o Dennis T.
Russell Abner W.   10/15/1842 10m25d s/o S. B. & A. T.
Horton Jane E.   2/22/1874 47y4m27d w/o H. S.
Horton Franklin P.   3/3/1854 6m26d s/o Harvey S. & Jane E.
Horton Olivester   9/7/1853 1y6m27d d/o Harvey S. & Jane E.
Wood John 1870 1932    
Austin F. 1873 1956    
Austin Edmond 11/9/1837 1/17/1904    
Austin Ellen B. 7/20/1850 1/19/1892   On marker w/Edmond
Comfort Truman   3/1878    
Comfort Betsey   10/1881   On marker w/Truman
Brace Maggie May   9/9/1875 6y3m23d d/o Wm. & Rebecca
Brace Willie D.   9/2/1864 6y3m15d s/o Wm. & Rebecca
Brace Rebecca T. 3/29/1831 4/18/1904    
Brace William 8/1/1830 4/1/1909   On marker w/Rebecca T.
Bryan Aseneth B. 1845 1878    
Smith Nellie Stone 3/17/1882 6/18/1901    
Brace Norman 1819 1894    
Brace Sophia 1826 1892   On marker w/Norman
Parker Ella M.   8/4/1887 29y3m25d w/o Fred
Ellis Irvin D.   10/5/1883 24y10m On marker w/Ella M. Parker
Brace Nelson E. 9/23/1835      
Brace Betsey E. 3/3/1837 2/4/1885   w/o Nelson - On same marker
Love Marvin D. 1907 1975    
Love Mary K. 1914     On marker w/Marvin D.
Fish James   6/18/1893 70y1m2d  
Johns Myra   9/13/1880 1y5m11d d/o Henry & Celestia A.
Brace Edson 1843 1923    
Brace Mary 1843 1925   On marker w/Edson
Brace Flora H.   9/1/1889 12y8m d/o E. M. & Mary
Brace Rosa S.   6/11/1880 11y3m2d d/o E. M. & Mary
Brace Adelbert C.   8/10/1875 1yr s/o E. M. & M. A. (Hard to read)
Johns Clarkie     1y10m17d c/o Sanford & Lucinda-On same marker
Johns Jimmie       c/o Sanford & Lucinda-On same marker
          NOTE: Above marker not found in 2009
Lewis Gilbert B.   1/23/1849 2y8m s/o Sidney T. & Polly-(Not found 2009)
Odell Normie       Not found in 2009

Last Updated on 6/23/2010
By Joyce M. Tice