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Sebring Cemetery, Liberty Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2009
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Photo of Sebring Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice 19 MAY 2001

Name of Cemetery: Sebring Cemetery
Deeded As Sebring Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice April 2010
Location: Liberty Twp., Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates 
Other Comments: On old Rte. 15 at the Cross Roads in Sebring-There are graves with no markers
Number of Burials this Cemetery Approximately  220 

Page One Page Two See Sebring Cemetery Obituaries  Old Sebring Cemetery
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Heyler William F. 1867 1947    
Heyler Eva B. 1868 1924   On marker w/William F.
Heyler David F. 1869 1950    
Heyler Ella F. 1875 1950   On marker w/David F.
Heyler John   12/23/1903 1y6m19d s/o D.E. & Rosella
Heyler Walter F. 1898 1961    
Sindlinger Roger D. 1926 1976    
Sindlinger Harriett L. 1927 2006   On marker w/Roger D.
Moyer Henry L. 1857      
Moyer Dorothy A. Parker 1864 1920   On marker w/Henry L.
Norman James J. 1877 1952    
Norman Laura King 1879 1921    
Krause L. Marie 5/18/1927 6/4/2003    
Krause Samuel F. 7/23/1924     On marker w/L. Marie
Pequignot Charles A. 1868 1955    
Pequignot H. Nora 1873 1953   On marker w/Charles A.
Krause Samuel G. 1879 1968    
Krause Bertha E. 1885 1963   On marker w/Samuel G.
Parker Joseph H. 1870 1944    
Parker Katherine 1872 1965   On marker w/Joseph H.
Davies William H., Sr. 1870 1957    
Davies Agnes K. 1872 1955   On marker w/William H., Sr.
Davies Charles E. 1940 1962   s/o Chas. & Gertrude
Davies Gertrude M. 1912 1990    
Davies Charles L, Sr. 1906 1980   On marker w/Charles L., Sr.
Scholz Albert 1879 1962    
Scholz Herman 1862 1920    
Scholz Pauline 1858 1944   On marker w/Herman
Krause Gottlib 9/12/1838 9/12/1883    
Krause John 10/19/1794 4/22/1880   On marker w/Gottlib
Krause Christina 7/16/1797 5/23/2890   w/o John - On same marker
  Mother 1850 1929    
Parker Henry L. 1899 1919   s/o Edward & Emma
Parker Edward 1873 1940    
Parker Emma F. 1865 1934   On marker w/Edward
Heyler William A. 1883 1940    
Heyler Nell N. 1883 1962   On marker w/William A.
Fulkerson Mary 1874 1948    
Essick Jacob T. 1825 1889    
Essick Mary 1830 1911    
Essick Orlando F. 1/11/1864 2/7/1864 27d s/o J. & M.
Essick Sovelin A.   10/29/1882 9y5m19d s/o Jacob & Mary
Essick John   7/31/1859   Infant s/o J. & M.
Essick Lovina   9/1/1863 7y10m13s d/o J. & M.
Unreadable Freddie W.       Marker broken and unreadable
Sechrist Harriett L.   11/20/1890 19y2m w/o John 
Miller Lennie   4/12/1870 18d Children of John & Mary J.
Miller Kate   3/20/1878 9d Children of John & Mary J.-On same marker
Bland Margaret Ann   5/7/1883 24y4m w/o J. J.
Lodge William   7/4/1868 7y10m13s s/o Joseph & Ann
Bland John   6/7/1875 52 yr  
Bland Katie   5/1/1870 8 mo d/o John & Mary-On marker w/John
Bland Dorthe R.   8/29/1860 2y1m15d c/o John & Mary - On same marker
Bland Isabella W.   12/9/1861 5y3m3d c/o John & Mary - On same marker
R. J. B.          
Bland Anna S.   9/2/1876 21y4d (This marker not found 2009 reading)
Waldron John W.   12/23/1863 22y9m8d  
Messner Gideon   9/5/1864 12y7m1d s/o P. S. & Christina
Blank Caroline   9/10/1864 2y1m10d d/o S. & Christina
J. M. H.          
Messner Christina   11/25/1871 50?3m7d Relict of Philip
Overton Harriett L. 1869 1928    
James Emma F.   4/8/1881 22y3m20d w/o Martin
Overton Pemlia   5/15/1890 53y6m w/o Wm.
Overton William 1835 1915    
H. L. M.          
Rowley Sarah   7/15/1879 28y9m20d w/o John-d/o Joseph & Sarah James
Cambers Jane Ann   2/22/1886 24y9m13d w/o Wm. - On marker w/Sarah Rowley
Rowley Joseph H.   May.1876 1 yr c/o John & Sarah-On same marker
Rowley Elizabeth       c/o John & Sarah-On same marker
Smith Carrie 1856 1887   d/o Jacob & Mary Heyler
Heyler Jacob T. 5/22/1824 3/27/1880    
Heyler Mary A. Roger 12/29/1831 3/19/1897   w/o Jacob - On same marker
Heiler F.   10/9/1867 83y11m25d  
Heiler Dorothy A. Parker   12/25/1864 71y13d On marker w/F.
Gmeiner Casper 1815 1892    
Bradley Ada 1876 1952    
James John 12/10/1820 12/11/1884    
James Anna S. 1/12/1824 5/16/1888   On marker w/John
Norman Frederick 1881 1904    
P. O.          
E. J.          
Sabin Moses L.        
Sabin Angeline        
C. S.          
Heyler Henry  1852 1916    
Heyler Minnie 1854 1910   On marker w/Henry
Heyler Lillie   11/21/1885 2y1m10d d/o Henry & Minnie
Smith Julia   4/15/1865 ?y3m d/o John & Emma
Love Michael   9/9/1867 17y4m3d s/o W. & M.
L. J. H.          
Lienhardt Casper       Co D 98th Pa. Inf.
Lienhardt Elsie 1851 1881    
Grover C. Harry 1885 1908    
Grover C. Leroy 1892 1908   On marker w/C. Harry
Grover Minnie O. 1887 1887   On marker w/C. Harry
Franke Nichlaus 11/26/1838 11/11/1889    
Franke Alfred 1877 1946   On marker w/Nichlaus
Franke Lewis 6/27/1875 8/8/1894   On marker w/Nichlaus
Zink Maria   1/19/1865 58y1m21d w/o Charles
Horning Barbary   8/10/1871 59y2m28d w/o Geo. E.
Horning George   3/22/1871 72y1m21d  
Norman Alfred 3/16/1838 1/25/1886   Born England
Norman Elizabeth Small 1840 1921   w/o Alfred - On same marker
Norman James    4/1/1889 61 yr  
Norman Ann    1/18/1900 78 yr On marker w/James
McLean Charles 1839 1908    
McLean Ellen 1839 1920    
McLean John 1868      
McLean Jannie 1878 1899   w/o John - On same marker
In a message dated 10/18/2010 2:05:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Hi Joyce,
Wanted to let you know that thanks to your site, we found the Sebring Cemetery (through the Liberty Township office) and were able to have my grandmother's ashes interred by her parents graves so if you have time to update your list of who is buried there, she might be included:

Rose Katherine Heyler Markham
December 22, 1893 - April 23, 1990

Also wanted to give you the number for the president of the cemetery association - you said you had no contact information and thought it might be helpful to you. His name is Bob Wirth and he could not have been nicer to us in getting this taken care of.

Bob Wirth

I did order a marker but it won't be put in place until around Memorial Day. Regardless, her ashes are there.

Thank you for your previous communication and your wonderful site which I look forward to reading further. I know my brother, Reid Coleman, who has established an amazing Heyler family tree on Ancestry, has been in touch with you previously. I think his site is public, under rcoleman if you have not yet been there.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall, and thank you again.
Lynn Ferrari

Name of Cemetery: Old Sebring Cemetery
Deeded As
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 2011
Location: Liberty Twp., Tioga Co., PA  Located at Cross Road at Sebring on dead end road at Rte. #15 on Private Property
GPS Coordinates
Other Comments: Probably the First Cemetery at Sebring
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  23
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 2009
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Brown Mena   6/11/1870 39y9m1d w/o Robert
Brown George   5/20/1870 21 da Children of Robt. & Mina -On same marker
Brown Charles    ?/21/1870 3m7d Children of Robt. & Mina -On same marker
C.E.K.         Field Stone marker
Diehr Michael   1863 75 yr  
Diehr Christena   ?/12/18?? ??-21d w/o Michael
Diehr Barbara E. 6/9/1833 8/25/1855   w/o Michael
Diehr John T.   8/27/1855 3m9d c/o Michael & Barbara-On marker w/Barbara
Diehr George C.   8/29/1855 3m11d c/o Michael & Barbara-On marker w/Barbara
Hughes Delaiah   10/10/1865 12y6m12d s/o Joseph & Sarah
Hughes Benjamin   3/5/1863 23y6m20d s/o Joseph & Sarah
Hughes William   8/2/1852 22y5m21d s/o Joseph & Sarah
Lapp Andrew   7/16/1853 68 yr  
Lapp Martin   3/10/1832 2y2m15d s/o Andrew & Ann
Miller Katharine 12/1/1794 5/22/1875   w/o Leonard
Miller Leonard   4/20/1850 66y2m28d  
Miller Leonard       s/o L. & K.
Moessner Elizabeth   8/11/1853 2y5m2d d/o John & Catherine
Mesyner Catharine   5/19/1859 10y1m21d d/o John & Catherine
Reinwald Louise   1869   d/o Henry & Win -This stone is in such bad shape that all that is readable is Louise
HE. K         Field Stone marker
Sindlinger Michael   2/24/1862 12y3m9d s/o Lewis & Christena
Zink Charles W.   9/15/1866 6y10m s/o C. A
        Following Markers not found in 2009
Zink Charles H.   1866 76 yr  
Fulkerson Jeremiah 8/29/1783 1857    
Fulkerson Mary Miller 10/2/1792 1847   w/o Jeremiah

Published on Tri-Cuties 05 OCT 2011
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