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Shumway Hill Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2001
Photos by Joyce M. Tice Aug. 2001
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Name of Cemetery:    Shumway Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice & Joshua Criss
Audited By Anna Belle Rice, Pat Raymond & Brittany Rightmire
Date Read:   July. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Charleston Township, Tioga County, PA - From Route 6, turn on road where Broad Acres is. Proceed several miles up hill. Cemetery is on curve in road to right.
Other comments:
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Marks Charles H. 1835 1926    
Marks Jane E. 1840 1934   On stone w/Charles H.
Peake Mark G. 1856 1929    
Peake Anna M. 1862 1937   On stone w/Mark G.
Johnson John E. 1853 1935    
Johnson Anna 1857 1933   On stone w/John E.
Hastings Jennie 1886 1969    
Hastings John W. 1881 1947   On stone w/Jennie
Farrer John 1866 1935    
Farrer Anna M. 1875 1956   On stone w/John
Copp Frank 1872 1974    
Copp Mildred 1877 1936   On stone w/Frank
Allen Earle P. 1887 1935    
Stradley Richard D. 1875 1955   FATHER
Stradley Ethel M. 1890 1926   MOTHER - On stone w/Richard D.
Stradley Franklin B. 1926 1926   SON - On stone w/Richard D.
Stradley Walter R. 1923 1965   SON - On stone w/Richard D.
Sargent Alexander 1908 1950    
Sargent Clarence 1909 1950   On stone w/Alexander
Dawson Alice 1886 1963    
Dawson Fred 1877 1958   On stone w/Alice
  Stone Marker       Initials M. L. S.
Nichols Delores E. 1920 1937    
Nichols         Large Nichols Stone
Heatley John W., Jr. 1913 1923   Sleep in Jesus
Heatley Leah B. 1892 1987    
Heatley John E. 1886 1977   On stone w/Leah B.
Rotar Mary 1892 1939   DAUGHTER
Balogh Katherine 1870 1936   MOTHER
Krause Harry Delyle 1906 1980    
Krause Florence Briston 1909 1980   On stone w/Harry Delyle
McConnell William Z. 1862 1926   FATHER
McConnell Elizabeth Ann 1876 1935   MOTHER - On stone w/William Z.
McConnell Ella M. 1868 1897   MOTHER
McConnell Arthur C. 1888 1915   Pvt.Truck Co. O 117 Amunition Train/Rainbow Div. -s/o Wm. Z. & Ella McConnell
McConnell Alice M. 1822 1922 d/o G.W. & E.M. McConnell
McConnell Guy W. 1890 1944    
McConnell Ella M. 1896 1993   On stone w/Guy W.
Clark Phoebie J. 1891 1968    
Clark Amos 1889 1964    
Clark Rosie L. 1886 1939   MOTHER
McConnell James R. May 8.1938      
McConnell Terrence Apr.4.1915 Feb.6.1991    
McConnell Desailes B. Jul.4.1920 Sep.1.1990   On stone w/Terrence
Longwell Bertha Avery 1876 1939    
Avery Grace 1872 1928    
Avery Will  Feb.16.1880 Nov.25.1904   s/o L. & A. Avery
Avery Amelia Nov.22.1843 Jun.13.1896   MOTHER - wife of L. Avery
Avery Leonidas Mar.7.1843 Dec.11.1919   FATHER
  D.S.       Small Stone-Can't Read
Stradley Charles O. 1877 1942    
Stradley Blanche L. 1892 1984   On stone w/Charles O.
Woodhouse June I. 1927 1992   I.O.O.F.
Clark Homer M. 1921 1921    
Clark Helen L. 1898 1987   On stone w/Homer
Clark Anuel 1899 1961   On stone w/Homer
Clark Richard E. 1888 1967    
Clark Ruth B. 1897 1985   On stone w/Richard E.
Clark William  1840 1919   GAR Marker & Flag
Clark Rozella 1845     His wife - On stone w/William
Willard  Alpheus Robert 1865 1931    
Willard  Mary Clark 1879 1957   On stone w/Alpheus
Makin Walter R. 1873 1955    
Makin Lena M. 1878 1959   On stone w/Walter R.
West David N. 1904 1976    
West Inez M. 1910     On stone w/David N.
Avery Joseph T. 1882 1951    
Avery Cora E. 1886 1983   On stone w/Joseph
Bliss Maynard S. 1905      
Bliss Doris M. 1904 1996   On stone w/Maynard S.
McConnell Marian 1909 1935  
McConnell Hugh C. 1900 1950   On stone w/Marian
Davis Bonnie B. 1955 1995    
Thomas Mildred R. 1913 1997    
Thomas Kenneth H.  1911 1983   On stone w/Midlred
Erickson Jonathan Thomas Nov.17.1986 Nov.18.1986    
McConnell Roy L. 1919 1974   Tec. 4 US Army - WW II Marker & Flag
McConnell Bessie M. 1912     Rest In Peace
McConnell Wilfred G. 1903 1969   On stone w/Bessie
McConnell Mabel J. 1881 1961   IOOF Flag--There are no partings in Heaven"
McConnell Charley W. 1878 1949   IOOF Flag - On stone w/Mabel
Seeley Lester L. 1908 1987   Wed. Apr. 3, 1929
Seeley Irene M. 1909     On stone w/Lester L.
Bouton Lowell H. 1911 1996   They died as they lived a Christian
Bouton Leona W. 1922 1989   On stone w/Lowell H.
Dalessandro Lorraine C. 1961     "Death-that golden key that opens the Palace of Eternity"
Dalessandro Myrna L. 1941     On Family stone w/Lorraine
Dalessandro John J. 1964     On Family stone w/Lorraine
Heatley Emerson Jan.3.1915 Aug.28.1916   s/o J. E. & Leah Heatley
Powell William 1838 1909   At Rest - GAR Marker & Flag
Powell Maria  1845 1914   His Wife - On stone w/William
Taylor Ann   Mar.4.1907 82yr w/o Alexander Taylor
          Stone marker-no writing

Published on Tri-Counties  02 SEP 2001
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