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Shumway Hill Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2001
Photos by Joyce M. Tice Aug. 2001
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Name of Cemetery:    Shumway Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice & Joshua Criss
Audited By Anna Belle Rice, Pat Raymond & Brittany Rightmire
Date Read:   July. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Charleston Township, Tioga County, PA - From Route 6, turn on road where Broad Acres is. Proceed several miles up hill. Cemetery is on curve in road to right.
Other comments:
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Heatley Anna A. 1878 1928    
Heatley James 1851 1900   On Large Family Stone
Heatley Margaret 1850 1920   His Wife - On Large Family Stone
Heatley Beatrice 1888 1890   d/o James & Margaret -On Large Family Stone
Heatley Sarah       Unreadable
Heatley May   Aug.26.1880   d/o James & Margaret Heatley
Heatley William C.   Jul.9.1875 1y25d s/o James & Margaret Heatley
Heatley Elizabeth    Jun.26.1874 19y1m6d w/o James Heatley
Lorson Maja Lisa   Aug.6.1873 49 yr w/o John Lorson - Stone broken
Lorson Baby   Aug.27.1873 1y2m  
Anderson Anna Stena   Oct.2.1873 28 yr w/o Abraham Anderson
Johnson Audie Joseph   Apr.27.1873   s/o Augustus & Laura (or Lana) Johnson -Broken stone
Nordstrom John P. Jan.8.1826 Aug.20.1903    
Nordstrom Gajsa Dec.31.1833 Sep.4.1902   His wife - On stone w/John P.
Nordstrom Carl R. May20.1857 May 9.1895   On stone w/John P.
Nordstrom Emil S. Jan.7.1878 Feb.27.1878    
Nordstrom Hilga A. Aug.3.1875 Oct.6.1883    
Bryant Anna B. 1864 1946    
Bryant Martha A. 1849 1937   On stone w/Anna B.
Bryant Sarah A. 1825 1904   On stone w/Anna B.
Willard  Oliver 1836 1904   Also footstone O.W.
Willard  Anna 1844 1916   His Wife - On stone w/Oliver
Scott Alfred 1881 1945    
Scott Dilla E. 1882 1975   On stone w/Alfred
Davis Hiram C. 1841 1908   Co. K 207 Regt. PA Vol. - GAR Marker & Flag
Davis Ella M. 1853 1938   His Wife - On stone w/Hiram C.
Castine Roy J. Feb.10.1906 Jan.20.1958    
Spence Isaac William       s/o J. M. & Isabell Spence-Not Read-From Records
Castine Sarah A. 1882 1907   w/o John Castine
Castine Thomas C. 1884 1907   On stone w/Sarah
Spence Isaac William 1842 1927    
Spence Hannah Mary 1849 1919   His wife - On stone w/Isaac William
Spence Ina May Feb.15.1880 Jun.6.1901 21y3m22d w/o John Wm. Spence
Spence J.W. & Isabell       Footstone-leaning on large Spence Stone
          FATHER & MOTHER Stones
Lake Charles C. 1836 1939    
Lake Susannah S. 1842 1923   His Wife - On stone w/Charles
Mann Byron 1866 1950    
Mann Mary 1868 1957   His Wife - On stone w/Byron
Brooks Elwood H. 1929 1932    
Brooks George D. 1839 1901   2nd Lieut. Co. A 149th Regt. P.B.V.
Brooks Mary E. 1845 1931    
Sabin Ada F. Sep.26.1862 6y4m d/o Clarabell Sabin
Gibbs Harriet D.   Apr.8.1871 8m8d d/o James & C. Gibbs
King Hannah    Apr.21.1874 25y4m d/o Chas. King - Badly broken stone
          3 FOOT STONES - M.B - S.B. - S.C.
Carpenter John E. 1841 1920   Cook Co. 315 N.Y. - GAR Marker & Flag
Carpenter Sarah 1847 1908   His Wife - On stone w/John E.
Broughton Mary 1857 1874   On stone w/John E.Carpenter & Sarah
Broughton Sarah 1874 1874   Her dau. - On stone w/John E. Carpenter & Sarah
Carpenter Ellen 1842 1915   w/o Nelson Carpenter
Carpenter Monroe, Sr. 1876 1940    
Carpenter Anna 1883 1966   On stone w/Monroe
Wheeler Susie E.   Mar.29.1880 23y8m15d d/o Alanson & Ann E. Wheeler
Wheeler Alanson 1823 1899    
Wheeler Ann E. 1831     His wife - On stone w/Alanson
Wheeler Edgar A. 1853 1926    
Frost Esther J. Apr.9.1868 Apr.11.1880   d/o A. & A. Frost
Frost Adaline 1843 1915   w/o Ashabel - MOTHER
Morsman Henry Mar.25.1827 Jul.4.1879    
Morsman Maryett Aug.20.1805 May26.1883    
Morsman Silas Dec.29.1805 Dec.23.1878    
Broughton Wm.   Mar.25.1881 64y4m15d Marker for War 1812
Broughton Lucy 1816 1906   w/o Urial Broughton
Broughton Margaret   Jul.12.1812 21 yr Broken Stone
Broughton Sarah   Oct.2.1886 In 94th yr w/o Nathan Broughton
Broughton Nathan   May 8.1872 In 84th yr GAR Marker & Flag
Morgan Samuel   Feb.10.1875 71y10m24d Corpl. Co. A 1 PA Inf.
Morgan Ephraim B. G.   Sep.11.1877 33y4m22d  
Morgan Samuel   Feb.10.1875 71y10m24d Flat Stone
Morgan Ann   Jun.6.1872 66y7m7d w/o Samuel Morgan
Walker Julia A. Sep.4.1837 Nov.2.1880   w/o Chester Walker
Willard  John 1843 1922   Co. K 207 Regt. PA Vol. - GAR Marker & Flag
Willard  Clara 1847 1923   His wife - On stone w/John
Walker Esther T. Mar.23.1814 Jan.13.1895   w/o Abram Walker
Walker Abram   May 18.1879 67y6m24d On stone w/Esther T.
Brown Orval 1912 1998    
Brown Mary B. 1917 1996   On stone w/Orval
Bliss Roy W. 1914 1992    
Bliss Erma R. 1915     On stone w/Roy W.
Close Carl Lyman   Nov.15.1899 4y7m29d s/o G.B. & C.E. Close
Close Infant Daughter   Jul.12.1890   d/o G.B. & C.E. Close
Close Cora 1861 1933    
Close Gilbert B. 1859 1915   On stone w/Cora
Bliss Annie S. 1886 1960   MOTHER
Bliss Lewis J. 1882 1964   FATHER - On stone w/Annie
Bliss Basil G. Jan.20.1910 Sep.10.1910   s/o Annie S. & Lewis Bliss
Bliss Sarah J. 1853 1938    
Bliss Dwight S. 1845 1931   On stone w/Sarah J.

Published on Tri-Counties  02 SEP 2001
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