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Shumway Hill Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2001
Photos by Joyce M. Tice Aug. 2001
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Name of Cemetery:    Shumway Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice & Joshua Criss
Audited By Anna Belle Rice, Pat Raymond & Brittany Rightmire
Date Read:   July. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Charleston Township, Tioga County, PA - From Route 6, turn on road where Broad Acres is. Proceed several miles up hill. Cemetery is on curve in road to right.
Other comments:
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Claus Charles B. 1875 1941    
Claus Cora L. 1877 1956   On stone w/Charles B.
Claus Milton L. Feb.18.1903 Jul.10.1907   s/o Charles B. & Cora L. Claus
Claus Benjamin F. May25.1842 May28.1895   GAR Marker & Flag
Claus Martha E. Oct.15.1848 Apr.4.1909   w/o Benj. F. Claus - On same stone
Claus Byron J. 1853 1919    
Claus Ella L. 1856 1944   On stone w/Byron J.
Claus Jessie C. Dec.12.1878 Jan.18.1889   d/o B.J. & E.L. Claus
Claus Nancy 1838 1924   On stone w/Jessie C.
Claus Nelson May27.1830 Oct.31.1897    
Claus Eugene   Jan.17.1892 44y1m11d  
Claus Mary E.   Sep.5.1908 58y4m26d w/o Eugene Claus
Scase Mary L. Dec.18.1910 Jun.4.1914   d/o Charles & Edith Scase
Scase MOTHER       She was a kind & Affectionate Wife, fond Mother & Attend to All
  FATHER       He was a kind & affectionate husband, fond Father & attend to All
Scase Charles 1876 1953    
Scase Edith M. 1880 1942   On stone w/Charles
Leach Nettie B. Apr.29.1871 Jan.4.1906   w/o Harvey H. Leach
Claus Maud   Mar.8.1881 2y1m17d d/o Eugene & Mary Claus
Claus Freddie   Feb.6.1866 1y6m9d s/o O. H. & M. Claus
Claus Elizabeth   Oct.2.1849 39y5m25d w/o Benj. Claus
Claus Benjamin    May4.1875 74 yr  
Claus Nancy Apr.11.1819 Aug.14.1893    
Claus Floyd   Nov.24.1864 7y11m5d s/o B. & N. Claus
Claus Clara   Aug.27.1852 8m 1d d/o Benj. & Nancy Claus
  STONE-NO TOP       GAR Marker & Flag
Chapman William Feb.25.1812 Apr.4.1882    
Chapman Rhoda Ann Mar.11.1824 Mar.11.1907   His wife - On stone w/William
Chapman Marcia L. Apr.26.1813 Apr.12.1906    
Chapman Wm. 1846 1925    
Chapman John C. 1856 1926    
Chapman Martha A. 1854 1918   His wife - On stone w/John C.
Chapman Clara E. Sep.18.1889 Jun.1.1890   d/o J. C. & Martha Chapman
Chapman William J. Oct.9.1887 May6.1888   s/o J. C. & Martha Chapman
  FOOTSTONES       Initials M.D. And L. D.Also A.F.D (Prob.Dawson's)
Dawson G. S. 1845 1923    
Dawson Amanda F. 1843 1901   His wife - On stone w/G. S.
Dawson Mira 1867 1890   On stone w/G. S. & Amanda
Dawson Eddie 1875 1876   On stone w/G. S. & Amanda
Dawson Louise 1880 1883   On stone w/G. S. & Amanda
Dawson Frankie M.   Apr.16.1880 1y4m16d s/o Charles & Salina Dawson
Dawson Cordelia   Mar.20.1875 38y10m6d w/o C. R. Dawson--On stone w/Frankie M.
Dawson Salina 1850 1925    
Dawson Charles 1832 1912   On stone w/Salina
Dawson Harmon J. Apr.11.1829 Jun.10.1901    
Dawson James J.   Mar.24.1886 19y4m14d s/o H.J. & H. L. Dawson - Also small marker w/name only
Walker Archibald 1816 1899    
Walker Emeline S.Austin 1822 1888   His wife - On stone w/Archibald
Walker Fred J. Sep.24.1868     Stone badly broken
Walker Ida M. Jun.2.1867 Feb.14.1948   Stone badly broken
Thompson Alden   Mar.7.1872 77 yr  
Thompson Lucretia   May5.1872 71 yr His wife - On stone w/Alden
Shumway Peter 1757 1832   Rev. War Marker & Flag
Shumway Dollie 1767 1827   His wife - On stone w/Peter
Coolidge Earl   Sep.11.1887 8m25d s/o Edward & Lena Coolidge
Coolidge Edward 1849 1914   FATHER 
Coolidge Edward Apr.13.1848 1914    
Coolidge Mary E. Oct.30.1849 Dec.26.1884   w/o Edw. Coolidge--On stone w/Edward
Coolidge Lena E. 1887 1936   MOTHER
Fenn Tall FENN Stone       Small Marker Stone H.B.F.
Fenn John W. Nov.5.1838     Co. G 45 Regt. PA Vol.
Fenn Hattie B. Sep.25.1853 Dec.16.1894   His wife - On stone w/John
Kimball Arvin E. 1874 1895   s/o Charles H. & Elvira E. Kimbell
Kimball Elvira E. 1850 1916    
Kimball Charles H. 1847 1921   Stone Marker - On stone w/Elvira
Eckerson Mercy M. Jun.26.1829 Jul.20.1883   w/o Horton Eckerson
Eckerson Horton Mar.31.1827 Oct.2.1904   On stone w/Mercy
Eckerson Eliza A.   Jun.3.1896 51y11m w/o H. Eckerson
Shumway Charles   Jan.9.1891 13y9m s/o G.W. & Kate Shumway
Shumway George W.   Feb.4.1922 71y8m24d  
Shumway Kate   Jul.27.1883 29y7m22d w/o G. W. Shumway-On stone w/George
Shumway Margaret C. Apr.17.1823 Apr.30.1883    
Shumway William P. Oct.14.1859 May.19.1885   On stone w/Margaret 
Shumway Charles L. Apr.6.1847 Jul.22.1864    
Shumway Joseph B. Feb.22.1890 73y3m11d  
Shumway Sleeman       Dates Unreadable
Shumway Desdemonia   Apr.11.1882 88y9m w/o Sleeman
Shumway Wm. Palmer 1823 1907    
Shumway Mary   Sep.12.1877 53y11m10d w/o William P.
  MOTHER       Stone Marker - No name
Shumway Mary   Apr.23.1877 15y9m19d d/o W.P. & Mary Shumway
Shumway Lucretia 1841 1900   w/o W. P. Shumway
Bacon Elmer   Apr.28.1847 57y10m9d  
Bacon Mary   Apr.24.1873 73y7m28d  
Bacon Hiram   Sep.25.1832 1y11m29d s/o Elmer & Mary Bacon
Bacon Henrietta Claus Dec.29.1844 Apr.27.1877   w/o David L. Bacon
Carson Rena M. 1906 1993    
Carson Kenneth R. 1907 1964   On stone w/Rena
Carson Amy B. 1887 1964    
Carson Ellis W. 1883 1967   I.O.O.F. - On stone w/Amy

Published on Tri-Counties  02 SEP 2001
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