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Watson Cemetery, Rutland Township, Tioga County, PA
Tombstone Reading 2010
Name of Cemetery: Watson Cemetery
Deeded As Roseville Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2010
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 
Location: Tioga County, Roseville Borough
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Other Comments: 
Number of Burials this Section Approximately   1317 
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments SRGP ID Own Name Obit MHS
Section A                  
Pilling Dorothy Ann 1935 2010            
2 New Graves         No markers        
Hamilton Don E. 10/17/1936 10/19/2005            
Hamilton Sandra E. 4/24/1938     On marker w/Don E.        
Wright Lewis J. 10/30/1950       79141      
Wright Connie E. 11/23/1944 12/18/2000   On marker w/Lewis J. 50286 McKay Y  
Hall Christopher James 2/28/1972 7/6/2001            
Kreitzer Wayne E. 11/12/1956 4/16/2009     83994   Y 1974
Alexander Robert E., Sr. 1938              
Alexander Carol M. Borg 1942     On marker w/Robert E., Sr.        
Burleigh Nathan A. 7/16/1927 3/29/1998     74614   Y  
Burleigh Dolores E. 11/18/1930 6/17/2002   On marker w/Nathan A. 13308 Bailey Y  
McKay Dale, Jr. 10/16/1978 11/28/1994     24186   Y  
Doxtader Michael W. 1/7/1945              
Doxtader Mildred V. 8/27/1950     On marker w/Michael W.        
Primavera Paul T., Jr. 6/9/1929 8/3/1999   Cpl. Army Korea        
Primavera Constance L. 6/20/1933 11/2/2007   On marker w/Paul T., Jr.        
Kittle Willis L. 6/8/1931              
Kittle Catherine R. 11/16/1933     On marker w/Willis L.        
Ranck John C. 9/2/1921 2/11/1996   Navy WW 2        
Ranck Marian P. 9/20/1924     On marker w/John C.        
Bartlett Terry Allen   1955   Baby        
Bartlett Harry E. 1920 1992   Pvt. Army WW 2        
Bartlett Edna W. 1923 2002   On marker w/Harry E.        
Kriner Mark 5/12/1956 5/23/2003            
Kriner Luanne 8/24/1957     On marker w/Mark        
Brown Russell T. 5/2/1935              
Brown Shirley H. 3/3/1935     On marker w/Russell T.        
Flack Clyde L. 9/13/1936 1/14/1996            
Flack Sandra M. 12/6/1941     On marker w/Clyde L.        
Miller Sandra M. Shaw 10/21/1941 7/13/1997            
Doughty Roswell H. 1928              
Doughty Donna B. 1927     On marker w/Roswell H.        
Doughty Bruce P. 1957              
Langan Sheila A. 1963              
Langan David M. 1962     On marker w/Sheila A.        
Brandt Pamela Jo Kittle 4/12/1966 8/14/2000            
Dunkleberger Andrew Jason   7/27/2002   s/o Jason & Melissa        
Emert Richard L. 5/5/1951 10/24/2002   ABH2 Navy        
Emert Ellene R. Siegfied 7/21/1952     On marker w/Richard L.        
Wood Richard C. 1958 1985            
Paull Herbert 1906 1983            
Paull Etelka 1904 2001            
Allen Anna L. 4/27/1965 12/1/1996            
Jenkins Robert L. 7/30/1927 3/24/2008            
Jenkins Helen L. 3/4/1931     On marker w/Robert L.        
Jenkins Myles R. 6/29/1960 10/25/1987            
Holcombe Scott Sinclair 1/19/1954              
Holcombe Suzanne Murielle 11/9/1959              
Holcombe Alfred Delbert 9/30/1922              
Holcombe Irene Sweely 7/14/1899 4/18/1994            
Orlando Bert R. 1914 1999            
Orlando Caroline J. Turnbull 1915 1995   On marker w/Bert R.        
Orlando Jeffrey L. 5/11/1960 9/13/2001            
Burdick Edna M. 11/11/1925 7/12/1988            
Burdick Colial E. 5/13/1917 4/17/1992   On marker w/Edna M.        
Burdick Donna J. 10/7/1937 5/11/2009            
Roy Raymond Lewis, Sr. 4/17/1931 6/29/1986   Pfc. Army Korea        
Roy Raymond L., Jr. 11/9/1958              
Roy Manuela S. 1/27/1959 9/23/1983   On marker w/Raymond L., Jr.        
Pratt Earl Francis 9/7/1920 8/24/1986            
Pratt Sylvene B. Aldrich 9/27/1924     On marker w/Earl Francis        
Chilson Roy Lee, Jr. 8/1/1964 7/8/1981            
Chilson Roy L. 2/14/1943 1/9/1997            
Chilson Shirley A. 1/18/1944     On marker w/Roy L.        
Johnson Lawrence E., Jr. 2/12/1965 7/12/1981       Ross    
Johnson Jacob Michael William 11/19/1986 11/20/1986            
Chamberlain Rex 2/17/1938              
Chamberlain Janice Learn Johnson 7/31/1941 1/7/2010   On marker w/Rex        
Smith Roland J. 1915 1995            
Smith Shirley B. 1922 1991   On marker w/Roland J.        
Vlajic Tasa 8/28/1925              
Vlajic Gradimir 5/18/1910 9/19/1982   On marker w/Tasa        
New Burial         No Marker        
Earley Robert R. 3/26/1927 6/6/2008   Navy WW 2        
Earley Leora L. 9/30/1926     On marker w/Robert R.        
Dippold Francisum J. 3/22/1906 6/2/1994            
Dinger Doris H. 11/17/1924              
Dinger Harry R. 10/2/1921 4/23/1973   On marker w/Doris H.        
Lutz Chester, Jr. 4/20/1931 11/28/1994   Sgt. Army Korea        
Lutz Edith J. 10/22/1935     On marker w/Chester, Jr.        
Lefelhoc Robert 1/9/1923 7/15/1980            
Lefelhoc Edith J. 10/22/1935     On marker w/Robert        
Patterson Ernest M. 1912 1979            
Patterson Beatrice I. 1921 2008   On marker w/Ernest M.        
Powlison Deanne Lynn 9/2/1961 8/1/1977            
Robinson Bernice M. 1926 1974            
Robinson Robert L. 1917 2002   On marker w/Bernice M.        
French Henry Jay 1902 1976            
Swain Gertrude M. 1907 1990            
Swain Lee E., Sr. 1900 1980   On marker w/Gertrude M.        
Gillett Hazel L. 1895 1977            
Gillett Evert I. 1900 1979   On marker w/Hazel L.        
Gillett Edna M. 1902 1999   On marker w/Hazel L.        
Grove Paul E. 7/13/1925 10/18/1970   NY Pfc. Co. G 542 PRCht Inf. BN        
Rose Helen G. Gaylord 1914 2001            
Rose Denzel S. 1907 1991   On marker w/Helen        
James Daniel 10/1/1819 1/10/1896            
James Carrie S. 1849 1920            
James Oscar F. 1846 1922            
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