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Watson Cemetery, Rutland Township, Tioga County, PA
Tombstone Reading 2010
Name of Cemetery: Watson Cemetery
Deeded As Roseville Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2010
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 
Location: Tioga County, Roseville Borough
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Other Comments: 
Number of Burials this Section Approximately   1317 
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Section B          
Watkins Ross G. 1882 1943    
Watkins Louis E.   10/22/1883 34y11m  
Brace Eliza 1851 1926    
Horton Margaret   2/28/1885 75y10m w/o T. W.
Horton Maude M. 1880 1899    
Horton Tessie G. 1885 1898    
Horton Thomas J. 1848      
Horton Thomas W.     83 yr  
Benson Miami Blaksley 10/15/1827 3/29/1887    
Benson Benjamin   3/2/1872 42y2m21d  
Benson Emma E.   2/21/1878 13y2m21d d/o B. & Miami
Benson John 9/29/1824 3/26/1901    
Benson Narcissa E. 11/9/1827 12/10/1890   w/o John - On same marker
Benson Mary A. 3/20/1848 1/10/1867   d/o J.B. & N.E.-On marker w/John
Benson Phoebe 1806 1858   "Mother" -On marker w/John
Benson Olive 1828 1887   "Sister" - On marker w/John
Rockwell Almira 9/21/1849 6/29/1910    
Dan Almena   1/15/1861 61y5m w/o James
Benson Harvey 5/14/1827      
Benson Emily C. 2/16/1844     w/o Harvey - On same marker
Benson Rosanna 6/14/1851 5/17/1881   On marker w/Harvey & Emily
Benson Lawrence 5/22/1857 11/13/1878   On marker w/Harvey & Emily
Updyke Anson 4/9/1870 3/2/1900   On marker w/Harvey & Emily
Vanzile James B. 1880 1962    
Vanzile Clara B. 1881 1930   On marker w/James B.
Vanzile Raymon C. 9/12/1909 12/27/2004    
Vanzile Florence E. 11/6/1911 8/26/1997   On marker w/Raymon
Oldroyd H. Johnie   7/21/1877 4y7m3d s/o Judson & Helen
Oldroyd Infant   4/12/1878   sons of Judson & Helen-On same marker
Oldroyd Jay 7/9/1880 1/26/1881   sons of Judson & Helen-On same marker
Oldroyd Judson M. 1909 1924   s/o Henry & Mildred
Oldroyd Mildred V. 1888 1976    
Oldroyd Henry 1882 1963   On marker w/Mildred V.
Oldroyd Judson M. 1853 1932    
Oldroyd Helen 1853 1929    
Oldroyd Elizabeth   12/1/1855 16y5m16d d/o henry &Alma
Oldroyd Henry   6/4/1876 62 yr  
Oldroyd Alma   2/2/1876 58 yr w/o Henry - On same marker
Soper Maranda   11/19/1855 28yr w/o G.W.
Soper G. W.   8/19/1881 59 yr On marker w/Maranda
Soper Susannah 7/8/1815 10/23/1900   Widow of Harris
Soper Ida May   7/15/1867 12y11d d/o Harris & Susannah
Soper Mary E.   6/5/1838 7m2d d/o Harris & Susannah
Soper Harris       Unreadable-broken in 3 pieces
Coons Ida B. 5/9/1820 2/21/2899   w/o Ira R.
Mansfield Amos   5/19/1838 63 yr  
Mansfield Susannah   5/20/1838 49y11m w/o Amos
Mansfield Orin   5/20/1838 21y4m25d  
Slate Stone         Face peeled off
Whispell Mary S. 1872 1944    
Soper Margaret 1878 1942    
Haven E. H. 4/5/1873 11/20/1892    
Haven Norma S. 7/22/1931 1/8/1932    
Soper Lottie A. 7/15/1843 3/2/1902   w/o H. P.
Haven D. W. 12/10/1874 52y8m21d  
Haven Louis   4/14/1881 58y3m20d  
Haven Lafayette 1848 1927    
Haven Lucy A. 1850 1928    
Haven Dauphia C. 1862 1940    
Haven Martha A. 1867 1947   w/o Dauphia C. -On same marker
Reynolds Mary E.   4/12/1877 1y4m3d d/o W. & E.
Reynolds W. B. 1843     Co A 207th P.V.
Reynolds Eliza A. 1840 1904   w/o W. B. - On same marker
Reynolds Wesley B. 1843 1922   Co A 207th Pa. Vol.
Benson Elijah W. 1828 1880    
Benson Nancy M. 1840 1909    
Rose Warren 1825 1892    
Reynolds Tryphosa       Unreadable or never had dates
Reynolds Clinton       Unreadable or never had dates
Harris B. A. 1853 1936    
Harris Rose E. 1859 1933   On marker w/B. A.
Harris Nettie May   1/27/1884 3y1m10d d/o B.A. & Rose E.
Colby C. J. 1855 1935    
Colby Elva U. 1859 1936   w/o C. J. - On same marker
Colby James W. 1/5/1826 2/25/1891    
Colby Matilda 4/11/1832 10/30/1881   On marker w/James W.
Gott Calvin 4/5/1810 11/4/1892    
Gott Diana D. 2/9/1811 8/28/1884   On marker w/Calvin
Gott Frances A. 1847 1937    
Gott Samuel C. 1841 1922    
Brown Elizabeth E. 8/30/1851 9/25/1884   w/o Geo. J.
Brown George J. 6/1/1839 1/29/1901    
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