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Wellsboro  Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2008
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Name of Cemetery: Wellsboro Cemetery
Deeded As  Wellsboro Cemetery
Read By: Linda Cornell Reese
This information is from Cemetery Records - No markers Section A
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice
Location: East side of Nichols Street, Borough of Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates 41.75580 - 77.30201
NOTE:  Year Buried is usually the same as Year Died
127 entries
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First Name Last Name Year Buried Other
Section A      
Bernard Metzger    
Anna M. Metzger 1906  
Etta Louden    
Otis Mosher    
Arnold Dickinson 1912  
Henry H. McCarter    
Unice McCarter    
Daniel McCarter    
John A. Schauers    
Charles Schauers    
Mary Schauers    
Frank L. Schauers    
Hannah S. Schauers    
John A. Sommers 1907  
Peter Learn 1910  
Austin Matson    
Albert Landis    
Max Derby    
August Greimert    
Rudolph Leopold    
George Mills    
A. R. Spicer    
Caroline Elliott    
S. D. Moore    
Arthur Plumley    
Mrs. Swope    
Mrs. Maurice Peters    
William Dunham    
Robert Radeker    
Carl Richter    
Mary VanWort    
  Kennedy 1920 Baby
Frank L. Whitney 1922  
Mrs. Abel Strait    
Gertrude Losinger 1906  
Z. W. Baker 1911  
Mary Baker 1925 Baby
Mary C. Baker    
Edwin S. Baker 1932  
John  Coyle 1895  
Herman Field    
Flora L. Field    
Ethan  Field    
Charles R. Smith 1918  
S. D. Jacobs    
Ida Park 1908  
Carlotte Slingerland 1906 Baby
Oliver Weir 1948  
Oliver Babbs    
Fred A. Haussler    
L. A. Russell    
S. D. Hodge    
John Shakespeare    
E. B. Perry    
George Derr    
Nelson Dunham    
Margaret Jordan    
Eben Murray    
Gladys Randall 1965  
Raymond Jackson 1910  
Addie Roberts 1926  
Arthur Roberts 1928  
Arthur Roberts 1929  
William Short 1928  
John R. Smith 1924 Baby
Tony Short 1920  
A.  Short 1928  
Jean Kitchen 1923 Baby
Donald Kitchen 1913 Baby
John W. Lloyd 1966  
Cora E. Lloyd 1929  
Albert Thornton 1911  
Edward L. Thornton 1914 Veteran
Wilbur Field    
David F. Walsh 1920  
Ella Wilson 1904  
D. L. Roff 1919 Baby Boy
Marcia Lundgren 1914  
Peter A. Lundgren 1916  
  Evans 1924 Baby
John Longhenry 1926  
Luther Johnson 1937  
Lola Johnson 1953  
John McInroy 1937  
Katherine C. McInroy 1929  
George F. Durif 1938 Baby
Sylvia H. Radeker 1935  
Ada B. Spencer 1912  
Herman B. Jackson 1940  
Irene B. McIndoe 1921 Buried w/Baby
C. H. Petrie    
Jennie Maneval 1995  
Ethel Dexter 1921  
Glendee Dexter 1921 Baby
George Warren 1920 Baby
Jasper Dickinson 1940  
Martha J. Dickinson 1932  
  Wilcox 1955 Baby
Thomas A. Dewey 1927  
Ursel B. Wood 1975  
Ada K. Culver 1944  
Philemas Culver 1924  
Jack Graham 1935 Baby
Pauline Hollenbeck 1944  
Lodema Day 1925  
Lodema Moyer    
Charles Soderquist 1958  
Susan F. Jones 1930  
Leonard Marvin 1922 Child
Michael Stadler 2008  
Louis A. Webb 1923  
Joseph F. Fleitz 1922  
Henry M. Husted 1940  
Hilda Husted 1949  
Adelbert Hawk 1930 Baby
Doris Farnham 1924  
  Mudge 1942 Baby Girl
Rexford S. Sheer 1943 Baby

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By Joyce M. Tice