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Wellsboro  Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2008
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Name of Cemetery: Wellsboro Cemetery
Deeded As  Wellsboro Cemetery
Read By: Linda Cornell Reese
This information is from Cemetery Records - No markers Section K
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice
Location: East side of Nichols Street, Borough of Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates 41.75580 - 77.30201
NOTE:  Year Buried is usually the same as Year Died
141 entries on this page
First Name Last Name Year Buried Other
Section K      
Mary Schrader    
Sadie VanHorn 1908 Baby
Ann Field 1962 Wife of Harry B.
P. Spencer    
Charles E. Close    
Mr. Wilson    
Samuel Smith    
Sarah Smith    
Wilbur Campbell    
Jacob Rorapaugh    
Mrs. Jacob Rorapaugh    
2 - Unnamed Campbell    
Frederick E. Brewster 1915  
Alex Morehouse    
Edward Jackson    
Archibald, Jr. Metzgar 1966 Ashes on Father's grave
Eva Fish Craig 1976  
Stella Spencer    
William D. Smith 1916  
Elwin L. Warren    
  VanOrder   5 Children
3 No Names Cook    
B. B. Tipperman   Child
Mary M. Tipperman 1936  
Emma Jane Nobles 1928  
Anna Dexter    
Chloe Dexter    
Lewis Dexter    
Mary Dexter 1911  
Norris Dexter   Baby
Catherine G. Benauer    
Catherine  Hunt 1933  
Adelide Bullard    
Walter Bullard    
Alice  Stowell    
Margaret Stowell 1906  
Ellis L. Miller    
John B. Ostrander    
Lillian Ostrander    
Minnie Ruggles    
G. L. Miller    
Leah Sommers    
Clara Frost    
Flora Mae Kimble 1917  
Sarah Kimble 1913  
Fred  Smith 1936  
Harriett Smith 1906  
Jess Smith 1905  
Nancy Pearson    
James Hoddler    
Margaret Fisher    
Margaret Hoddler    
C. O'Connor 1889  
Charles  O'Connor 1926  
Georgia O'Connor    
Sally O'Connor 1919  
Augusta Christenot 1929  
Benjamin Christenot 1911  
David Johnson 1918  
William D. Stevens   Vet.
Beatrice E. Brooks    
Amelia Cooley    
Charity A. Bennett 1911  
Mason S. Bennett 1914  
Roger Bennett 1915 Baby
Ada L. Breck    
Helma Rockwell    
Ernest W. Adams    
Baby Parks    
Frank Fretz    
Jennie C. Parks    
Caleb Andrews    
James B. Annis    
Ernest W. Mills    
Eva L. Shelman    
Luara E. Murphy    
John R. Benjamin    
Harry D. Foster    
James Hodge    
Maggie Bellinger    
Mrs.  Goodwin    
Riley Bellinger    
Charles Sears    
Marietta Sears    
S. R. Campbell    
Ella B. Buck    
Elnora Simmons    
Grace Eva Burlingame    
Krista Burlingame    
Arnold Bertsche    
Elizabeth Bertsche    
Margaret M. Holden 1917  
Charlotte Campbell 1973  
Erwin B. Campbell 1977  
Maude  Campbell 1905  
John R. Davis    
2 - No Names Derbyshire    
John M. Derbyshire    
Carolyn Estes    
Lucy E. Dales 1920  
Morris D. Copp 1906  
Sarah Dales 1920  
Elsie L. Anderson    
Laura Crans 1929  
Mamie Crans 1911  
Janet McCreadie    
Robert Robertson 1944  
Alice  Campbell 1965  
Lois Marie Campbell 1929  
Jane Spencer Avery    
Ida May Freeman    
Thomas W. Newruck    
Sarah B. Blatchley    
Anna Wilson    
Charles Wilson    
Henry Cooley 1932  
Margaret Elizabeth Bowes    
Thomas W. Bowes    
Fred Schrader 1937  
David Johnson 1918 75 yr old
Chester VanWert 1937  
Ransford Housel    
Bretta Studd    
John F. Klouse 1915  
Hugh Wilson 1964  
Anna B. Smith    
Edna Kelly    
Frank Smith 1956  
Henry Smith 1971  
Alfred Boyden   Baby
Clayton Bostwick 1921  
Nora Adel    
Annis Boyden 1961  
  Boyden 1938 Baby Boy

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