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Welsh Settlement Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2005
Welsh Settlement Obituaries
Photo by Joyce M. Tice April 2005
Welsh Settlement Cemetery photographed  by Joyce M. Tice 09 April 2005
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Name of Cemetery:    Welsh Settlement Cemetery
Read By:  Linda CR
Typed By: Pat SMITH  Raymond
Date Read:   Apr-2005
Location:  Near Cherry Flats - Off Route 6 between Mansfield and Wellsboro (Gas Company Road) -Charleston Township West of Arnot Road 58038 Called Welsh Settlement Road
NOTE: This cemetery has many old, hard to read, buried and broken stones
 Any ??? Are because we gave our best guess as to names and/or dates
Listing is in burial order so that no information is lost about who is buried next to whom.
Page `One Two Three Four
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Apgar Kieth W. 1902 1991   Parents of: Anna, John, Mary, Fred
Apgar Kathryn S. 1906     On stone w/above
Bowen Marian H. 1920 1996    
Bowen Morris B. 1916 1980   On stone w/above
Reese Grant William 1909 1985    
Reese Mary Mae 1883 1967    
Reese Thomas W. 1879 1962   On stone w/above
Smith Basil G. 1903 1980    
Reese Gladys M. 1923     Our Children: Thomas, Philip, Linda
Reese LaVerne G. 1919 1990   On stone w/above
Reese Phillip Andrew Jun.22.1953 May.21.1959   s/o LaVerne & Gladys Reese
Bowen Pauline S. Sept.8.1932     Parents of: David S. 1958; Karen M. 1954; Julie L. 1961
Bowen Verne W. Jun.13.1930 Aug.29.1995   On stone w/above
Boyle William F. 1904 1971    
Boyle Mabel E. 1902 1985   On stone w/above
Brace Jean Moran 1920 1971    
Brace G. Sterling 1920     On stone w/above
Boinske Eva E. Feb.22.1902 May.23.1977    
Yaudes Leonard L. 1930      
Sharp Stewart E. Oct.13.1964 Mar.28.1982    
Yaudes Irene A. 1913 1971    
Reynolds Paul E. 1913 1989    
Reynolds Laura J. 1926 1985    
Bartlett Helen M. 1911 1971    
Bartlett Louie W. 1911 1972   On stone w/above
Yaudes Kenneth Jun.27.1928 Sept.16.1989   TEC 4, U. S. Army
Gorda Paul 1925      
Gorda Barbara 1933     On stone w/above
Urban William J. Sept.16.1921      
Urban Connie J. Aug.2.1942     On stone w/above
Kroll Dorothy 1902 1971    
Kroll William 1898 1987    
Nemerovich Tehon 1898 1974    
Nemerovich Anthony 1896 1978    
Gorda Phyllis Gee 1938 1997    
Hanes Sabina M. 1891 1958    
Gorda Anna 1907 1964    
Gorda Alexander 1896 1969    
Jones Raymond L. 1909 1999   Married June 27.1931
Jones Vera E. 1909 1991   On stone w/above--Back-Children: Barbara A, Rhonda L, Raymond G.
Evans Harry W. 1903 1967    
Evans Leah M. 1905 1989   On stone w/above
Evans Ralph H. 1924      
Evans Betty Jean 1931 2003   On stone w/above
Evans M. Ann Jun.22.1930     Married March 3.1967
Evans Ellsworth L. Nov.11.1931 May.19.1995   AIC U.S. Air Force-Korea--On stone w/above
          Lg. Stone: EVANS WILLIAMS
Evans Gordon D. 1903 1989    
Evans Helen E. 1907 1996   On stone w/above
Williams Jack M. 1929     On stone w/above
Williams Dorothy M. 1929 2004     
          Left side from Road to back & over to building
March William 1850 1915    
March Jennie O. 1865 1941    
Smith Sarah H. 1868 1941    
Smith O. Geroulds 1856 1929   On stone w/above
Owens Bessie 1867 1904   w/o Wm. O. Owens
Owens Bessie 1904 1905   d/o Wm. & Bessie Owens
Daniels John J. 1828 1906    
Daniels Ann S. 1834 1914   His wife (Same stone)
Abplanalp Our Baby Garry Mar.19.1950 Jun.27.1951   s/o Laverne & Wilma Abplanalp
Copp Roger   Oct.3.1955   Infant
Abplanalp Andrew 1855 1922    
Abplanalp Margaret 1862 1944   On stone w/above
Brown Bessie C. 1894 1951    
Brown Robert J. 1895 1956   Vet. - On stone w/above
Smith Delmar W. 1875 1929    
Smith Dora E. 1876 1896   On stone w/above
Smith Bertha M. 1884 1949   On stone w/above
Smith Pearl N. 1909 1979    
Smith Leonard E. 1879 1968   On stone w/above
Smith Ada E. 1881 1968   On stone w/above
Smith Gladys E. Nov.20.1919 Dec.2.1919   On stone w/above
Kelley Charles T. 1842 1929   Co. G 45th Regt. PA Vol.
Kelley Julia 1847 1930   w/o C. T. Kelley
Fenton Mary A. Aug.19.1830 Apr.12.1904    
Sattarly Nancy Peake 1881 1912    
Stattarly Rachael A. Jun.28.1828 Jul.3.1903   w/o L. R. Statterly
Smith Carrie O. 1864 1960    
Smith H. Edwin 1863 1938   On stone w/above
Smith Ralph F.   1897   s/o Edwin & Carrie Smith
Bowen Nettie Ann 1893 1967    
Bowen Catherine D. 1802 1927    
Bowen Daniel E. 1860 1909    
Bowen Lee Thomas 1891 1937   Sgt. Major (Vet)
Bowen Maude B. 1890 1955    
Bowen Isac R. 1869 1942    
Bollinger Valmai Bowen 1909 1977    
Bowen Matie E. 1870 1946    
Hilles Beatrice Bowen 1892 1981    
Husted Ashley J.       7th PA OAV (Vet)
Bowen Joseph Jun.15.1842 May.18.1908   FATHER
Bowen Rachel Rogers Jun.27.1849 Aug.1.1924   MOTHER
Bowen John R. Oct.8.1867 Oct.25.1930    
Waddell Annie 1869 1901   w/o Alexander Waddell
Reese William J. 1845 1921    
Reese Clara E. 1848 1941    
Reese Florence 1893 1914    
Day Donald Burdett Sept.19.1930 Apr.19.1992   A3C U. S. Air Force Korea
Roger Mary A. 1920 1984    
Roger Cecil (Zeke) 1917     On stone w/above
Day Max 1897 1944    
Day Evva 1897 1979   On stone w/above (Name spelled E V V A)
Day Genevieve 1917 1921   d/o M.G & Evva Day
Rogers William J. 1880 1957    
Rogers Elizabeth L. 1883 1968   On stone w/above
Rogers Helen 1896 1989    
Rogers Amos 1888 1971   On stone w/above
Rogers Dorothy Cass 1913 1994   2nd w/o Purley Rogers
Rogers Purley 1904 1984    
Rogers Margaret S. 1906 1960   On stone w/above
Roger Benny R.   1938   Infant
Davis Mary L. 1874 1970    
Davis Thomas L. 1870 1941   On stone w/above
Johnson Henry 1859 1919    
Johnson Myra 1875 1932   His Wife - On stone w/above
Evans Harriet E. 1866 1939    
Evans Fred T. 1868 1942    
Evans Margart Jones 1840 1913   MOTHER
Evans John D. 1834 1904   FATHER - On stone w/above
Vermillion Wilma E. 1909 2000    
Vermillion Faye S. 1887 1971   On stone w/above
Skelton Geo. W.     35 PA Mil - GAR marker
Skelton Mary E. 1848 1942    
Bowen Sarah A. Apr.8.1865 Jul.5.1929   w/o S. E. Bowen - MOTHER
Hinds Diana Bowen Jun.24.1892 Oct.15.1933    
Bowen Stephen E. Sept.18.1856 Mar.26.1916   FATHER
Bowen Elizabeth J. 1866 1945    
Bowen Arthur 1865 1936   On stone w/above
Smith Raymond L. 1890 1970    
Smith Mary B. 1893 1977   On stone w/above
Evans Richard A. Sept.12.1825 Oct.4.1897   FATHER
Evans Mary Apr.12.1820 Oct.20.1897   MOTHER
Bowen Rachel M. 1899 1987    
Bowen David M. 1863 1917   FATHER
Bowen Leah 1869 1957   MOTHER "His Wife"
Peake Milton G. Apr.7.1900 Dec.10.1989    
Peake Laura Y. Sept.3.1905 Aug.20.2000   On stone w/above
Peake Shirley L. 1929    
Peake Horatio Owen        
Patterson Mary A. 1874 1924    
Patterson William 1870 1926    
Patterson Elizabeth 1867 1944    
Patterson John D. 1866 1958    
Patterson Amy 1870 1918    
Patterson Sheldon        
Frost Eldred D. 1895 1966   WW U.S. 1917-1918
Frost Lula B. 1890 1985    
Bowen Mary Jane 1858 1949    
Bowen Thomas E. 1862 1934   On stone w/above
Thank you so much for your very.... Hard work in keeping track of our loved one's. Here's and update for you records and my mother's friends and family.  Her name is; Dorothy Mae Williams, she passed away on April 22, 2004.  The gave site is located in the Southeast end of the cemetery about halfway down  that last road in the middle edge, as you would start to walk back Northwest you will find a headstone with Gordon and Helen Evan's (my Grandparents) just behind her location. Next to that headstone you will find a site with my uncle, Ellsworth Evan's.  His headstone also has his ex-wife's name on it, M. Ann, Evan's. (Info only, she will never be buried their next to her ex-husband by court order records i.e..) . David L. Williams, 14805 Marin Drive, Redding, Ca. 96003.  Her loving son.  Thank you
Published on Tri-Counties Site on 5/21/2005
By Joyce M. Tice