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Welsh Settlement Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2005
Welsh Settlement Obituaries
Photo by Joyce M. Tice April 2005
Welsh Settlement Cemetery photographed  by Joyce M. Tice 09 April 2005
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Name of Cemetery:    Welsh Settlement Cemetery
Read By:  Linda CR
Typed By: Pat SMITH  Raymond
Date Read:   Apr-2005
Location:  Near Cherry Flats - Off Route 6 between Mansfield and Wellsboro (Gas Company Road) -Charleston Township West of Arnot Road 58038 Called Welsh Settlement Road
NOTE: This cemetery has many old, hard to read, buried and broken stones
 Any ??? Are because we gave our best guess as to names and/or dates
Listing is in burial order so that no information is lost about who is buried next to whom.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bowen Thomas J. Jul.13.1898 55y9m16d  
Bowen Jane  1853     w/o Thomas J. Bowen
Bowen Mary J.   Aug.16.1871 2m29d d/o T.J. & Jane Bowen
Morris Reese     Co. A 149th PA Inf.
Morris Hannah   Apr.12.1870 74 y w/o Reese Morris
Morris David   Sept.17.1871 77y6m28d  
Lewis Evan J. May.10.1825 Feb.26.1860    
Lewis Mary Dec.6.1830     On stone w/above
???? David     1 da Unknown surname
Bowen Thomas   May.26.1886 50 yr  
Schusler Susan M.   Sept.16.1862?? 6m1d d/o F.H. & Mary Schusler (death date questionable)
Morris Daniel   Sept.11.1867 12 ?? Age questionable
Unknown         Stone buried, unreadable
Thomas Sarah   Sept.15.1850 31y5m22d w/o Stephen Thomas
Thomas Mary   Jan.10.1864 21y8m4d d/o Stephen & Sarah Thomas
Thomas John S. Feb.16.1795 Feb.10.1881    
Reese David Mar.19.1814 Sept.15.1849    
Davies Thomas J. 1843 1929   Lieut. Co. G 45th Regt. P.V.V.
Davies Jane L. 1844 1922    
Davies A. Verne 1880 1968   SON
Rees Maria A. 1852 1897   w/o Thomas M. Rees
Reese Gertrude 1876 1918   w/o Thomas M. Reese
Reese Thomas M. 1853 1920   On stone w/above two 
Evans David E. 1860 1930   FATHER
Evans Susie Howell 1861 1922   w/o David - On stone w/above--MOTHER
Jackson Ray R. 1881 1962    
Jackson Lottie M. 1884 1955   On stone w/above
Davis Raymond T.   Feb.21.1895 11 mo s/o Morgan & Sarah Davis
Edwards Benjamin F. 1861 1933    
Edwards Mary H. 1863 1940    
Wiest Charles S. 1879 1968    
Wiest Minnie E 1886 1966   On stone w/above
Edwards Mildred B. 1893 1988    
Davis Helen E. 1903 1996   Own Surname Edwards  ---
Also : Ruth Wiest 1910-1995 
Edwards David   Mar.9.1851 76y4d  
Morgan Hannah   Jan.25.1853 59 yr w/o Walter Morgan
Morgan John   Apr.8.1858 21 y s/o Walter & Hannan Morgan
Morgan Walter   May.7.1863 95 yr Hannah, John & Walter on same stone
Morris Rees D. Apr.30.1863 Jan.29.1883    
Warren Solon L. 1840 1924   GAR Maarker FATHER
Warren Catherine J. 1835 1924   w/o Solon On same stone
Evans Tho's.   June 1871 71 yr  
Davies Thos. D. Jun.21.1812 Dec.21.1891   GAR Marker
Davies Elizabeth  Jun.2.1810 Jan.9.1887   w/o Thos. D. Davies - On same stone
Davies John   Jul.1.1863 22y10m13d In Memory-Killed at Battle of Gettysburgh
Davies Elizabeth   Mar.20.1868 18y6m  
Rees David T. Jan.1.1822 Mar.12.1891   GAR Marker - FATHER
Rees Martha Dec.8.1825 Oct.1.1904   w/o David - On stone w/above--MOTHER
Howell Hannah Sept.16.1839 Mar.10.1915   w/o William Howell
Howell Wm. Unreadable Jan.3.1884   On stone w/above - Date given is best guess
Wetmore Lovina 1853 1914   w/o Rev. B. Brunning
Wetmore Effie 1860 1872    
Wetmore Edwin 1821 1909    
Wetmore Julia 1820 1861    
Smith Josiah Jul.3.1823 Oct.10.1882    
Smith Charlotte Jun.16.1826 Oct.25.1906   On stone w/above
Colony Janet Berse     68 yr  
Pettis Sumner W. 1829 1913   GAR Marker
Tripp Cora F. 1865 1907    
Porter Mary I. 1861 1897    
Yaudes Chloa Jacobs 1886 1950   MOTHER
Jacobs Orlando 1851      
Jacobs Delly 1853 1909   w/o Orlando - Same stone
Willcox Eliza J. Aug.1.1819 Jul.4.1906    
Jacobs David Jun.23.1872 58y5m9d  
Heath Orlando T. 1847 1928    
Heath Julia A. 1845 1930   w/o Orlando - On same stone
Hart ? Dabiet C.       Stone broken & unreadable
Thompson Abram   Oct.18.1852 58y9m22d  
Thompson Esther   Feb.15.1881 86y8m4d Stone very hard to read-May be 66 yr.-On stone w/Abram
Thompson George A.   Mar.15.1894 72y9m  
Thompson Buckley   Mar.28.1875 86y6m  
Unreadable         Stone buried & breaking up
Thompson Philander   Mar.5.1858 78y7m s/o Buckley & Jane Thompson
Thompson Lovina A.   Jun.23.1851 20y1m d/o Buckley & Jane Thompson
Walker  Jane L.   Jul.12.1851 1 yr d/o ??? Walker
Thompson Hannah   Aug.9.1815 20y3m15d d/o Buckley & Jane Thompson
Thompson Caroline   Feb.23.1842 1y6m d/o Buckley & Jane Thompson
Jones William H.   Mar.20.1872 14y3m20d s/o Henry & Mary Jones
Jones Errilla   Nov.2.1869 6y2m6d d/o Henry & Mary Jones - On stone w/above
Jones Mary   Jan.30.1875 34 y w/o Henry - On stone w/above
Longwell John   Mar.30.1892 72 yr  
Bowen Joshua Jun.16.1823 Oct.23.1893    
Bowen Diana Feb.4.1832 Feb.9.1892   w/o Joshua
Davies William J.       s/o David & Ann Davies (Dates unreadable)
Davies David   1887 77 y  
Clement Albert   Feb.10.1872 4y9m s/o David & Maria(?) Clement
Evans Nelson 1890 1978    
Evans Jessie Fowler 1890 1982   On stone w/above
Evans Joseph H. 1866 1945    
Evans Ella E. 1865 1951   On stone w/above
Richards Catharine 1868 1953  
Richards William J. 1828 1899   GAR Marker
Richards Jane 1835 1914   On stone w/above
Richards Joseph H. Nov.3.1858 Jul.9.1894    
Edwards Minnie  Aug.9.1869 Sept.2.1880   d/o D. C. & Elizabeth Edwards
Edwards Mary Feb.9.1857 Apr.30.1857   d/o D. C. & Elizabeth Edwards
Edwards David C. Aug.18.1816 Oct.6.1879    
Edwards Elizabeth Jan.4.1828 May.6.1881   w/o D. C. Edwards (All above Edwards same stone)
Richards Ann J.   Oct.5.1867 8y7m? d/o W.J. & Jane Richards
Lewis Evan  Nov.24.1825 Jul.29.1890   FATHER
Lewis Elizabeth M. Aug.7.1833 Jan.17.1903   MOTHER - On stone w/Evan
Jones John E.   Oct.6.1884 77y6m28d  
Jones Ann T.   Jul.24.1862 56 yr w/o John - On same stone
Jones Eliza   Sept.5.1886 65 y w/o D. L. Jones
Jones Lattice ?   May.5.1872 68 yr w/o D. L. Jones
Jones Dianna   Nov.6.1861 14 y d/o D.L. & Lattice Jones
Bowen Mary G.   Apr.5.1872 2y8m11d d/o David & Ann Bowen
Davis Reese L. 1812 1890    
Davis Mary E. 1818 1901   w/o Reese - On same stone
Evans David   Feb.2.1847 24y10m10d s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Evans
Evans Thomas   Jan.7.1849 37y1m21d  
Jones John   Aug.21.1853 68y  
Jones Mary   Oct.21.1844 47y w/o John Jones
Davis Ann   Apr.13.1860 20 w/o David Davis
Jones Thomas   Jan.2.1844 38y  
Williams Mary E.   Oct.5.1849 1y?m26d On stone w/Thomas Jones
Jones Mary   Jul.14.1872 57y8m20d w/o Thomas E. Jones-This stone was buried
Jones Thomas E.   Oct.4.1869 58y5m21d This stone was buried
Jones John R.   Aug.4.1862 24y6m4d s/o Thomas & Mary Jones
Davis David S.   Nov.20.1865 61y3m16d GAR Marker
Davis Mary R.   Jan.24.1883 74y4m15d w/o David S. - On stone w/David 
Davis George A.   Sept.9.1880 2y2m s/o David & Laura Davis
Davis David J.   Mar.28.1899 58y4m15d  
Davis Laura L. 1842 1917   w/o David - On same stone
Bowen Roy S. 1898 1966   Back: Parents of Walter, Marie, Verne, Marjorie
Bowen Hazel R. 1903 1993   On stone w/Roy S. Bowen
Doumaux-Jones         Larger Marker
Jones Unreadable Aug.20.1824 Apr.2.1893   w/o W.R. Jones
Doumaux  Sarah Jones Aug.19.1850 Jun.4.1896   w/o E. Doumaux
Jones William R. Jul.12.1828 Aug.26.1906    
???         Stone buried-Unable to dig up
Ingerick Charlotte J. 1885 1973    
Ingerick Ross A. 1885 1961   On stone w/above
Ingerick Paul E. 1912 1935    
Hall James R.   Oct.24.1892 77 y GAR Marker
Hall Mercy A.   Sept.30.1892 69 y w/o J. R. Hall - On same stone
Evans Sarah Jane   Sept.14.1861 6 yr d/o Evan & Mary Evans
Evans Evan  Feb.6.1820 May.26.1891   FATHER
Evans Mary Nov.17.1822 Jul.1.1892   MOTHER -w/o Evan - On same stone
Rees D. W.   Mar.21.1884? 55 yr  
Rees William A.   Aug.22.1881 80 y  
Rees Posstumer   Jul.2.1864 51 y ? w/o W. A. Rees - On stone w/William
Rees Mary   Apr.17.1863 23 y On stone w/William & Posstumer
Rees Emma J.   Sept.4.1879? 3y11m d/o Wm. J. & Clara E. Reese
Davis William B.   Jan.10.1860 20y9m s/o David & Mary Davis
Davis Charlotte   Nov.28.1848 2 yr d/o David & Mary Davis
Buried Stone???          
Peake Elijah W. Aug.21.1851 1937    
Peake Rachael Jan.21.1862 1903   w/o Elijah - On stone w/Elijah
April 2007 - additional stone not previously read unearthed - Hodder Elizabeth 2/27/1875 9m 12d d/o James and Margret
Published on Tri-Counties Site on 5/21/2005
By Joyce M. Tice