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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Welsh Settlement Obituaries
Photo by Joyce M. Tice April 2005
Welsh Settlement Cemetery photographed  by Joyce M. Tice 09 April 2005
Name of Cemetery:    Welsh Settlement Cemetery
Read By:  Linda CR
Typed By: Pat SMITH  Raymond
Date Read:   Apr-2005
Location:  Near Cherry Flats - Off Route 6 between Mansfield and Wellsboro (Gas Company Road) -Charleston Township. West of Arnot Road 58038 Called Welsh Settlement Road
NOTE: This cemetery has many old, hard to read, buried and broken stones
 Any ??? Are because we gave our best guess as to names and/or dates
Listing is in burial order so that no information is lost about who is buried next to whom.
Page `One Two Three Four Obituaries 1970s partial listing
Stones found after list prepared:
1st one is one of the founders of the Welsh Settlement. was glad I found these stones.[LCR]

Lewis Lewis 5/28/1868 - 74y 11m 9d

John A. Bowen 7/7/1871 - 65y 3m 7d

Mary Bowen w/o John A 6/23/1870 - 71y

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Davies Dr. Thomas E. Oct.26.1915 Feb.20.1993    
Davies Dorothy S. Jan.19.1918 Apr.26.2002   On stone w/above
Kichline Jessie Michele   May.29.1997    
Knapp Arnold E. Dec.3.1936      
Jones Daniel (Newt) Jul.19.1916 Sept.13.1937   Back: Our Sons--David H. 1938; Donald L. 1946
Jones Dorothy R. Oct.29.1920 Jan.10.1997   On stone w/above
Ward Robert B. Apr.12.1915    
Ward Leona J. Oct.6.1918     On stone w/above
Nessman Edward J. Jun.8.1923      
Nessman A. Marie May.24.1930 Apr.9.2004   On stone w/above
Reese Leslie Walter Apr.14.1907 May.3.2003   Back:Children-Eunice Carolyn 1930; William Thomas 1934; Calvin Leslie 1941
Reese Carolyn Crum Jun.28.1911     On stone w/above
Reese Calvin L. Apr.5.1941     Married June 28. 1963
Reese Francia P. Nov.23.1941     On stone w/above
Pieve Ing Angel M. Nov.12.1912 Apr.21.1983   On stone w/above
Pieve Ida R. Jul.30.1907 May.27.1998   On stone w/above-BACK:Children Julia 1964; Walter L. 1965
Mogush Peter Jr. Sept.12.1947      
Mogush Roxanna M. May.13.1949     On stone w/above
Mogush Peter Ross Oct.22.1975 Mar.10.1994   Our Son - On stone w/above
Nicholas Robert W. Aug.12.1920 Nov.20.1995   Married Oct.8.1955
Nicholas Virginia F. Nov.17.1934     On stone w/above-Back: Our daughter Susan E. 1958
Abplanalp Rexford H. Dec.23.1925 Oct.21.1985   Parents of Sheryl, Donald, Dixie
Abplanalp Frances L. Mar.1.1931     On stone w/above
Parsons Phyllis M. 1929 1985    
Tripp Rea O. Feb.13.1932 Aug.9.1984    
Tripp Theodore P. Feb.21.1934 Mar.10.1987   On stone w/above
Steinrock Harry L. Feb.27.1920 Jul.29.1988   On Back: WW II BMC U.S. Navy
Steinrock Marie I. 1926     On stone w/above
Lundgren John E. 1912 1965    
Blake Robert E. 1924 1982    
Henry Roscoe C. 1907 1967    
Henry Leora M. 1910 1997   On stone w/above 
Henry Infant daughter   1929   On stone w/above 
Boell Caden Anthony Aug.1.2002 Aug.18.2002    
Connor Edith I. 1906 1969    
Connor Frank M. 1882 1968   On stone w/above
Connor James E. Jun.14.1925 Nov.1.1972   PA Pvt. US Army WW II
McNett Marvin L. 1944 1969    
McNett Mary L. 1948     On stone w/above
Carr Alaric B. 1911 1971    
Carr Mary E. 1925     On stone w/above
Moore Norine C. 1940 1974    
Moore Edward R. 1927 2000   On stone w/above
Smith Joyce L. Dec.31.1965 Jul.5.2004   Mother of: Jessica Lynn 1984; Michael Wilbur 1985; Casey Jo 1990
Wood Joseph 1899 1982    
Wood Hazel R. 1900 1990   On stone w/above
Knapp John Jr. 1912 1984   Father
Knapp Rosella H. 1915 2000   Mother - On stone w/above
Reynolds Charlotte J. Aug.29.1913 Feb.10.1997    
Knapp Ashley Jo   May 23.1991   Child
Peake Llewellyn 1903 1990    
Peake Frances C. 1905 2002   On stone w/above
Peake Elmer L. 1930 2003   On stone w/above
Peake Dorcas M. 1932     On stone w/above
Metcalf Thomas Oliver May.18.1951 Nov.11.1991    
Bowen Alfred V. Oct.2.1943 Apr.22.1992    
Bowen Lee R. Jul.21.1939     Married Aug.23.1964
Bowen Janet E. Sept.9.1944     On stone w/above
Hollins Helen Marie Apr.8.1925 Jan.3.1993   MOM
Reese Richard L. Sept.23.1918 Nov.20.2000   WW II Tec 5 U.S. Army
Reese Frances K. Jun.5.1929     On stone w/above
Barkley Clifford A. D.C. Dec.17.1909 Oct.31.1980    
Barkley Alice Ovenden Oct.28.1914     On stone w/above
Reasinger Jeremy   Aug.11.1988   Child
Brown Ivan Delmar 1922 1975    
Brown Catherine E. 1918     On stone w/above
Tripp Ray Avery Oct.12.1928 Aug.17.1975    
Tripp Ann Jean Oct.26.1932     On stone w/above
Tripp Ray Avery Oct.22.1978 Jul.7.1979   Grandson - On stone w/above
Tripp Charles L. 1889      
Tripp Julia M. 1896 1964   On stone w/above
Ott Esther 1901 1968    
Ott Daniel  1903 1990   On stone w/above
Bowen Gordon N. Jul.29.1907 Jan.30.1990    
Bowen Gertrude Jan.9.1887 Aug.28.1960   On stone w/above
Bowen Jay N. Oct.22.1884 Apr.10.1966   On stone w/above
Campbell Raymond P. 1901 1981    
Campbell Susie P. 1905 1962   On stone w/above
Farber Cecile G. 1900 1986    
Farber Harry A. 1903 1962   On stone w/above
McNett Joseph Lynn Sept.20.1959 Feb.24.1960   Child
McNett P.J. (Buster) Aug.18.1915 Oct.13.1986   Married Sept.23.1939
McNett Ellen O. Reed Mar.27.1919 Jun.21.1995   On stone w/above
Mann Michael Oct.14.1959 Feb.25.1960   Child
McDonald Donald G. (Mickey) 1915 1983    
MacDonald Blanche R. 1892 1958    
MacDonald John J. 1886 1964   On stone w/above
Rose Maud L. 1880 1974    
Rose David B. 1876 1957   On stone w/above
Rose Merritt D. Oct.24.1911 Aug.7.2004    
Apgar Bernice N. 1892 1983    
Apgar Ray F. 1890 1966   On stone w/above
Apgar William R. Nov.7.1913 Mar.7.2002    
Abplanalp Mary K. 1899 1982   Mother
Abplanalp Andrew 1889 1977   Father - On stone w/above
Bowen Emma K. 1910 1998    
Patterson Mary Jane 1876 1964    
Patterson Adeline 1882 1965   On stone w/above
Allen Arthur H. 1902 1955    
Allen Adeline M. 1905 2001   On stone w/above
Reasinger Marian E. 1913 1972    
Reasinger Millard F. 1906 2000   On stone w/above
Tomchick John 1911 1975    
Tomchick Lottie 1913 2001   On stone w/above
Tomchick John R. Sept.21.1941 Oct.22.1984    
Jones Lonnie R. Sept.20.1953 Sept.2.1982    
Jones Robert F. Sept.22.1934      
Jones Nancy E. Jul.18.1938     On stone w/above
Davis George R. 1919 1976    
Davis Ruth E. 1922     On stone w/above
Patterson Helen C. Jul.9.1908 Aug.29.1996   R.N.
Kennedy Kathryn P. Aug.7.1907 Oct.6.1982   WW II 2nd Lt. U. S. Army
Ives Clayton L. Sr. Mar.15.1905 Feb.15.1991    
Ives Susan G. Nov.1.1908 Sept.7.1982   On stone w/above
Ives Robert C. May.23.1961 Aug.15.1999    
Ives Phyllis A. Nov.24.1936 Sept.26.1999   Married June 8.1957
Ives Clayton L.  Jan.2.1938 Sept.26.1999   On stone w/above
Derbyshire Frank B. 1916 2004    
Derbyshire Arlie M. 1919     On stone w/above
Rogers Robert E. 1926      
Rogers Edna D. 1927     On stone w/above
Root Herbert D. 1914 1999   U. S. Navy WWII
Root Evva D. 1917     On stone w/above
Root Keith D. 1948      
Davis Walter L. Jan.11.1920 May.10.1998   U.S. Army WWII Purple Heart
Davis Dora M. 1920 1981   On stone w/above
Hopkins Lacady Short 1915 1980    
Hopkins Harry E. 1902 1973   On stone w/above
Scofield Ralph Sr. 1904 1974   Father
Scofield Ruth A. 1910 2003   Mother - On stone w/above
Sheer Nathan Dec.10.1904 Oct.5.1982    
Sheer D. Blair Mar.27.1925     On stone w/above
Sheer Rodney Nathan Jul.14.1946 Nov.23.2001   Back:Parents of/ Quinton Jeremy, Rebecca Jo, Ransom
Sheer Eva Mar.9.1946     On stone w/above
Ransom Gerald A. 1908 1980    
Ransom Berthena J. 1911 1997   On stone w/above
Logan Robert M. 1947 1966    
Logan Edna M. Nov.14.1912 May.4.1985  
Logan Clarence L. Jr. Jan.27.1930 Feb.19.1968   PFC PA Infantry
Losage Clarence  May.18.1892 Jun.1.1971   WW I - PA CPL. 72 Co. 153 Depot Brig.

Published on Tri-Counties  22 MAY 2005