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 Transcribed for Tri Counties by Adam Dewing
formatted by  Joyce M. Tice
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
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Household Number 001 030 045 068 086 110 134
Abode Name of each person whose place of abode on 1 April 1930 was in this family. Relation to head of household Personal Description Place of Birth  
# of dwelling # of family Sex Age Marital Status Age at 1st marriage Person Father Mother Notes
110 109 Sleeper, Fred A. Head M 63 M 28 PA PA VT  
    Sleeper, Fannie L. Wife -H F 59 M 21 PA PA PA  
    Sleeper, Rena M. Dau F 27 S   PA PA PA  
111 110 Abell, Charles L. Head M 55 M 21 PA PA PA  
    Abell, Lena V. Wife -H F 52 M 18 PA PA PA  
112 111 Bacon, Frank A. Head M 35 M 27 PA PA PA  
    Bacon, Gladys Wife -H F 22 M 18 PA PA PA  
    Bacon, Cornelia Mother F 76 Wd   PA PA PA  
113 112 Stetson, Clayton Head M 22 M 21 PA PA PA  
    Stetson, Elenor Wife -H F 20 M 19 PA PA PA  
114 113 Rockyfeller, Noah B. Head M 63 M 21 PA PA PA  
    Rockyfeller, Maggie F. Wife -H F 62 M 20 PA CT CT  
    Garham, Ellen A. Dau F 40 M 21 NY PA PA  
    Garham, Frederick H. Son in law M 68 M 20 NY CT CT  
    Garham, Alma A. Dau F 17 S   NY NY NY  
115 114 Cuddeback, Florence Lodger F 26 S   NY PA NY  
    Huntington, Arthur R. Head M 31 M 25 PA PA Indiana  
    Huntington, Fredora P. Wife -H F 25 M 19 NY USA NY  
115 115 Jennings, Helen Mary Dau F 7 S   NY NY NY  
    Magrer, Lou Head M 55 S   NY NY Scotland  
    Mathers, Walda Lodger M 30 S   PA PA PA  
116 116 ?? Unreadable Head M 28 M 24 PA PA PA smudged
    ---, Mary Wife-H F 20 M 16 PA PA PA last name unreadable
    ---, Roger Son M 2 1/12 S   PA PA PA last name unreadable
118 117 Thomas, John? Head M 60 M 45 PA PA PA first name unknown
    Thomas, Helen M. Wife -H F 54 M 39 NY PA PA  
    Thomas, --- Marie Dau F 18 S   PA PA NY first name unknown
119 118 Jones, Alva W. Head M 44 M 24 PA PA PA  
    Jones, Anna Wife -H F 37 M 18 PA PA PA  
    Jones, Christine Dau F 19 S   PA PA PA  
    Jones, Luther Son M 1? S   PA PA PA  
    Jones, Paul Son M 15 S   PA PA PA  
    Jones, Finton Son M 13 S   PA PA PA  
    Jones, Alice Dau F 5 S   PA PA PA  
120 119 Williams, Earl J. Head M 36 M 20 PA PA PA  
    Williams, Julia Wife -H F 35 M 18 PA PA PA  
    Williams, Howard Son M 15 S   PA PA PA  
    Williams, Gordon Son M 13 S   PA PA PA  
    Williams, Raford Som M 3 10/12 S   PA PA PA  
    Williams, Pace Helen Dau F 2 1/12 S   PA PA PA  
121 120 Tyrell, Guy S. Head M 31 M ?? PA PA PA  
    Tyrell, Lela Wife -H F 24 M 18 PA PA PA  
    Tyrell, Agnes Mae Dau F 5 S   PA PA PA  
    Tyrell, Charles Morse Son M 3 3/12 S   PA PA PA  
    Tyrell, Elizabeth Jane Dau F 1 4/12 S   PA PA PA  
122 121 Roberts, William J. Head M 56 Wd   PA PA PA  
    Roberts, Katharine A. Dau F 26 S   PA PA PA  
    Roberts, Owen Wayne Son M 18 S   PA PA PA  
123 122 Davis, Katherine Head F 87 S   PA South Wales South Wales  
    Jones, Edith Neice F 62 Wd   PA South Wales South Wales  
    Feldonns, Olive Lodger F 68 Wd   PA NY NY  
124 123 Southwick, Frank Head M 55 S   NY NY NY  
125 124 Lyons, George D. Head M 73 M 32 PA NJ NY  
    Lyons, Edith Wife -H F 68 M 26 PA NY PA  
126 125 Starer, D. Ferdinand Head M 65 M 20 PA England South Wales  
    Starer, Sylva Wife -H F 65 M 20 PA PA PA  
    Fruick, Rases none M 18 S   PA NY PA name questionable
127 126 Jones, Edwin Head M 29 M 25 PA PA PA  
    Jones, Lela Mae Wife -H F 23 M 19 PA PA PA  
    Jones, Vivian Helen Dau F 4 2/12 S   PA PA PA  
    Jones, Shirley Loise Dau F 2 4/12 S   PA PA PA  
    Jones, Joyce M. Dau F 5/12 S   PA PA PA  
    Arister, Pearl ?? F 51 M 18 Indiana Indiana Kentucky  
128 127 Custer, Edgar R. Head M 61 M 28 Indiana Ohio Indiana  
    Custer, Randall Son M 15 S   Ohio Indiana Indiana  
129 128 Everson, Charles Head M 69 M 25 NY USA USA  
    Everson, Ida Wife -H F 68 M 16 NY NY NY  
130 129 Griffin, Fred Head M 46 M 20 NY NY NY  
    Griffin, Goldia Wife -H F 43 M 18 NY NY NY  
    Griffin, Payne Son M 12 S   NY NY NY  
131 130 Arnold, Phillip S. Head M 65 M 23 PA PA PA  
    Arnold, Janelle Wife -H F 64 M 22 PA PA PA  
    Arnold, Louis Son M 22 S   PA PA PA  
132 131 Kelley, A. L. Head M 31 Wd   PA PA PA  
    Kelley, Joseph E. Uncle M 68 Wd   PA PA PA  
133 132 Kelley, D. L. Head M 62 M 28 PA NY PA  
    Kelley, Murnie Wife -H F 52 M 18 PA PA PA  

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 6/14/2007
By Joyce M. Tice