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Transcribed for Tri Counties by Darla Hogaboom 2005
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Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. If you want to tell us what is right and what is wrong with the transcription, your notes will be added to the Comment Page
Special Note on 1890 Census - As we all know by now, most of the 1890 Federal census was lost in a fire. It DOES NOT exist except a few fragments- don't ask. We are fortunate to have the portion having to do with military veterans, and we are presenting that here. 
Eleventh Census of the United States.

    Persons who served in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States during the war of the rebellion (who are survivors), and widows of such persons, in Town and Village of HORSEHEADS, county of CHEMUNG, state of NEW YORK, enumerated in June, 1890. 
Joel M. Jansen, Enumerator

Abbreviations used---Vol=Volunteers; Inf=Infantry; Cav=Cavalry; HA=Heavy Artillery; LA=Light Artillery 

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House No. Family No. NAMES OF SURVIVING SOLDIERS, SAILORS AND MARINES, AND WIDOWS. Rank Co. Name of Regiment or Vessel Date of Enlistment Date of Discharge Length of Service Post Office Address Disability Incurred Remarks
1 1 Jansen, Joel M. Music C 141 NY Inf 22 Aug 1862 08 Jun 1865 2y 9m 17d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Chronic Catarrh, Diarrhea and Deafness  
43 43 Joseph E. Owen Pvt. S 1 NY Cav 15 Oct 1863 20 Jul 1865 1y 9m 5d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
54 54 Beebe, Alexander Pvt. I 3 NY Art 22 May 1861 02 Jun 1863 2y 11d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY   Reenlisted 06 Sep 1864 as a veteran-Discharged 24 Jun 1865
61 61 Williams, Frederick D. Music M 58 NY  02 Sep 1864 02 Dec 1864 100d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
66 66 Weeks, James K. Art. F 1 NY Art 20 Sep 1861 23 Jan 1864 2y 4m 13d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY   Reenlisted 24 Jan 1864 as a veteran-discharged 20 Jun 1865
70 70 Zimmer, Elizabeth widow of Zimmer, John Pvt. K 5 NY Art 19 Jan 1864 19 Jul 1865 1y 6m Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
85 85 Farr, Seely J. Cpl. B 7 PA Cav 21 Sep 1861 16 Apr 1862 6m 26d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Chronic rheumatism and neuralgia  
88 88 Thomas, Wesley Cpl. F 14 NY Inf 07 Apr 1862 07 Apr 1865 3y Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Chronic rheumatism and head trouble  
92 92 Hudson, Haviland alias Hudson, Brees Pvt. G 49 OH Inf 19 Sep 1861 19 Sep 1864 3y Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Chronic rheumatism and diarrhea  
94 94 Humphrey, Myron H. Art. H 50 NY Eng 31 Aug 1864 13 Jun 1865 9m 13d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
105 105 Crans, George P. Pvt. C 59 ILL Inf 05 Dec 1863 08 Dec 1865 2y 3d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Injury to left testicle  
119 119 Woodhouse, William Pvt. K 141 NY Inf 10 Sep 1862 11 Dec 1862 1y 3m 1d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Epilepsy Reenlisted as a veteran
123 123 Jakway, Otis A. Pvt. E 141 PA Inf 16 Aug 1862 29 Jun 1865 2y 10m 13d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY   Transferred to 57 PA
126 126 Jones, William H. Pvt. G 185 NY Inf 04 Sep 1864 19 Jun 1865 10m 15d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Deafness, Injury right arm and side Reenlisted as a veteran
115 115 Decker, Daniel Pvt. B 12 Vet Res Corps Mar 1862 21 Jun 1864 2y 3m 20d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
135 135 Vanauken, Daniel Pvt. A 1 NY Cav 31 Aug 1864 08 Jun 1865 9m 8d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Pleurisy right side  
142 142 Haviland, John W. Pvt. F 3 NY Vol 25 Apr 1864 21 May 1863 2y 26d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Kidney trouble and deafness  
159 159 Davis, Frank Pvt. F 54 MA Inf 08 Apr 1863 Aug 1865   Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
163 164 Taylor, Susan E. widow of Taylor, Charles K. Pvt. F 50 NY Eng 26 Aug 1864 13 Jun 1865  9m 17d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
164 165 McMillan, Albert A. Pvt. A 1 NY Cav       Breesport, Chemung Co., NY   lost discharge don't remember dates of enlistment or discharge
174 175 Miller, Lewis Pvt. B 1 NY Art       Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY    
179 180 Dalrymple, Abram W. Pvt. A 141 NY Vol 14 Aug 1862 08 Jun 1865 2y 9m 25d Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY    
187 188 McConnell, Charles Pvt. I 33 NY Inf       Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY wounded right wrist Reenlisted as a veteran
199 200 Gouns, Andrew Pvt.   32 NY Bat   Discharged in Bath Holden home-can't remember the date   Elmira, Chemung Co., NY Rheumatism Reenlisted as a veteran
206 207 Miller, Lemuel Pvt. D 14 NY Art 13 Jul 1863 26 Aug 1865 2y 1m 13d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Lung disease and Itching Piles  
207 208 Payne, Mary T. widow of Payne, Samuel Pvt. I 179 NY Inf 16 Aug 1864 02 Jun 1865 9m 16d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Asthma  
213 214 Thompson, John Pvt. K 2 NY Inf 18 Jan 1864 09 Aug 1865 1y 6m 22d Elmira, Chemung Co., NY    
213 214 Tooms, Christina widow of Tooms, Charles W.             Breesport, Chemung Co., NY   don't remember any dates, company or regiment
222 224 Dubois, Broaded Cpl. C 7 PA Cav 28 Sep 1861 28 Nov 1863 2y 2m Breesport, Chemung Co., NY gun shot wound left arm Prisoner in Cahaba, Alabama 7 mos. Reenlisted as a veteran
225 227 Brink, Albert Pvt. E 126 NY Inf 08 Aug 1862 03 Jun 1865 2y 9m 25d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Rheumatism, irritable heart and diarrhea, shell wound right arm  
226 228 Hartgrove, Job Pvt. I 137 NY Inf 21 Aug 1862 09 Jun 1865 2y 9m 19d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Chronic diarrhea  
228 231 Herrington, John Pvt. C 8 U.S. Cav 26 Feb 1861     Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
228 231 Slocum, Peter P. Pvt.   1 NY Art 18 Jul 1864 17 Jun 1865 11m 1d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY Rheumatism  
228 231 Carr, James Pvt. E 27 NY Cav Dec 1862 Dec 1864   Breesport, Chemung Co., NY    
228 231 McCarty, Dennis Pvt. E 85 NY Inf 12 Feb 1862 23 Mar 1863 1y 1m 11d Breesport, Chemung Co., NY   Reenlisted as a veteran
228 231 Clark, Sarah widow of Clark, David N.             Breesport, Chemung Co., NY   in the poor house and can not remember the dates or company or regiment of her husband.

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