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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
1880 Census Records for Tioga County PA 
1880 Mansfield Borough Census
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Enumerated July 7, 1880 by H. C. Bailey
Transcribed for Tri Counties by Carlton Wolfe 2003
Pages formatted by  Joyce M. Tice
Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. If you want to tell us what is right and what is wrong with the transcription, your notes will be added to the Comment Page
Mansfield's 1880 Census is particularly valuable in that it includes the names of the students at the Normal School (Dwelling 180), many of whom boarded in the town, and also the students at the Soldiers' Orphans School (Dwelling 289). 
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An SRGP ID following a name means that the person is included in Joyce's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. To participate in this and to receive the information I have on these people, you will want to send me updates on the present generations of these lines. Until I have you in my database and connected to the pioneer population, I can not provide you with the ancestry I have compiled on this population. The project operates only  on reciprocity. 
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
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You can further limit your search by choosing the find all words option and entering a year or township name along with your surname. Remember that alternate spellings of surnames WILL affect your search results.

21 198 238 Wilson  Ransom F. 46 M hus blacksmith Can MA MA  
        Sarah A. 40 F wife housekeeper PA MA DE  
        Grace A. 18 F dau attend.school PA Can PA  
        Emma C. 13 F dau attend.school PA Can PA  
        Marion R. 11 M son attend.school PA Can PA  
      Phelps Willington L. 11 M step-son attend.school PA PA PA  
      Wilcox Frank 25 M boarder carpenter PA PA NY  
  199 239 Elliott  Oliver 75 M hus merchant ME ME ME 71137
        Miria A. 62 F wife housekeeper NY MA RI 73153
  200 240 Shepard Silas J. 50 M hus merchant NY NY CT  
        Eleanor A. 51 F wife housekeeper NY Germ NY  
        Libbie S. 26 F dau music teach. NY NY NY  
        Mary S. 23 F dau elocut.teach NY NY NY  
  201 241 Cole Alston J. 57 M hus drug/physican PA PA PA 51876
        Mary B. 52 F wife housekeeper PA     52588
  202 242 Clark Francis W. 40 M hus lawyer PA PA NY 25996
        Lilia S. 29 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 13255
        Fanny M. 1 F dau at home PA PA PA 68443
      Hyland Julia  20 F   servant PA      
  203 243 Holden Reubin N. 50 M hus grocer PA     63288
        Elizabeth M. 38 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA 77080
        Noys D. 19 M son attend.school PA PA PA 77081
        Andrew H. 17 M son attend.school PA PA PA 77082
        Lucy E. 13 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 77083
        Artie J. 10 M son attend.school PA PA PA 77084
        Bertie R. 7 M son at home PA PA PA 77085
        Wardy W. 10m M son at home PA PA PA 77086
      Whiting Jennie 19 F   servant NY      
  204 244 Campbell Gerritt A. 26 M hus miller NY NY NY 31689
        Alice E. 19 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 31399
        Ethel F. 2 F dau at home PA NY PA 77087
        Maria 60 F moth-in-lw wido/housewk NY CT NY  
  205 245 Baldwin Aaron M. 80 M hus blacksmith CT     31019
        Sally 72 F wife housekeeper PA MA MA 77088
  206 246 Dagiur John 57 M hus carpenter France France France  
        Eugenie F. 35 F wife housekeeper France France France  
        Lucy F. 15 F dau attend.school MA France France  
        Amy L. 13 F dau attend.school RI France France  
        Eugene D. 6 M son at home KY France France  
      Bellard Eugenie F. 58 F moth-in-lw wido/housewk France France France  
  207 247 Hall Anson A. 61 M hus cabinetmaker NY NY PA 27049
        Roxy C. 57 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY 27038
        Ida L. 26 F dau dressmaker PA NY NY 77089
        Tilly A. 19 F dau teacher PA NY NY 77090
    248 Denmark William I. 26 M hus carpenter PA NY NY  
      Denmark Cecelia I. 28 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY  
        Ida B. 4 F dau at home PA PA PA  
  208 249 Bodine Mary 74 F widow housekeeper NY PA NY  
21     Erwin Sarah  79 F sister wido/housewk PA PA NJ  
22 208 250 Dorsett Philetus H. 60 M hus wk.at furnace NY NY NY 65692
        Sophronia A. 56 F wife housekeeper NY MA MA 65699
        Ella May 12 F dau attend.school PA NY NY 65700
  209 251 Elliott  Frederick G. 29 M hus druggist PA PA NY 73189
        Julia H. 26 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 16936
        Charles M. 1m M son at home PA PA PA 73295
  210 252 Wheeler Frank B. 29 M hus laborer PA PA PA 1971
        Libbie A. 26 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 1970
        Cora 6 F dau at home PA PA PA 27838
        Willie 5 M son at home PA PA PA 27839
      Hall Aaron  25 M hus laborer PA PA PA 10120
        Eliza M. 25 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 16293
        Denny B. 1 M son at home PA PA PA 16294
  211 253 Adams William 64 M widower justice/peace PA MA MA  
        John W. 37 M son/hus lawyer PA PA PA  
        Marianna M. 36 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  
        Ora Ruth 10 F dau attend.school PA PA PA  
        Edna Luu 4 F dau at home PA PA PA  
  212 254 Burnham Ann H. 47 F   housekeeper NY NY NY 8264
        DeWitt C. 21 M son store clerk PA NY NY 8262
    255 Elliott  Mary 75 F   housekeeper NY      
  213 256 Doane Edward  39 M hus manufacturer NY   NH 52630
        Esther M. 37 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 19535
        Mattie E. 13 F dau attend.school PA NY PA 77091
        Josie 1 F dau at home PA NY PA 77092
      Culver Warren L. 22 M boarder wks.factory PA      
  214 257 Ellis Harry 49 M hus carpenter PA MA MA  
        Susan 42 F wife housekeeper NY NY Germ  
        Emma  19 F dau at home PA PA NY  
        Fred 15 M son attend.school PA PA NY  
  215 258 Lamb Lorain 92 M hus retired farmer MA MA MA  
        Susanna 80 F wife housekeeper NY NY MA  
        Horatio H. 60 M son/widow carpenter PA MA NY  
        Sophia M. 39 F dau milliner PA MA NY  
        Charles A. 19 M gr. son attend.school PA PA NY  
      Agney Jennie 18 F widow servant NY NY NY  
  216 259 VanDesun Hannah 77 F widow housekeeper MA MA MA  
  217 260 Gillett Carson 26 M hus carpenter PA PA PA  
        Rosa S. 20 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  
  218 261 Davis George N. 32 M hus carpenter PA VT NY  
        Martha M. 31 F wife housekeeper PA PA VT  
        Horace A. 8 M son at home PA PA PA  
      McDonald Hattie  16 F servant sew out NY      
        Jesse 43 M boarder carpenter NY      
  219 262 Rozell Alexander H. 33 M hus laborer PA PA PA  
        Maria A. 27 F wife housekeeper NJ NJ NJ  
        Walter 9 M son at home PA PA NJ  
        Willie 7 M son at home PA PA NJ  
  220 263 Righter George M. 31 M hus clergyman PA PA PA  
22       Ella S. 29 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA  

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