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1883 - 1886 East Troy and Columbia M. E. Churches - Pastor's Memorial
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Reported in 1883:

Members, 68                      Probationers, 8


Pastor’s Memorial 1883-4-5-6

Membership 1886:

Full Connection, 149       In Probation, 25




M E Charge

 BY Rev P J Bull

Troy, Pa. 
Frank Loomis, Printer

This Pamphlet

My object in publishing this little work is three fold. In the first place I realize to some extent the great importance of rescuing from oblivion the passing items of church history which, if gathered up in attractive form must increase in interest and value with the coming and going of the years. Secondly, I have discovered the pressing need of a revised and corrected roll of membership and feel that it must prove very helpful to my successor as well as a course of inspiration to the available rank and file of the charge, to have in possession a printed register of names each one of which stands for a living person ready to answer “here!’ And finally I desire in concluding my pastorate of three pleasant years to leave with my brethren and sisters a memorial that shall help to keep in mind :”when we are absent one from another.” The struggles and triumphs that we shared together. I here by render acknowledgments to Frank Loomis, publisher, E O Lewis photographer and T C Fraley Towanda, Pa., engraver, whose combined skill and taste make this farewell offering worthy of careful preservation in all the parish homes. I would also ask my friends to favor the Advertisers whose enterprising and generous patronage enables me to present this History and Directory to all  “without money and without price.” Then take one free and may it be to you a mile stone marking progress in that path which shines more and more unto the perfect day!

P J Bull

History and Directory


This charge embraces the eastern portions of Troy and Columbia townships in Bradford County, Pa. It is a beautiful and exceeding fertile agricultural section stretching along Sugar Creek and its North branch a distance of six miles between church and church. These are located respectively in the small but growing villages of East Troy and Columbia X Roads the latter a station on the Northern Central R R. Between the two the drive is through scenery which for grandeur and sublimity might be the subject of an artist’s dream and which only needs transporting three thousand miles from home to cause one to dwell upon it with rapturous delight. From the eastern borders of the charge tower the giant proportions of Mount Pisgah 2360 feet above sea-level, a summer resort which under the management of Brother Guy S Ballard is rapidly coming into favor and prominence among tourists, for comfort, healthfulness and extent and beauty of view. On the southwest is the lovely village of Troy the natural trading post and outlet of the charge. It is evident, however, that the business center should have been fixed at either East Troy or Columbia X Roads, for nature has certainly blessed both with advantages far superior to those of the village site. Thus we dream of  “what might have been.” But what is concerns us all more nearly. And truly all the peaceful inhabitants of this Acadian vale may devoutly exclaim: “The lines are fallen to us in pleasant places and we have a goodly heritage.” 

Church History

Roll back thirty years and we find ourselves in what might be called the pre-historic period of this charge. We read of old Sugar Creek Circuit and hear of the preaching near by of such men as Amos Mansfield, Loring Grant, Ira Smith, William Hosmer, and even of the probable passage through of Bishop Asbury and the eccentric Lorenzo Dow. But can learn of no organization nor regular appointment until 1858, save that there had been a class with fortnightly preaching in a School House on Pisgah, by Rev’s John Powell, R H Clark and Reuben Drake, pastors of the Springfield, now Leona, charge.

In the year named, however, a class was organized at East Troy by Rev. Dexter Clapp consisting of the following charter members: Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stiles, Mr. and Mrs. William R Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Baxter, a Mrs. Wheeler and a Mrs. Brink. For a time meetings were held in the Free Will Baptist Church and afterward in the School House, but the same year the work of building was undertaken and the present Church edifice, now undergoing repairs, promptly and happily completed.

About the same time the class was organized and house of worship erected at Columbia X Roads under the labors and direction of Rev. W H Knapp. This building was dedicated as a Methodist Episcopal Church with the understanding that the Presbyterian Society should have the right to use it for their services, which they do in perfect harmony and good fellowship under the pastorate of Rev. Hallock Armstrong of Aspinwall. Among the old time members of the class were found such names as Mr. and Mrs. Seth Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Peckham and others. During that period of its history in which this appointment stood alone, or was connected otherwise that at present, it was served by Rev. C L F Howe, Rev. Frank Smalley, Rev. H Fellows, Rev. Mr. Hinman and quite possibly others of whom I am not advised.

Following in the roll of Presiding Elders of the old Troy and present Elmira Districts, some of whom are gone to their reward but the most of whom are yet spared and are among the brightest lights in our denomination: Enoch H Cranmer, Thomas B Hudson, Wesley Cochrane, D W C Huntington, E J Hermans, John B Wentworth, C C Wilbor, W R Benham and E J Hermans, the present incumbent, who alone enjoys the distinction of a second term amid the rugged hills of this pleasant but laborious district.

While as yet East Troy and Columbia were appointments on the Troy Charge the pastors were: W H Knapp, W B Holt, O L Gibson, G J Dubois, John H Blades, M C Dean, W S Wentz, and J S Lemon. These men are held in reverence for their works’ sake and their names are often spoken with affection by the people to-day.

Since the division in 1874, by which East Troy and Columbia were made an independent charge, the preachers have been S A Chubbuck, N B Congdon, David Crow, John VanKirk, J W Barnet, P M Joralemon, A King and P J Bull.

Many seasons of refreshing have visited the charge, notably during the years 1858—9 and 1864—5, but the revival of 1885—6 is spoken of as surpassing in interest and power any work that had preceeded it. Taking both points together, during about ten weeks of Gospel meetings 138 persons expressed a desire to commence the Christian life.

This year will also be marked as that in which extensive church repairs and improvements were begun, a grand work now in progress of which more may be said later in pastoral report of the three year’ term just closing.

May the to-morrow of the charge be as this day and much more abundant!

Nine hundred millions of dollars for liquor every year! $18.00 for every men, woman and child in the country wasted and worse than wasted! A sum so vast that with it in your pocket you would set out on a journey to the sun and drop a $10.00 gold piece every mile of the way! Or with it in your possession you could mile stone the earth’s equator with $36,000 Churches, Colleges, Opera Houses, or Business Blocks. Yet men cry “hard times.” Crush the rum power and the times will be easy enough—Address before W.C.T.U.

Plan of Appointments


East Troy--Each Sabbath at 10:30 A.M. In the summer and 11 A.M in the winter. Every alternate Sabbath in the evening.
Columbia--Every Sabbath at 2 P.M. and in the evening alternately.

Sunday School

East Troy—12 m. from May to Christmas.
Columbia—1 P.M. during the summer.

Prayer Meetings.

Thursday and alternate Sabbath evenings at both appointments.

Class Meetings

At close of Preaching in the winter.

Be sure you greet a stranger at church with a hearty hand-shake and cordial invitation to come again. Such a “welcome” is better than a chromo hung up in the vestibule. And it may do more for the church and the cause than the preaching.

Make a note of the text and the preacher’s name. Such memoranda are sure to interest in after years.


Conference Bishop,     E G Andrews, D.D.
                                      Presiding Elder,           E J Hermans
                                      Retiring Pastor,            P J Bull
                                      Local Preacher,            O N Clark


                                 D A Lament                            D B Sherman


                                 A G Baxter                              D B Sherman


D A Lament          W E Ballard             J T Parke
                                 D B Sherman         C E Peckham          J H Strong
M B McDowell


C E Parke          A G Baxter           G S Ballard
                                   N Wilcox          Oscar Peckham     S A Ballard
S L Morse
John McClelland                        O B Howland
D B Sherman                              C E Peckham


J T Parke


D B Sherman


D A Lament


A G Baxter



A G Baxter                                   C E Parke
D B Sherman


Enoch Sadler                            W W Brooks
C E Peckham


Mrs. Allie VanKirk              Mrs. Florence Sayles
Mrs. Mary Dell Strong


   Howard Cole                             Benj H Weller


                                     H P Greeno                             D N Allan
J M Williams


C E Peckham


Mrs. D N Allen                Mrs. W E Ballard
      Mrs. R Stiles                       Mrs. Ida Sadler
Mrs. M McDowell


Willis Sayles                             J J VanKirk
Z Mott


D A Lament                            A G Baxter
D B Sherman


     Very closely related to the church and heartily co-operating with it in all good works is the East Troy Cornet Band. Meets Saturday evenings in the village hall. Its instructor is that veteran and connoisseur in instrumental music Mr. Howard Cole, who may be said to have devoted his life to this sublimating art. All “the boys,” as the members of this band are familiarly called, are temperate, industrious and honored citizens and, in their bright new uniforms, playing as comparatively few bands can play, they are indeed the pride and glory of the community. In competition with other brass and silver bands they have twice borne away the prize. At Suppers and entertainments occasionally given the public has opportunity to evince substantial appreciation of such commendable efforts for the general good. The donation of a fine Band stand for open air concerts in the summer evenings would prove both a credit and an inspiration to all concerned. Who will move in this direction?


Of the East Troy Church meets Wednesday afternoon, or as appointed, at homes of members.


Mrs. J J VanKirk


Mrs. Enoch Sadler


Mrs. Howard Cole


Mrs. M B McDowell


There is at East Troy a very earnest, vigorous and flourishing organization of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. Meets every alternate Thursday at 2 o’clock p.m. in the M E Church. Lectures are given frequently upon invitation of this body of determined workers. During the past year Rev. J C B Moyer, Rev. W H Mentzer, Rev. O J Moon, Rev P J Bull and others have delivered addresses. Much good has been done and the noble women are being encouraged by numerous accessions to their numbers. Following are the officers:


Mrs. Mariette Morse


Mrs. Huldah Kendall       Mrs. Harriet Morse
Mrs. Lurenda Smiley


Miss Abbie Morse


Mrs. Sophronia Dunbar


Miss Susie Smiley


Miss Jessie Dexter


     This organization which a few years ago achieved quite a reputation for its earnest and successful work in the Master’s vineyard is a feature and institution of this charge. It was organized August 31, 1874, with A G Baxter, G S Ballard, W E Ballard and L J Ballard as members. Afterward these were re-enforced by R A Ballard and D A LaMent of East Troy, A R Smith and D G Smith of Big Pond and Rev. John E W Miller and Ed Partridge of Smithfield.

     For a number of years this band, sometimes as a whole and sometimes “two by two) have responded to calls for help and rendered valuable service in Tioga, Blossburg, Naples, Owego, Binghamton, Montrose, Wyoming, Susquehanna, Pittsburg, Scranton and many other places.

     Their list of penitents resulting from these labors is a veritable Pentecost in itself numbering well up toward 5,000 souls.

     A number of these brethren still go abroad in answer to Macedonian cries and all, so far as I know, are treading yet the path of Christian duty.

     Always pay particular attention to notices from the pulpit. It is so easy to misunderstand. Day and date are often of great importance.

     There are in this Conference six Districts, the Geneva, the Ithaca, The Syracuse, the Auburn, the Cazenovia and the Elmira.  Elmira District embraces 32 pastoral charges.

P.P. Bliss, the renowned singer, and victim of the Astabula horror, received some of his first lessons in music from Brother Alanson Cole, chorister of East Troy.


Weep with them and rejoice with them that do rejoice.

     In the beautiful language of J T Headley, “What strange contrasts this earth of ours presents. Noon-day and midnight are not more opposite than the scenes that are continually transpiring before us. The marriage party jostle the funeral possession in the street, and the sound of the lute and viol have scarcely died away before the solemn requiem for the dead comes swelling after.”

     During my pastoral term on this field it has been my privilege to unite in Holy matrimony the following couples at the places named. Dates omitted and chronological order not strictly regarded: At East Troy, Howard Cole and Nellie L Allen; Manuel Baldwin and Nellie Ballard; Charles Smiley and Louise McDowell; Albert McKeel and Clara Lucas; William Dobell and Emma Clark. At Columbia, Giles E Horning and Ada McClelland. At home in Troy, J Monroe Williams and Lida Burns; Riley Ross and Sally Norman. At the Delevan House, Elmira, Page Morgan and Frank Taylor. In Waverly, George Sayles and Emma Whipple. In Wells, Richard Wickham and Flora Strong. In Smithfield, Charles Gavitt and Ella Webster. In Springfield, Case Shoemaker and Mary Gordon.

     In the three years now closing I have officiated at the funerals of the following persons, a list embracing all ages from the white-haired sire down to the infant lifted from the cradle to the throne. At East Troy, Charles Russell, Mrs. Leonard Stiles, Robert Sadler, Mrs. J T Parker, Mrs. Harriet Ross, Gracie M Sayles and Clara Campbell. At Columbia, Mrs. E B Williams, Miss Mariette Howland, Miss Nora Hagerman, Blanche E Peckham and Kenneth C Williams. In Troy, Mrs. Anna Wolfe. In Springfield, Mrs. F Loveland. In West Granville, Philip McKeel and in Wetona, Miss Rosa Grace.

     Thus are mingled within three short years the silvery notes of wedding bells and the iron-tongued tones of funeral knells. To them with whom I have stood in life’s sunshine I extend anew most heartfelt congratulations. To such as have come to me with their sorrows, I proffer once more my deepest sympathy. To all I recommend calm trust in God, for life is but an April day, and ever the sunshine chases the shadows across the vernal fields.


     Since giving the names of officers of this Society to the types I have been informed that an election takes place every quarter. The former list will therefore be regarded as but historical matter merely. Following are the names of officers chosen Wednesday, Sept 8, 1886 who will continue in office until three months from that date:


Mrs. Fred Cole


Mrs. Robert Stiles


Mrs. Reuben Stiles


Mrs. Asahel Young


The young people of our church and congregation at East Troy have just organized a Society hearing the above euphonious and significant name. The object of the organization is to develop and hallow the social elements among the youth of the place of whom there are many and to assist the church of their choice in every good work. This young auxiliary starts off under very favorable auspices and bids fair by the intelligence, activity and earnestness of the young ladies and gentlemen whom compose it to prove an invaluable wheel in the machinery of the church. Its officers are:


Miss Bertha Ballard

Vice President

Miss Ida M Baxter


Miss Kitt W Farmer

Miss Orpha Wilcox


     The following named persons have been baptized at East Troy or Columbia at various times during the closing year of my pastorate, nearly all of whom (as may be seen by reference to roll of members) have been received also into full connection with the church. I indeed baptize with water. May He whose shoes I am unworthy to bear baptize all these with the Holy Ghost! Waldo W Brooks, Willis Sayles, Benj. H Weller, John Jones, Albert Hickok, Charles Watkins, Geo B Guild, Delbert Guild, Ida M Baxter, Eva Goodrich, Carrie Guild, Clara McKeel, Alice Hickok, Carrie Hickok, Jessie Dexter, Effie Van Horn, Fannie Dunbar, Sena Dunbar, Frank Morse, LeRoy Hunter, Mrs. Leroy Hunter, Anne Hunter, Mrs. Francisco, Enoch Sadler, Howard Cole, Willie Loveland, Bertha Young, Emma Young, Bertha Ballard, Laura Allen, Laura Parke, Fannie Parke, Eva M Honeywell, Eliza Ruggles, Marie Ballard, Frankie Williams. Orpha Wilcox, Lida Williams, Lida Peckham, Lena Owen, John T VanVechten, Wesley Sherman, William Hackett and Elizabeth Mahood.


East Troy Class, D A Lament, Leader Columbia Class, D B Sherman, Leader
Allen, Darwin N
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Laura

Ballard, Sevollon A
Ballard, Matilda A
Ballard, Guy S
Ballard, Julia A
Ballard, Ira P
Ballard, Walter E
Ballard, Alina F
Ballard, Bertha
Ballard, John L
Ballard, Marie G
Ballard, George F
Ballard, Martha
Baxter, Anne
Baxter, Ezra
Baxter, A Gideon
Baxter, Emily A
Baxter, Ida M
Brooks, James
Brooks, Waldo W
Brooks, Lydia A
Baldwin, Charity P
Buck, Betsey
Blakeslee, Jane 

Cole, Howard
Cole, Nellie L A
Cole, Alanson S
Cole, Augusta M
Cole, Florence
Cole, Fred C
Cole, Sarah J
Clark, Oscar N
Clark, Sally D
Clark, Otis E
Clark, Walter E
Congdon, Diantha

Dobell, Emma E C
Dexter, Jessie

Francisco, Marinda F
Francisco, Emma

Guild, David C
Guild, Mary
Guild, Adelbert
Guild, Carrie M
Guild, George B
Greeno, Harlan P
Greeno, Harriet A
Greeno, John
Greeno, Lucy
Greeno, William
Goodrich, Ana
Goodrich, Eva

Honeywell, Eva M
Hickok, Albert
Hickok, Alice
Hickok, Carrie L
Hunter, Anne
Hunter, Emma
Hosley, James

Jones, John R
Jones, Sarah
Johnson, Stephen
Johnson, Alice
Johnson, Ida

Kendall, Sylvester
Kendall, Huldah

LaMent, Darwin A
LaMent, Fannie A
Leonard, B F
Leonard, Charlotte E
Leonard, Lucinda
Leonard, Olive 

Morgan, Page
Morgan, Frank L T
McDowell, Myron B
McDowell, Cora E
Morse, Solomon L
Morse, Mariette
Morse, Frank J
Mekeel, Clara Lucas

Parke, John T
Parke, Charles E
Parke, Frank A
Parke, Fannie A
Parke, Laura E
Peckham, Oscar. 
Peckham, Amanda
Piper, Fannie A L 

Ruggles, Eliza A

Sayles, Willis
Sayles, Flora A
Stiles, Phebe A
Stiles, Leonard
Searles, Sarah
Sadler, Enoch A
Sadler, Ida
Shattuck, Ellen

VanKirk, Joseph
VanKirk, Margaret
VanKirk, Joseph J
VanKirk, Allie
VanHorn, George
VanHorn, Emma
VanHorn, Effie C

Wilcox, Norman
Wilcox, Emeline
Wilcox, Orpha A
Williams, Frankie
Wheeler, Mrs. Origen
Weller, Benjamin H

Young, Asahel B
Young, S Lois
Young, Bertha
Young, Emma A
Youmans, Edward A

Andress, Eliza E W

Besley, Myrtie

Chace, H G
Chace, Helen M

Fox, J R
Fox, Mrs. J R

Gates, Lucena
Gernert, Annie E

Howland, Orbin B
Howland, Laura E
Holcomb, Nettie Scott
Hackett, William E

King, Job L

Mott, Zebulon C
Mott, Rose
Mason, Catherine
Mahood, Elizabeth

Owen, Lena

Peckham, Stephen
Peckham, Laura
Peckham, Clarence E
Peckham, Alida O

Sherman, David B
Sherman, Anne
Sherman, Wesley
Strong, James H
Strong, Mary Dell
Strong, Christine

Williams, E B
Williams, J Monroe
Williams, Lida G
Ward, Mrs. 


Received January and February, 1886

Seth Baxter, Thomas Barrett, Martha Johnson, C A Mekeel, Helen Hosley, Alice Greeno Johnson, Franc Kennedy, Myrtie Youmans, Guy M McDowell, Willis Rockwell, Charles Watkins, Delos Rathbun, Henry Hickok, M W Jones, Arthur Parke, Mrs. Arthur Parke, Eddie Youmans, William Saulsbury, Fannie Dunbar, Sena Dunbar, Leroy Hunter, Florence Leonard, Emma Sadler, Fannie Ballard, John T VanVechten.


Having in charge the matter of Church enlargement and repairs:

Charles E Parke

Enoch A Sadler

Howard Cole


     Here my labors on this book and on this interesting and growing charge close together. Let me build a bridge of words and invite the reader to walk over into the advertising department which will be found full of the announcements of business houses with whom it is indeed a pleasure to deal. Allow me also to open the gate for the future and introduce my now unknown successor to all the members and friends on this, to him, new field of labor. He is a Methodist preacher, a man of God and a pastor worthy of the confidence, love and support of all the people. Rally around his standard with heart and hand, with purse and prayer and great will be your success. I wish that both book and my work had been better, but “such as I have give I unto thee.” And now, Adieu.


B B Mitchell & Co-Drugs and Medicine
Grohs & Ballard’s Grocery House No 14 Canton St Troy
Stuart & Maxwell Druggists and Booksellers
E J Hill Jewelry No 6 Canton St Troy
B F Knapp, Undertaker
E O Lewis, Photographer No 20 East Main St Troy
Dobbins & Correll, Hardware, Stoves, Tinware
R C Kendall, Dentist Main St Troy
Redington & Leonard Co Troy
Enterprise Mfg, Co-Agricultural Machinery
J Joralemon’s Popular Restaurant, Oyster Bay & Fish Market 29 Canton St Troy
Wooster & Boothe No 7 Main St Troy
Dewitt & Ballard, General Merchandise No 5 Main St Troy
D A LaMent East Troy 
B Frank Clothing No 10 Canton St Troy
F W Hovey Groceries
Armstrong Pharmacy 23 Canton St Troy
Bliss, Willour & Co Dry Goods
Beardsley, Spalding & McKean
Troy Steam Roller Mills
S R Holdren D D S
Gernert & Lamkin Dress Goods
Snedeker & Mitchell Coal, Plaster
J H Grant, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
J T McCollom Attorney-at-Law
Ball & Sadler General Merchants East Troy
Troy Creamery
Miss M A Sherman Fancy Goods No 18 West Main St Troy 
D W Dickinson, Troy’s Jeweler 34 Canton St Troy
J B Smith Troy’s Popular Barber
Albert Morgan Attorney-at-Law No 31 Canton St Troy
Rev P J Bull 

Typed and submitted by Janet PETERS Ordway from Ed Ballard Collection
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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