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The First Baptist Church [of Elmira, New York] was formed on May 16, 1829. Rev. Philander D. Gillett was the first pastor. He was son-in-law of Jeffrey Wisner who donated the land. The location was east of Main Street, south of Church Street, and north of Gray Street in Elmira. The first deacons were John Waeir, Jr., and David Howell and the first clerk was William Lowe. Thirty-five citizens signed desiring to become affiliated with the church. Several were members of Southport families.
Beckwith, Nancy

Beckwith, Sarah Ann

Bovier, John

Bovier, Margaret

Cassada, Abigail

Cassada, John

Cassada, Sally

Ellison, Thursa

Ellsworth, Martha

Gillette, Henrietta

Gillette, P. D.

Grover, Hannah

Grover, Joseph

Grover, Joseph

Grover, Mariah

Gurnee, Martha

Gurnee, Sally

Howell, David

Howell, Julia

Jenkins, Zina

Lowe, Hannah

Lowe, William

Paine, Elizabeth

Rowley, Jonathan

Rowley, Sally

Seeley, Henrietta

Sly, John

Sly, Polly

Smith, Naomi

Smith, Susan

Stryker, John P.

Stryker, Polly

Tubbs, Sally

Waeir, Hannah

Waeir, John, Jr.

Added later the same year:

Gaylord, A.

Gaylord, Mina

McKibbon, Elizabeth

Source: From Notebook #1 of Alice Eddy Oakes, History of the First Baptist Church, pages 7, 8 based on church records.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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