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Book Compiled by Carol Brotzman, Church Historian
Photo by Amanda BROTZMAN Kingsbury 1998
Beaver Meadows Historical Committee 2000
Carol Brotzman, Douglas Clapper, Jane McGee, Rev. William C. Nelson
Book Formatted for Tri-Counties Site by Joyce M. Tice
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Beaver Meadows - We Are the Church - 1850 - 2000
Present Day Activities
The church continued through the years. By 1940, the beloved Sunday school teachers, Susie Bond Pickett and Josephine Clapper Carter, passed on. Ruth Spencer Culver took over the helm of the Sunday school about 1948. She was fifty years old. As she grew older, the church and Sunday school waned. The small congregation held services in their homes during the winter to conserve fuel.

In October 1978, Donna Bennett, Charlotte Fassett, Carol Brotzman, and Beverly Brotzman reorganized the Sunday school. Jenella Ryan served as Superintendent. It continued to flourish. Donna Bennett and Carol Brotzman are still there teaching, even though their children have long outgrown Sunday school. Where there are children, there are parents. The church was growing again.

During the next twenty years, the church added vinyl siding, a new roof, and indoor plumbing. The trustees refurbished the dining area in 1996. Donna Bennett gave the kitchen a modern look by crafting all new cabinets. In 1996, Greg Campbell created a welcoming sign for our church as an Eagle Scout project. A new porch was added in the spring of 1998 in memory of the Culver, Sink, and Brotzman families. In April 2000, a new Pavilion was built as a memorial to Walter Sharer and his sister, Grace Bennett. The church is flourishing again.

The photos shown here represent the church basement under renovation in 1996. The photos are from the Dale and Donna Bennett Family.

At Left: From left to right:

Ronny Sharer

Douglas Duffield

Dale Bennett

Matt Cobb

Randy Campbell

Jerry Clapper

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At Right: From Left to right:

Herb Button

Randy Campbell

Truck Driver

Matt Cobb 

At Left: Donna Bennett and her grandson, Bryan Bennett, installing the new kitchen cabinets
At Right: Greg Campbell with the welcoming sign which was his Eagle Scout Project

Spring, 1996

A church is a wonderful place in which the people may enjoy worship and serve God, but it is just a building. A church is really its people. Many of them that made this church what it is lie in the neat, well-kept cemetery directly behind Beaver Meadows.

The Beaver Meadow Cemetery Association was organized after E. W. Cobb agreed to sell one and a half acres of land connected to the old burial grounds of the Beaver Meadow Union Church on August 30, 1893. Nathan Cobb and John Freeman Clapper were to represent the congregation in this venture. The church actually sits on the cemetery association's land. The deed for the original burial grounds and the land where the church is located was recorded on March 2, 1965.

Photo by Amanda Brotzman Kingsbury

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