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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Don Stanton
Article by "Mrs. J. O. Whitman" (her name not given)
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Brief History of the Church

By Mrs. J. O. Whitman

During the year 1850 Theobold Miller, of Covington, came to Canton once a month and held religious services. On September 28 a church of twenty-two members was organized. In 1851-52 a house of worship was built, $1,368 was raised; eighty-two persons contributing. It stood on the same spot which we have occupied until the present time. In September 1852, it was incorporated as the "The Church of Christ" in Canton. The building was first remodeled in 1870 and again in 1893 when the side-room was added; the basement being excavated in 1905. A Sunday School has always been held in connection with the church, a Union School having met in the old red school house for five house before the church building was erected, then it removed to the church and remained a Union School until the Baptists organized in 1863, the Methodists in 1868 and the Presbyterians later.

The Woman’s Missionary Society was organized November 17th, 1885, with twelve members. This has grown until it numbers about one hundred and pays $400 of the $1,600, which the church gives yearly for missions. Under its guidance two missionary circles and a Junior Mission Band have been organized. The Canton church became a "living link church" in 1918 and is supporting Elmer Boyer in Bolenge, Africa. A parsonage was purchased in 1898; a pipe organ installed in 1909; and memorial windows put in the church in 1916. In 1920, because of the need of better Bible School equipment, and the necessity of extensive repairs on our old church; a building find was started by Missionary circle No. 1, giving the first $25.00.

During these seventy-three years the following pastors have served the church:

Theobold Miller 1850 - 1852

Charles McDougald 1852 – 1856

A. J. Swartz 1861 – 1862

J. G. Encel 1862 – 1863

T. B. Knowles 1863 – 1864

Silas Shepherd 1864 – 1865

George Wells 1867

Nathan Mitchell 1868

Alex Greenlaw 1869 – 1870

W. T. Sanders 1871 - 1873

J. L. Phoenix 1873 – 1875

B. H. Hayden 1875 – 1881

C. T. Mortimer 1881 – 1883

A. S. Morrison 1883 – 1888

J. H. Gordonier 1888 – 1890

A. R. Miller 1890 – 1894

George Lobingier 1894 – 1896

U. A. White 1897 – 1900

L. O. Newcomber 1900 – 1902

C. A. Brady 1903 – 1911

H. W. Cadwell 1912 – 1919

T. D. Zimmerman 1919 – 1922

Edwin Wyle, our present pastor came to us April 1923

Those who have acted as elders are:

Roswell Rogers

R. D. Hazelton

Thomas Howard

Truman Fassett

Nelson Reynolds

Samuel Benedict

M. P. Lewis

G. W. Griffin

    1. D. Finch
H. B. Parsons

Ephraim Hart

H. C. Stone

B.F. Biddle

    1. Ira Williams
T. J. Williams

James Turner

Fay Rundell

This is a brief history of the "Grey Church on the Hill," but there is yet unwritten a history which none of us can know, until time shall end and the books be opened. For who can estimate the value of a church like this from which so many go out to the various parts of the world carrying their influence for good. God help us who remain, to be as faithful to the trust placed in our hands as have been those who have gone before.

From the collection of Eleanor P. Keagle (1896 – 1971)

Postcard includes headshot of  Rev. C. A. Brady
who was in this church 1903 - 1911
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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