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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry LAMPMAN Nichols
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2006
Red dome of Lake street Presbyterian shows in photo. I am "pretty sure" I have an older postcard of it and will replace this photo when I find it. 
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Lake St. Presbyterian Church records are on microfilm at the Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. The page numbers are not in chronological order on the film if you go to look at them. There are over 300 pages most are of the meetings minutes. Submitted by Sherry Lampman Nichols Feb. 2006
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Page Members Names    
page 65      
Feb 3, 1861 Collier Francis M. Aug 5, 1864 Letter to Church in Phelps, NY
  Goosler Lucy Ann Letter to Presb, Church in Lewisburg, Pa Mar 29, 1868
  Dubois Asa June 2 1865 Letter to 1st Pres. Church Marlboro, NY
  Closs Mrs. Reuban H. Dismissed Jan 20 by letter to 5th Ward new church
  Murdock Mrs. Elizabeth Feb 3 Letter to Dutch Reform church in Ithaca
  Dubois Mrs. Anna June 2, 1865 Letter to 1st Pres. Church Marlboro, NY
Sept 7, 1861 Jack Elizabeth J. married Wm Steele & Joined the Episcopal Church
  Clark William  
Oct 5, 1861 Sandborn Mary A. dead
  Covell Georgianna  
  Carpenter James  
  Carpenter Martha E.  
  Hart A.P. Letter Mar 20, 1893
  Hart Angeline dead
  Hart Harriet A. Nov 6 1861 married J.W.Monhoun, Rochester Letter grantee Dec 1867
  Clark Isaac  
  Hart Harriet A.
  Clark Isaac  
Dec 1,1861 Covell Hannah Ann  
Feb 2, 1862 Huggard William  
  Huggard Eliza  
  Espy Eliza Aug 1, 1862 Letter to Pres Ch Johnstown, Pa
April 6, 1862 Clark Sophie P. Letter to church Aurora, Ill
  Smith Sarah  
  Past Loretta J. Dismissed
  Ansel Elisabeth Letter to church in Springfield, ILL given Feb 1868
Aug 3, 1862 McCarthy Katterine  
  Elliott Isaac  
Oct 3, 1862 Brooks Phoebe  
Oct 3, 1862 Johnson Thomas  
Dec 5, 1862 Sechler Mrs. Charles Mar 31, 1865 Letter to Pres Church , Bradys Bend, Pa
  Peirce Almira died Aug 16, 1884
Jan 31, 1863 Durland Susan Lovejoy  
  Hoffman Susan A. Letter Dec 4, 1863 Reported total in communion to Presb 153
  Kerr Mary Agnes Mar 30 1863 Letter to Pres Church Dubuque, Iowa
June 5, 1863 Davis Sarah B. Letter to Presby Church in Butte June 2 1867
Oct 2, 1863 Burke Mary Ann married Aug 30 1865 to E.C. Ehrlich Dismissed Apr 2, 1879?
Oct 4, 1863 Espey Eliza  
  Marsh Aaron J. letter to Preby Chur in Butte June 2, 1867
  Marsh Henrietta P. letter to Preby Chur in Butte June 2, 1867
  Heron Dr. James died Jan 9, 1864 age 83yrs
  Ayrault Miles  
  Ayrault Mary Jan 25 reported to Ridgebury total in commune 140
Feb 5,1864 Hogadorn Mary letter to Park Church Oct 1, 1877
  Clark Susan letter to church Aurora, Illinois
page 66      
Apr 1, 1864 Corwin Estelle letter to Coug'l Church in Spencer Dec 1867
  VanHoutan J.J. June 2, 1865 Letter to P. Church in Elizabeth, NJ
  VanHoutan Mrs. E.W. June 2, 1865 Letter to P. Church in Elizabeth, NJ
  Strong Mrs. Eliza 1877 May 4th Letter to 1st Presb. Church Elmira
May 1, 1864 Wells Mrs. Maria died Oct 14, 1874 age 87
June 3, 1864 Wood Mary away
Aug 5, 1864 Mills Artemas D.  
Sept 30, 1864 Lynch Henry June 2, 1865 Letter to Any Ev. Church Where God May Call Him
  Barnett Caroline Letter to Presb. Church in Lewisburg, PA Mar 29, 1868
  Pierce Maria Letter Oct 1866
  Johnson Malinda Ann  
Dec. 2, 1865 Arnold Frances J.  
  Blake Sattie A. Letter to S.P.Ch N. City, CA Died 1868
Mar 31, 1866 Daniels Walter J.  
  Daniels Mary A.  
June 2, 1866 Rockwell Mrs. Phoebe  
Feb 2, 1867 Mosher Frederick C. died Apr 21, 1867
  Bartholf Andrew S. Letter July 22, 1866
  Pickering Mary E.  
  Mosher Susan C.  
  Durland Daniel T.  
  Pratt Daniel R.  
  Satterlee Elias B.  
  Maxwell Catharine S.  
  Maxwell Isabella  
  Hart Charles S.  
  Squire Charles S.  
  Sickels Franklin away
  Elliot William Y  
  Bartholf William U.  
  Loomis William C. away
  Dewitt Isaac P.  
  Willard Mary F. Married "Elder Kerr"July 1869 Letter Sept 12, 1869
  Mosher Mary dropped
  Delomy Fanny  
  Wilber Susan A. dropped
  Shepherd Mary E. Died June 5, 1871
  Swan Mary Ann  
  Dewitt Lucinda M.  
  Matthews Mary  
  Dewitt Ella  
  Sawyer Alice Letter Dec 30 1868
page 67      
Feb 2 1866 Dewitt Julia Stella  
  Elliott George Washington dead
  Leavitt Mary Jane  
  Walter May  
  Vail Mary Lousia  
  Walter Helen dead
  Boak James Clark  
  Boak Mary Emily  
  Imbler William B. Feb 11 1866 Letter granted
  Maxwell Sarah Jane  
  Maxwell Susan Frances  
  Thayer Fanny Squire dead Letter to First P. Church Elmira
  Tuthill Fanny Mulfon?  
  Jack/Park Cessy dead
  Thurston Julie Hart Dismissed Feb 29 1867
  Partridge Mary Dismissed to Park Church Sept 23 1880
  Partridge Sarah E. Dismissed to Park Church Oct 4 1879
  McZuhae Sarah Jane  
  McZuhae Mary B.  
  Brooks Kathy S.  
  Boucher Anna married Sept 12 1867 died Feb 29 1868
  Clase Ella Letter to the 1st Pres Ch Elmira given Feb 6 1867
  Riggs Charles R?? Letter Mar 29 1871
  Strong William dropped
  Shoemaker Lucy Ayers  
  Wilbur William Edgar droppped
  Morehouse James W. Letter to Medina Granted Dec 1867
  Boothe Mr. Henry H. Feb 11 1866 Letter granted
Mar 4 1866 Moe Margaret dismissed Dec 31 1871
  Scriber Stephen J. Sept 29 1867 Letter granted Owalia
  Scriber Mary Antoinette Sept 29 1867 Letter granted Owalia
  Conell Edward died
  Tuthill David died July 4 1873
  Strong Henry W.  
  Neish Margaret Letter to Presb Church Hamden, Del May 2 1885
  Smith Mary  
  Knapp Elvera  
  Wilson Abigail dismissed to Wells, Pa Oct 9 1873
  Wilson Effie dismissed to Wells, Pa Oct 9 1873
  Walter Emma  
page 68      
Mar 4 1866 Weed Helen dismissed May 28 1881 to Presb. Harrytown, Minnesota
  Dewitt Edgar  
  Thurston Charles P. dismissed to Lafayette, A? Church Brooklyn May1, 1891
  Thurston Reuben letter to Hedding Church Feb 3, 1879
  Walter Richard E. dead
  Ramlor Emma  
May 7, 1866 Vandyne James A.  
  Vandyne Mary E.  
  Laidlaw John  
  Laidlaw Marrion  
  Losey Amos  
  Daniels Albert J.  
  Suffern Mary E. June 5, 1874 dismissed
  Weed Leonard S.  
  Terwilager Edgar B.  
  Terwilager Wyatt W.  
  Fletcher Elvine L.  
  Metzger Daniel M. withdrawn to Hedding Sept 6, 1879
  Metzger Almira  
  Luce Daniel  
  Smythe Hannah M.  
  Weed Elizabeth Ann  
  Bolters Angeline letter given Apr 5, 1880
  VanTyne Eunice A. May 3, 1867 letter to church in Owosso, Michagan
  Mills Rhoda  
  Chapman Hannah  
Sept 2 1866 Brewer Elizabeth  
May 5 1867 Miller Cornelia N. dismissed Nov 15, 1870
  Chidester Clarissa  
  Coburn Dr. E.P. died Mar 12, 1872
  O'Hanlon Clara  
  Bowker Rachel dropped
  Brown Annie letter March 1868
  Brill Mary F. dismissed Jan 28, 1872
July 14 1867 Bouton E.D. dismissed Sept 1871
Sept 1 1867 Dewitt Delia  
  Stuempfle Kate  
  Stuempfle Mary Pauline  
  Thurston Georgiana  
  Carrier Sarah E. dismissed Oct 27, 1871
  Carrier Carolina  
page 69      
Jan 5, 1868 Brownell Mary A. dismissed Nov 15, 1870/1871
  Brownell Amy A. dismissed
  Rockwell Mary  
  Rockwell Nancy  
  Rockwell Hannah  
  Strait Anna E.  
  Dubois Daniel  
  Patten Hannah dismissed Mar 1889 to M.E. Church Havana Mrs. H.A.Palmer 356 Walnut St.
  Reed Mary Tuthill  
  Elliott Isaac  
  Satterlee Mr.E.  
  Squire Connie?? Letter to Albany 1st Church Sept 28 1879
  Close Reuben  
  Loomis Wm. (Cole)  
July 3 1869 Sherwood Emily E. Letter
  Owens Ann died June 1, 1870
  Knox Anna  
  Finley John Letter Oct 30, 1883
  Finley Mrs. John Letter Oct 30,1883
  Thro Isabel letter to Fifth Ward Organization Feb 27 1882
Sept 12 1869 Goble Albert B.  
  Goble Betsey C.  
  Curtis Susan E.  
  Simpson Wm.  
  Simpson Henry  
  Honan Michael J.  
  Honan Mrs. M.J.  
Dec 31, 1869 Garrison Susan Ann  
  Watt Richard  
  Watt Mrs. Richard  
  Davis Sarah B.  
  Marsh Aaron T.  
  Walker Thomas  
  Walker Mrs. Thomas drowned off Sable Island by ship wreck of steamer "Slall? Of Va." by ????
      With eight others at 7:35 am Sat. July 12 1879-NY to Glasgow
Mar 6, 1870 Walker Mrs. James  
June 3, 1870 Durland C.O. died Jan 19 1886 Typhoid fever
  Durland Sarah E.  
  Williams Addie R.  
  Stewart Miss Florence letter to Pen. Church Warren, Pa Apr 18? 1873
  Moffate Miss Anna dismissed by letter to NY Aug 27 1875

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 02/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice