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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry LAMPMAN Nichols
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2006
Red dome of Lake street Presbyterian shows in photo. I am "pretty sure" I have an older postcard of it and will replace this photo when I find it. 
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Lake St. Presbyterian Church records are on microfilm at the Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. The page numbers are not in chronological order on the film if you go to look at them. There are over 300 pages most are of the meetings minutes. Submitted by Sherry Lampman Nichols Feb. 2006
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Page Members Names    
page 310      
Feb 25, 1876 Ensworth Joseph W.  
  Ensworth Mrs. Emma P.  
  Razey James Letter of dismissial Sept 1882, New York
  Gaylord S.C. gone
  Gaylord Mrs.M.C. deceased-dead
  Fitzsimmons Ellen  
  Gabbie Maggie  
  Gabbie Minnie  
  McClune Carrie  
  Mooers Emma  
  Bell Side?  
  Fuller Fanny moved to Chicago
  Boak Carrie married W.H. Peters
  Walter Estelle gone
  Mitchell Ella dismissed to Binghamton Sept 23, 1880
  Taylor Mrs. Sarah  
  Norman Mary  
  Cooke T.B. gone
  French H.C. Letter of dismissial Oct 27, 1880
  French Ernestine E. Letter of dismissial Oct 27, 1880
  Holley Robert F.  
  Howell John R. gone
  Watts Richard P. deceased
  Cowell Alex T. gone
  Smith Mrs. Eliza J.  
  Lormore Frances C. non residence list
  Johnson Mary A.  
  Morehouse James W.  
  Seely Alice M. Letter to First Baptist Church Feb 3, 1879
  Ware Minnie E. Letter taken to Wilkes Barre
  Ware Nellie F. Letter taken to Wilkes Barre
  Jenks Robert B. dismissed to 1st church Elmira Mar 27, 1893
  Partridge Louisa L. (Mrs.Fisher) dismissed Broadway Taberacle Church, NY
Mar 2, 1876 Redfield M. Estelle Letter Apr 15, 1883
  Redfield Henry S. Letter Apr 15, 1883
  Diven Anna M.  
  Walker James  
  Reid Jane E.  
  Thurston Charles Dismissed to Lafayette Av.Church Brooklyn May 1, 1891
  Wixon Hattie B.  
  Ehemans Albertus Wm. Letter of dismissial Oct 27 1880 to Cumberland, MD
page 311      
Mar 2, 1876 Ingham Eva May  
  Ingham Lissie P.  
Mar 5, 1876 McConnell Mrs. Hannah  
  Curtis Mr. J.J.  
  Hart Willard K. Letter to ? Church Waverly Apr 25, 1885
  Smith Mrs. Rose  
  Hart Mrs. Wm. E.  
  Mayle/Wayle? Dubois deceased
  Mayle/Wayle? Mrs. Dubois non residence list
May 7, 1876 Dilisten Mr. E.E.  
  Dilisten Mrs  
  Dilisten Miss Nannie  
  Steel Mrs. Etta B.  
  Frasier Wm. Dismissed to 1st Church Elmira Jan 2, 1891
  Frasier Mrs. Dismissed to 1st Church Elmira Jan 2, 1891
Sept 1877 Pierce Mrs. John Dismissed to Big Flats June 6, 1879
  Pierce Miss Dismissed to Big Flats June 6, 1879
Mar 2 1877 Bogardus Mr. deceased-dead
  Bogardus Mrs.  
  King Mrs. Letter Mar 17, 1883
  Carpenter Elizabeth Jane  
  Badger Franklyn  
May 6, 1877 King Mrs. gone
  Darby Mrs. D.V. Letter to Park Church Dec 31, 1886
  Bliss Mrs. Edward dead
  Bliss Miss Harriet A. Apr 9, 1887 gone to Angelica, NY
  Garritt Eva  
  Stites Saul L.  
Aug 29, 1877 Rumsey Obediah Letter to any Christian Church 1882
  Rumsey Flora A. Letter to any Christian Church 1882
  Walls Mrs. Clara  
  Marsh Miss Linda  
Oct 31, 1878 Bayette Mrs. gone
June 9, 1878 Farrington Miss Mary (Cushing)  
  Laidlow Miss Helen M.(Morrall)  
  Howell Mrs. (Elder)  
Nov 30, 1878 Walker Miss Isabella C. gone
  Harding Miss Lillie (Burgett)  
  Peters Mrs. Henry  
  Sadler Mrs.Edward P.  
  Dewitt Mrs Julie Baldwin dismissed Dec 10, 1881 Youngstown
  Hew?? Hard to read Miss Isadora gone
  Stephens Mrs. Charles  
page 312      
Jan 5, 1879 West Mrs. Lattie M. letter to Cong. Church Andover, Mass Dec 13, 1882
  West Miss Annie M. letter to Cong. Church Andover, Mass Dec 13, 1882
  West Lucy W. letter to Cong. Church Andover, Mass Dec 13, 1882
  West Martin George S. letter to Cong. Church Andover, Mass Dec 13, 1882
  Ellis Mr. M. R. letter to Cong. Church Minneapolis 1882
  Ellis Mrs. M.R. letter to Cong. Church Minneapolis 1882
  Goodrich Miss Mary dismissed Mar. 24, 1886 to Hedding Church
  Averill Miss Annie E.  
  Miller Miss Carrie  
Mar 2, 1879 Averill Mrs. Sarah letter to Horseheads Feb 11, 1886
  Farrington Mrs. Susan M.  
  Strader Mrs. Eliza A.  
  Clarke H. Amelia  
  Casterline Matilda  
  Brown Harrietta B. letter to Albany, NY Sept 28, 1879
  Brooks Mrs. Harry  
May 4, 1879 Fisher Miss Alice A.  
  Sanborn Mrs. Louis W. dismissed to 1st Church Mar 27, 1889
  Ross Mrs. F.W.  
  Hart Miss Harriett  
  Brown Mrs. Harrison  
  Berry Mrs. Viola  
  Rockwell Miss Phebe A. deceased
  VanDyne Miss Nellie L.  
  Brown Mr. Frank letter
  Jones Mrs. W.A.  
  Jones Dr. E.A.  
  Trumbull Mrs. Jennie E. deceased
July 6, 1879 Howell Fred M.  
  Day John moved away 1882
  Wells Mrs. Elizabeth  
  Wells Miss Elizabeth dismissed Aug 5, 1886 to Glen Falls
Sept 14, 1879 Drake Mrs. Mary  
  Nasmith Miss Elizabeth Letter Mar 17, 1883
  Pratt Mrs. D.V.  
Nov 2, 1879 Murdock Miss Agnes  
  Ludlum Mrs. Hattie Letter given May 3, to 1st Presb. Church of Patterson, NJ
  Hurlbert Mr. dismissed to Tioga, PA July 1882
  Hurlbert Mrs.  
Dec 31, 1879 Hart Mrs. Fanny L.  
  Lockwood Mrs Louisa  
page 313      
Mar 3, 1880 Swan Miss Nettie M. dismissed to 1st Ch Buffalo Apr 27, 1888
  Howell Mrs. Sarah died Aug 16, 1884
Apr. 17, 1880 Ribbell Mr. E.H.  
  Ribbell Mrs. E.H.  
  Dale Mrs. James  
  Beers Mrs. Ira gone
  Smith Mrs. James  
  Crocker Miss Margaret  
  Hamilton Miss Kate E.  
  Taber Mrs. J.  
Apr. 21, 1880 Peters Miss Harriet E. dismissed Hedding M.E. Ch 1890
  Smith Miss Margaret M.  
  Packard Miss Hellen R.  
  Cooper Carrie F. gone
Apr. 28, 1880 White Miss Anna B.  
May 2, 1880 Dewitt Mr. Suttherland Letter to 1st Pres Church
  Dewitt Miss Anna B. dead
  Wright Mr. Thomas  
  Wright Mrs. Elizabeth  
  Drake Mrs. Mary F. Prob. Dis. To Corning Mrs. D.S. Moore ?
  Price Mr. Albert A.  
  Price Mrs. Mary A. Letter to Pres Ch of St. Paul Jan 15, 1887
  Robbins Mr.Robert L.  
  Robbins Miss Evelyn M. dismissed to La Crope?, Wis Mar 25, 1886
  Robbins Miss Josephine E. died
Nov 5, 1880 Smith Mrs. Florence E. non residence list
  McAllister Miss Maggie A.  
Dec 29, 1880 Welles Mrs. Fanny B.  
  Welles Miss Grace E.  
  Welles Mr. Henry B. died
  Watts Mrs. John dismissed to Park Ch. May 9, 1887
      number reported to Pres Church Apr 19, 1881- 381
Apr 27, 1881 Davis Abiel B. Letter given Oct 22, 1886 to Salamanca, NY
  Davis Mrs. A.B. Letter given Oct 22, 1886 to Salamanca, NY
  Miller John C.  
  Nelson D. Brainard Letter to 1st Pres. Ch at St. Simine? MS May 2, 1885
  Nelson Mrs. Jane C. Letter to 1st Pres. Ch at St. Simine?, MS May 2, 1885
  White George A. now a clergyman
  Yontz Harry Warner gone
  Yontz Mary Elizabeth  
  Squire Fanny Boardman  
  Klaproth? Emma Minnie  
  Ruppensburger Emma Eugenia German Church
page 314      
July 3, 1881 Arnot Fannie Palmer  
Nov 9, 1881 Wright Miss Jessie Transferred to 1900 book
  Drake Miss Kate Clara  
  Van Dyne Oliver  
  Shumway Charles N. deceased
  Shumway Mrs. Mary  
  Shumway Miss Fannie G.  
  Shumway Miss Isabell  
  Risley Mrs. Mary  
Nov 13, 1881 Drake Mrs. Mary Dec 31, 1886 dismissed to Corning
  Assanser? Mr. Christian  
  Assanser? Mrs. Mary  
Dec 28, 1881 Espey John C.  
  Frasier Joseph dead
  Boak Louis May 10, 1883
June 27, 1883 Espy John Wm.  
  Stumphle John  
  Welles Miss Jessie  
  Murdock Miss Jennie  
Jan 18, 1884 Wrigley Isaac R. non residence list
  Wrigley Mary E. dismissed Dec 31, 1886 Franklin St. Ch
  Strang Katharine  
  Gould Nellie F.  
  Leavitt Katie  
  Harlan Eva L.  
  Ingham James/Jeanie  
  Marvin Nellie  
  Wurland Frederick  
  Myers Henry  
  Wight Nellie  
  Hoag Louisa  
  Weister Matie  
  Campbell William  
  Van Dyne William  
  Sweet Frederick Letter to Cortland
  Peters Charles dismissed
Mar 5, 1884 Satterlee Harry gone to ???
  Satterlee Angusta  
  Dorn John McQuhar deceased
  Smith Newton L. gone
  Reid Jennie  
  Campbell Wm. A. letter to Rochester

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 02/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice