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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry LAMPMAN Nichols
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2006
Red dome of Lake street Presbyterian shows in photo. I am "pretty sure" I have an older postcard of it and will replace this photo when I find it. 
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Lake St. Presbyterian Church records are on microfilm at the Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. The page numbers are not in chronological order on the film if you go to look at them. There are over 300 pages most are of the meetings minutes. Submitted by Sherry Lampman Nichols Feb. 2006
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Page Members Names    
page 315      
Mar 5, 1884 Brewer Louis returned list
  Brewer Harry  
  Morehouse John  
  Spooner Mrs. H. M. C. dismissed
  Landers/Saunders Frederick  
  Easterbrook F.T.  
  Easterbrook Mrs. Sarah  
May 16, 1884 Russell Robt. C. Dis. To 1st Pres Ch South Bend, Md-Oct 31, 1890
  Walker Crissie Mrs. J.H. McBride died July 1, 1945
  Packard Romaine  
  Mills Mrs. dismissed Feb 11, 1886-Mansfield, PA
  Greff Miss E. dismissed June 1st 1886 to Salt Pt., Del. Co
May 20, 1884 Arnold Magdalina  
July 2, 1884 Sweet W.J.  
Oct 14, 1884 Chapman Henry O. non residence list
  Dunn John T.  
  Johnson Rose dismissed by letter June 1886
Jan 2 1885 Espy Lizzzie J.  
  Brooks Sadie E.  
  Bartholf Mrs. Sarah  
  Scudder Willie  
  Derby Charles E.  
  Brooks Julia A.  
  Mills Emma dismissed Feb 11, 1886 Mansfield
  Bogardus Miss Libbie dismissed ? ? Badger to Groveland Oct 4, 1888
March 1, 1885 Hogg John  
  Hogg Mrs. Maria  
  Elston Edith B.  
  Thompson Wm. M. dismissed to Tacoma, Wash. Aug 14, 1888
  Thompson Mary E. dismissed to Tacoma, Wash. Aug 14, 1888
  White Harriet A.  
  Clark Harrit P.  
  Walker Agnes W. married Frank E. DeWaters
  Walker Mary B.  
  Howell Chester E.  
  McCracken Charles J.  
  Sheaver Hannah  
  Satterlee Wm. S.  
  Suffern James E.  
  Suffern Susan M.  
  Scudder Sarah J.  
  Scudder Carrie  
  VanBuskirk Della  
page 316      
Mar 1, 1885 Dunn Arthur  
  Enck Amelia  
  Jones John Clinton  
  Smith Benj' B.  
  Kell John O. dismissed 1891
  Suffern Andrew deceased
  Suffern Lilla non residence list
  Helm Mrs.Lucilia  
  Smith Rose E. married Albert Krug Sept 11, 1895
  Wallace Mary S.  
  Schmettzer Mary Transferred to 1900 book
  Thomas Mrs. Libbie  
  Wood Mrs. Maggie  
  Thomas Bernice  
  Brewer Benj' F. non residence list
  Stevens Charles F.  
  Wade James E. non residence list
  Wade Mrs. Mary E. non residence list
  Elston Miss Mary E.  
  Owens Ann Ella wife of Mr. Crane
  Canfield Hustin non residence list
April 1, 1885 Stomppler Peter F.  
  Dildine Amelia dismissed Mar 2, 1893 3rd Pres. Ch. Leona Presby Pa. Transferred to 1900 book
  Satterlee Mrs. Mary J.  
  Leavitt Fanny D.  
  Thompson Mrs. Ellen dismissed to Tacoma Aug 14, 1888
  Arnold Mrs. Sarah A. dismissed Dec 31, 1886 F.St Ch.(Franklin St. Church)
  Marsh Mrs. Anna  
  Helm Willis  
  Craft Mrs. Lizzie dismissed Dec 31, 1886 Franklin St. Ch
  Boyd Lizzie  
  Hayn Fredk J. non residence list
  James Charles A.  
  Marvin Edward  
  Marvin Mrs. Mary J.  
  Marvin Henry A.  
  Bell Henry  
  Randall Geo. H.  
  Du-Pra Lettie Mrs. Geo. W. Steinhauser
  Bevine Mrs. Adaline  
  James Mr. Edwin  
Apr. 22, 1885 Manning Lauretta  
page 317      
May 1, 1882 Seelze Mrs. Alice  
  Clark Maurice  
  O'Hanlon Geo  
  Snyder Geo W.  
  Lily Ronald M.D.  
  Stevens H.H.  
  Stevens Mrs. H.H.  
July 3, 1882 Sornberger Geo V.  
  Sornberger Mrs. Mary A.  
  Hayes Mrs. Harriet N.  
  Owens Jenifer  
  Owens Maud  
Oct 30, 1882 Harding Scott  
  Harding Mrs. Scott  
  Nudler Mr. D.W. dismissed to Kansas City Mar. 2,1888
  Sornberger Miss Mary A. non res. List - N. Chemung dismissed
  Harlburt Mr.Charles F.  
  Hurlburt Mrs. Charles F.  
  Mills Mr. Raymond dismissed to Mansfield
Feb. 11, 1886 Ruggler Charles M. dismissed to Syracuse Sept 10, 1887
Feb 16, 1886 Ruggler Mrs. Charles M. dismissed to Syracuse Sept 10, 1887
  Tynor Miss Sophia dismissed to Syracuse Sept 10, 1887
  Song Mr. Wm.  
  Churchill Miss Minnie  
  Morgan Miss Phoebe non res list
  Taber Mr. James  
  Hogg Miss Elizabeth  
  Booth Mrs. Catherine  
  Elston Mr. Charly C.  
  Elliott Mr. Fred W.  
  Plaisted Mr. Arthur died Aug 14, 1888
Feb. 17, 1886 Dupray Fred W. non res. List
  Cushing Joseph W. dead
  Cushing Mrs. Joseph W.  
  Rockwell Mr. Edwin non res list
  Rockwell Mrs. Edwin see page 222-- Name to be erased
  Manning Frank  
  Manning Clinton  
  Stites Mrs. Henrietta non res.
  George Miss Amuka  
  Smith Miss Ella  
page 318      
Feb 17, 1886 Clark Miss Ada deceased 1891
  Helm Miss Mary Ann  
  Tuthill Mr. Francis G. dismissed to 1st Pres. Ch. Elmira May 1 1891
  Tuthill Mrs. Francis G. dismissed to 1st Pres. Ch. Elmira May 1 1891
Feb. 23, 1886 Price Dr. John H. non residence list
  Sadler Harry  
  Casterline Mattie  
  Clark Miss Mary E.  
  Olsen Mr. Andrew returned list Nov 1891
  Morgan Miss Ida  
  Morgan Miss Cora  
  Robinson Mr. Wilber returned list Nov 1891
  McCracken Mrs. Mary gone back to Catholic Ch 1893
  Deister Miss Kate Transferred to 1900 book
  Deister Miss Sophia Transferred to 1900 book
  Olsen Annie  
  Satterlee Mr. Albert S.  
  Rockwell Miss Josephine non res. List
Feb 24, 1886 Howell Sidney E. dismissed
  Wall T.Claude returned list Nov 1891
  Wall Mrs. T. Claude  
  Brooks Mr. James R.  
Mar 5, 1886 Cowie Wm. E. returned list Nov 1891
  VanWagener Mr. Bill S. dismissed to First Ch. Elmira Mar 27, 1889
  Knight Electa G.  
  Laudquist Hilda C. returned list Nov 1891
  Kell John dismissed Evangel Lutheran Trinity Ch Buffalo
May 2, 1886 Lowe Emma dismissed Apr 13, 1892 Crawford Pres Ch.
  Helm Mary  
  Hugg Elizabeth  
  Garrabraut Mary  
  McAllister Erastus dismissed to Millport, NY
  McAllister Mrs. Sarah dissmissed to Methodist Ch. Millport, NY
  McAllister Mrs. Dora dismissed to Methodist Ch. Millport, NY
  McAllister Viola dismissed to Millport, Methodist Ch Mar. 16, 1889
  McAllister Master T. dismissed to Milport, Methodist Ch. Mar 16, 1889
Aug. 3, 1886 McLeod Mr. James  
Nov. 6, 1886 Russell Mrs. Robert C. dead
  Elliot Mrs. George dismissed to 1st Pres. Ch. Elmira May 1 1891
  Wallis Mr. John dismissed to 1st Pres. Ch. Elmira May 1 1891
  Wallis Mrs. John  
  Cook George H. died
  Cook Mrs. G.H.  
page 319      
Nov. 6, 1886 Cook Mr. George F. Apr 3 1900 Dismissed to 1st M. E. Ch. Elmira
Dec 31, 1886 West Miss Cora E. Transferred to 1900 book (under Mrs. Geo. M. Diven)
  West Fred'k A.  
  West Mrs. Alonzo A. transferred to 1900 book
  Terwilligar Miss Ann A. returned list Nov 1891
  Terwilligar Miss Cora  
  Duboise Mrs. Daniel E. transferred to 1900 book
Jan. 11 1887 Ketchum Mr. Jonas S.  
  Ketchum Mrs. Eliza  
Mar 4, 1887 Wheeler Phillip O. dismissed to Pres. Ch. Cortland, 1891
  Wheeler Mrs. P. O. dismissed to Pres Ch. Cortland, 1891
  Morgan Charles H.  
  Morgan Mrs. C.H.  
Apr 29, 1887 Herrington Miss Hattie L. return list Nov 1891
  Mallette Mr. John F.  
  Mallette Mrs. John F.  
  Hazlett Miss Anna Eliza Apr 13,1892 dismissed to First Pres. Ch Ithaca
  Cooper Miss Anna J. Letter to Plymouth Church Chicago, Ill. Since died
  Perry Miss Minnie A.  
July 1, 1887 Harris Justus H.  
  Harris Mrs. Nancy  
  Thornton Harry  
  Thomton Mrs. Charity gone to Scotland
  Lilly Mr. George dead
  Lilly Mrs. George returned list Nov 1891
  Decker Mr. A.D. returned list Nov 1891
  Decker Mrs. Josephine
  Bacon Miss Hattie E. dismissed
  Hayner Mrs. U.  
Oct 25, 1887 Myers Edward R. dismissed to Hedding Ch. 1890
  Brown Dr. M.M. dismissed to Hedding Ch. 1890
  Brown Mrs. M.M.  
  Round Mr. R.J.  
  Round Mrs. R.J. transferred to 1900 book
  Daggett Mr. H. M. transferred to 1900 book
  Daggett Mrs. H.M transferred to 1900 book
  Daggett Miss Clara May  
  Smith Mrs. Susan L. transferred to 1900 book
  Diven George M.  
  Terwilligar Mrs. E.B.  
  Terwilligar Horace K.  
  Terwilligar Mrs. Horace K.  
  Brown Frank dismissed Pres Ch Laurens, NY
  Culver Mrs. Adelbert  

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 02/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice