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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry LAMPMAN Nichols
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2006
Red dome of Lake street Presbyterian shows in photo. I am "pretty sure" I have an older postcard of it and will replace this photo when I find it. 
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Lake St. Presbyterian Church records are on microfilm at the Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. The page numbers are not in chronological order on the film if you go to look at them. There are over 300 pages most are of the meetings minutes. Submitted by Sherry Lampman Nichols Feb. 2006
Page  062 065 070 310 315 320 More to Come
268 Joined while Rev. DeCamp was pastor
Page Members Names    
page 320     dismissed to Horseheads Pres. Ch
Dec 30, 1887 Woodruff Llewellyn dismissed to Horseheads Pres. Ch
  Woodruff Mrs. L. transferred to 1900 book
  Duryea Mrs. Walter dismissed to Potsdam, Mich Mar 27, 1889
Mar 2, 1888 Dorsey Mr. Joseph H. dismissed Pres Ch. Watkins United Cong'l Ch Cortland Jan 1895
  Hurley Edna M. dismisse to Maine, NY Jan 1, 1890
  Tubbs Lena R. dismissed First Meth. Ch Big Pond, NY (says NY but should be PA)
  Dodd Mrs. Sarah Ann dismissed Mar 6, 1894 (Mrs. Ella Ecke) page 249
  Stevens Mrs. Fenton
  Howell Mrs. Fred'k  
  Scudder Mrs. Aaron  
  Manwaring Mrs. William D.  
  Hunter Mrs. Frank S.  
  Hunter Mr. Frank S. dismissed Pres Ch Cortland
  Barritt Miss Nellie M.  
  Haupt Miss Alice F. now Mrs. McCarty
  Haupt Miss Nellie M. now Mrs. John Hohing?
  Haupt Miss Mary L.  
  Crane Mr. Floyd E.  
  Smith Miss Maggie A. deceased Oct 1891
  Osborne Mr. Ben'j C. A mistake her confession of K. Niver was consummated
  Brooks Miss Stella M. returned list Nov 1891
May 4, 1888 Heively Mr. William H. transferred to 1900 book
  Duryea Mr. Walter T.  
  Lowe Miss Lilly 
  Lowe Jennie dismissed to Cent Pres Ch Auburn July 7, 1889
  Babcock Mrs. Catharine returned list Nov 1891
  Houghtaling Mrs. Larry  
  McNeal Mrs. Martha T. Living at Berne, NY Jan 1895 released list Nov 1891
  Tubbs Mr. M.T. deceased
  Tubbs Mrs.M.T. deceased
  Atwater Mr. Darius  
  Wixson Mrs. F.M. transferred to 1900 book
  Shehan Mrs. Elizabeth transferred to 1900 book
Nov 2, 1888 Dubois Theron Bailey return list Nov 1891
Nov 4, 1888 Huntley Mr. D.L. return list Nov 1891
  Huntley Mrs. D.L.  
Jan 4, 1889 Hurly Mr. Mulford K. transferred to 1900 book
  Daggett Miss Mabel deceased
  Cook Miss Frances  
  Larson Mr. J.C.  
Mar 1, 1889 Masterson Mrs. Sarah  
  Masterson Mr. Henry   
  Masterson Miss Jennie
  Chapman Miss Allie M. dismissed to North Ch. Elmira
page 321      
Mar 1, 1889 Rife Mr. John M. dismissed
  Rife Mrs. Carrie dismissed
  Peters Mrs. Pauline R. dismissed to Park Ch
  Peters Miss Harriet S. dismissed to Hedding M. E. Ch Feb 1,1890
  Manwaring Mrs. Mattie Brown  
July 2, 1889 Lemon Mrs. Debora  
Oct 30, 1889 Hart Miss Tallie dismissed
  Coleman Mrs. Joseph F.  
  McNeil Mrs. Fannie A.  
  Lyons Mrs. Emeline dismissed to North Ch Elmira
Nov. 3, 1889 Zoller  Mrs. Janette M. dismissed & deceased May 1900
Jan. 1, 1890 Marvin Miss Martha   
Feb. 26, 1890 Gardner Mrs. Jennie E.  
  McLean Mr. Andrew  
  McLean Mrs. Jennie A. (wife)  
Jan 1, 1890 Mills Miss Mollie  
Apr 30, 1890 Lillie Mrs. Sarah Amelia deceased 1892
  Woods Mrs. Emma Della  
  DeCamp Mrs. A.F. transferred to 1900 book
July 2, 1890 Meulandyke Mrs. Jennie Z. dismissed to First Pres Ch Elmira
  Meulandyke Mrs. James dismissed to First Pres Ch Elmira
Oct 31, 1890 Drister Mrs. Katherine transferred to 1900 book
  Drister Miss Wilhelmina transferred to 1900 book
  Kaler Miss Rosa  
Jan 2, 1891 McClatchey Mrs. Jennie June 21, 1919 I certified to her standing Jan 2, 1891
  Woodruff Joseph W.  
Feb 27, 1891 Milne Mrs. Wm.  
  Edwards Mrs. J.C.  
  Debois Bernard transferred to 1900 book
  Fish Mrs. Eliza  
  Merceraux Mrs. Mary G.  
  Merceraux Miss Carrie  
  Merceraux Miss Gertrude  
May 1, 1891 Gillette Mr. Wm.  dismissed to Pres Ch.Horeheads June 4, 1900
  Gillette Mrs. Wm. dismissed to Pres Ch.Horeheads June 4, 1900
  Gillette Miss Ida R. a mistake no such person who was-Pastor DeCamp 
  Ralyea Mrs. Barbara S.  
  Round Julian Mills  
  Pratt Ja. Bisset  
  Fish Edwin Cook  
  Goware Mrs. Idella  
Sept 4, 1891 Iradell Mrs. Charles  
  Litimer Mrs. Sarah Williamson  
  Woodard Mrs. Laura L.   
page 322      
Sept 4, 1891 Fish Mr. Wilbur P.  
Nov 1, 1891 Dubois Flora  transferred to 1900 book
  Howell John I.  
  Woodward Wm.S.C.  
Jan 1, 1892 Wenzil Hattie dismissed to 1st Meth Ch
  Deister John transferred to 1900 book
Mar 4, 1892 Smith Miss Edna C. dismissed
  Gillette Ralph  
  Hamlin Miss Florence M. dismissed Park Ch
  Cruikshank Miss Mary Feb 21, 1893 dismissed to Wash Av. Pres. Ch Buffalo, NY
  Cruikshank Mr. Robert Feb 21, 1893 dismissed to Wash Av. Pres. Ch Buffalo, NY
  Cruikshank Mrs. Robert  Feb 21, 1893 dismissed to Wash Av. Pres. Ch Buffalo, NY
  Foster Mrs. Jane  
  McCann Mrs. Mary  
  McCann Mr. James  
  McCann James David  
  Caleman Mr. Joseph Froam  
  Maus Mrs. Clare T. dismissed
  Swan Miss Lena A. married Eugene Carroll
  Swan Miss Asenath M. married E. Warner
  Friend Miss Helene Amelia  
  Friend Miss Katy Theresa  
  Thurston Miss Maude Ayers  
  Heine Miss Anna Elizabeth  
Apr. 27, 1892 Eacker Mrs. Cynthia J.  
  Osborne Mrs. Ella  
  DeLano Miss Alice letter to 1st Pres. Ch. Elmira May 3, 1900
  Hurlburt Francis L.  
  Dailey Mrs. Esther transferred to 1900 book
  Ralyea Mrs Isabel F.  
  Dupra  Miss Evangeline  
  Simpson Miss Francis A.  
  Simpson Miss Susie A.  
  Harris Miss Addie May  
  Metzger Miss Anna C.  
  Elmendorf Miss Bertha   
  Stevens Miss Mabel  
Aug 30, 1892 Ray Mr. Albert  
  Fuller Mrs. Emma C.  
Nov. 2, 1892 Keene Mrs. James T.  
  Keene Mrs. Elizabeth (wife) deceased
Mar 1, 1893 Ward Prof. Chas. E. dismissed
  Ward Mrs. Chas. E.  
page 323      
  Doolittle Mrs. Kittie Smith  
  Frailey Mrs. Edna  dismissed Apr 2, 1900 Southport Pres. Ch
  Lowe Miss Jane  
  Swart Miss Alice  
May 3, 1893 O'Hanlon Miss Clara married Edward M. Roberts Apr 28, 1898
  Duellin Miss Laura transferred to 1900 book
see below * LaBurt Miss Lottie Theresa  
Nov 1, 1891* Elmendorf Mrs. Elizabeth  
  Calhoun Mrs. Myra Jane  
  Kellam Mrs. Jessie Emily  
  Decker Mr. James Wallace  
Jan 8, 1894 Engle Mr. John  
  Engle Mrs. Martha Willa  
  Engle Mr. John Harold  
  Fralley Mr. Robert Daniel dismissed Apr 2, 1900 Pres. Ch Southport
  Bussom Mr. Frank James  
  Bussom Mrs. Emily Elizabeth  
Mar 6, 1894 Stone Miss Catheine Adelaide  
May 3, 1893 * Gillett  Mr. Roy  
Jan 6, 1894 Johnson Mr. E.L.  
  Johnson Mrs. E.L.  
May 3, 1894 Croul Dr. F.C.  
  Croul Mrs. Catherine e.  
  Stone Mr. George C.  
  Hardie  Mr. George  
May 3, 1894 Curtis Miss Susie Beadle  
  Duhl Mrs. Wilhelminina  
  Walker Miss Margaret married Clifford H. Calkins
  Stepens Mr. James Philip  
  Wadsworth Mrs. Catherine   
  Donovan Mrs. Mary Elizabeth  
  McCann Mrs. Florence N.  
Nov 4, 1894 Sweetland Mrs. Almira  
  Sweetland Miss Mollie L.  
  Dickinson Miss Jessie Maude  
Jan 6, 1895 Ensign Mrs. F.V.  
  Ensign Miss Carrie  
  Johnson Miss Rose   
  Stevens Miss Lydia  
  Falck Mr. Alexander Diven  
  VanDuzer Miss Louisa  
  Mills Miss Annie McQuhae  
  Reid Miss Clara Grammis  
  Freeborn Miss Mary  
page 324      
Apr. 15, 1895 Craven Mr. L. Frances  
  Craven Mrs. Nettie E.  
May 6, 1895 Lewis Mrs. Margaret  
  Koop Mr. Wm. Joseph  
  Koop Mrs. Carolina  
  Koop Miss Rosie Anna  
  Koop Mr. Henry Nelson  
Sept 15, 1895 Hamilton Mr. Walter T.  
  Hamilton Mr. Robert dismissed to June 4,1900 to Park Ch
  Snyder Mrs. Jennie  
  Snyder Miss Mable  
  Bowne Mrs. Philipene Catherine  
  Elmendorf Mrs. Martha  
  Kiesse Mr. William H.  
Oct 30,1895 Mather Miss Dorothy deForest dismissed Apr 3, 1900 to Park Ch Elmira
  Mather Mrs. Sarah dismissed Apr 3, 1900 to Park Ch Elmira
  Calkins Mrs Florence Watson  
  Calkins Mr. Clifford H.  
  Neef Miss Harriet C.  
Jan 5, 1896 Fulton Mr. H.H.  
  Fulton Mrs. Maria  
Mar 1, 1896 Hamilton Miss Eleanor  
  Conde Miss Bertha   
Apr 19,1896 Hastings Mr. Benjamin A.  
  Hastings Mrs Nellie S.  
Apr 29,1896 Durland Miss Grace Elliott  
Sept 9, 1896 Krowe Miss Clara Louise  
  Dullin Miss Emeline Rosaline  
  Dullin Miss Lillian Margaret  
  Burgett Miss Faninie Cornelia  
  Benedict Mr. Henry B.  
Oct 28, 1896 Manning Mrs Mary Helen  
Dec 16, 1896 Hamilton Mrs. Emma F.  
  Hamilton Mr. Mast   
  Luton Mrs.Wm.  
  Futon Mrs. Maggie  
  Futon Miss Anna  
  Futon Mr. Thompson  
Mar 8, 1897 Owen Miss Mable Clare  
  Hurley Mr. Mulford Kendrick  
  Dupra  Miss Josephine  
  Jordan Miss Mary Anna  
  Jordan Miss Clara May  
page 325      
Jan 8, 1897 Fox Mrs. D.H.  
  Sage Mrs. Ella  
  Strouse Misss Mary  
  Strouse Miss Ida M.  
Apr 28, 1897 Croul Miss Edna Miller  
  Dartt Miss Laura Claire  
  McNulty Mrs. Margaret  
  McNulty Miss Louisa  
  Hedges Miss Carrie C.  
  McConnell Miss Florence   
June 30, 1897 Ellett Mr. John  
  Millock Mrs Clara  
Nov 3, 1897 Olmstead Dr.Wm. H.  
  Olmstead Mrs Cornelia  
  Dildine Miss Amelia  
Dec 29, 1897 Smith Mrs. Zopher  
  Lovejoy Mrs. Hannah  
  Baker Mr. John A.  
  Baker Mrs. Emma  
  Roy Miss Anna May  
  Espy Mrs Matilda Addie  
  Schoenemann Mrs. Mary transferred to 1900 book
  Dick  Mr. Lewis transferred to 1900 book
  Dick Mrs. Inez May  
  Westcott Mr. Mahmond  
  Boak Mrs. Fanny Louise  
Mar 2, 1898 Griffis Mr. John Wesley  
  Griffis Mrs. Henrietta  
  Griffis Miss Margaret  
June 29, 1898 Parkinson Mr. Alexander C.  
  Booth Miss Catherine Sarah  
  Booth Miss Elizabeth Eleanor  
  Elston Miss Ada Charline  
  Simpson Miss Alison Clarke  
  Leaske John  
  Leaske Mrs. Ellen  
  Friend Mrs Eliza E.  
Nov 2. 1898 Meyer Miss Florence Bele  
  Krowl Miss Julia Elta  
  Frey Mr. Haus  
Nov 6, 1898 Parry Miss Elizabeth  
  Sinclair Miss Nellie   
Jungqriest Miss Elizabeth  
  Lovejoy Mr. Freeman Austin  
page 336 continued from 325    
Jan 2, 1899 Campbell Mr. John Anderson  
  Campbell Mrs. Mary Shappie  
  Copeland Mr. Charles Fairman  
  Copeland Mrs. Mary Amelia  
  Sykes Mrs. Alida  
Mar 6, 1899 Culp Mr. McGee Colewell  
  Stevens Mr. O.L.  
  Stevens Mrs. Elizabeth  
  Sterling Miss Blanche Estelle  
  Gregory Miss Lillian  
  Wood Mr. Geo. P.   
Apr 13, 1899 Gillett Miss Mable Louise dismissed June 4, 1900 to Pres Ch Horseheads, NY
Gillett Miss Jane Wilson dismissed June 4, 1900 to Pres Ch Horseheads, NY
  Cameron Miss Lillian Hillier  
  McCann Mr. Archibald Roy   
  McCann Mrs. Emma Gardner  
  Gardner Miss Hannah Louise  
  Walpole Mrs. Margaret  
  Stuempfle Mrs. Belle  
  Hyatt Mrs. Julia  
  Simpson Miss Edna Gertrude  
  Cushing Miss Edith May  
  Dumbrosky Miss Mattie Anna  
  Walter Mr. Alvin Anisworth transferred to 1900 book
  Decker Mr. Fred  
  Bauman Mr. Chas.   
  Stewart Miss Jessie Maud  
  Smith Mrs. Eliza   
Apr 19, 1899  Ralyea Mr. Wm. Harvey  
  Eston Miss Bessie Florence  
  Hunter Mr. Colus Congdon  
  McLean Mr. Frank Raymong  
  Ballard Mrs. Mary Moaleah  
  Wixson Miss Carolyn transferred to 1900 book
  Ellett Miss Grace Amelia  
  Valerius Mr. Frederick Ensign
  Parker Miss Evie  
  Smith Miss Minnie Cordelia  
  Frey Miss Anna  
  Bauman Miss Catherine Caroline transferred to 1900 book
  Bauman Miss Anna Amelia  
  Hunter Mrs. Eliza Jane  
page 337      
May 3 , 1899 Bauman Miss Mary Annie  
  Stevens Miss Florence Ann  
  Smith Miss Jessie Della  
  Hardie Mrs. Elizabeth Struthers  
  Evans Miss Myre Belle  
  Wadsworth Miss Dora Rose transferred to 1900 book
  Bullard Mrs. Charles A.  
  Smith Mrs. Sarah J.  
  Deister Mr. Charles   
  Norman Miss Georgia Sophia  
Nov 1, 1899 VanDyne Mrs. Mary Lee  
  Hamiliton Mrs. Walter  
  Stevens Miss Fayette  
Nov 23, 1899 Snyder Mrs. Mary Masterson  
Mar 4 1900 Donovan Miss Mary Alice  

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 02/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice