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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry LAMPMAN Nichols
Formatted & Pubished by Joyce M. Tice 2006
Red dome of Lake street Presbyterian shows in photo. I am "pretty sure" I have an older postcard of it and will replace this photo when I find it. 
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Lake St. Presbyterian Church records are on microfilm at the Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. The page numbers are not in chronological order on the film if you go to look at them. There are over 300 pages most are of the meetings minutes. Submitted by Sherry Lampman Nichols Feb. 2006
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  At a meeting of session held Nov 4, 1891 the following names were by unanimous vote
  remanded from the action roll of members to a reverend roll see minutes Pg 236
  Bardwell Mr. W.E.  
  Bogardus Eliza A.  
  Brewer Benjamin F.  
  Brewer Harry  
  Brewer Lanis  
  Brown Minerva H.  
  Canfield Husten  
Chapman Henry dismissed to made? Sq Pres Ch.NY May23 1894on request of Dr. C.H. Parkhurst
  Cowie William  
  Daniels Albert J.  
  Delaney Fanny  
  Dreker Mr.A.D.  
  Dreker Mrs. A.D.  
  Derby Chris E. attends Bapt congregation ?in Elmira
  Dewitt Julia Stella  
  Dewitt Delia  
  Dunn Isaac  
  Dunn Mrs. Isaac  
  Dunn John  
  Dunn Arthur  
  Dunn Eliza  
  Dupra Frederick  
  Espey Mrs. Eliza  
  Gould Nellie F.  
  Hart Mrs. Laugdon Monroeton, Pa returned on reg list Nov 1896
  Hayes Mrs. Harriet M. Ithaca, NY
  Hayes Frederick J.  
  Heverley Wm.H.  
  Hennington Hattie L.  
  Houghtailing Mrs. Leroy  
  Huntley Mr. D.R.  
  Huntley Mrs. D.R.  
  Landgriest Hilda  
  Long Mr. Wm. moved to Williamsport
  Long Mrs. Wm.  
  Lowman Mrs. William Sullivan St., Elmira
June 16, 1861 Murdoch Agnes by David Murdock of Conn
" Murdoch Catharine Andrus by David Murdock of Conn
" Pratt David Murdock by David Murdock of Conn
Nov 29, 1861 Partridge Charles Royal by Isaac Clark Pastor
May 30, 1862 Dewitt Lillie Skid by Isaac Clark Pastor
May 30, 1862 Dewitt Rascius Sterling by Isaac Clark Pastor
July 31, 1862 Hubbell Samuel by Isaac Clark Pastor
" Grosler Frances Emily by Isaac Clark Pastor
" Humphry Katie Strong by Isaac Clark Pastor
" Partridge Louisa Loveland by Isaac Clark Pastor
" Rupesbury Katie (by request) by Isaac Clark Pastor
June 3, 1864 Morehouse Jane Walker by Isaac Clark Pastor
Sept 30, 1864 Gapler Helen Louisa by Isaac Clark Pastor
Feb 3, 1865 Clark Alford Hastings by Isaac Clark Pastor
June 2, 1865 Morehouse Charles Hart by Isaac Clark Pastor
Aug 20 1865 Watts Mary by J.G. Curnachan
" Watts Stephen Henry by J.G. Curnachan
" Watts Isabella Smith by J.G. Curnachan
June 22, 1865 Thurston Richard Hull by Geo. E. Hirall Rector of the Church of Messiah
      son of Ariel S. & Cornelia S. Thurston
1865 Gardner Julia by Isaac Clark Pastor
Sept 16, 1865 Ansel Cora Isabella by Isaac Clark Pastor
The following Copied from the Pastors Record  
Sept 16, 1863 Pratt Daniel by Isaac Clark Pastor
Feb 5, 1864 Foster Jessie Ann by Isaac Clark Pastor
Feb 5, 1864 Foster Edward Alberger by Isaac Clark Pastor
Feb 2, 1865 Satterlee Augusta Sangstaff by Isaac Clark Pastor
Mar 7 1869 Murdoch Jerry Pettibone by D. Murdoch
" Dunland Frederick Lovejoy by D. Murdoch
" Squire Frances Boardman by D. Murdoch
Sept 12, 1869 Thro James Hewlett by Rev. N.M. Sherman
" Thro Samuel by Rev. N.M. Sherman
Nov 7, 1869 Strang Katherine Malrina by Rev. N.M. Sherman
June 13, 1870 Walker Christian Armistson by Rev. N.M. Sherman
  Walker Mary Bell by Rev. N.M. Sherman
  Walker Agnes Whitelaw by Rev. N.M. Sherman
  Pratt Walter Graham by Rev. N.M. Sherman
  Walker James Burton by Rev. N.M. Sherman
  Honan William Michael by Rev. N.M. Sherman
  Smith Minnie Alena bapt at home by Rev. N.M.Sherman abt. 1880 say parents and requested the invitation?
page 341      
Mar 3, 1871 Smith Benjamin Vail by Reva N.M.Sherman
Sept 1, 1871 Pratt Harriet Day by Reva N.M.Sherman
Aug 25, 1872 Doville Emil Henry by Reva N.M.Sherman
Aug 30, 1872 Kellogg William Vallaint by Reva N.M.Sherman
Aug 30, 1872 Partridge Florence Sue by Reva N.M.Sherman
June 1, 1871 Morehouse John Harwood by Reva N.M.Sherman
Feb 28 1873 Theo Adeline Regena by Reva N.M.Sherman
May 30 1873 Shoemaker Lola Eliza by Reva N.M.Sherman
June 16, 1873 Cowell Walter Clarence by Reva N.M.Sherman
Sept 5 1873 Smith Rose Elizabeth by Reva N.M.Sherman
Sept 7 1873 Reid Clara Grace (Grammis) by Reva N.M.Sherman
Sept 7 1873 Walker Margaret Ann by Reva N.M.Sherman
Jan 15, 1882 Ingham Helen by Rev. D. Cook & S.T. Clarke
June 24, 1883 The following were baptized by Rev A.R. Maconbrey, Pastor    
  Sterling James Gebbie  
  Bartholf Fannie Arlene  
  Davis Alberyt Samuel  
Drake Lucia Boardman Leon
  Drake George Millis David
  Drake Frances Tillotson David
  Morrall Helen Laidlaw  
  Drake Ida Cochran Charles
  Bardwell Florence Adella  
  Hart Charles Earle  
  Turnbull Raymong Alexander  
  Cooper William Mulford  
Nov 11, 1883 Ribble Dora Dillistin by Rev. A.W. Cowles
  Spooner Duncan Lansing by Rev A.W.Cowles
Mar 5, 1884 Brewer Benjamin F. by Rev. A.W. Cowles
June 8, 1890 Peters Aimee Margaret by A.F.DeCamp
  Peters Harry Clarke by A.F.DeCamp
  Lillie Alice Elson by A.F.DeCamp
Nov 2, 1890 Sterling Frank bertram by A.F.DeCamp
June 14, 1891 VanDuzer James Madison by A.F.DeCamp
  Stevens Pauline by A.F.DeCamp
  Howell Ira Abram by A.F.DeCamp
  Howell Mary Rockwell by A.F.DeCamp
  Harris Lina Ayers by A.F.DeCamp
  Lattimer Lillian Margaret by A.F.DeCamp
  Lattimer William James by A.F.DeCamp
  Manning Cera Edith by A.F.DeCamp
  Marshall Samuel Henry by A.F.DeCamp
  Marshall Daniel Wood by A.F.DeCamp
June 14, 1891 Marshall Marguertta Amelia by Rev A.F. DeCamp
" Ellett Stephen Arnot by Rev A.F. DeCamp
" Espey Mabel Magdalene by Rev A.F. DeCamp
" Stuemffle Charles David by Rev A.F. DeCamp
" By Rev.Allen F.DeCamp   Parents
Nov 1, 1891 Manning Helen Eastman Clinton & Mary Helen Manning
" Lilly Ronald McDonald Ronald D. & Sarah Amelia Lilly
" Hohing John Hauph John & Mary D. Hohing
" Mander Gertrude Gelbach George & Marian Mander
" Edward John Cummings J.C. & Amanda Florence Edward
" Edward Henry Verner Oct 1-1940 here-lives at 8111 S.Peoria St, Chicago, ILL
Apr 17, 1892 Pratt Madeline David & Madeline Pratt
" Cushing Gertrude Gelbach Mr. & Mrs. John Cushing
" Daggett Gertrude Emmorette? Mr. & Mrs. M. Daggett
" Wadsworth Dora Rosa Adopted child of Mrs. Jos. Wadsworth
Oct 4, 1892 Keene Harry Whitley Jas. F. & Elizabeth Keene dismissed July 1893 Toronta, CA?
June 11, 1893 Osborne Merritt C. (five years) children of Samuel W. & Ella M. Osborne
" Osborne Clara E. (3 years) children of Samuel W. & Ella M. Osborne
" Deister Edward Michael & Catherine Deister
" Hunter Ida Fern (3 years) Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Hunter
" Espey Arthur William ( 1 year) Mr. & Mrs. John Espey
" Manning Frank Squire (1 year) Mr. & Mrs. Frank Manning
" Seaton Eva Laura (1 year) Mr. & Mrs. Charles Seaton
" Howell Hazel Hunter (1 year) Mr. & Mrs. Fred M. Howell
Jan 7 1894 Engle Samuel Wells (5 years) Mr. & Mrs. John & Martha Engle
June 10 1894 McCann Arthur Tillingham Mr. & Mrs. George McCann
" Howell Jennie Julia Mr. & Mrs. John I. Howell
" Donovan Mary Alice Mary Elizabeth Donovan (widow)
" Haupt Maude Estelle  
" Hohing Florine Alice Mr. & Mrs. John Hohing
" McFadden Alice Louisa  
" Doolittle Benjamin Wm.  
" Duhl Eleonora Juliannna  
" Stephens(Stevens) Anna Amelia Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Philip Stephens
" Stephens(Stevens) Fanny Rose "
" Stephens(Stevens) Mary Ellen "
" Stephens(Stevens) Chas. James "
" Lattimer Thos. Henry  
" Hardie Mary Cranston Mr. & Mrs. George Hardie
Oct 14, 1894 Singerhoff Grover Cleveland (9years) Jacob? before he died
Oct 21, 1894 Ward Emma Louisa Chas. Edward & Marcie? Ward
" Ward Chas. Allen "

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 04/03/2006
By Joyce M. Tice