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Roll for Classes - Rowley Hill & Knapp's School House 1873
Submitted by Kelsey Jones and Sherman Barnes
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Class Rolls 1868 - 1896
Rowley Hill      
Name State In Life Residence Remarks
Meets at School House      
A. W. Knapp, leader m    
Rachel Knapp "    
Alfred Furguson "    
Elizabeth Furguson "    
Geo. M. Osgood "    
Rebecca Dewitt "    
Catharine Dewitt   name crossed out  
Martha Lawrence "    
Nancy Wortendyke "    
Helen Killgoer "    
Margaret Buchanan "    
Abram Fuller " Removed by letter March 21, 1874  
Jane Fuller " Removed by letter March 21, 1874  
Mary Lawrence s    
Theodocia Chappell m Removed without letter  
Mary J. Dewitt "    
Francis Bowman "    
Margaret Bowman "    
Elisha Moore s    
Ephraim Mosier m    
Catharine Mosier "    
Hannah Warner "    
Mary J. Dewitt "    
Emma Lawrence s    
Knapp's School House      
Meets at School      
J. H. Bristol, leader      
Sophia E. Bristol      
Joseph Sturdevant      
Hannah Sturdevant      
Reuben Updike      
Phebe A. Updike      
Catharine M. Clymer      
W. R. Hatfield      
Angeline Hatfield      
Norman H. Hurlburt      
Mary C. Hurlburt      
Miles Boughton   Removed without letter  
Emma J. Boughton   "  
David Baker      
Arvilla R. Eaton      
Andrew Bergstremer      
Permelia S. Bergstremer      
Nelson W. Heater      
Mary H. Heater      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 3/18/2001
By Joyce M. Tice