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Reprinted on this site with permission of Victor Charles Detty, Jr.

History of the Presbyterian Church of
Rome, Pennsylvnia



Victor Charles Detty, Pastor

Author of
History of the Presbyterian Church of Wysox, Pennsylvania (1791-1938)
P.P. Bliss, A Centennial Sketch (1838-1938)
A History of the Churches of Orwell, Pennsylvania (1803-1951)

Published by the Author 1942, Wysox, PA
Printed by Barber-Doane-Mosher, Inc., Elmira NY

Table of Contents

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Within a year from the date of organizations steps were taken to erect a church building. A meeting of citizens of Rome convened January 7, 1845 at the shop of Chaffee & Eastman to take into consideration the propriety of building a "house for public worship." Joseph Seely was called to the chair and O. F. Young appointed secretary. It was resolved that it was the opinion of those assembled that "there be such a house erected in this place for the benefit of the Presbyterian Church." Peter Allen offered to give a lot of 100 feet in front and 150 feet back and $50 toward the House; John Passmore the same quantity of land and contribute liberally toward said House; Nathan Maynard the side of three lots for $100 and give $50 of it toward the House; Godfrey Vought a sufficient quantity of land and $50 or $60; S. Cranmer 100 feet on the road by 150 back for $100 and take a share of $10 in the House to be applied on the purchase money. G. W. Eastman, Joseph Elliott, John Passmore, John Vought, Peter Allen, Danford Chaffee and Charles Taylor were appointed a committee to draft a plan, fix a site, circulate a subscription paper, and ascertain probable cost of the House.

Rome, Jan. 14th, 1845
We the undersigned will pay the several sums set opposite our names towards the erection of a house for Religious Worship for the use and benefit of the Presbyterian Church and Society in Rome Bradford County, Pa.—to be located on lands of N. Maynard, opposite A. F. Eastman and B. Gates.—The size of said house to be 34 feet front and 44 feet deep—height of posts 20 feet with a plain Steeple and Galleries in the front end and two sides—the whole to be built in a plain neat workmanlike manner under the superintendance and direction of "building Committee." Any person paying $5.00 shall be entitled to a share in said house, and no one shall be entitled to more than 20 votes. Lumber suitable for frame to be delivered on or before the 1st of May next, the house at all times will be open and free for all denominations on funeral occasions and a proper liberality shown to all Orthodox Churches. A small portion of subscription would be desired in money and the balance in materials and labor or something that will buy materials.
Geo. W. Eastman $50.00 John Prince $5.00
A. F. Eastman $50.00 Harry Strope $5.000
Geo. K. Taylor (Keg of Nails) $6.00 Sanford Prince $5.00
C. A. Taylor $10.00 Edwin Collins $5.00
Joseph Seely $25.00 Chandler Prince $5.00
A. J. Maynard $5.00 E. R. Myer $10.00
B. Gates $25.00 John Vought $30.00
O. F. Young $30.00 H. H. Mann $25.00
Philander Robinson $5.00 Chas. R. Bassett $25.00
A. D. Cronk $5.00 Albert P. Hicks $10.00
Peter Vought $10.00 Godfrey Vought $25.00
Acatias Vought $5.00 D. N. Miller $5.00
Nehemiah Vought $5.00 S. F. Washburn $20.00
Enoch Towner, Jr. $5.00 Martin V. B. Towner $5.00
Danford Chaffee $25.00 Enoch Towner $5.00
M. B. Prince (1200 ft. Hemlock) $5.00 Lucius Eastman $15.00
James Ellsworth (Lumber) $5.00 John M. Hicks $5.00
Daniel Hill (Lumber) $5.00 David Eiklor $5.00
H. Vought (Lumber and Work) $5.00 Dan. Russell $10.00
W. W. Woodburn $5.00 Wm. Tripp $5.00
A. P. Moody $5.00 Charles C. Lent $10.00
H. Hicks $5.00 H. Vought $5.00
Harry Passmore $5.00 Wm. Blend $5.00
W. E. Maynard $5.00 John Frost $13.00
Wm. Parks $5.00 Jabez E. Sexton $5.00
Anson Collins $5.00 John W. Woodburn $5.00
A. W. Alger $5.00 Samuel M. Alger $5.00
A. Milton Wattles $5.00 Hiram Morris $5.00
Joseph Allen $8.00 Harry Clark $5.00
Reuben Russell $5.00 H. D. Rockwell $5.00
E. A. Ridgway $10.00 Frederick Morley $5.00
Arunah Wattles $30.00 Samuel Owen $5.00
John Owen $5.00 Smith Lent $5.00
N. Hemmingway $25.00 H. Morgan $10.00
John Passmore $40.00 Joseph Vought $5.00
Nathan Maynard $10.00 Stephen Vought $5.00
Wm. S. Reede $5.00 Dan Russell $5.00
Joshua Vought $10.00 Samuel Reynolds $5.00
Peter Allen $10.00 Smith Forbes $5.00
Richard E. Lent $5.00 Roger Alger $5.00
John Gore $5.00 Alanson Whitney $10.00
(Total $852)


Concerning some of these there is available some data for individual and family sketches.

Asa F. Eastman, born at Marbleton, Chenango County, New York, April 21, 1808 was a brother of George Willys, and married first Harriet, daughter of Naphtali Woodburn, and her grave, inscribed "Died March 18, 1837," is in the graveyard across from the house of Mrs. Howard Acla on the road between Wysox and Rome. He married second, Catherine, daughter of Jacob and Thankful (Green) Wickizer, and they had five children: George Hyatt, Asa Myron, Martha Letitia, Miles Justus, James Dobson. He was a member of the Wysox Church. He had a brother Lucius, who married a woman with the first name Sally, who died Jan. 3, 1881 aged 65 years, 9 months, 23 days. They had a farm in the northern part of Rome township in 1869. He died June 21, 1870, aged 65 years, 1 month and 21 days, and burial was at Bumpville Cemetery, where another inscription indicates he had a daughter Sarah E. She died May 13, 1883 at the age of 36 years and 6 months, and was the wife first of J. Richards, who died Oct. 23, 1873, aged 30 years, and second, of Frank Bradley. Joseph, a son of Lucius and Sally Eastman, died July 1, 1857. Another infant son died in 1856.

C. A. Taylor may have been Charles Taylor who was a carpenter who was assessed for a house and lot ($206) for occupation ($25), and for a cow ($8).

JOSEPH SEELY lived on and owned the farm in Rome township now owned by Mrs. Mabel Doane. He was born Feb. 1, 1804 in Walton, Delaware County, N.Y., son of Sylvanus Seely, upon her death bequeathed to the church a sum of money ($150) the interest of which was to be used for the minister’s salary, still operative. A number of their children became members of the church. A page of photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Seely and their farm residence, as well as a column of biography, is given at page 357 in the Reverend David Craft’s History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, published in 1878. In 1848 he was taxed for 32 acres improved, 50 acres unimproved land, 1 house, 2 horses, and 3 cows at $418 valuation.

They had eleven children, three of whom died young, with burial at Rome, as was the case with their parents who died in 1882 and 1894 respectively. Mrs. Seely died at Lix, Pa., April 6, 1894.

    1. George Newton Seely, first son of Joseph and Julia Seely, was born Aug. 31, 1827, left home before the birth of the eleventh child, married and died in California, leaving no children. He and his father and brother Silas were subscribers to the building of the Rome Methodist Church in 1849. He was assessed for 4 acres of improved land, 82 unimproved, at a valuation of $179.
    2. Silas Edson, born March 12, 1829, married Aug. 19, 1852, Miss Abigail Marie Passmore, daughter of Joseph and Abigail Passmore. He was an elder of the church and died Sept. 13, 1902 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where his wife died in 1907. They had a daughter, Julia Maria, who died unmarried at Fort Smith in 1912, and a son, Enridge P.
      1. Enridge Passmore Seely, born Oct. 9, 1895, son of Silas, was married by Rev. H. F. Mason of Wysox, Pa., July 10, 1878 to Bernice Lillian Wattles, born in Rome, June 6, 1853, the daughter of DeWitt and Olive (Carter) Wattles. They had four children.
        1. Bernice Christine, born September 14, 1880 in Towanda, Pa., married William Henry Vaughn. They live at 410 Greenwood Ave., Fort Smith, Arkansas, and have two children: Bernice Margaret, born Nov. 27, 1913; and Nancy Mildred, born Jan. 16, 1920.
        2. Bernice Enridge, born Feb. 8, 1888, married Dr. Earle Jesse Logue. They live at the same address as the Vaughns.
        3. Olive Gail, born Dec. 4, 1882, married William Clarence Timmons. They have one son, Wilbert Helde Timmons, born June 22, 1915. Mrs. Olive Timmons teaches in Fort Worth, Texas, where her address is 1317 Clover Lane.
        4. Robert Enridge, born Oct. 10, 1895, married April 21, 1920 Marguerite Hankins of Warren, Ark., and they live at 1120 Thirty-sixth St., N., Seattle, Washington. They have three children, Robert Enridge, Jr., born at Seattle March 23, 1923; Jack H., born Jan. 11, 1930; and Nancy Jane, born Aug. 16, 1931. Mr. Robert E. Seeley is in the lumber business.
      2. Enridge P. Seely died in Fort Smith, Oct. 5,1929. His wife died there July 19, 1917.
    3. William Henry Seely, born Nov. 26, 1830, married and died March 22, 1918 at Montrose, Michigan leaving no children.
    4. Warren Erasmus, born Nov. 10, 183 died in boyhood April 12, 1850, with burial at Rome.
    5. Jane Adeline, born July 19, 1835, married Sept. 12, 1855 George Harmon of Hupert, Vermont, where they had one daughter born, Mary (May) who taught school from 1888 to 1903 at Walton, New York. For a number of years, "Aunt Addie," as she was known to the children of her brother Isaac Seely, lived with her daughter as an invalid at Walton. A year or so after the death of Mrs. Harmon, her daughter Mary, at the age of 42, (Feb. 2, 1903) was married to Mr. James E. Norton, aged 48, of Granville, Washington County, N.Y., to which place they went to live, and which is about ten miles from Rupert Vermont. Mr. Norton was engaged in the production of roofing slate, and was a widower with two or three children. Mrs. Norton never had any children of her own. Her parents are thought to have been buried at Rupert, Vermont. She died in 1919. (Letter from Paige H. Sinclair, Walton, N.Y.)
    6. Charles Edwin, born July 3, 1837, had a farm in school district number twelve in the northwest part of Rome township in 1869, according to Beers’ Atlas of Bradford County. He married Belle Tuttle, and they lived in Loveland, Colorado, having a daughter, born April 26, 1869, now Mrs. P. Mercer, whose address is Milliken, Colorado, box 511. Charles Edwin Seely died at Loveland, Colorado, Aug. 12, 1921.
    7. Mary Rebecca Seely, born June 11, 1839 married July 16, 1861 Charles son of Jesse Brown of Sheshequin township, Pa, who was born 1797. The remains of Mary Rebecca are at Sheshequin. To her and her husband were born two children who reached maturity: Hanford S. Brown, now living at El Verde Lodge, Saugus, cal., who married in 1920 at Bellingham, Washington, Miss Emma Mary Colk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Colk of Aylsham, County of Norfolk, England. Mrs. Colk being of the Goodwin family; and they have a daughter Mary Seely Brown, born in 1922; and Etta Brown Wolfe (deceased), who had two sons, (1) George Wolfe of Deadwood, South Dakota, and (2) Jesse Wolfe of Salt Lake City, Utah.
    8. Joseph Sylvester Seely, born Oct. 18, 1841, married, first, Oct. 30, 1877, Mrs. Esther Nettleton, who died within two years; second, Mrs. Kate Williams in 1880. He died September 17, 1889, and his body was buried at Greeley, Colorado. He had one daughter May Seely, born May 16, 1879, at Greely, according to her cousin, Mrs. P. Mercer. May Seely married and lived in Denver, but the name of her husband or their residence now is not known to the writer.
    9. Julia Celestia, born June 15, 1844, died June 27, 1853, the body being interred at Rome.
    10. Elissa Iszilla, born July 12, 1847, died in childhood at Rome, March 18, 1859.
    11. Isaac Jackson, born Dec. 6, 1849, married first, Sept. 16, 1874, Sarah Tompson, who died in 1876 aged 20 years; and second, Sept. 25, 1878 Margaret McKinney, daughter of John H. and Mary C. (Craus) McKinney of Litchfield, Pa. Isaac Seely died April 1, 1933 and burial was at Rome. Two children born to Isaac J. and Margaret (McKinney) Seely were: Joseph Clyde, born March 28, 1884; and Edna Beatrice, born Sept. 21, 1189. J. Clyde Seely married June 16, 1906 at Binghamton, N.Y., Ethel Seaman Johnson, and they live at 321 S. Litus Ave., Ithaca, N.Y., and have one son, Ralph, born October 10, 1907, who married Dec. 12, 1928 Helen Clare Willsey. The latter live at 87 Brighton Ave., Allston, Mass., and have two children, Joe and Kay. Edna Beatrice Seely, daughter of Isaac Jackson Seely, married May 3, 1917, David Mossman Trumble. They live at 169 Main St., Owego, N.Y. Mrs. Trumble furnished the following account.
Captain Robert Seely, who was the ancestor of Joseph Seely, was born in England in 1601, and died in New York City in 1667. His wife Mary and two sons came to America with him in Winthrop’s fleet of 900 in 1630. Robert Seely was the confidential agent of Chaddock, who financed the fleet. He brought with him one servant of whom there is record, but he may have brought more. He married in England but the last name of his wife is unknown. His second marriage was Dec. 22, 1666, to Mary (Manning) Walker, a widow, and sister of Captain John Manning. He resided in Watertown, Mass. 1631-1634; Wethersfield, Conn. 1635; New Haven Colony, Conn. 1639; Saybrook, Conn. 1662; Huntington, Long Island, 1666. His first wife died in New Haven Colony between March, 1647 and 1651.

Captain Robert Seely and his family sailed from London, England, Monday, March 29, and from the Isle of Wight, April 1, 1630 in a ship "Arabella," named for Lady Arabella Lincoln Johnson who was a passenger in the same ship, arriving at Salem, Mass., June 12, 1630. He was one of the first of the 25 freemen in Watertown, Mass., May 18, 1631. he was quite prominent in affairs, owning considerable property. In 1635 he was one of seven families that settled Wethersfield, Conn.

Shortly he became prominent in New Haven Colony and his name is the 14th in the original list of freemen who signed June 4, 1639 the "Fundamental Agreement," a remarkable document in the history of civil government. He is mentioned in "Brief History of the Pequot War" by Major John Mason. He was next in command to Mason of the troops against the Pequots. He returned to England after the death of his first wife, but returned again to America and was prominent in Colonial military life. Much as been written about him.

A. MILTON WATTLES was Arunah Milton Wattles, son of Arunah Wattles, who was the son of Dan and Cynthia William Wattles. Dan was the first of two sons of John Wattles who came from Scotland to Connecticut. Dan’s brother was named John. Dan was born at Lebanon, Conn. In 1761. His wife, Cynthia Williams, was a niece of Rev. Roger Williams, Baptist founder of Rhode Island as a refuge for religious liberty, after fleeing persecution in Massachusetts Bay Colony. Children of Dan and Cynthia Wattles were: Polly, born 1791; John, Arunah, Adoshes, Caroline, and Catherine. Dan died in 1839 in Tioga County. Cynthia died in 1848, with burial at Wysox.

Arunah Wattles came to Bradford County with his parents. He at first located on Pond Hill, then settled in Rome township on land now owned and occupied by Leon Bidlack and engaged in farming and lumbering until his death Sept. 16, 1853 in his 59th year. He took an active interest in public affairs, being for many years a justice of the peace. He served one term as county auditor and two terms as state representative. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth (Eiklor) Allen. She died July 21, 1863 in her 72nd year. They had the following children: William Allen, John Mason, David Miner, Arunah Milton, Albina Adeline (died age 3). William died unmarried Feb. 12, 1837 aged 23 years, and Adeline when 3. John Mason married Amada Pierce of Wysox and lived and died there. Two others died in childhood; Cynthia, 1836, aged 2 years; and Edward M., 1829, aged 5 years. Their graves are in the old Woodburn cemetery at Rome. David Minter Wattles married Louise Cranmer of Rome, and had no children. Arunah Milton Wattles married Charlotte Ransom of Orwell and died in 1889 at the age of 62. Their children were: Cynthia, who married Leander Maynard and had one daughter, Uleta who married Dayton W. Allen; Libbie, who marked a Mr. Blocher and moved to Chicago, and William, who moved to Florida a few years ago.

Caroline Wattes married Nov. 12, 1845 Lewis Thatcher Lent, son of Tobias and Lucy (Thatcher) Lent, and grandson of Thomas and Nancy (Lewis) Thatcher, whose gravestones are in the Orwell Valley Cemetery, formerly called Ransom Corners Cemetery. Lewis T. and Caroline Lent of Rome, a present member of the Rome church; Alice Letta, who married Charles H. Stevens of standing Stone (a son Lewis survives); Ada Albina, born 1852, married Charles Fox, a farmer of Wysox; Edith Ethleen, born 1854, married Miles B. Caswell, who died in Colorado. Lewis T. Lent died in 1907 aged 83; his wife died Feb. 20, 1916, 90 years old.

DeWitt Clinton Wattles, born July 8, 1828, married Olive Carter and lived in Rome, where he died in 1907. He was the grandfather of Mrs. Bert Conklin, a present member of the church, and father of Adeline Estella, born Jan. 1, 1850, Delphine, and Bernice Wattles. Adeline Estella married Nov. 8, 187 Ransford R. Dimon, born Sept. 18, 1847, of Warren township, who came to Rome at the age of twenty. They were married by the Rev. William Shelp, grandfather of Mrs. Grace Daugherty of Rome. They were the parents of Lizzie Pearl, born Sept. 16, 1871; Leslie Clinton, born Aug. 16, 1872; and Allen Percy Dimon born June 7, 1884.

Lizzie Pearl Dimon married Jan. 20, 1891 Bert Conklin, son of Dr. Gustavus Conklin of Orwell, the service being performed by the Rev. J. B. Davis at Nichols, N.Y. Their children were all born in Orwell township where Mr. Reece Clark now lives:

  1. Beatrice Vivian Conklin, born May 25, 1892, married June 23, 1920 Lafayette Charles Gori of Ulster, born April 9, 1889; she died May 12, 1937 at Norwich, N.Y.
  2. Dr. Stanley DeWitt Conklin, born Oct. 11, 1894, married June 16, 1920 Vivian Elizabeth Brown, born Jan. 24, 1898, the daughter of Frank H. and Kate (Eastman) Brown of Orwell, and they have a son, Stanley Brown Conklin, born April 5, 1921, in 1940 a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. Stanley D. Conklin is on the staff of the Robert Packer Hospital at Sayre, Pa.
  3. Manley Conklin, born Jan. 26, 1896, married March 20, 1918, Cynthia Irene Coates of Susquehanna, pa., and they have two children—Jane Francis, born Feb. 5, 1920, and Robert Manley, born April 11, 1925, at Johnson City, N.Y.
  4. Leree Estella Conklin, born Dec. 21, 1904, married William Lentz, and has a son, William Manley, born Nov. 18, 1932, and baptized June 17, 1934 in the Rome Church of which his mother is a member. Leree was named for Miss Leree Chase, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Chase of Taylor Hill, now a missionary in Iran.
Leslie Clinton Dimon married Alice Ford, born Jan. 7, 1869 the daughter of David and Elizabeth (Overpeck) Ford of Orwell, and they live in Rome borough, where also three of their four children reside. The four children are married as follows:
    1. Harry, born June 22, 1895, married Ruth Marie Buttles who was born July 7, 1898 the daughter of Charles L. and Jessie A. (Towner) Buttles. He is the owner and proprietor of Rome Sales and Service. They have two daughters, Rosemary, born Feb. 14, 1921, a student of Mansfield State Teacher’s College, and Jean Isabel, born Feb. 21, 1923, a graduate of Rome High School.
    2. Clinton Milo Dimon, second son of Leslie and Alice Dimon, was born Aug. 21, 1898, and married June 21, 1922 Edna Ellis, born Aug. 18, 1899 the daughter of Fred and Mary (Carlin) Ellis of Black Walnut, Pa. They have a daughter, Barbara Ann, born Sept. 27, 1927. He operates a barber shop in Rome.
    3. Leon C. Dimon, born August 18, 1901, married Geraldine, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Strope) Lenox of Ulster, Pa., they operate a farm in Rome Township near Allis Hollow and have three children—Alice Elizabeth, born Oct. 31, 1925; James Leslie, born Jan. 6, 1928; and Richard Hugh, born Feb. 6, 1936.
    4. Grace Arlene Dimon, born Jan. 21, 1912, married Mr. Franklin Badger, born Sept. 27, 1935.
Allen Percy Dimon, son of Ransford and Adeline Estella ("Addie") Wattles Dimon, married September, 1907 Bessie Ardell Goodwin who was born in Montrose, Pa., May 16, 1885. To them have been born two children: (1) Boyd Goodwin Dimon, born Feb. 19, 1911, in what was then called Lestershire, and now Johnson City, N.Y., married June 6, 1936, Corinne Beach, who was born in Binghamton Nov. 5, 1915; and (2) Jeanette Louise Dimon, born Sept. 6, 1916 in Johnson City, married August 14, 1937 to Earl w. George, born Oct. 3, 1914 in Johnson City. To them has been born a daughter, Connie Jean George, Oct. 5, 1938.

Delphine Wattles, daughter of DeWitt Clinton and Olive Carter Wattles, was born Sept. 9, 1851 and married Allen W. Woodburn, son of J. W. Woodburn, lived across from the present post office, and had two sons, John Wattles Woodburn and Dr. Wilton Woodburn, the later born Aug. 24, 1880, died March 20, 1938 in Pittsburgh, Pa. He married Georgia Gueppner and two children survive, with her: Gretta Marjorie, born Jan. 12, 1924; and Wilton Allen, Jr., born Nov. 2, 1926. Mrs. Woodburn known as "Della," died Sept. 2, 1932. John W. Woodburn was married October 1, 1896 by Rev. F. E. Bessey to Mamie Kilmer, and they had four children: (1) Emma, born Feb. 18, 1898 married Leonard Mott, has a son, John Edward born Aug. 17, 1921; (2) Edward, born April 12, 1899, married Lillian Chaffee, born Dec. 27, 1903, and having two daughters, Margaret Elizabeth, born June 9, 1932, and Ruth Ann, born Feb. 27, 1935. (3) Live, born Aug. 14, 1900, married A. J. Whitney, and having two sons, Andrew Jackson, Jr., born Jan. 4, 1924, and William Cranmer, born March 1, 1926; (4) Marie, born October 14, 1901, married Richard Johnson of Whitney Point, N.Y., and having two children—Mary Elizabeth born Oct. 23, 1931, and Richard Amos, born May 30, 1939. John W. Woodburn, born March 6, 1875, died Dec. 27, 1905.

Bernice Wattles, sister of Delphine, was born June 6, 1853, married Enridge Seely, son of Silas, and had four children, Christine, Olive, who married William C. Timmons and lives in Forth Worth, Texas, Bernice (Mrs. E. J. Logue), and a son Robert, who lives in Seattle, Washington.

Elizabeth Emily Wattles, born in 1832, the daughter of Arunah and Elizabeth (Allen) Wattles, married April 18, 1852 William Edwin Woodburn, son of Moses and Esther (Whitney) Woodburn, had one child when they moved to a farm near Harrisburg, Iowa, where four others were born to them. She died there June 17, 1876 at the age of 44. The names of her children are: Lawrence Clinton, Lewis Fremont, Frances Augusta, William Walter, Theodore DeWitt, all of whom had families in Iowa except William, who died as an infant. Mildred Woodburn, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has written and published a history of the Woodburn family. She is the daughter of Lewis Fremont Woodburn. Her street address is 2100 Johnson Avenue.

A minute book of the Rome township schools records a visitation by a director to a school in District No. 7, or East Rome (Taylor Hill), taught by Miss Elizabeth Wattles, under date of June 1, 1851, when Miss Wattles was 19 years old, a year before her marriage. "District No. 7, June 1, 1851 Miss Elizabeth Wattles Teacher. Visited School. Teacher is endeavoring to do her duty. Scholars mostly small, average No. 20 Six in their A.B.C.—3 in Grammar, one in Geography School rather Noisy Teachers Character good.

Wm. E. Maynard Dir."
H. Hicks was Hugh Hicks, who was born Dec. 8, 1804, married Sept. 4, 1831 Catherine Miller who was born Feb. 27, 1814, and died Jan. 17, 1897. He died in 1877. Hugh worked on a canal boat, his wife being on the boat with him as cook. When their fourth child was about to be born they left the canal boat and took up residence in the house in Wysox across from the residence of the late Jesse Coolbaugh, where Frederick Miller Hicks was born July 21, 1847. He married Charlotte Mann, and was the father of George of Rome. Hugh Hicks worked for John Passmore who built the canal. Hugh Hicks came to Rome to manage a hotel for Mr. Passmore in the late residence of Mrs. Lizzie Glenn, now the property of Dr. I. V. Stoll. His other children were: Sarah, who married first William Crawford, second, William Stevens whose daughter lives in East Towanda; Jane Passmore Hicks, who married in 1866 George Own of Monroeton; George S. Hicks, who married Susie Reed; Norman Passmore Hicks married Feb. 3, 1875 Henrietta Peckham of Wilkes-Barre, had four children, three daughters and one son. He died aged 89, Dec. 30, 1940 at the home of his son Normal P., Jr., at Rutherford, N.J. burial was at Tunkhannock, Pa.

J. M. Hicks was the son of John and Nancy Hicks of North Rome. He had a brother George (Heverly, History of Bradford County, p. 428). John M. Hicks married Eunice, daughter of John Sebastian Forbes who was born in Burnswick, Germany, and who was impressed into the British military forces, from which he deserted to espouse the cause of the American colonies. John M. Hicks settled on the Joseph Allen place, built a factory, and manufactured furniture. He died June 6, 1875 aged 86 years old, and was buried on Towner Hill. He had three sons, Albert, Alfred and Jackson, and five daughters. (Heverly, Pioneer and Patriot families, Bradford County, Pa.) Albert married Hannah, daughter of George Willys Eastman. She was born May 17, 1813.

Anson Collins was a member of the Orwell and Warren Congregational church, having joined March 25, 1821. His wife was Ruth M. Sexton. They lived at the corner near the home of Harold Fields near the township line. He had a son Anson R. Collins who lived in Rome where Mrs. Julia Anez now resides.

Reuben Russell, a carpenter and farmer, was the son of Mike and Polly (Green) Russell according to Heverly (Pioneer and Patriot Families, Vol. 1, p. 393). He lived at what was called "Rube Russell’s Corners," on property now owned by his grandson, Fred Russell.

E. A. Ridgway was Edwin, the son of David and Rachel (Dubois) Ridgway, and half-brother of Aunt Betsy (Dubois) Allen, wife of Peter Allen. Betsy’s mother was a widow when married to David Ridgway. Her first husband’s name was Dubois, according to Mrs. Walter Irving, Binghamton, N.Y. E. A. Ridgway was superintendent of the Methodist Sunday School in 1850, subscribed $40 to the Methodist building fund, 1849. He lived on a road leading to North Rome, just above Goff’s grove. He was a school director.

Harry Strope lived in Wysox where Charles Tuttle now lives, his farm extending to the Presbyterian parsonage lot. He was the sixth child of Henry and Catherine (Fox) Strope. (Wysox Church History, p. 26.).

Peter Vought, son of Achatias, was a farmer on Vought Hill, the farm now being operated by a family named Young. He subscribed sixty dollars for the erection of the Methodist Church. He was the grandfather of Alvah and Clarence Vought, and of Rev. L. L. Vought. Nehemiah was a brother of Peter, whose pictures appears in Craft’s History of Bradford County, page 354.

Enoch Towner was the second son of Elijah an early settler on Towner Hill. His portrait faces page 360 in Craft’s History. He had a son, Enoch, Jr. Another son, Martin Van Buren Towner is thought to be a relative of his namesake, the president of the United States. Daniel B. Towner, of this family, was a noted gospel song composer. One well known number is "Trust and Obey."

Joseph Elliott was the son of William and Lucretia (Lowry) Elliott of Bullard Creek. He was a brother of Larmon H., at whose suggestion Rome received its township name. He lived on his 102 acre farm valued for taxation at $937.

M. B. Prince was Merrick B. Prince who died May 20, 1862, aged 57 years. His wife, Harriet, daughter of Dan and Polly (Chubbuck) Russell, was born Feb. 6, 1804, and died April 5, 1863, with interment at Rome. They were the parents of L. D. Prince, and grandparents of John Martin Prince (1858-1926), and Polly, first wife of Lorenzo D. Strope of Towanda.

Sanford Prince died May 26, 1872 aged 69 years, and his wife Matilda, died Oct. 30, 1863, aged 51 years.

John Prince was assessed for $110 on 47 acres of land.

Dan Russell was the first settler of Orwell township, at the foot of Orwell Hill. He died in 1851 at the age of 81. He had a son Daniel who married Deborah Ann Forbes of Rome. Loyal F. Russell was the son of the younger Daniel.

Jabez E. Sexton was the son of William and Tamasin Sexton of Orwell township. His daughter Ruth married Anson Collins; and his daughter Docia married Comfort Bliss Chaffee. (Heverly, Vol. II, p. 432).

Harry Clark was the grandson of Barnabas Clark, a pioneer of Standing Stone township, and the son of Eliphalet and Lois (Parks) Clark, who came to Rome 1811. He married Ellen Brown.

Daniel Hill was a son of John Hill, a native of Massachusetts, who came in 1812 to Orwell with his wife Rhoda. In 1847 he was assessed $75 for 40 acres unimproved land in Rome Township. His son Daniel, Jr., was assessed $237 for a farm of 61 acres.

N. Hemmingway may have been related to Thaddeus Hemmingway of Sheshequin, a Revolutionary soldier who had six children: Sarah, John, Joseph, Levi, Lavina, William. (Heverly, Pioneer Families, Vol. II, p. 144).

John Gore was the one of four sons, who served in the Civil War, of Silas and Catherine (Elliott) Gore. (Heverly, Pioneer Families, Vol I, pg. 129). Silas came to Rome in 1811. he was a blacksmith and inventive genius. He had 54 acres in 1847.

D. N. Miller, a blacksmith, lived opposite the home of U.M. Holmes. He was born at Mt. Pleasant, Pa., his father having been in the battle of Wyoming, according to Mrs. Cora Marsh, his granddaughter. His wife was Maria Maynard, a native of Vermont, the daughter of Nathan and Hannah (Streator) Maynard, descended from Jonathan Edwards, celebrated divine of Massachusetts. He was the great-grandfather of Bert Miller and Paul M. Barnes of Rome.

Danford Chafee lived in the residence now occupied by James P. Allen, and operated a wagon and general shop which stood on that property. Water power used was transmitted from Wysox Creek by a race to a small artificial body of water known as Chaffee’s pond which covered over the land in the rear now cultivated as the garden spot of Mr. Allen and of Frank Barnes. He subscribed fifty dollars for the Methodist Church Building. Mr. Chaffee acted as undertaker, the coffins being made in his shop as occasion demanded. He married Deborah Rockwell, daughter of Simeon. He was the grandfather of Claude B. Wilmot, and great-grandfather of Row W. Russell.

W. W. Woodburn was Warner W. Woodburn, a son of John Woodburn. He married first Caroline Case, second, Ellen Vought of Rome. He lived where his daughter, Mrs. Burt Goff, resides. His first wife’s gravestone is in the old family cemetery opposite the Parks place in the southern part of Rome borough. She died Aug. 1, 1850, aged 24 years. His assessment of $678 was for 35 acres improved, 54 unimproved land, 1 house, 2 horses, 2 cows, and one-fourth interest in a saw mill.

William Blend lived on a farm to the north of Rome. A de3scendant by the name of Robert lives in Towanda. Williams’ son, Mervin, died Oct. 30, 1863 at Washington, D. C., from wounds received in the campaign of the Rapidan. Co. I, 141 Pennsylvania Inf. Vol.

Philander Robinson lived near Allis Hollow. He married Armenia Brown, a member of the Presbyterian Church, and had a son George.

Alanson Whitney, born July 1, 1801, the son of Elisha and Esther (Clark) Whitney, married Dec. 18, 1828 Laura Towner, whose grave is in the Towner Hill cemetery, daughter of Enoch Towner, and spent his last days at Monroeton, Pa. His children were: Electa, Franklin, Emiline and Clara.

Alanson Whitney’s daughter Emiline married Henry Clay Chubbuck. Three children were born to them: (1) Alanson, who lived at Athens, had a son, L. T. Chubbuck, a grocer of Towanda who has four children: Grace, Gerald, Doris, and Donald; (2) George Chubbuck, who married had a son who died; and (3) Laura Chubbuck, who married Daniel Kline, had a daughter Miss Cora C. Kline. Mr. Kline died and Laura married second, C. H. Kulp, and lives at 541 Johnson St., Freeland, Pa. George, his wife and son are all deceased. Alanson Chubbuck died March 28, 1942. Burial was a Monroeton, Pa.

Alanson Whitney’s daughter Clara married first, George William Mingos and had three sons. (1) W. Leslie Mingos married Miss Bernice Grenell (Now Mrs. D. W. Cowles of Orwell). Two sons were born to them: Lindrof G. and Max A. Mingos. Max has a daughter, Rowena. W. Leslie Mingoes died in 1915. (2) Perry C. Mingos married Mae Eastman of Burlington, had a daughter Laura and a son Arthur. Laura married Millard Marvin and had two children: Anna Mae and a son, Millard, Jr. Arthur lives at Athens, Pa. He married Marion Malone, has two children: Mary Clara and Gerald. Laura Marvin died. (3) Frank M. Mingos married Marion McDonald and they had three children: James, who has eight children and lives at Luther’s Mills, Pa.; Helen, who is a teacher, married James Minard; and Clara, who lives with her father at Athens and has a beauty parlor. After the Death of George William Mingos, is widow, Clara Mingos, married Eli Gale.

S. F. Washburn was Silas Washburn who lived where Dr. I. V. Stoll and family now reside. He was a brother of Flavilla.

Nathan Maynard sold the land for the erection of the first Presbyterian Church building, in the upper part of the village. He was a blacksmith, born in Vermont, and married first Hannah Streator, a descendant of the Rev. Jonathan Edwards, famous New England divine, settled in Orwell first, and moved in 1830 to Rome village. He died in 1855 aged 72. By his first wife he had six children: Maria, who married Dan Miller; Harriet, who married Edwin a. Ridgway; Hiram, who went west; Pierpont, who married Laura Washburn; William E., who married Nancy Cranmer; Lemuel S., who married Amanda E. Cranmer. Pierpont and Laura (Washburn) Maynard were grandparents of Mrs. Willard Lott (nee Rena Maynard) of Orwell.

By his second wife, Lydia Prince, Nathan Maynard had six children: freeman, who married Sarah Tomkins; A. Jackson, who married Gulyelma Woodburn (daughter of Hiram and Jane (Ridgway) Woodburn, and moved to Rockford, Illinois; Orson and Julius, who went west; Dayton, who died young; and Hiram. (Heverly, Pioneer and Patriot Families.)

Simeon Rockwell, farmer, lived on the property at the foot of Orwell Hill. He subscribed $15 for the Rome Methodist Church building. He was the father of H. D. Rockwell, who married Clarissa Allis, and he was the grandfather of Mrs. Belle Cannan of Rome, daughter of William P. Rockwell.

John W. Woodburn resided at the corner of the main road of the valley and the Taylor Hill road, and was known as "Squire" Woodburn, being the Justice of the Peace and a man of means and influence in the borough, before whom the deed for the church lot was acknowledged. He was the great-grandfather of Edward Woodburn of Rome and of Mrs. A. J. Whitney of Williamsport.

Godfrey Vought, a farmer, had his residence at the site of Claude B. Wilmot’s residence. His wife was Polly Croft, granddaughter of the Duke of Baden, Germany. He died in 1849 in his eighty-ninth year. He was the great-grandfather of Mrs. G. W. Chase and Mrs. Minnie Truesdale of Taylor Hill and Miss Ruth Whitney and the great-great-grandfather of A. J. and Richard Whitney and Sarah Whitney (wife of Dr. R. L. Scott of Buffalo, N.Y.). he and his wife donated the land, valued at $100, for the erection of the Rome Methodist Church in 1849.

Joseph Vought was the first born son of Achatias Vought and lived in Rome township on Parks Creek up "Vought Hollow." Mrs. Hannah Bixby and Miss Polly Russell, granddaughters, reside on his farm and Mr. U. G. Russell, a grandson lives near the old homestead. He was the great-grandfather of Roe W. Russell, Otto Russell, and Irving Bixby.

Peter Allen, great-grandfather of Mrs. Lizzie Watson, was one of the influential mean of early Rome, the son of Jesse and Elizabeth (Eiklor) Allen of Pond Hill (Lake Wesauking). His father, Jesse, was a nephew of Ethan Allen of the "Green Mountain Boys," of Vermont. His residence was at the present U.M. Holmes farmstead. He was appointed the first postmaster of Rome, June 11, 1831. His daughter, Rachel Allen, married Oscar F. Young.

David Eiklor was the son of Frederick, and was another subscriber to the Methodist Church erected in 1849. The name AIKLOR is found on an old stone in the Woodburn cemetery at Rome, with the inscription, "Died April the 6, 1831." David was taxes for 80 acres of land, 2 oxen and 1cow in 1848, with an assessed valuation of $267.

Smith Forbes was the grandfather of Smith Angel Forbes of Wysox township, owner of the farm where once was Fencelor’s Castle. He was the grandson of John Sebastian Forbes, and son of Earnest who married Polly Smith. He was assessed for 97 acres of land, one house and one cow.

Joseph was the son of Stephen, and father of Dayton, J.B., Sarah, S. O., J. H., Clarissa, Jemima (married J. C. Forbes), and J. A. Allen (Bradsby, History of Bradford County, p. 561.) He lived near Gillet Bridge. He was assessed for 183 acres, 2 houses, 3 horses, 3 cows, one-fourth interest in a saw mill, all valued at $1,672.

William Trip was the son of "Peleg and Mary (Seely) Tripp of New York, whose family consisted of 11 children of whom six reached maturity: Seymore, Nancy M., (married Feb. 3, 1869 Tracy J. Chubbuck of Orwell), William, Jonathan, Jacob and Emma (married Nathan Grant)." (Bradsby, p. 717).

Charles C. Lent may have been the son of James and Chloe (Parts) Lent, first couple married in Rome township. They had a son by the name of Charles. (Lent Genealogy of Mrs. Rhoda Lent Barnes.) C. C. Lent had 45 acres improved, 37 unimproved land, a house, 2 cows and 2 oxen.

Richard Lent was assessed for 160 acres of land, 1 house, 2 horses, 1 ox, 1 cow, and one-third interest in a saw mill.

H. H. Mann, who subscribed $25, may have been Hiram Hill Mann, the brother of Mrs. George W. Eastman, the first and sixth of twelve or thirteen children born to Calvin and Hartie (Hill) Mann. The remains of Hannah Eliza, the wife of Hiram Hill Mann rest in the Rome cemetery, according to George U. Eastman. Samuel, fourth child of Calvin, was the father of Charlotte, Mrs. Fred M. Hicks. Samuel went west in the gold rush of ’49, returned in a few years. He was a carpenter and had undertaker’s rooms in the Rome Academy building.

On Jan. 20, 1845 the Presbyterian Society met at the store of John Passmore to superintend the building of the church, G. W. Eastman, D. Chaffee, C. Taylor, John Passmore, and John Vought. In October Mr. O. F. Young was elected to take the place of Charles Taylor who chose not to act.

A plot of ground was purchased from Nathan and Lydia Maynard, a copy of deed for which is as follows:


This Indenture made the 28th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six Between Nathan Maynard and Lydia his wife of the Township of Rome County of Bradford and State of Pennsylvania of the first part and B. Gates, Geo. W. Eastman, John Vought, John Passmore and Peter Allen the acting Trustees of the Presbyterian Society in Rome Township County and State aforesaid and their successors in office of the of the second part Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of fifteen dollars and two shares in the house of worship erected for the use and benefit of the Presbyterian Church and Congregation in hand paid by the said party of the Church and Congregation in hand paid by said party of the second part the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, hath granted bargained and sold released and confirmed and by these present do grant bargain sell release and confirm unto the said party of the second part or their successors in office two thirds of all that certain tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the Township aforesaid—Beginning at the North east Corner of a farm formerly owned by Matthew cannon deceased thence, north forty-two degrees East along the public highway one hundred and twenty feet thence north forty eight degrees west one hundred and fifty feet thence south forty-two degrees east one hundred and fifty two feet to the place of beginning and the said party of the first part doth hereby forever quit claim all their rights title interest, and claim to the other third part together with all and singular the hereditiments and appurtenances, remainders reversions rents issues and the profits thereof to have and to hold the premises hereby granted with appurtenances unto the said party of the second part or their successors in office or their heirs and assigns forever and the said part of the first part their heirs and assigns the premises hereby granted with the appurtenances against all claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof to the said party of the second part or their successors shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents.

In Witness whereof the said parties of the first part, have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year above written.

Witness: J. W. Woodburn

F. W. Maynard

Nathan Maynard (Seal)

Lydia Maynard (Seal)

The words ‘east & second’ )

Were interlined before sign- )

Ing also the words "with ) Bradford County S S

All & singular the heredeti- )

ments & appurtenances" were ).

Interlined before signing )

Personally appeared before me

J. W. Woodburn, a Justice of the Peace in and for said County Nathan Maynard and Lydia his wife and acknowledge the foregoing Indenture to be their act & Deed desired to same might be recorded as such the said Lydia being of lawful age and the contents of the said Indenture being made known unto her and being examined by me thereon separate and apart from her said husband, declared she did sign the same without any coercion or compulsion from her said husband.

Witness my hand and seal this 20th Day of June—AD 1846.

J. W. Woodburn (Seal)

Bradford County S S

Recorded July 7th, 1846 in the office for Recording deeds &c in and for said County in Deed book No. 24 page 541. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and official seal at Towanda the date aforesaid.

S. E. De Wolf Recorder

By H. C. Kelly Deputy

The Society of the Presbyterian Church and Congregation adopted a charter of incorporation on April 21, 1845, as follows:


To All to Whom These Present shall come, Greeting—

Know ye that we whose names are hereunto subscribed, citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, having associated ourselves together, for the purpose of worshipping Almighty God, agreeably to the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and being desirous of acquiring the powers and immunities of a body politic in law according to the form of an act of Assembly of the said Commonwealth, passed the sixth day of April Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and ninety one, Do hereby declare that we have associated ourselves together for the purpose aforesaid, the name, style, title and under the conditions following—that is to say--

ARTICLE I. The name of his corporation & body politic, shall be "The First Presbyterian Church & Congregation of Rome," in connection with the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

ARTICLE II. The subscribers, and such others, being citizens of the said Commonwealth, as shall hereafter become members of the Congregation, and who maintain and adhere to the system of doctrine adopted by the Presbyterian Church, and contained in the Westminster Confession and Catechisms, shall become and be a body politic, or corporation in law & fact to have continuance by the name, style & title of "The First Presbyterian Church & Congregation of Rome."

ARTICLE III. The subscribers and their successors shall have full power to have & use a common Seal, with such device, design & figure thereon as to them shall seem proper, will full power to alter the same; & also by the name of the First Presbyterian Church and Congregation of Rome, to sue and be impleaded in any court of justice; & to make by-laws for the management of their concerns in as full & ample a manner as any corporate body in this commonwealth can do: Provided, they be not inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, of the Commonwealth and of this instrument.

ARTICLE IV. The subscribers and their successors by the name style & title declared as aforesaid shall be able and capable in law, according to the terms and conditions of this instrument, to take and hold lands and tenements, goods & chattels, real & personal, & mixed which are now, or hereafter may become the property of the said corporation or body politic by purchase, gift, device, or bequest; & the same to grant, sell, convey, lay out, apply & dispose of in such manner as the said corporation may think proper; but always according to the intent of the Grantors, Devisors, & persons giving, devising or bequeathing property to the said corporation: Provided that the yearly income of such lands and tenements, real & personal estate, shall not exceed the sum of Five Hundred Pounds.

ARTICLE V. The affairs of the said Corporation shall be managed and superintended by five trustees a majority of whom shall be members of the Presbyterian Church in Rome, in good & regular standing, and the others shall belong to the congregation worshipping with the said church. The Trustees shall choose from among themselves a President & Secretary, & shall choose a Treasurer from the members of the congregation who is not a Trustee, to account to them for all monies coming into his hands, & if required, to give security.

ARTICLE VI. In case of removal of the President or any of the Trustees, or any other officer of the corporation, or in case of their death, resignation, or being otherwise incapacitated to act, the vacancy, or vacancies shall be supplied by the remaining Trustees, until the next annual election; which shall be held on the First Monday of January each year.

ARTICLE VII. B. Gates, G. W. Eastman, John Vought, John Passmore & Peter Allen shall be the Trustees, until others shall be chosen in the manner hereinafter described; that is to say—The said B. Gates shall hold is office till the first Monday of January. A.D. 1851. The said G. W. Eastman shall hold his office until the first Monday of January. 1850. The said John Vought shall hold his office until the first Monday of January. 1849. The said John Passmore shall hold his office until the first Monday of January. 1948. The said Peter Allen until the first Monday of January. 1947. And on the several days and times aforesaid, & and on the same days yearly thereafter, the members of the said congregation shall at a general meeting thereof, elect by ballot, a person to serve as Trustee, to continue in office Five years; & to fill all vacancies which may have happened, in a manner before mentioned.

ARTICLE VIII. All elections shall be by ballot, & shall be conducted by three members of the congregation, who shall be appointed Inspectors at the same place where Trustees are to be elected, by the electors there assembled; in such manner as may be agreed on, by such electors, and the Inspectors so chosen may appoint one or more clerks to perform such duties as the nature of case may require. The subscribers to this Instrument and their successors, and any person owning or renting a pew or seat, in the church, or contributing not less than two dollars annually to the support of the minister of the same, Provided he statedly worship with the congregation not less than six months in the year preceding such election, shall be entitled to vote at all elections for trustees, & at any general meeting of the congregation; and at the close of such elections due notice shall be given by the Inspectors to the Trust4ees, of their respective elections; & should the congregation neglect to elect the Trustees on the day of the annual elections, the Trustees shall appoint any subsequent time when the said election shall be held,--provided public notice shall be given on the Lord’s day, either before or after divine service, or in such manner as a majority of the Trustees may direct, a least one week previous to the time of holding elections. All by-laws and ordinances of the corporation shall be fully entered & registered by the Secretary, in a book to be provided for that purpose: which book and other Records of the Corporation, shall be open for inspection of any member of the Corporation; and the Inspectors of Election shall judge of the qualification of voters, & the Secretary shall keep a list of all persons entitled to vote at any of the said elections.

ARTICLE IX. The Board of Trustees shall meet as often as business may require, a majority of whom shall form a quorum, & the power of the Trustees shall extend to making by-laws for the government of themselves, and the temporal concerns of the Church and Congregation.

ARTICLE X. Meetings of the Trustees may be called at any time by the President, or at the request of two members of the board; and congregational meetings may be called by the Trustees, or at the request of six members of the society; of which, at least, three days’ Notice shall be given. And it shall be the duty of the Trustees to lay before the Congregation, at each annual meeting a full account of all the transactions of the past year.

ARTICLE XI. The choice of a Pastor shall be made according to the usage of the church, and the "Form of Government of the Presbyterian Church," and the amount & payment of the salary shall be determined by a majority of the votes of the Congregation given at any general meeting for that purpose. (Subscribed are the following names:) Bezaleel Gates, Solomon Spalding, Geo. W. Eastman, Chas. R. Bassett, O. F. young, John Passmore, Peter Allen.

(Attached to this four page charter document is the application)—To the Hon. The Judges of the court of Com. Pleas in and for said County of Bradford, State of Penna.

We the Subscribers citizens of Said County having associated ourselves together for the object and purposes specified and set forth in the following (crossed out) Charter; Pray the Honorable Court to grant them a charter of Incorporation in accordance with the objects articles and conditions, within & above set forth, and in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Penna., passed the 13the day Oct. in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty, Entitled an act relating to orphans Courts and for other purposes, and in duty bound will ever pray & c.

Rome April 21, 1845.

Bezaleel Gates

Solomon Spalding

Geo. W. Eastman

Chas. R. Bassett

O. F. Young

Peter Allen

John Passmore

(Attached to the Application is the following):

Bradford County Pleas )

Bradford County, Ss. )

An now, to wit, September 12, 1845 On due and legal proof having been made of the publication of notice agreeably to previous order of this Court—And the court being satisfied thereof—Do order and Declare that the persons associated agreeably to the articles and conditions in the within instrument, set forth and contained shall become a corporation or body politic. And the Court further direct that the aforesaid Charter of incorporation shall be recorded in the office for recording of deed in said County of Bradford. And on said instrument being so recorded, the persons so associated or meaning to associate, shall according to the objects and conditions in said instrument set forth and contained become and be a corporation or body politic in law and in fact to have continuance by the name, style & title of "The First Presbyterian Church and Congregation of Rome, Bradford County, Pa."

In testimony that the foregoing is a true copy of the order & declaration of Court in the matter of the application of Bezaleel Gates and others to be incorporated under the style & title of "the First Presbyterian Church and congregation of Rome, Bradford County, Pa."

I hereto set my hand and the sea of the said court at Towanda the 12th day of September A D 1945.

Aaron Chubbuck, Prothonotary

( Prothonotary )

( Seal of Bradford )

( County )

Bradford County, ss—Recorded September 24th 1845 in the

( Recorders ) office of said County in Deed Book

( Seal Brad- ) Vol 24—Page 134 & C.

( ford Coun- ) Witness My hand and official Seal

( ty ) the date aforesaid

Julius Russell, Recorder

By C. S. Russell, Deputy

Filed May 6th 1845

Usual Order


Sept. 12, 1845 Done and

Order made—

Filed Sept. 24th 1845

Tax .50

Fees 2.00


The church building was erected on the lot now occupied by the house rented by Raymond F. Russell, the lumber of the old church having been used in the building of the dwelling house. The lot had 120 feet frontage. The pew doors of the old church went into the cupboards of the house which was built by Edison Rockwell, who sold to Dr. Fred W. Rice, who in turn sold to Mrs. Wellington Hillis, Rush, Pa. The same bell that was in the old church is now in the new brick church.

The building of the church progressed through the summer of 1845, from April to October. When the frame was reared, the Rev. Julius Foster of Towanda, and the Rev. S. H. Hazard of Wysox, made speeches. The dedication was in February 1846.

The denominational church extension committee allowed this project $150 in aid of the cost. The Rev. Mr. Hazard, stated supply minister, donated or secured for the church one barrel of oil, some glass, and three kegs of white lead. Mr. Joseph Seely obtained sash from Wyalusing; Mr. John Passmore obtained $100 cash from Towanda donors; Mr. O. F. Young, $25 from Towanda also; and Mr. John Vought "something from Orwell."

By reasons of the schism in the Presbyterian Assembly of 1837 the churches of that denomination became divided into New School and Old School groups, which kept separate existence until 1870. Sympathizers and partisans of both parties took occasion to hinder the work of the party opposite the one they favored, and one result was that some of the subscribers to the Rome church building fund would not pay up their subscriptions on the ground that the Rev. Mr. Welliver, New School minister at Wysox in 1846, was refused free access to the meeting house. The debt left on the hands of the building committee by this impasse was $246.

In 1848 the Rome Academy was organized with the following as trustees: Joseph Allen, W. W. Kinney, Samuel C. Mann, Lemuel C. and William E. Maynard, and John W. and William W. Woodburn. In 1848 the total amount of tax valuation for the township assessed by O. F. Young, assessor, was $68,080 on real estate and $8,584 on personalty. The number of residents taxables was 256; non-resident, 22. Among the latter were William B. Clymer, Alexander Hamilton, and Smith Bloomfield.

Among other taxables listed were Nathaniel, Edwin and J. G. Hotchkiss. Edwin was a Methodist preacher, and a great-granduncle of the Rev. Roy H. Hotchkiss of Ulster, Pa.

New names appearing on the list of trustees elected from time to time were: John Frost (1854), E. N. Frost (1855), Judson Holcombe, Solomon Spalding, (1860), H. B. Osborne (1865), Dr. O. D. Styles (1869), Silas E. Seely (1871), J. R. Coobaugh (1872).

J. R. Coolbaugh was Johnson Runyan Coolbaugh, born May 12, 1807, the son of Benjamin and Jerusha (Runyan) Coolbaugh, whose remains rest in the Wysox Church Cemetery. Johnson R. Coolbaugh married Malida Laura Maynard. They had no children and in Rome lived where Frank Barnes now lives. He died Dec. 17, 1885; she, Sept. 23, 1894; with burial at Rome. (Edward C. Hoagland, The Coolbaugh Family in American, 1686-1936, Wysox, Pa. 1938).

Judson Holcombe was the fourth child of six born to Hugh and Prudence (Bailey) Holcombe of Granville, Pa., and he married Dec. 25, 1845 Miss Maria Nobles of Cattaraugus County, New York. (Heverly, Pioneer Families, Vol. I, p. 71). A relative, F. Leslie, lives on a farm in Rome township and his son, Guy Douglas, is employed at the Vandervort Mill at Wysox.

The following was written in a letter by Jennie M. Bolles, daughter of Aden and Mervil (Woodburn) Bolles, granddaughter of Hiram and Jane (Ridgeway) Woodburn: "David Ridgeway married Rachel Dubois, who was a widow with one child, Betsy Dubois. Betsy later married Peter Allen of Rome, Pa. Rachel’s maiden name was Berger. Betsy was half-sister to Jane Ridgeway. Jane married Hiram Woodburn of Rome, Pa. Edwin married Harriet Maynard and settled in one of the western states."

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