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History of the Presbyterian Church of
Rome, Pennsylvnia



Victor Charles Detty, Pastor

Author of
History of the Presbyterian Church of Wysox, Pennsylvania (1791-1938)
P.P. Bliss, A Centennial Sketch (1838-1938)
A History of the Churches of Orwell, Pennsylvania (1803-1951)

Published by the Author 1942, Wysox, PA
Printed by Barber-Doane-Mosher, Inc., Elmira NY

Table of Contents

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Mr. Frisbie began his work in the spring of 1911, and baptized July 16, 1911, Francis Wilbur, born Feb. 11, 1911, infant son of Robert and Edna Cook.  In March of 1912, twelve new members were received by the session.  The following joined on examination: Sumner Adam Rifenburgh (son of Frank M.), Mrs. Phoebe Melissa Hiney Dickens, her daughter Mary Ellen Dickens (now Mrs. Howard Robinson of Orwell); Mrs. Tryphosa Baxter Houghtalin; and three sisters, daughters of John Wattles and Mamie (Kilmer) Woodburn: (1) Emma Marguerite Woodburn; (2) Olive Mary Woodburn (married Andrew Jackson Whitney, lives at Williamsport, Pa.), (3) Helen Marie Woodburn (married Richard Johnson, lives at Whitney Point, N.Y.); William Allen Tyrrell, son of William, (Married Irene McGovern); Gerdon Allen Knapp and his wife Mrs. Bertha Elmora (Nichols) Knapp, and her daughter Mabel Emma Duell.  All but Mrs. Houghtalin were baptized April 7, 1912.  Robert R. Cook was admitted by letter from the Congregational Church of Potterville and his wife, Edna (Wilbur) Cook from the Presbyterian Church of Orwell, Pa.  On April 11, Mrs. Amanda Nichols Allen (Mrs. John A.) became a member by profession of faith.  The last named took a letter to the Presbyterian church at Monroeton, Pa., November 3.

Page 151:
 Rev. Fred V. Frisbie

 The Reverend Frederick Van Duzer Frisbie was born at Orwell, Pennsylvania, July 13, 1856, the son of George Chauncey and Huldah Jane (Kuykendall) Frisbie, graduated from Lafayette College in 1882, was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry at Bellport, Long Island, September 29, 1885.  He married December 24, 1883 Josephine Dimmick of Orwell, Pa., and to this union were born: Frances Virginia (1884), a son (1887) who died in infancy, Katherine Alderson (1889), and Marion Alderson (1892).  Mr. Frisbie preached at Bellport fifteen years.  He served successively at Webster, New York; Orangeville, Benton and briar Creek, Pa.; Wysox, Rome and Orwell, Pa.; and Groveland, N.Y., where he died February 7, 1926.  Burial was at Orwell, Pa.  His ancestral line is given in the Frisbee-Frisbie Genealogy.  His brother, William K. Frisbie, is cashier of the Farmers National Bank, Rome, Pa.
 Mr. Frisbie married, second March 19, 1900, Jane Landon Monsell of Bellport, Long Island, and to them were born: Huldah Woodruff (Married Ernest A. Breckwidel, New Brunswick, N.J.); Ellen Walker Frisbie, Frederick Jones (married Winnifred Fox of Toronto, Canada), Ogdensburg, N.Y.; Elizabeth Gertrude (married James G. Bruce of Syracuse, N.Y.,--they live at Milburn, N.J.); George Chauncey Frisbie (married Margaret Laing).

 The report to Lackawanna presbytery at Plymouth, Pa., showed 11 added by examination, 2 by certificate, a total membership of 39, 11 baptisms on confession of faith, 1 infant baptism, a Sunday School membership of 30, $18 contributed for missions, $5 for General Assembly, and $180 for congregational expenses.  Mr. Frisbie was given a call to be pastor at a meeting held April 7, 1912, having served as stated supply until this time.

On the afternoon of Sunday, July 21, 1912, in the lecture room just before the regular church service, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Maynard, sister of Miss Caroline Lent, and Miss Emaline Worthing came before the session and upon satisfactory examination were received upon confession of faith and were baptized.

At the close of the next church year, March 30, 1913, David Scott Rice and Frederick Rice Powers were received on profession of faith and were baptized the following Sunday, when Mrs. Isodore Brookman Powers, wife of Frederick Rice Powers, was received by profession of faith.  The session met at the house of Elder Allen Peter Young and accepted the resignation of Elder Young as clerk.  The annual report showed 4 elders, 6 persons added to roll, one dismissed, with the total of 44 members.  Sunday School enrollment was 30.  The church gave $30 for missions and benevolences; and $313 for congregational expenses.  Frank M. Rifenburgh was elected clerk of the session.  Mrs. Clara (Young) Ellsworth’s death was reported this year.

In 1913 the amount paid the pastor was raised from $125 to $140, and aid was asked of the Pennsylvania Synod’s Home Mission Funds to bring to total amount of the salary, together with the amount paid by the Orwell and Wysox churches, up to $100.  The Ladies Aid Society paid Rooker and Ruggles of Towanda $119.41 for 197 yards of new carpet for the church.  The officers were, president, Miss Caroline Lent; vice-president, Mrs. Della Woodburn; second vice-president, Mrs. Emma Rifenburg; treasurer, Mrs. Bertina Rice (wife of D.S.); and secretary, Mrs. Bessie Goff (wife of Burt).  They served a dinner or held a tea each month during they year and paid the bills for fuel, light, cleaning the church, insurance, and $45 on the salary of the minister.

In 1914, Elder William J. Haney, his wife Mollie Mitten Haney, and their daughter Anita Paulina Haney, were given letters of dismissal to Wysox.  Mrs. William A. Tyrrell was elected treasurer of the women’s society.  A donation party for the pastor at the home of Mrs. Gerdon Knapp gave $30.30 for the minister’s salary.  An item in the Ladies Society record book, that a quart of cream was purchased for 40 cents at the creamery indicates the presence and operation of that business in Rome in 1914.  It was located south of the present Dimon woodworking plant on the opposite side of the road.

 A letter was given Mrs. Georgianna Study Pogue to the Presbyterian Church at Trafford, Pa., Oct. 18, 1914.  At a session meeting held in the home of Elder John A. Allen, with Elder F. M. Rifenburgh and Rev. F. V. Frisbie present, Martin Orsemus Osborne and Sarah Brown Osborne, his wife, were received into membership of the church, with baptism to be given Mrs. Osborne later.  Mr. Osborne and Robert R. Cook were elected elders Nov. 29, 1914.

 Miss Mary Darwina Branes (now Mrs. Charles Green), sister of Elder Paul M. Barnes, joined the church Jan. 10, 195.  She, Mrs. Osborne, and Mary Elizabeth Rice, born Sept. 23, 1914, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Rice, were baptized.  On March 28th Thomas W. Whitney, Mrs. Lizzie Goff Whitney, his wife, and their daughter daisy Whitney were received by letters from Marksboro, N.J. and Blairstown, N.J.  Mrs. Lettie Alice (Lent) Stevens (sister of Miss Caroline Lent) was baptized and received on profession of faith.  Daisy became a trained nurse and married Howard Evans; died from a contagious disease contracted while on duty, in 1927.

 In 1915 flowers were furnished in memory of Mr. Allen Woodburn.

 Elizabeth Ethlyn (“Betty”) was baptized April 4, 1915, the infant daughter (born Jan. 25, 1915) of Frederick R. and Isodore (Brookman) Green Powers.  On July 11, 1915 at the communion service, Raymond Reed Cook, born Sept. 20, 1912, and Clarice Annette Cook, born July 8, 1914,
Mrs. Ruth Maryott of Liberty Corners).  Dr. William Rice, Sr., was baptized Sunday evening, Nov. 21, and received a member one week later.

 Allen Eugene Barnes, Paul Merritt Barnes, sons of William and Rhoda (Lent) Barnes; George Lester Abell, born March 28, 2899, and De Leon Abell, born Jan. 25, 1901, sons of Guy and Grace (Frobes) Abell, were admitted as members, April 2, 1916, and baptized.

 The Ladies Aid Society furnished flowers for the funerals of Mrs. L. T. Lent and Mrs. Amena Robinson in July, for Mrs. Phronia Bessey, who died Sept. 5, 1916, and for Mrs. Ella Barnes, wife of Truman, in December.  A Sunday School Convention was held in Rome in September.

 The session of elders received into membership April 16, 1916, Nellie Mildred Horton by confession of faith, and Mr. Harry Wilson Roberts and his wife Bessie Batey Roberts by letter from Windham, Pa., and had their daughter, Jennie Lathrop Roberts, placed under the care of the church.  The report for the year closing March 31, 196, showed 46 members, $213 congregational expenditures.  New officers in the women’s society were Mrs. Bessie Roberts and Mrs. Cora Marsh, vice-presidents.

 Robert Howard Cook, born Jan. 19, 1916, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Cook, and Alvin Whitney Rice, born Dec. 25, 1915, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. David S. Rice were baptized Oct. 1, 1916.  Alvin W. Rice married June 25, 1939 at Sage Chapel, Ithaca, N.Y., Miss Blanche Constance Orzel of Albany, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Orzel, of Amsterdam, N.Y.  The vows were read by the Rev. Paul Calvin Payne, D.D., then pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca, now general secretary of the Presbyterian Board of Christian education.  He is employed as assistant veterinarian at the Dr. L. w. Goodman Animal Hospital, 2300 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset, N.Y.  Robert H. Cook marked January 6, 1938, Cidney Louise, daughter of John and Mabel (Parks) McCabe of Rome.

 On Dec. 16, 1916, the Ladies’ Aid Society ordered flowers for the funeral service of Flora Woodburn, sister of the secretary, Mrs. Bessie Goff.

 The session met Feb. 18, 1917 after church services.  Mrs. Georgianna Quigley Johnson was given a letter of dismission to the Methodist Church at Bumpville, Pa.  She now lives at Zephyr Hills, Florida, the wife of a Mr. Davis.  The clerk was authorized to get in touch with such members as lived outside of the community with a view of their taking letters to some church near them.  Members in the vicinity of Rome not active in worship or giving were to be interviewed.  In April a letter was granted to Mrs. Mona Quigley Landon for the Presbyterian Church in Johnson City, N.Y., where her residence is at 30 Massachusetts Avenue.  The following were found to be non-resident:  Mrs. Kate Layton, Mrs. Tryphosa Houghtalin, Miss Bernice Quigley, (now Mrs. Bernice Brink, Athens, Route 2, Pa.) Miss Mamie Quigley (now Mrs. Marian Perry, 92 Floral Ave., Johnson city), and Mr. James Kilmer.  The church reported a membership of 45, with 30 in the Sunday School.  In September Sumner A. Rifenburgh was dismissed to cutler, Indiana.  In July the Ladies’ Society bought an American flag for the church auditorium.  This was the summer of the year the United States declared war on Germany.  Mrs. Wilton Woodburn assisted in a concert at the church.  Her husband, Dr. Wilton Woodburn, son of Mrs. Della Woodburn, died unexpectedly after an operation in 1938, at Pittsburgh, Pa.

 Mrs. Hattie Layton Hill was dismissed March 31, 1918 to the Sayre M.E. Church.  Miss Mildred Mae Osborne was accepted as a member on examination and was baptized as also were Georgia Helen Powers, born April 27, 1917, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Powers, and James Haney Rice, born July 17, 1917, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. David Scott Rice.  The annual report showed 4 elders; church membership, 44; Sunday School, 38; $223 congregational expenses; $50 for missions and benevolences.  Mr. Ulysses Mercur Holmes and Marjorie Moody Holmes, his wife, were received by letter from the North Presbyterian Church of New York City, April 14, 1918.  Mrs. Holmes was elected treasurer of the Ladies’ Aid Society.  They were married at the Wysox Church by Rev. F. V. Frisbie and Rev. William Watson, July 27, 1911.  Mr. Holmes is the son of John Holmes of East Towanda.  Mrs. Holmes is the daughter of Mrs. Lizzie (Young) Moody Watson.

 In June the session and congregation adopted a resolution declaring loyalty to the United States government in prosecuting the war against Germany and her allies.  The Ladies’ Aid Society served a “Hooverized” dinner.

 Dr. William Rice died Jan. 18, 1919.  He was the son of Hiram and Amanda (Guernsey) Rice, and father of Mary W.. William, David S., Dr. Fred Rice, Mrs. U.G. Russell, and Dr. Robert G. Rice.

 The following persons were received into church membership April 20, 1919: Margaret Louise Green, born June 12, 1904, daughter of Harry Lewis green and his wife Isodore (Brookman) Green, given a letter of dismission to Christ Episcopal Church, Towanda, Pa., in 1931; Jennie Lathrop Roberts; and Walter William Barnes, son of William and Rhoda Lent Barnes.  In addition to the last named member received, baptism was administered the same day to Edward Manley, born April 23, 1917, and Lawrence Newcomb, born April 29, 1918, sons of Robert R. and Edna (Wilbur) Cook.  Edward M. Cook married Aug. 8, 1936, Mary Elizabeth Cass, daughter of Guy and Julia (Browning) Cass.

 The session met before church service on the afternoon of July 13, 1919 and received the following persons by profession of faith:  Miss Ruth Maynard Whitney (daughter of Andrew Jackson and Olive [Maynard] Whitney), William Milton Roy, and his wife Mrs. Beulah Merrill Roy.  Mr. Roy was baptized at the church service following.  Letters of dismission were granted Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Howe to the Methodist Episcopal Church at South Hill, in Orwell township.

 Mr. Thomas D. Williams and his son, of Altoona, formerly of Wysox, gave a concert at the church in August, bringing in $15 for the minister’s salary.  Mr. Williams was a son of Darius Williams, Jr., of Wysox, and composed much choir music.  A dozen new hymnals were bought for church services.

 The Ladies Society approved the purchase of flowers for funeral services for Mr. Thomas W. Whitney in September, 1919, and for Mr. A. P. Young who died Nov. 2, and Mrs. Emily V. Rice who died Nov. 6, 1920.  Mr. Young was a brother-in-law of P.P. Bliss, was the father of Mrs. Lizzie Moody Watson.  He was a devoted Christian man, quiet, warm-hearted, considerate, and a fine example for Christian living.  His funeral was held in the church.  The bodies of the two eldest members of the church lay dead in the community at the same time.  Thomas Wierman Whitney was the son of Andrew J. Whitney and his wife Olive Maynard.

 Miss Clara A. Snyder was granted a letter of dismission to the Presbyterian Church of Nichols, N.Y.  Two weeks later Marian Green (sister of Margaret) and Ruth Barnes (daughter of William and Rhoda Barnes) joined by confession of faith.

 Marian Caroline Green, born Dec. 9, 1906, the daughter of Harry Lewis and Isodore (Brookman) Green, married Aug. 17, 1929, John Wykofff Duryee, and they have two children, Nancy Blakeslee, born Jan. 11, 1933, and John Wyckoff, Jr., born Oct. 22, 1937.  Their home is in Mattituck, Long Island, N.Y., where he is in the hardware business, conducted by his family for three generations.

 The church raised fifty dollars additional for the New Era Movement of the Presbyterian General Assembly.

 In July Mr. and Mrs. Roy took letters to the Presbyterian Church at Ulster, Pa.  They now live at Towanda, where he is superintendent of the schools of the borough.

 In 1921 Mrs. Mary Brown Allis, wife of Harrison Allis, joined the church by letter from the Sayre church, and George Lester Abell was dismissed by letter to the First Presbyterian Church of Wilkinsburg, Pa.  It was decided by the session to approve a union of the Presbyterian with the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School, meeting alternately at the M.E Church after the morning preaching service there, and before the afternoon service of the Presbyterian Church.

 The Rev. F. V. Frisbie once told one who excused non-attendance at church because of the poor example in Christian living of some one who did attend:
 “He might be worse if he did not attend; and you might be better if you did”.
 Mr. Frisbie, having been called to the pastorate of the Sparta Presbyterian Church at Groveland, N.Y., asked for dissolution of the pastoral relation with the Rome Church.  This was granted September 27, 1921, to take effect in November.  On Oct. 9, at the communion service, Harold Arthur, born March 16, 1921 infant son of Robert R.  and Edna (Wilbur) Cook; and on Nov. 6, at the church service, Thomas Gerould, born April 13, 1921, infant son of David Scott and Bertina (Haney) rice, were baptized.

 The Ladies’ Aid Society paid fifty dollars in October toward a new furnace for the church.

 Messrs. Fred R. Powers, Paul M. Barnes, and DeLeon Abel were elected elders Nov. 6, 1921.


ROME CHURCH, 1922-1930

 Rev. A. M. Brown, Lackawanna presbytery superintendent for suburban churches, moderated a session meeting Jan. 15, 1922, when a letter of dismissal was granted Mrs. May Allis to the First Church of Wyalusing (Camptown).

 On March 26th, letters were given Harry Roberts, his wife Elizabeth, and daughter Jennie, to the Athens Presbyterian Church.  The annual report to Presbytery listed 33 communicants, total contributions $466, Sunday School membership, 63.  Rev. J. A. Blacklock supplied the pulpit till the last of 1922.  The Ladies Aid Society paid $26.47 toward the expenses of cost of moving of Rev. F. V. Frisbie to Groveland, N.Y.

 In 1923 Miss Caroline Lent was received by letter from the Wysox Church.   She was elected president of the Aid Society.  Other officers elected were Mrs. A. J. Whitney, Mrs. D. S. Rice, Mrs. P. M. Barnes, vice-presidents; Mrs. U.M. Holmes, treasurer; Mrs. William A. Tyrrell, secretary.  Mr. Paul Cotton, a Princeton Seminary student, served this church in connection with Orwell and Wysox.  He later published a book entitled “From Sabbath to Sunday”.  On June 10th, Helen Ida Abell, born Jan. 30, 1905, (daughter of Guy and Grace Forbes Abell), Kathryn Forbes Barnes, born Aug. 16, 1904, (daughter of Lester and Charlotte Bush Forbes), and Eulalie Moody Holmes (daughter of Ulysses Mercur and Marjorie Moody Holmes were received into membership on confession of faith.  Rev. A. M. Brown administered the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, and baptized Helen Abell.  Miss Abell teaches primary grades in the Rome School.  Miss Eulalie Holmes graduated from Pennsylvania State College and the Women’s educational and Industrial Union of Boston, Mass., and became dietitian at Darmouth College, Hannover, New Hampshire.  She married Jan. 1, 1939 in the First Presbyterian Church of York, Penna., Mr. Stephen Russell Stearns, son of Hiram Austin and Elisabeth (Brown) Stearns of Manchester, New Hampshire.  Mr. Stearns is a graduate of Darmouth College and Thayer School of Civil Engineering, and was employed by Ganett, Eastman and Fleming, engineers, Harrisburg, Pa.

 Mr. Stearns is now at the Philadelphia Navy yard, as a civil engineer.  Mr. and Mrs. Stearns had an infant daughter, Marjorie Elizabeth, born to them Aug. 10, 1942, named after her both grandmothers, Mrs. Marjorie Holmes and Mrs. Elizabeth Stearns.

 Rev. E. C. Musselman served as stated supply minister from 1924 to 1926.   In April, 1924, Walter Burns was dismissed to the First Presbyterian Church of Johnson City, N.Y.  On July 13th, the following new members were added to the roll:  Miss Cora Belle Barns (daughter of William and Rhoda Lent Barns), Miss Ella Marian Daugherty (daughter of Francis and Ethel (Drake) Daughtery, married Harold Wheeler of Athens and has 3 children: twins born Aug. 22, 1928, Francis Sheridan and Donald Eugene; and Marilyn Kay, born March 28, 1937); Miss Grace Almira Abell (daughter of Guy and Grace Forbes Abell), Mr. Ferdinand Augustus Abell, son of above parents, Mr. Charles H. Green, Mrs. Julia Layton Cannan (widow of Bird), by confession of faith; the following by renewal:  Mr. Manville P. Wilbur (brother of Mrs. Robert R. Cook), Mrs. Clara Myra Wilburn (wife of Manville, daughter of Julius Drake), Mr. Andrew J. Whitney, Jr., and Mr. Richard B. Whitney (his brother); and by letter, Mrs. Fannie E. (Cook) Sink, wife of Dana Sink, (sister of Robert R. Cook).  F. August 7th  Abell married April 17, 1937, Miss Dorothy P. Patterson of Potterville, Pa.   Marian Louise, born May 16, 1915; Mavis Pearl, born Aug. 23, 1916; Edna Maude, born July 15, 1920, were children of Manville P. and Clara Myra (Drake) Wilbur, were baptized at the time the parents joined the church, according to the statement of their mother.

Page 158:

 Seated, left to right: Billie Nesbit, Miss Marian Green, Mrs. C. M. Dimon, Miss Grace Dimon, Mrs. Francis Daugherty, Miss Ulalie Holmes.
 Standing: Miss Caroline Lent, Mrs. Manville Wilbur, Mrs. Flossie Allen, Mrs. William Tyrrell, Mrs. Ray Sick, Miss Emily Russell, Mrs. U.M. Holmes, Mrs. Howard Nesbit, Mrs. Harry Dimon, Miss Betty Powers, Mrs. Wilbur Beers, Mrs. P.M. Barnes.

 The moderator reported the following infant baptism at the Children’s Day service June 22:  Ralph Marshall, son of Robert R. and Edna (Wilbur) Cook, born Oct. 16, 1922; Manville Paul, son of Robert R. and Edna (Wilbur) Cook, born March 8, 1924; Andrew Jackson, son of A. J. and Olive (Woodburn) Whitney, born Jan. 4, 1924; Frederick Woodburn, son of D. S. and Bertina (Haney) Rice, born Oct. 28, 1922; Catherine Rhoda, daughter of Chas. H. and Mary (Barnes) Green, born Oct. 9, 1923; Betty Grace, daughter of Richard B. and Alberta (Bennett) Whitney, born Aug. 5, 1920, (married Aug. 7, 1939, Robert Mahlon Thorpe); Emilie Jeanne, daughter of Richard B. and Alberta Whitney, born March 20, 1923.

 Manville P. Cook was sworn into the U.S. Marines July 14, 1941.  He was stationed at Quantico, Va., in the 15th Provisional Company.  On March 1, 1942 he was at New River, N.C.

 In October Mrs. Ethel M. Daugherty, wife of Francis, was received by baptism.  She is a sister of Mrs. Manville P. Wilbur.  Their father was Julius K. Drake.  Lester Forbes Barnes, born Sept. 26, 1924, the son of Elder Paul M. Barnes and his wife Kathryn (Forbes) Barnes, was baptized April 5, 1925.  The report to presbytery for the year ending March 31, 1925 showed 11 received on examination, one by letter, eight suspended, 41 residents and a total of 49 members.  Four hundred seventy-four dollars was paid in congregational expenses, and $50 contributed to benevolences.

 On July 12, 1925, Ethel May, born Jan. 30, 1925, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Wilbur was baptized, and the baptism of Esther Clark, born Aug. 29, 1924, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Whitney, was reported as having been administered on Children’s Day.

 On Sunday, Oct. 18th, William Frank, born Aug. 3, 1925, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Green, was baptized.

 At the end of the calendar year the treasurer’s report showed receipts of $512.24; expenditures $342.60, and a balance of $169.64.  The Ladies’ Aid Society gave $50 toward the expense of electric fixtures and wiring of the church.

 Arthur Martin was enrolled by letter April 4, 1926 from the Wysox Church.  The report to presbytery showed one member added by certificate; no dismissals or deaths.

 On July 11, 1926, Mrs. Edna (Ellis) Dimon (wife of Clinton) Elizabeth Rice (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Rice), Florence Tyrrell, born May 17, 1915, (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Tyrrell), Georgia Powers (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.  R. Powers) and Clarice Cook (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Cook) were admitted to the church membership.  Near this time, Ruth Eva Green, born Oct. 11, 1926, daughter of Charles H. Green and his wife, Mary Barnes, was baptized.

 Rev. Charles Smith began as stated supply minister of the Wysox and Rome churches April 1, 1927, living in the manse at Wysox.  Miss Sarah Martin, daughter of John Martin; Miss Leree, daughter of Berton and Elizabeth (Dimon) Conklin; Miss Sybil, daughter of Guy and Julia (Browning) Cass; Elizabeth E., daughter of F. R. and Isadore B. Powers joined by confession of faith in July 1927.  John Allen Holmes, son of Ulysses Mercur Holmes and Marjorie (Moody) Holmes, joined the church Oct. 2, 1927.  John in a graduate of Pennsylvania State College, now employed by the International Business Machine of Endicott, N.Y. at New York City.  He married, May 19, 1939, Miss Charlotte Syme of Flushing, N.Y. daughter of David William and Charlotte Ruth (parker) Syme, late of Floral Park, (Long Island), New York.  They live at 160-36 27th Avenue, Flushing, N.Y., and have an infant son, Peter Allen Holmes, born Jan. 20, 1941

Mrs. Ida Lillian (Chaffee) Woodburn, wife of Edward, daughter of Earl Rupert and Margaret (Conklin) Chaffee, joined by letter from Beaver, Pa., and Mrs. Charlotte Bush Forbes by confession, Jan. 12, 1930.  Mrs. Forbes is the wife of G. Lester Forbes, and daughter of George and Charlotte (Crew) Bush of Bristol, England, and was born at Barclay, Pa., Feb. 14, 1871.  Her husband died Nov. 4, 1940.

At service held Sept. 29, 1929 the following infants were baptized: Ruth Emmer Stoll, born March 31, 1927; Robert Stephen Stoll, born Jan. 5, 1929, children of Dr. I.V. and Mildred (Davis) Stoll; Edna Ruth, born March 19, 1929, daughter of Robert R. and Edna (Wilbur) Cook; Myra Jane, born Oct. 17, 1928, daughter of Paul M. and Kathryn (Forbes) Barnes.  In April, 1930, Mrs. Marian Green Duryee was granted a letter to the Presbyterian church at Mattituck, Long Island, N.Y.  Elder P.M. Barnes was elected clerk of the session.  In 1931 Mrs. Lizzie Conklin was elected president of the Ladies Aid Society, with Mrs. John Woodburn, Mrs. William A. Tyrrell, and Miss Caroline Lent vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively.  Dinner meetings were appointed to he held the third Thursday of each month.

The Rev. Charles Smith went in August, 1930, to Uniondale, Pa. to serve the church there and at Forrest City, Pa.  He is now pastor of the Stella Presbyterian church, Forty Fort., Pa.

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